Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic)

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This game ranks 4th in the game group "Attack from Mars". The group itself ranks #4 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.85

Artwork: 8.476

Sounds/Music: 7.899

Other Aspects: 8.916

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There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
The lights and call outs make this a very stimulating game. My initial thoughts were that this game can’t compare with a modern stern but I have really learned to love it. It is bolted to my floor and will never leave. A favourite for all who come over and play pinball at my home.
3 months ago
Just a great great game. Doesn’t get old and the call outs are awesome and the toys are fun
3 months ago
A machine that any family member can play and enjoy from the start
7 months ago
Well, a true classic. Love the local accent ‘save the Brandenburger Tor’ and the like. Great game flow, if you like ramps you should definitely try this one. Unfortunately still very expensive, on my list but... well, one day!
1 year ago
Great game. Love how satisfying it is to destroy the UFO with a shaker motor. Not a ton of variety as the best points are from the UFO, however it’s always a fun one to throw some quarters into and easy to score huge points.
1 year ago
Had not played this game much before recent purchase. Honestly was reluctant to buy it because I find MM a bit boring. But took a chance. Well, I have owned pins for over 20 years, have played at least 200 different games, at least, although I am an average player at best. Buying this game is best pinball decision ever. I feel it is the best game ever made. There are certainly newer games with more toys and more rules and more music, (Own and love WoZ) but AFM just has that IT factor. Everything comes together to make it fun with a dash of humor. Hands down better game than MM
1 year ago
I can’t get enough of CGC remakes! It’s also nice to move(much lighter) than any other machine I have. With the upgraded color display, I don’t think there’s a ton of difference between this and the more pricey options. Tons of unique shots & a pin that does not take itself seriously, but is still very challenging. Eat at Eddy’s covers up the pretty unsightly VUK, and the rest of the machine is beautiful. The side art is classic, but pretty bland considering how packed in the rest of the art package is. Another pin that is bolted down in the collection!
1 year ago
Great classic. Great fun. Getting to Attack Mars is a blast.
2 years ago
Classic 90’s pin is perhaps the most approachable pin for newbies and casual players, as everyone can understand the basic rules and have fun blowing up flying saucers. Much like MM, the theme is fantastic, the music is good and the callouts are funny. Wide open fan layout makes the game pretty fast and game times are often shorter than you’d expect. It’s not a hard game to play, but control is key with all the wide open spaces and mistakes can be deadly. I mostly dismissed this game in the past, not really appreciating what all the fuss was about. But now that I own one, I really enjoy this game and can see the genius of the design, so simple to play but very hard to master. Perfect pin to walk up and flip without having to think too much. It’s a beautiful machine too. MM has a little more to do, but both pins deserve consideration as “best ever.”
2 years ago
This game is pure fun

Destroying saucers never gets old.
Once dialed in, the left right ramp combos are buttery smooth.

And jiggly martians
This ones never leaving the collection
2 years ago
Great theming, and just plain fun to play. This has great design, features, and playfield - excellent lastability.
2 years ago
This is a great game, it's theming is excellent and there is a lot of playability. The remakes with larger, color DMDs are great, and this game benefits greatly from going color on the DMD. Find it a lot of fun on location, but I would not call it a deep game and though I would like one in my collection, I keep pushing it back for other games. Still, a classic pin that defines an era.
2 years ago
Attack From Mars is one of those games I could play forever and always be happy to do so. It's one of the best examples of what a really great team can do with a relatively simple layout.

The Pros: A great game that focuses on skills and your ability to control the ball. making your shots is imperative as missed opportunities turn quickly into dangerous situations. Rules are set so that you can really make the most of opportunities that the table presents to you, if you can execute the shots. The theme is incredibly well executed and the whole package comes together like few others. The extra ball award is my favorite pinball animation, ever. Doug Watson did a great job with the art package as well as voicing the martians. "C'mere, tasty human!"

The Cons: Expensive! Limited production means that operators are still looking for this game. Fortunately parts are readily available... making your purchase even more expensive. Strobe Multiball may cause epileptic fits.

The Takeaway: If I was stuck on a remote desert island, this very may be the one game I'd choose to be stuck with. It's challenging, it's fun and it never gets old. Brian Eddy was only credited 3 times as a designer, but what a threesome it is! The Shadow, AFM and MM! All in all, a dmn fine game.

The more I play this game, the more I love playing it. It is not the deepest game, but the way it is set up, it gives as much as you put into it. If you play the game well, your score will reflect it. If you do not play the game well... PLAY BETTER! And while the wizard mode is not always the best way to get monster scores, it is very worthwhile and gratifying to play and Rule the Universe! When I can, I always try to stack Martian Multiball with either the Saucer or Total Annihilation. A true player in every way. Find one and play it whenever you can!

Pinball Satisfaction Personified!

Chicago coin addendum:
I like what they have added to the game color changing LED’s and a larger screen with updated animations look good and add to the theater of the experience. The layout is nearly identical and the rules are the same. While the show might have been upgraded, gameplay is the same.
2 years ago
It just never gets old.
3 years ago
AFM survives on nostalgia alone. Let’s be honest with ourselves. It simply does not compete with modern pins. Is this game a classic? Yes! Is it a blast to play? Yes? Is it the best fan B/W fan layout? No. Is it a top 5 game? I feel like you’ve got to choose...MM and AFM are basically the same game but MM has more to offer. Also...these remakes don’t feel as good to flip as the originals. That’s a fact.
3 years ago
Good game, fun theme, great callouts. Prefer M.M but still a great game
3 years ago
Perfect reproduction of the original with an improved saucer light show and option for color DMD with new and improved animations. One of the best NIB value in pinball. Only downside is that in a small collection it will get old due to the lack of depth and content.
3 years ago
Love the flow between modes in this game. Feels like you are fighting the game.
3 years ago
The game that really got me into pinball, lose hours playing this game over and over trying to rule the universe. Seems lightning fast at first but slows down once you get used to it. Was going to be my first purchase, but doesn’t have universal appeal for the family.
3 years ago
Classic game. If you can afford the LE, I would recommend it, but there is a lot of bang for the buck on this one.
3 years ago
The remake is done beautifully. Had to make a few tweaks to dial it in but it shoots great. This game has some of the best call outs ever and the sound absolutely rocks. SUUUPER JAAAACKPOT never gets old. Gameplay, theme, and rules make the game approachable to everyone and just hard enough to keep you coming back for more. All around one of the best pinball machines ever made and CGC did a awesome job remaking it!
3 years ago
This is my first machine and I must say, I started with one of the best. The game is fast, the layout is great and the rules provide quite the challenge. The lighting draws you to the game and considering all facets, makes you want to keep on playing. I powder coated the trim/legs glossy black, upgraded to the HD display and dropped in a shaker. Gonna add some Cliffy Protectors, too. I plan to keep my AFM Classic for a long time !!!
4 years ago
This is one of the greatest pinball games ever made. Its playability keeps on forever. Many different levels of difficulty. Lots of great animations. The Remake perfectly captures the original pins playability! Great shots, great call outs, keeps you flipping all night long!
4 years ago
A classic and immersive game that is very fun to play. Theme, callouts and light show are fantastic. The rules are very straightforward but they have a number of key missons to accomplish and completing them all in a single game is very hard. The lock shot ramp and destroying the saucer are very satisfying shots.
This game can be challenging. Ball control is key as you pay dearly for bad shot. This makes you improve your play.
5 years ago
This is a great game. The fun factor and repeat playability are very high. This remake edition is well executed. I find no negatives at all. I enjoy everything about this game.
There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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