Attack from Mars (Bally, 1995)

Attack from Mars

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Game design: 8.896

Artwork: 8.62

Sounds/Music: 8.45

Other Aspects: 9.027

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This is "Attack from Mars".
The other versions are: Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - Special), Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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10 days ago
Attack From Mars is an absolute classic, one of the greatest fan layouts and awesome sounds and music to really tie the theme together. I have very few gripes with this game to be honest...I don't find it quite as timeless as Medieval Madness or Monster Bash as it doesn't have the same lastability - at least for me anyway. Doesn't stop this game from being one of the all time greats though.
16 days ago
Very fun game. Easy to learn what to shoot, hard to string it all together for maximum points. A solid game that keeps you going back for more.
20 days ago
This game is my bench mark for all games. It hits every major category.

The Good:
-- The layout is awesome. Lots of stuff to hit. Has Aliens & Spaceships, great toys!
-- The callouts are funny. Love em all.
-- Great light & sound show. Martian Multiball is awesome. "ATTACK!!!!!"
-- Looks awesome. Perhaps the best theme, best cabinet, best back-glass, etc.
-- I love the rules. So much to do! Multiball games, video mode, strobe multiball, etc.
-- Challenging!!!!! It takes me a long time and many games to finish specific parts of the pin. I'll never rule the universe...

The Bad:
-- ........ uhh........ no idea what to say here.

I love the game. Like I said, it's my benchmark for all other games on the market. I can't pick even one thing wrong with it. Maybe it would be better with an LCD/LED screen? That's the best I can do.
22 days ago
I put in a bunch of games today. Fun pin. Really had a lot more fun on the original than the remake...remake just didn’t feel right. Maybe it was the setup. This is a great pin in addition to 4 or 5 other in home use, but it was a little too easy for lasting as a 1 to 2 pin collection. I know the church of AFM will spin, but just not a long term keeper.
59 days ago
Best game ever.
69 days ago
The playfield is a lot more open than I am used to on other games but did not take away from game play at all. Killing aliens and hitting spaceships, who knew it could be such fun?
72 days ago
One of my favorite games. I have to say I like it more than MM, just because I like the theme better and the call outs. The call outs are just excellent on AFM and so is the music. A real classic. If the price was cheaper, I would definitely buy one.
73 days ago
What’s there to be said of the most consistent shooter guess that’s it a game of multiple billions
75 days ago
Currently my fave machine to play. Love it!
3 months ago
Second best game of the late 90s, really good game with a strong layout and just a blast to play.
4 months ago
I've played this several times and maybe the flippers are a little weak on the machine I play or something, but I find this machine overrated. Lots of open unused play field and all the ramps are deep in the back. The center shot is really cool, but I find it drains down the middle all the time... The humor and sounds are the game's greatest aspect. It's fun to play, but not number 1 or 2.
4 months ago
I've had this game in my collection for years and for sure a keeper. Great game, flow, layout and humor.
4 months ago
Best of the best!
5 months ago
Very fun game. I alway enjoy playing but not in large quantities. Better to play in arcade than to have in collection.
6 months ago
If fun was a volume dial, AFM would have it cranked up to 11. I love kitschy 1950s “It came from outer space” type stuff. We all know that except for ET or Alf, if aliens ever come to earth, they are up to no good. They want your cities, your livestock and to hit your women with that Big-O-Beam! The voice acting is hilarious and the sound and lighting effects are matched perfectly. Shots, targets and layout is pretty standard issue and the rules aren’t as deep as some more modern pinball machines, but that doesn’t stop this title from being loads of fun. Blow that saucer out of the sky! Be victorious! This has always been one of my favorite machines to play on location.
6 months ago
Attack from Mars is definitely one of the best games that I've played. My only issue with it is that I'm not a big fan of machines that focus on multiple center shots for advancing the game, unless the shots involve ramps. I have the same issue with the original Pinbot game. Other than that minor gripe, everything else about it is top notch.
6 months ago
Attack from mars is a great Bally classic and deserves to be in the top 20 of all time; however, I would not place it as high as its current pinside rating (2). I'm assuming the ranking has shot up due to inflation caused by the sudden influx of ownership due to the remake.


-- The game offers a healthy variety of shots: the loops and ramps are smooth yet challenging when it counts.
-- The shaking saucer and aliens are great toys.
-- The bash target is utilized well.
-- The mini-sewer below the bumpers is cool.
-- Excellent wireforms with the ramps


-- The theme of this game is it's strongest asset, in my opinion. It is integrated perfectly.
-- The humour (speech) used in this game is the best in all of pinball.
-- The accents for the different countries and the stereotyping is funny.
-- For its time, the lighting is really good.


-- Objectives, combos and saucers are fun.
-- The game can be dangerously fun, and it can tempt you into dangerous shots.
-- Killing saucers is very easy to understand for newbs, which is an often overlooked strength.
-- The center ramp shot can be very difficult to nail, which is a good thing.


-- My number one complaint about this game is that it becomes redundant pretty quick.
-- I find center bash games, with maybe the exception of MM, to be uninspiring.
-- The game, when compared to something like TZ, is pretty simple in design and in toy offerings.

In the end, Attack From Mars is one of the best games Bally made, but it falls a little short in the lastability zone. I play it when I see it, but I find it's a bit too pricey to add to my collection. I still see myself owning this title in the future when the prices come down due to oversupply. In a small collection, I would argue your money would be better spent on TZ, MM, TOTAN, DI etc.
7 months ago
What a fantastic game! The Martians theme is well done. I enjoy games with longer shots,great flow, and ability to choose which parts of the table to score from. This one checks all the boxes for me. I was fortunate to pick up a copy that was routed it’s entire life by a great operator. It has the usual cosmetic issues (cabinet fade and stroke of luck hole wear) but it plays absolutely perfect! It’s easy to see why it’s one of the highest rated Pinballs and was chosen to be remade. Play and enjoy!
8 months ago
Great flow...nice and fast. Humor..destroying the ufo is great!
Like the theme.
8 months ago
One of the best fan layouts ever, with fast-paced action and fun, timeless humor in the callouts.
8 months ago
AFM is a good game but I have never liked it because of the artwork and I wish it had more toys.
8 months ago
Best pin hands down! Not my favorite theme but damn it is well executed! Progression and scoring is really alluring. Rare find and worth the price of admission when found in good shape. Blow a roll of quarters when you find one!
9 months ago
As of right now, this is my gold standard in pinball. I have enjoyed it since day one. I do not own it currently, but it is one of my holy grails and hope to someday. The pacing, the targets, the theme all work really well. In addition, I feel it is a game that is fair. Whether your are an accomplished pinhead wizard, or a novice, it is fun and makes you feel accomplished. The large saucer target and the animation when destroyed is probably the biggest reason. Ramps are fair and fun, and there are minimal times when you feel cheated.
9 months ago
The game has a great replay ability factor. I keep wanting to play and get better. I love the theme of this game.
9 months ago
highly over rated pin. the theme seems to be the best of the game, being so original, but overall its just ok as far as playability and fun

the good: great shots available; the game reacts really nicely to shots hit, and the shots are not too difficult. i like the speed of the game and open layout, which makes it very fun to just run and gun on your shots.

the bad: a bit repetitive after a dozen games. the goals are not apparent, and the game becomes a bit random and chaotic quickly. this is also an overpriced game for some reason. not a top ten pin, let alone #1. the lighting needs work; it is too dark and the field is almost invisible.
There are 526 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 22.

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