Attack from Mars

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This game received 1173 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.813 /10


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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Attack from Mars". The group itself ranks #4 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.916

Artwork: 8.591

Sounds/Music: 8.431

Other Aspects: 9.025

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Found 646 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 646 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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48 days ago
I finally got to play this classic and it didn't disappoint. This game was the high water mark of the 90s. Like Whirlwind, it was a trendsetter. This game had a great ruleset and a lot of fun shots. It was the best of it's day and still holds up well. I can't wait to play it again! Destroying the ship is a blast!
49 days ago
I like the game. I like the saucer in the middle of the play board. My high score is almost 2 billion! My average score is Half a billion! Play it at the Pinball Palace if you’re in Brunswick. I predict you will get a billion!
63 days ago
Very nice and cool machine to play! For me this is one of the most fun WPC machines to play. I really like the animations and sound for he games since they are really funny and not to forget the aliens! The game is challenging and is a fun game to play for everyone (the rules are understandable). The layout is perfect and I love the retro theming. I would prefer this machine over a Medieval madness!
81 days ago
Attack from Mars is a true masterpiece and a classic game. It is by far my favorite amongst the WPC-95 (or any Bally/Williams) machines.

All of the shots (especially the center ramp and flying saucer) are purely satisfying. The flow of the game is amazing, especially when you have enabled the loop shots to loop the ball around.

The ruleset is not that deep, even in comparison to other WPC-95 games but it is very easily understandable and fun for beginners and more advanced players. In fact this is one of my favorite rulesets by my favorite programmer Lyman Sheats (RIP).

The artwork as well as the animations are very well done. Everything perfectly matches the Martian theme.

The callouts are the most iconic of any game. Everybody loves hearing that "Multiball!" or "Super Jackpot!".

Overall Attack from Mars is a truly iconic and fun game which deserves its high spot as it will appeal to beginners as well as advanced players.
81 days ago
The screen is primitive compared to a modern LCD, but that just spurred the team behind this machine to be more creative. There is no rating field for "how funny?" I think this one might be the funniest pinball machine ever built. Trigger warning: there are some cultural stereotypes!
85 days ago
Fun but tough pinball.
Out of 10 games 8 you get angry.
3 months ago
Really good game. I like the Aliens.
4 months ago
Top 5 all time and should never fall out of that because this is as classic as classic gets. This is one of the most fun pins ever created.
4 months ago
Just picked up this game and it is so much fun to play!
4 months ago
When i wanted to play this game in 2005 in a coffee shop in france, it was impossible to play it because there were always people on it ! so i decided to buy one without having played it. I had to go as far as Amsterdam to find one that wasn't faded because at this time cabinet decals were not created. since then i've always had it and it's really a super game through the flow and the difficulty of saving the world. this game is bolted to the floor.
4 months ago
Here is a great example of a very simple and yet extremely addictive game. It's fast, nervous, full of humor and gratifies you with an atmosphere of madness. No headache, it's nag but we want to come back to it again and again. Truly a game to own and keep for evenings with friends
5 months ago
This is a terrific game. The theme is great and the playfield looks incredible. The rules are pretty easy the figure out and the animations for me are the most fun. I could see lay this game for hours.
5 months ago
I am lucky enough to have this game in my home. It is on loan from a good friend who doesn’t have room for it right now. This was a game that I was first introduced to on a virtual cab last year. It was my very first introduction to a pinball “machine” that I completely understood the rules to after they were explained to me. I’m embarrassed to say that until very recently I did not know that there was more to pinball than just keeping the ball alive. This is an overall GREAT game. I love that I understand it and get better each time I play. I was able to relay the rules to my daughter and now she loves it too. A very approachable machine. Awesome theme and art and some of the best callouts ever!
5 months ago
One of the greatest fan layouts of all-time. Great rule set, very approachable, and it has that “one more game”factor.
6 months ago
Best theme integration ever in my opinion and superior to the less streamlined MM from the same designer. I just can't do simple fan layouts anymore when games like GZ or Stern JP exist. Amazing flow and fast action that appeals on location but not a lot of depth for home use.
7 months ago
The gold standard for anyone entering the hobby to play.
7 months ago
Absolute classic! It's still just as fun hitting the UFO in the centre and the ramp shots!
7 months ago
Pure perfection.
7 months ago
A classic and rightfully so. Love shooting the saucer, but not so keen on the other shots. The speech with the different accents is great fun. You always get a smile on your face when playing this.
7 months ago
Great game. It’s a classic for a reason. No matter how many new games come out, AFM still holds its place.
8 months ago
Such a gem and a near perfect game for all kinds of players.
9 months ago
Attack from Mars is a lot of fun. Retro theming and great playability.
10 months ago
I've played this several times trying (for the life of me) to see why this pin is such a favorite and I still have no clue. It gets old so fast.
11 months ago
Was Retro when it first came out, now meta retro. Top 10
11 months ago
Aatack From Mars and Medievil Maddness are a tie for my favourie pinball machines of all time.
There are 646 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 26.

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