Attack From Mars (Remake - LE) (Chicago Gaming Co., 2017)

Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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Game design: 9.032

Artwork: 8.988

Sounds/Music: 8.7

Other Aspects: 9.073

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This is "Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)".
The other versions are: Attack from Mars (regular version), Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - Special)

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There are 69 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Not much I can say that hasn’t been said already.
Out of this world light show, and a beauty colour screen to boot.
CGC did an amazing job on this pin.
10 days ago
I went into this game thinking it was going to be just like Medieval Madness, and in a lot of ways, it is. But once you launch that ball, you quickly realize it's not as friendly. To me, it's the faster, and more punishing version of this classic Brian Eddy layout.

I still think I'd take my Medieval Madness over it, but there definitely are days where I feel the opposite.

Also, game seems to plays faster than the original likely due to the extra clear coat. The clear on this game is all prone to chipping and it's worth noting that CGC basically has tried to sweep the issue under the rug.

All in all though, it's definitely a blast to play and the topper on the LE is epic!
41 days ago
I’ve rated this higher than the original but I didn’t want to. I don’t like the feel of the flippers on the remake vs. the original. But answering all the questions honestly led to a better score. I would take the original over the remake any day!
50 days ago
The remake of this game has outdone the original in so many ways.
The lighting and sound is light years ahead of the original and enhances an already amazing game.
51 days ago
AFMR LE with it's awesome interactive topper is the complete package - great (cheesy) theme, great art package and most importantly, a spot on Brian Eddy playfield which keeps you hooked for that 'one more go' feeling.
53 days ago
I have a remark SE, and unlike the MM remake, this plays identical to the original. I played them side by side and had absolutely zero issues making shots on both. In fact, blasting the left orbit sometimes fails to register the switch (same on the original) haha. I say the SE is superior to the original because of the high res dot work that was done on the full color display -- amazing, and the game definitely has better lighting. I fault this game (and the original) on repetitiveness of call outs and the music. I fault the remake on poor LED integration. Specifically, the insert fading used on the original for "hit me" shots is obvious. On the remake, it's VERY tough to distinguish solidly lit inserts from those strobing. There's simply not enough dynamic range in the light fade. That's a big drawback for me.
57 days ago
AFM is pretty much a perfect game. Challenging yet accessible. Draws you in with the lights, sound and animation. The PF layout is fantastic, ruleset is deep yet clear. The experience is fun and brings you back for more, yet can leave you cursing out loud on a bad game...but you will note what you did wrongly and will try to fix it next time.

The 1950's martians attack the Earth is spot-on tongue-in-cheek camp.

The Chicago Coin remake is a solid improvement on the original and offers one of the best - if not THE best - toppers in all of pinball.

A true winner, there's a reason this one was remade decades later!
57 days ago
Seriously one of the very best in my opinion. I've never grown tired of it, it eats up quarters like crazy, and it's got an amazing theme. For the players who dig the fan layout this is a must! Super hilarious call-outs, amazing art, and one of the coolest toys ever put in a game. The remake is that much better as it still has yet to break down (knock on wood). Built an entire room for it last year at Horrorhouse Fest and it blew people away... literally...
75 days ago
This game is amazing, fun to play, can’t get enough, funny comments throughout I can see why it’s in the top 2.
76 days ago
Again the flippers are a serious issue they should have been made to extend up another 1/4 inch. Big problem when playing the game. Also wish they would have got rid of the cheap looking plastic green targets why not improve them or even put a sticker on them. IF they’re trying to improve the game would have been cool to see pop up targets of the aliens like in MM. I don’t think when doing this remakes that any games should have chrome armor the LE’s prove people would rather have green or whatever color.

Color screens should be included in all games. Why because all games that come out now are color. The topper is a perfect example of how you make something way better than the original. Do more of this type of stuff.
77 days ago
I played this game at least a dozen times today and I cannot for the life of me figure out how this has such a high score. Great theme but the playfield is sparse and the cool factor is lacking in so many ways with the other saucers. I enjoyed the callouts and sound, the artwork is cool. This one is major ZZZZZs for me
86 days ago
A great theme, a great, immersive experience, a fantastically updated light show, and the greatest topper ever designed. What's not to love? It can be brutally difficult when set up to play fast, but makes you want to play over and over. This one is never leaving my collection!
87 days ago
Brilliant game made even better with the extra gear the LE offers.
88 days ago
This game is insanely addictictive.An already great game made better.If your looking for a pin that never leaves your collection this is it,the topper alone is incredible.
3 months ago
Without a doubt, this pin is fun and belongs in the same category as Medieval Madness. Unlike that pin, I find Attack from Mars to be too repetitive. When I encounter one, I play a few games and then move on.
3 months ago
AFM - one of the best games of all time.

AFMR - color display is great.

Don't like the feel of the flippers - feel different and not in a good way.

Lighting is super bright, in your face. Really didn't like it. Why no diffusers?
3 months ago
Never owned the old Machine, this new one with the LED's is Beautiful! Was always told the shots were the same as MM, BUT I like this lay out much better as the last center shot to shoot down the main flying saucer is way narrower and more challenging to hit(as it will reflect off the side targets if your shot is off AT ALL to the left or right) than the castle on MM which I always thought was TOO easy to hit every time to take down the Castle. All and all just different enough with the whole theme AND SHOTS to make it a must buy even if you have MM.
3 months ago
Like MMR, the game is limited by it's simple fan layout. It's fun and funny, but I actually find RFM funnier and more engaging. The playfield martians are nowhere near as fluidly animated as in the original and RFM, being very stiff in execution. The saucer and color DMD enhancements are welcome, but the green trim and lit speakers are gaudy. Taking improvement liberties with a twenty plus year old game is fine, but I'd like to see those liberties include enhancements in the game itself. A widebody expansion of this theme JJP style would be stellar!
3 months ago
Had this on my shirt list of wants and after playing it several times had to buy it. So much fun and deep enough to never get old. Get the LE because the topper is awesome!
3 months ago
This has to be one of the best lit games of all time. You can see it from the parking lot and it looks absolutely amazing. Other than that, it's Attack From Mars, one of the best games of all time. I thought the giant widescreen DMD would be dumb but it's totally fine. Maybe the best topper ever made too. Incredible game.
3 months ago
I never played this game when it originally came out. I have played the reissue LE at two different venues and have to say, this game is a blast!!! The color DMD is amazing and the lighting on the playing field is spot on! I see why this game was reissued as it is truly an ambassador game for the industry. This game is on my short list to own. Groovy in so many ways!
4 months ago
I wasn't expecting to like this game, but my wife and I just had to keep going back to play it over and over again at the Texas Pinball Fest. The toy interaction, the theme, the feel, all of it was just a ton of fun and we've added it to our wish list. A shaker motor and color screen are a must for us though, so we'll have to save up for the LE.
4 months ago
Wow ! I can stop playing it !!!!
4 months ago
Great art music and sound package. The angle of the flippers seemed off and the center shot seemed awkward and difficult for each flippers. Couldn’t get into the game. I will come back to this if I get the chance.
4 months ago
This game converted me into liking fast and slow pins. Before this one the games I liked the most were POTC, TZ and DI. I played TWD at my local retailer and hated it as the ball was just flying at me and I was just reacting. I like to control my shots. Read on here a lot about speed and flow of games and figured I was in the other camp. Now I like both and have this set up next to my TZ as a perfect contrast. I have had to become better and controlling the ball and the like, but the game has a simple lay out and only the 2 flippers to let you more easily zero in on your shots.

As far as the updated electronics they are amazing - again a huge contrast to the multiple boards and wires in my TZ. When I open that up it is more challenging to work on. With the AFMr there is a simplicity that is great. And the fact the backboard lights and translate are one package is really nice - especially being able to unplug it for more room so no doors are in the way.

The topper is amazing and adds so much fun to the game - a whole new level - literally as the game is taller and there is more to look at as a result - especially for those waiting their turn. I try to glance up more to see it.

The huge color DMD is the perfect size. Although I like the JJP games - I do not looking at them when off. I love the AFMr backglass on the other hand as they just figured out how to make the bottom part of the game more fun to look at with the colored animations. I also love the lighted speakers as those coupled with the lighted topper really brings nice entertaining light to see.

I think it is the right price sweet spot (if $8k can be a sweet spot - sheesh) of NIB/Great tested title/updated electronics game. The newer Sterns kicked up the price but I feel they have taken a turn backwards from TSPP (layout/code) and even POTC (toys) so I don't like their value and JJP sure kicked up quality and toys but those NIB are $1k-$2k higher than this.
There are 69 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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