Attack From Mars (Remake - Special)

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This game received 173 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.778 /10


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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "Attack from Mars". The group itself ranks #4 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game Design: 8.878

Artwork: 8.574

Sounds/Music: 8.383

Other Aspects: 8.998

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Found 72 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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67 days ago
Just love playing this game on location. The shots, the call outs, the lights all just work so well together to make an absolutely enjoyable playing experience.
70 days ago
I wanted to like it, but I guess I never was a soldier. The battlefield is not where I want to be to have fun, sorry. The light show is cool but the strobe-mode kinda gave me a headache. I did like the dancing aliens that you have to pick off and blowing up the spaceship was always fun, it’s not in my top 10.
5 months ago
Although I have only played it a few times, I completely cannot understand how this game can rank in the top 10
6 months ago
This is a top 5 pin and the best pin that was made in the 90’s. The callouts are the most legendary and funny in pinball. The alien theme is awesome and the shots are fun. I’d say the thing that keeps this pin from being #1 is the depth of it and that the main shot is in the center of the playfield which comes straight down the middle. The art is perfect and iconic but the age of the pin does hold it back but it’s maybe the funniest pinball machine.
7 months ago
Great pin! I have a remake SE in my collection and it’s a go to pin for me. Excellent fan layout machine, shots are fun and flow well. Theming is great, love the campy callouts. This is a fast, classic Williams game. I’ve heard other complain about the CGC flipper feel, I do notice a difference but it’s not a problem for me personally.
8 months ago
AFM has one of the best risk/reward core gameplay elements in pinball. The alien ship up the middle is the ultimate bash toy, with a compelling reason as to why you need to hit it so much. I loved this machine in the '90's and spent way more on it than I probably should have.
I was anxious to play the remake, because I didn't want my nostalgia bubble burst. I really shouldn't have worried. Everything I knew and loved about AFM had faithfully been recreated, with a few excellent cosmetic upgrades. The cabinet looks, feels and plays solid. Even when I tilt it. The colour DMD really works with the animations. The lights have had a new tech positive tweak. And it sounds about as good as you could hope for audio wise. Nice, crisp and clear.
AFM is one of those games that when you see it you have to play it. Even if only once. Because it has satisfying shots with great flow. Because you can see what you need to do immediately. Because blowing up an alien ship is just fun. A pinball that is standing the test of time because it deserves to.
10 months ago
Chicago Gaming has it locked down on remakes. They certainly know how to take a great game and make it better. This is an easier machine to play. Great for beginners, yet challenging enough for old hats. This is a real winner and top notch pin.
12 months ago
Awesome game that only drops a little for me for what could be considered more simple rules and code compared to the newest games out there. Still love it.
1 year ago
Played the Remake Special and LE and have so much fun playing. When you destroy the ship the shakers vibrate everything. Fun game. Some shots you pay for if you miss but more than not a fun flowing game.
1 year ago
I had the original version from the 90s and I liked the machine so much that I went for the remake without thinking about it, I think it was the best decision I made, what can be said about AFM that hasn't already been said, we all know what it is an incredible machine my top 1 of the 90s without a doubt, all the lighting and screen improvements I think make the experience 100%, the quality of the machine is incredible, I hope that Chicago Gaming continues with this line of great classics remastered to current times
1 year ago
Is one of my top 3 games of all time. I own one myself. So much fun and bolted to the ground in my personal collection.
1 year ago
I have said it once and now I say it again. This is a top 3 Pinball of all time. I actually put it ahead of the Likes of Medieval Madness and Godzilla in Fun Factor and originality. Deep Rule set no, But Fun and replay abilty like no other. A++++ gAME !
1 year ago
I play the heck out of this game when we stay at a hotel in the WI Dells and it is an all time classic. Super fun and simple layout from Brian Eddy that has enough risk/reward with saucers or if you are going to go for multiball, etc..... I really enjoy playing it and for me it has the "one for game" factor that many games don't have from this era. The quirky theme is something that I don't know would sell today but is neat looking back at the early 90s. Overall very strong code from Lyman and I always drop quarters in it when I see one.
1 year ago
If I’m going to be playing all night, I typically like either fast shooters (Led Zeplin, Iron Man), or long ball times with lots of objectives (the hobbit, Simpsons Pinball party).

This game is simple, but because of its pure charm, I love this game.

after I beat this game, I’m over it for a while. Not exactly a brain buster for rules/code. Fun to flip, don’t feel like I’m accomplishing much by walking up to this machine a second time in the same evening.
-lackluster longevity of gameplay
-gameplay value compared current used market in 2022

the soul of this game attracts anyone and everyone! It’s just pure fun to play with others. This is a game that I can get anyone to play to convince them to play more games.
+saucer bash toy
+shaky aliens
+the animations

I wouldn’t recommend this if your game room only has 1 pin. However, This absolutely kills on location. Not just arcades, but anywhere, even as an only pin (movie theater/bar/bowling alley/restaurants/hotel lobby). If I found this for under MSRP, I’d add it to the collection, with the anticipation it wouldn’t last longer than 6 months to a year in my home.
1 year ago
Great game to teach about risk and reward. The call outs are excellent and the lights are beautiful. Love to hit that saucer and the jiggly martians always put a smile on my face.
1 year ago
Top of my want list! What a fun game! For those deep game people this will bore you after a few games. But for me it's great! Kids love it! The call outs are hilarious! The shots are fun! CgC really added to the game with they color dmd and better graphics. Crazy high scoring game. Crazy hard to find one for sale as folks keep em once they have em.
1 year ago
Absolutely the best pinball game ever. Fun factor Hard to beat.
1 year ago
I think this machine will always be in my top 5, I caught on quick to the gameplay, the shots are doable, they build, and I just always enjoy playing this machine.
2 years ago
I love AFM, sometimes I love it more than MM. Idk, just that saucer as the bash toy, its so satifying. Its just a fun game nothing else to say really. Its not one of those games were you go up and are blown away by anything but everytime you get on it you're having a blast and cant get enough. Just a great family pin, funny too. I think this one is good if you have a few other complex layouts in your collection and you need a break from them, just go over to AFM and have a great time no matter what.
2 years ago
One of those classic all time best games which is why Chicago Game Co decided to remake it. This SE edition kicks up the game a notch in my opinion as I would love to have one in my collection!
2 years ago
This game has recently reinforced its place at the top of my list. So much so that I FINALLY purchased one. Once the “new” factor wears of some of the more recent releases that are in our collection (JP, Deadpool, Stranger Things) I always find myself going back to AFM. Luckily, our local barcade has had one for years.

The larger color DMD puts this one over the top. Its a classic and truly deserves its GOAT status on so many lists.
2 years ago
Please make more!
2 years ago
It's a classic. Great feel of the shots, and scoring logic not hard to find and understand rule set. Love killing Martians. This Pin is the GOAT Ruler of the universe..
2 years ago
This game is nearly perfect, especially for it's age. Center ship toy exploding is perfect. Ball lock and animations are perfect. Voice callouts and humor are insanely outstanding. Layout is simple but shots feel so good, a top example of one of the best pins of it's era.
2 years ago
Doesn’t get much better than this game. My only complaint is that as a player, I rarely have the opportunity to look up and watch the incredible animations that go along with the game play.

Everything is an A+ grade on this machine. The rules, the game play, the call outs, animations…it just keeps getting better and better. I’ve added the alternate translite and matching side art. It took the game to an even higher level.
There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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