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Game Design: 8.881

Artwork: 8.597

Sounds/Music: 8.424

Other Aspects: 8.989

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Attack from Mars".
The other versions are: Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - Special), Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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7 days ago
When this game is taken care of and tuned in, it's one of the best. The toys, lights, and play are all top notch. Top tier game in every aspect.

Shots flow well. Not too hard, not to easy to hit. Modes are fun even if a bit repetitive.

Really a good game.
44 days ago
This game is great on many levels! It's easy enough play, imo. Some shots are hard, but there are so many things to do. So if you're not great at hitting every ramp, just hit the ones you can. You'll still progress and get a good score. But there's also some good depth and plenty to keep a good player busy, imo.
48 days ago
this game gets better the more you play it
65 days ago
So awesome and fun to play! Classic WPC perfection!
75 days ago
Super fun game!
83 days ago
Always play AFM at Pinball Haus in Brisbane! Always a blast to play. A must to play.
87 days ago
Would love to own this one. Awesome machine.
3 months ago
It's a fun game. It's a little over hyped IMO. Not a fan of the art and game play gets old quick. I prefer the second version and many other Bally games over this one.
3 months ago
Killing jumping martians, blowing up flying saucers, fabulous art it is a 10.
3 months ago
Just an absolute classic! Great game, perfect theme integration, perfect campiness! Would love to have one at some point. I'll always play one if I see it on location.
3 months ago
I would never sell that pin!
4 months ago
Like MM, for years one of the best, but against the likes of GnR its just an ok game.
Even comparing to the some of the latest sterns, it doesnt stack up for lastabilty. I prefer the theme than MM, and has a great set of similar shots the spaceship is a great toy. Great ramps and modes but lacks the depth of the latest games.
This is now an old game up against the new pinacle of pinball
I love it, but more so beacuase of nostalgia. Easier than MM, I've completed RTU quite a few times but still a great wizard mode
4 months ago
This is a great game, it's theming is excellent and there is a lot of playability. The remakes with larger, color DMDs are great, and this game benefits greatly from going color on the DMD. Find it a lot of fun on location, but I would not call it a deep game and though I would like one in my collection, I keep pushing it back for other games. Still, a classic pin that defines an era.
5 months ago
Amazing game. Some days I have this as my number one and others I have it number two or three in the mix of the Williams Big 3, along with Monster Bash and Medieval Madness. I love everything about this game, it has one of the greatest hit toys in all of pinball. Easy to get into and deep enough for experienced players. There is a good reason this one was remade. The remakes are also great and do not have the wear and tear of the original. I wish I had this one too.
6 months ago
Definitely a classic, but if we are being honest, hitting the main saucer over and over again is fun, but it is also a really easy shot which makes it a fun game for 10 - 15 minutes, but after that it feels like you just do the same thing over and over again. I really like it, and would even own it, but much prefer Medieval Madness over it and the layouts are similar but I think MM is more interesting.
6 months ago
100% pure concentrated fun. You'll always walk away smiling from this game. Super simple rules that anyone can understand in the first few plays. Like MM, the rules focus on a single story, with everything you do in the game contributing to that story.

I'll keep coming back to this game decade after decade. A work of genius.
7 months ago
As close as you can get to a perfect pinball machine
8 months ago
One of the best of its day and still great today. I don't find it to be as great as the sequel - Revenge from Mars - but still a machine you can't go wrong playing or owning. I find it to be a really good shooter. There is enough to do to keep it fun and challenging, though like pretty much every game, it will eventually get repetitive. Even then, you will still want to keep playing.
9 months ago
This is the game that got me to love pinball. The bar I worked at in college had this pin and I had the keys. My buddies and I spent hours abusing this poor machine when we were slow! Great theme, fun game play! I hope to add this pin to my collection someday.
9 months ago
If someone had never played pinball before and I had 15 mins to get them hooked I'd use this machine.

In terms of strategy and deep rule-set it can't really compete with modern machines. However the games simplicity is its strength.

It's obvious what needs to be done just by looking at the playfield and listening to the call-outs which is probably an underestimated attribute.

I also love the simplicity of the lighting in front of each ramp and orbit. It may seem obvious to people who pinball all of the time but it's a great help to any newcomer.

Shoot the UFO, save the city then attack some aliens that actually move whilst you're at it. If you're any good you'll save the earth and rule the universe but if you fall short this machine will keep you coming back for more.

It's, fun, fast, addictive and you don't have to download a PDF to understand how to play it.

I love my Spike II's but surely there's always room for a good game of Attack From Mars

"You are very skillful"
9 months ago
A keeper!!!
10 months ago
This might be my next game to buy. So much fun!
11 months ago
I am a little conflicted on the rating of this pin. On the one hand, I know why it is highly rated but on the other hand I don't really need it in my collection.

So I think it is basically a very well made machine with a strong rule set and layout. I think it excels for first time or on-location players. It is similar to Medieval Madness in that you pretty much know what you have to do. I suspect lots of people learned to love pinball on this machine.

However, after a long while of ownership it gets old.

I like games with a deep rule set that keeps me thinking about what to do next. AFM is not that game. The big draw and the thing I am tired of is hitting the saucer target. It is really easy to hit and you need to hit it a lot.

That being said my wife likes more straight-forward shooters and she still really likes this game.

Don't get me wrong, the game has great graphics, call-outs, lights, playfield, etc. I just need more to do.

Given the high price it seems a little overrated for home-ownership. Highly recommend for on location or in a place with a lot of "guest" players like a party room/man-cave whatever.
11 months ago
My sons favourite and go to pin - who does not enjoy killing martains??

Such a fun pin to play
1 year ago
Always fun shooting at that UFO! The humor is great. The game play is fast and fun. I owned one for a while and could again maybe. Absolutely one of the best pins ever. It is tough for me to give the older games super high marks on every category now that modern games have stepped up the audio/video so much. It's a great time for pinball! That's why I came back to it. again. :)
There are 593 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 24.

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