Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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Game design: 8.948

Artwork: 8.825

Sounds/Music: 8.57

Other Aspects: 9.057

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This is "Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)".
The other versions are: Attack from Mars (regular version), Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - Special)

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32 days ago
Good fun, but can only take for so long. Everything looks shiny and beautiful, sound is great. Shots are well spaced. As popular as the original is, I don’t run for this pin whenever I see it. It is simple fun- great for new people, but the repetitive nature limits my interest. Probably in my top 20, not top 5.
61 days ago
88 days ago
Love playing this game!
3 months ago
This is a very fun game however not my favorite. After awhile the theme grows old. The artwork has a cool retro 60s vibe and love the drop gate. They did a very good job with this pin.
4 months ago
Pinnacle of pinball for a reason! The rules, layout, theme, plus some golden era 90s nostalgia mixed in make this pin a top 3 on Pinside. Very glad Chicago Gaming remade this with the AWESOME topper.
4 months ago
Just added the game to my collection and so far the entire family loves it...
4 months ago
Very fun to play... Keeps you wanting to come back for more. Layout well designed. The theme is almost like cinsmatic. Very unique...
4 months ago
Great, classic game. For me, I prefer MM, but AFM is equivalent in every way. I've always felt it's a toss up between the two.
5 months ago
I really enjoyed this game after I realized what it stood for...which is just goofy. It doesn't take itself too seriously when you think about martians attacking earth.
5 months ago
A classic game made better by CGC - the interactive topper is up with the best. Easily accessible, light hearted and still a challenge with the risk/reward central shots.
6 months ago
6 months ago
I'm newer to pinball, but this is one of the games I've wanted to play. I now have played it multiple times and I really think it stands apart. It's so approachable and enjoyable to flip and even more fun once you know more of the rules. Amazing example of what pinball is all about.
7 months ago
This is a really fun game to play. It has a fairly simple rule set especially compared to today's games but it so challenging you never get tired of it. I think it has great value. Arguably, Chicago Gaming has the best quality in the industry but then they don't have to pay designers to create something new. They apply that extra money to quality and you can feel it when you play. Great game at a great price point considering what you get compared to for example a new Stern LE. You won't go wrong with this game because when your done people will line up to buy it from you when your done.
7 months ago
AFMr is possibly better than the original. The artwork and topper really pop. It is slightly different, but unless the original and remake were side by side, it would be tough to tell. Give me the remake all day.
9 months ago
I was quite eager to play one of these since its so highly regarded, so when I got the chance to purchase an LE I had to take it. What can I say it's incredible - seemingly simple at first but has some good depth to it and one of the most fun pins I have ever played. Out of all the machines I have this one instantly appeals to everyone including the wife and kids.

This remake is absolutely amazing, the updated sound and the display are phenomenal and the topper is just about the coolest thing I've seen on any machine. It's themed absolutely perfectly, and shoots beautifully, I can't think of a single improvement I would make to how it plays. Top machine and an outstanding remake (although I can't comment on how faithful it is to the original since I've never played one).
10 months ago
11 months ago
I have never played the original. I have played a fair amount of pinball. I am a average player. I and my family love this machine.

Before we bought we reached out to the pinball community and found someone who owned this and 19 other pins. The guy was awesome, invited us to come and play. So the wife and I went to play. This pin grabbed our attention and we were hooked straight away. The lights, the sound, the speed and the fun! It’s all there. Theme is awesome. Voice overs are great, best Multiball and jack pot call outs. French call outs are Pythonistic and a hoot. Shot layout is smooth and just feels right. Challenging with a couple of tight shots and have to be careful with the saucer.

A year later we are still loving it. Has that one more game feel. Can be cruel, but also can have some really long games. 4 different Multiballs as well as RTU. Have not seen RTU yet. Suggest to have it raised a little more than 6.5. Otherwise does feel a bit floaty. Have not had any problems with its geometry. Orbits always return to flipper. Great when you can get 5+ orbits in a row. A real buzz.

To quote the super jackpot “Oooh baby!”
11 months ago
I spent most of my time at Pinfest today playing this game. I absolutely loved it and can't believe it was so much different of an experience than I had on the standard. This game was fully functioning (the other one was not). I love the shots, love the sounds, love the fun, and I loved seeing my dad absolutely fall for this game more than any of that. He played this more than anything else and it's now a given that I will have to add this to my collection.
11 months ago
Great game and I like the remake better than the original.
The extra adjustments on the CGC model and the updated lighting, sound, and display are amazing!
Will stay in my collection for some time !
11 months ago
This game is a piece of Junk. I bought a LE new in the box and nothing but issues. I went back to my original and huge difference. The new playfeild colors were off and had rubbing. Mechanical had issues and was not as solid as as the original. Had issues with plastics and decals. My MMr was great but I will not purchase another CGC until they get their act together.
12 months ago
What can I say purchase and LE The Topper is so good it’s distracting you from actually playing, call outs are awsome shoots smooth Theres a reason why this pin is on the top 3 on Pinside. Super fun, enjoyable can’t go wrong with AFMR New pin with classic gameplay to enjoy for new generations to come.
12 months ago
For whatever reason I just did not find this as much fun to play as the original. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it was just not as satisfying to hit the shots on this one. The scoop was a little clunky, the ramps didn't seem to have any real speed to them, and the martians just don't jiggle like the originals. Beautiful pin--just gorgeous!
1 year ago
Used to love this machine. Hitting the saucer results in a lot of SDTM, so anymore it's multiball all day. Don't care for it much anymore.
1 year ago
I love the flow of this game, am not a big fan of the theme, but it's a fun game which I will play whenever I see one. My kids actually love the game more than I do. A classic game.
There are 129 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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