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Other Aspects: 8.069

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Found 36 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 months ago
Atlantis is one of the best Ems. I played a lot of Lawman in the 70's, it has the same layout. I love the art. The chimes are representative of the time. If you love Drop targets and Nostalgia ---play on!!!!
11 months ago
This was my first Gottlieb wedgehead and I really enjoy the asymmetrical layout. It's a great shooter with a wall of drop targets and difficult to get to the special that requires the 9 lit stages. I find myself playing it almost daily and cursing myself as I score into the 80-90Ks but not breaking 100K (not easy to do). Layout and artwork are unique and it inspires me to find more asymmetrical machines and funky layouts to add to my EM collection. Glad it's in my collection, probably not going anywhere for awhile.
1 year ago
A decent game. One of the better EM's. Love the drops.
1 year ago
Drop Target Heaven.
1 year ago
This E.M pinball should be on everyone's top 5, amazing rule set, nice artwork package. Fun + addicting. You can literally spend hours on this game and come back for more the next day!!! Kind of pricey but then again it's because of the strong demand that this pinball generates. Chimes are amazing, love hearing the special chimes scoring the 5000 bonus when you drop 2 targets at the same time or you score the 3000point advance bonus... Such a great game
1 year ago
The art draws me to this game. The unique drop target rules and the nudge lanes on the right side keep me playing. One of my all time favorite wedges. This is one of the Must have wedge heads!
3 years ago
This is always a Top 5 game and the EM rating system here is very flawed when so many average and obscure games are in the top 20 and Atlantis is 37. A real EM player knows better. Gottlieb wedgeheads dominate the EM top 25 and Atlantis is the most sought after of them all for a reason. Brutally hard to score on or light specials, this one is also gorgeous head to toe. Can't compare wedgeheads to their multi player sibs because the rule design for wedgeheads has a 3 or 5 ball goal as opposed to reset after each ball. Sheriff/Lawman is a much less interesting/challenging game. Atlantis is close to perfect!!
3 years ago
Excellent game with the neat idea of hitting two adjacent drop targets to score 5K points. Has staying power in a collection.
3 years ago
The best description I've heard for this awesome playing EM is that it is the "Whitewater of the EM world." Basically, you just need to score all of the number targets in order, similar to WH20. Such a killer game.

-Super cool programming for the time period with being able to score more points for hitting 2 drop targets at once
-Great layout, with many difficult shots. The rollovers are crucial to being able to get the numbered targets
-Love the left outlane area. Danger zone that is all too easily accessed!
-Beautiful artwork by Gordon Morrison. All around a piece of art.
-It has the "JUST ONE MORE GAME!" appeal
-Easy enough for any newbie pinhead, by hard enough for the veteran player too

-Not enough made and by now, most of the playfields are slightly planking with sunken or cupped inserts.
-Fetches a high dollar for an EM (maybe you can find a Lawman (same layout) for a bit less?)

Highly recommended as one of the last EMs before the SS craze!
3 years ago
This is one EM that will kick your butt over and over. The ruleset requires making advances *in sequence* to finally light the Special. This makes Atlantis a very hard machine to beat. Atlantis really should be rated higher here IMHO simply due to the player skill required to score high and/or make Specials. Its not for the faint of heart!
Huge drop bank is fun to shoot at, but lacks any bank shot opportunities off the left flipper. So, with the left flipper you're always shooting to run the bagatelle lane or the bullseye targets. The slingshots frequently dominate ball action in the lower playfield - leading to frequent drains out the left side. Atlantis is tough! Artwork is ok, but I don't care for it nearly as much as many other Gottlieb EM titles.
All in all, I find myself wanting to play Atlantis more than others simply because its so hard to beat and requires careful shot placement to avoid the many pitfalls masterfully built in.
3 years ago
Had this game in my collection for years and enjoyed it. One of the better Gottlieb EM drop target games.
3 years ago
This game is basically an electromechanical White Water, but instead of making shots to advance the rafts, you're making shots to advance the numbers 1 -> 9 to light special. Simple, but brilliant.

Playfield is asymmetrical, yet balanced. The brilliance of the playfield layout stems from the star rollovers on the playfield. A sharp, accurate shot from the left flipper will simultaneously rollover the "on targets" button, light the advance standups, and then hit a standup target to advance the numbers. Conversely, a shot from the right flipper turns the targets off, but allows the player to hammer away at the bank of targets. Completing the bank resets the targets and advances your number. Oh, and the player is delightfully well compensated for shooting two targets at once. How many games give the player that kind of strategic opportunity?? I think maybe just Whirlwind with it's sweeping drop target bank feature.

The bagatelle lanes on the right give the player the chance to nudge their way to success, but since a tilt ends your game, you *really* need to be careful.

Artwork is striking, gameplay--while not terribly complicated--is easy to understand and delivers the "just one more game" feeling in spades (gotta advance your way to the special, but you're always so close yet so far away from doing so).

The game is masterful. 10/10. Would Atlantis again.
4 years ago
Good tournament game
4 years ago
Atlantis - a game that makes or breaks you. You can get so close yet be so far away. It’s like the pinball version of a beautiful golf course. The theme is well done and the art package is faithfully executed. I love the fish on the back glass. The bagatelle is a solid add and helps the playability. It’s a game that makes you want to play it over and over. The 5,000 points for dropping two drop targets simultaneously is an awesome reward and it’s cool when you finally do it. It’s a tough table to get a solid score on and I set mine for three balls. Bottom line is it’s one of the wedge heads available and the rules set for an EM machine is top notch. I have a lot of DMD games in my collection and I never think about them when I’m playing Atlantis. Sometimes less is more and it’s layout is clever and deceptive. All in all, a great table.
4 years ago
A great early pin from Gottlieb. Sea-theming is charming (as is the artwork) and the shots are smooth as silk with a good rule set for an EM table. The only downside is that it hasn't aged well but if you can get past that, the table is worth your time.
4 years ago
Atlantis has a dreamy watery theme, with fishes on the sides of the cabinet and three presumable denizens of the watery continent/city swimming away from an underwater palace. The teal and aquamarine in the playfield may lull you to sleep, but it's consistently watery, that's for sure.

The playfield is mellow, too. There's only two pop bumpers, at top. The asymmetry is excellent, with an outcropped target bank on the left you can squeeze by to get to the top of the machine, or a top feeder shot for a pachinko-like bonus ladder leading (dangerously) down to inlane/outlanes on the right. The big scoring really requires getting all the drop target bank down, so there's aimed shots on the left at almost every angle, which is great and challenging. It has a level of lastability a slight cut above average for the era as a result, even if the audio-visual feedback is a little below par. (WE WANT MORE MERMAIDS!)

Hey, it's a better machine than Waterworld!
5 years ago
I have this game in my collection of two. One of the classic EMs. Very fun and likely never for sale, but a Centigrade 37 could sway me. The rule set is simple to understand yet difficult to master, which keeps you coming back for more. A classic.
5 years ago
Played a very nice example of this game. Looks good. The right bagatelle is super dangerous for a non-EM player. Good ruleset for the day.
6 years ago
I am almost completely finished refurbishing an Atlantis from the ground up. What a gorgeous game! The cabinet, playfield and back-glass theme and art-work are top-notch, and this is one of the toughest Gottlieb EMs ever made. It's got a wonderfully deep rules set, with lots to shoot for, and the right mix of features that keeps you coming back for "just one more game."
6 years ago
There are many great playing EM games that Gottlieb made in the single player wedgehead model that could be a good choice for the best drop target game ever.The asymmetric playfield layout on Atlantis is wonderful with many skilled shots on drop targets,stand up targets,shots for the top arch section numbers 1 thru 9 and more. If you hit a blue and white drop target at the same time it will award a player 5000 points which is a nice feature in a drop target game.A player must know the top arch rollover shot to advance the numbers 1 thru 9 out of the ball shooter lane. Making SPECIAL isn't easy on Atlantis but once a player does get the SPECIAL lit a player can beat the game for replays at three different places. SPECIAL lights on the drop target bank,left side out and moves from all 3 stand up targets which a player has to time just right to hit for a replay.In my opinion Atlantis could be the best drop target game Gottlieb ever produced during the drop target era,but be careful because there are many other great drop target games from Gottlieb that could give Atlantis some competition.Challenging fun player for sure.Will keep you coming back for more.
6 years ago
One of the games I regret letting go. Like many Gottlieb wedgeheads it's great at looking very simple while being nearly impossible to master. I love the asymmetrical sling/flipper area and the drop target combos. Looking for another one.
6 years ago
Unique layout for my collection (mostly wedgeheads). Very challenging, and probably one of the toughest to win extra games on for me. Gotta have tough ones in your line up, and this is one of mine. The bagatelle, along with the 5000 point 'double' drop target scoring, gives a very nice variety of play. Others can wax more poetic than I, and believe them. This would arguably be a game that would keep your interest in a 1-2 pin collection. Few games I would say that about.
7 years ago
this game is a beauty, hands down. Fabulous colors, and the artwork is nicely done. However for some reason, this game just doesn't really do it for me... I love parts of the game, but it just doesn't provide that "have to come back for one more game" feeling like other EMs, and I'm a drop target guru. Fun game to restore though, Gottlieb quality shines through.
7 years ago
This is the game! The reputation preceded it and it boy did it deliver when I finally was able to play it.
The rules are to eliminate the the 1-9 number sequence to light your specials. There are 4 ways to advance to the next number:
First way is the follow the bagatelle on the right side of the playfield 1-4 and 6-9 (the 5 is located on the left outlane when drained)
Second way is to shoot the ball through one of three lit rollovers at the top
Third way is the nail one of three lit standup targets that are turned on and off by a star rollover.
Fourth way is to clear all ten drop targets.
What really sets this game apart from any other Gottlieb drop target game is the 5000 points that are awarded when you drop two targets at once. What a rewarding feeling when that little 5000 point light comes on!
7 years ago
Great game. Personally I prefer Centigrade 37 as it has the similar bagatelle but with a lot more to do on the left side of the playfield.
Art is beautiful and it's a solid player.
There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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