Attack from Mars (Bally, 1995)

Attack from Mars

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This game received 1046 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.815 /10


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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "Attack from Mars". The group itself ranks #1 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game design: 8.885

Artwork: 8.627

Sounds/Music: 8.473

Other Aspects: 9.019

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This is "Attack from Mars".
The other versions are: Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - Special), Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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3 days ago
AFM was the first dmd game I ever owned and I really miss her. The deal is I love old EM's and don't want too much of my pinball money locked up into one game. I miss her more than my MM. Great game! One of the best ever!! I'm just echoing what everyone already knows but I don't know too many 90's pins as well as this one so I had to finally rate her.
19 days ago
Medieval Madness retheme is better but not by much.

Funny quotes, great challenge and very enjoyable.
20 days ago
Fun theme and very nice artwork. I enjoy the ruleset.
26 days ago
Probably my #1.
48 days ago
The best of the best
81 days ago
Honestly, this game was good in its day, but now it is like saying buying an old 20 or 30 year old car, drives better than a 2018 model! Can't understand why these old tables get rated so high, when modern tables are so much better!!
84 days ago
I love this game. I love the outrageous scores you can get. The call outs are great with lots of humour. The shots are all great. It has the perfect amount of depth but is easy to get into and understand. There are different scoring strategies which I like. The art is decent. Animations are fun. Just a blast to play.
3 months ago
This pin is just amazing. Everything is great about this game, going from multiball to total annihilation, the hurry-ups and the sorcerer ensures a lot of hours of fun with this game!
3 months ago
Nothing to nitpick on this game. The lack of complexity actually makes it more enjoyable without being boring. It is just perfectly balanced for all players, all skill levels.
3 months ago
I played AFM when it first came out at Sheppard AFB in Texas as a young GI. I fell in love with it then and I still love to play the game now. The artwork, game flow, music, and call outs are some of the best ever created. Who doesn't like to kill Martians and blow up space ships? The only knock from me is it can become somewhat repetitive hitting the center drop down target over and over. The cabinet is notorious for fading on this one so don't be too discouraged if yours is faded. I highly recommend this game to everyone.
3 months ago
Very nice game! I love it! It keeps me coming back for more. I love the Martians especially!
4 months ago
Always a pleasure to play this pinball !! A must for sure.
4 months ago
Game has really held up over time. Real fun to play and very addictive
4 months ago
AFM is a fun shooter with great callouts. A classic game that never gets old.
4 months ago
Probably my favorite game (well, until Iron Maiden arrived!) and easily the most fun game ever made. It's so good they basically remade it as Medieval Madness. Great flow, great callouts/sound, hilarious, fun toys and love how they interact with the game. Sometimes this game feels a little too easy and maybe a little repetitive but such fun that it hardly matters. So great!
5 months ago
Very Fun and cool game, but I prefer MM or MB. Theme is funny, but art and toys are always the same. Same for the gameplay, it tends to be repeatitive.
The remake with the huge color DMD looks insane.
Maybe I just need to spend more time on this table, but for me it's overated, for gameplay and for artwork. I'll wait for MB remake to buy a NIB from Chicago gaming.
5 months ago
If there was ever a machine to give a perfect rating to this is the one. IMO the best pinball machine ever made.
5 months ago
I can say no more: it has got it all, to me AFM is very possibly the best pinball machine of all time.
5 months ago
Simply one of the best pinballs of all time!
6 months ago
Attack From Mars is an absolute classic, one of the greatest fan layouts and awesome sounds and music to really tie the theme together. I have very few gripes with this game to be honest...I don't find it quite as timeless as Medieval Madness or Monster Bash as it doesn't have the same lastability - at least for me anyway. Doesn't stop this game from being one of the all time greats though.
6 months ago
Very fun game. Easy to learn what to shoot, hard to string it all together for maximum points. A solid game that keeps you going back for more.
6 months ago
This game is my bench mark for all games. It hits every major category.

The Good:
-- The layout is awesome. Lots of stuff to hit. Has Aliens & Spaceships, great toys!
-- The callouts are funny. Love em all.
-- Great light & sound show. Martian Multiball is awesome. "ATTACK!!!!!"
-- Looks awesome. Perhaps the best theme, best cabinet, best back-glass, etc.
-- I love the rules. So much to do! Multiball games, video mode, strobe multiball, etc.
-- Challenging!!!!! It takes me a long time and many games to finish specific parts of the pin. I'll never rule the universe...

The Bad:
-- ........ uhh........ no idea what to say here.

I love the game. Like I said, it's my benchmark for all other games on the market. I can't pick even one thing wrong with it. Maybe it would be better with an LCD/LED screen? That's the best I can do.
6 months ago
I put in a bunch of games today. Fun pin. Really had a lot more fun on the original than the remake...remake just didn’t feel right. Maybe it was the setup. This is a great pin in addition to 4 or 5 other in home use, but it was a little too easy for lasting as a 1 to 2 pin collection. I know the church of AFM will spin, but just not a long term keeper.
7 months ago
Best game ever.
8 months ago
The playfield is a lot more open than I am used to on other games but did not take away from game play at all. Killing aliens and hitting spaceships, who knew it could be such fun?
There are 546 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 22.

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