Attack From Mars (Remake - Special)

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Game Design: 8.871

Artwork: 8.572

Sounds/Music: 8.387

Other Aspects: 9.007

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Attack From Mars (Remake - Special)".
The other versions are: Attack from Mars (regular version), Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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8 days ago
I love AFM, sometimes I love it more than MM. Idk, just that saucer as the bash toy, its so satifying. Its just a fun game nothing else to say really. Its not one of those games were you go up and are blown away by anything but everytime you get on it you're having a blast and cant get enough. Just a great family pin, funny too. I think this one is good if you have a few other complex layouts in your collection and you need a break from them, just go over to AFM and have a great time no matter what.
64 days ago
This game has recently reinforced its place at the top of my list. So much so that I FINALLY purchased one. Once the “new” factor wears of some of the more recent releases that are in our collection (JP, Deadpool, Stranger Things) I always find myself going back to AFM. Luckily, our local barcade has had one for years.

The larger color DMD puts this one over the top. Its a classic and truly deserves its GOAT status on so many lists.
67 days ago
Classic game that never gets old. Thought I might miss not having the deeper ruleset of modern pins but that is just not the case. Just a great game when it was released and holds up well today. The remake shoots very well and seems true to the original. Kudos to CGC with this remake.
68 days ago
This is definitely not arcade 1up AFM! Nice reboot!
70 days ago
It's a classic. Great feel of the shots, and scoring logic not hard to find and understand rule set. Love killing Martians. This Pin is the GOAT Ruler of the universe..
88 days ago
This game is perfect, especially for it's age. Center ship toy exploding is perfect. Ball lock and animations are perfect. Voice callouts and humor are insanely outstanding. Layout is simple but shots feel so good. Just nothing less than great about this pin.
3 months ago
Doesn’t get much better than this game. My only complaint is that as a player, I rarely have the opportunity to look up and watch the incredible animations that go along with the game play.

Everything is an A+ grade on this machine. The rules, the game play, the call outs, animations…it just keeps getting better and better. I’ve added the alternate translite and matching side art. It took the game to an even higher level.
4 months ago
This recreation nails it and adds a little more with the Color DM. Just fantastic!
6 months ago
One of the best ever!
7 months ago
This is a great game, it's theming is excellent and there is a lot of playability. The remakes with larger, color DMDs are great, and this game benefits greatly from going color on the DMD. Looks good with the green powercoated rails and legs. Find it a lot of fun on location, but I would not call it a deep game and though I would like one in my collection, I keep pushing it back for other games. Still, a classic pin that defines an era.
8 months ago
Attack From Mars is one of those games I could play forever and always be happy to do so. It's one of the best examples of what a really great team can do with a relatively simple layout.

The Pros: A great game that focuses on skills and your ability to control the ball. making your shots is imperative as missed opportunities turn quickly into dangerous situations. Rules are set so that you can really make the most of opportunities that the table presents to you, if you can execute the shots. The theme is incredibly well executed and the whole package comes together like few others. The extra ball award is my favorite pinball animation, ever. Doug Watson did a great job with the art package as well as voicing the martians. "C'mere, tasty human!"

The Cons: Expensive! Limited production means that operators are still looking for this game. Fortunately parts are readily available... making your purchase even more expensive. Strobe Multiball may cause epileptic fits.

The Takeaway: If I was stuck on a remote desert island, this very may be the one game I'd choose to be stuck with. It's challenging, it's fun and it never gets old. Brian Eddy was only credited 3 times as a designer, but what a threesome it is! The Shadow, AFM and MM! All in all, a dmn fine game.

The more I play this game, the more I love playing it. It is not the deepest game, but the way it is set up, it gives as much as you put into it. If you play the game well, your score will reflect it. If you do not play the game well... PLAY BETTER! And while the wizard mode is not always the best way to get monster scores, it is very worthwhile and gratifying to play and Rule the Universe! When I can, I always try to stack Martian Multiball with either the Saucer or Total Annihilation. A true player in every way. Find one and play it whenever you can!

Pinball Satisfaction Personified!

Chicago coin addendum:
I like what they have added to the game color changing LED’s and a larger screen with updated animations look good and add to the theater of the experience. The layout is nearly identical and the rules are the same. While the show might have been upgraded, gameplay is the same.
9 months ago
A classic game that will stand the test of time - every person needs to have this in their collection at one point or another.
Gameplay is fast and game is simple to understand yet challenging even for the best of players.
9 months ago
What needs to be said that hasn't been said already?
10 months ago
It’s a good machine, and it’s fun to play, but it’s not one I want to play over, and over, or own.
10 months ago
The remake seems to play harder and faster than the original. I still can’t match my best score on the original. I do love the adjustability of the machine, like the flipper and sling power, it helps make the machine play the way I want. I do like the flippers with a little droop, it’s needed for the side shots, and forces better play. Especially if you play across several machines, it hard to get the timing right for the game to flow.

Playfield is gorgeous, beautiful finish, no issues at all.

I’ve played 300+ games in the first week and can’t stop hitting the start button. THAT is the indication of an amazing game!
10 months ago
Attack from Mars is a great game and Chicago Gaming has done a great job with the remake! This game deserves a spot in the top 10!

As an arcade owner this is proven theme that patrons love! For a collector, it is similarly proven theme that Chicago Gaming has upgraded to perfection.

I personally prefer it slightly to Med. Madness, as it is slightly harder (but can still have exceptionally long ball times), but not quite as fun.

Pros - Fun humor, proven layout and shots, fun game, great earner, well built,

Cons - Similar layout to other games, can have long ball times,
11 months ago
Love any game that I can get a billion on LOL. Just a great theme always liked this one shoots smooth, great effects , love blowing up the saucer, got to have that shaker motor going. I think it is one of the best to walk you through shots, wether voice or lights. Straight up fun stuff and the Arnold knock off voice is great!
11 months ago
AFM survives on nostalgia alone. Let’s be honest with ourselves. It simply does not compete with modern pins. Is this game a classic? Yes! Is it a blast to play? Yes? Is it the best fan B/W fan layout? No. Is it a top 5 game? I feel like you’ve got to choose...MM and AFM are basically the same game but MM has more to offer. Also...these remakes don’t feel as good to flip as the originals. That’s a fact.
11 months ago
CGC did an amazing job on these remakes, AFM being my favorite of the bunch. The game is very easy to grasp for a beginner and challenging enough for seasoned players. This table is super smooth all the shots feel and sound great, from the ramps to the orbits. Love the extended
Color lcd/dmd, led speakers and overall art package.

Pros: classic gameplay, call outs, saucer mech, silky smooth shots

Cons: availability
11 months ago
AFM is extremely close to the perfect game. Lights, targets, ramps, sound, speed--it all adds up to a great game. A game so good that it has been *remade* into a newer, more reliable and flashy remake. LEDs everywhere and newer electronics will run trouble free for years..

AFM doesn't get old and worth having in any collection.
1 year ago
Chicago pinball did it again, this is a great game! Since I purchased mine It is the only game that gets play lately.
The game is fun and challenging for novices and experts.
1 year ago
One of my all time favorites, simple to understand harder to execute.
1 year ago
This is by far my favorite, it’s easy but sooo fun.
1 year ago
Have owned an AFMr SE for a couple of years now. Amazing game. Rules aren't terribly deep, but it plays so well.
1 year ago
Every time I see this game on location, I have to play at least a few rounds. Very approachable for novice players, but still adds some difficulty to get to every country. The lighting on the remake is intentionally designed to replicate the effect of incandescent lights, but I would prefer a setting to make the lighting more vibrant (it looks a bit dull compared to other modern pins). The artwork is unique and fun. The playfield flows very nicely, with very satisfying shots, especially the UFO. Overall a fun pin to play.
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