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This game received 33 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.125 /10


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This game ranks #248 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.147

Artwork: 6.792

Sounds/Music: 7.124

Other Aspects: 7.017

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Found 18 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 18 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
The million point shot can be managed by adjusting the switch in the shooter lane. Lots of fun shots. I own this game and will update as I play it more.
1 year ago
I find myself conflicted on Arena. I like the game, I keep pushing the start button, but I don't know why I like it.

I agree with other reviews the skill shot makes scoring more left to chance. I like the idea of the skee-ball layout, but it takes up sooo much space. Most of the time playing it seems like Im shooting for the top left corner.

Fun shots, multi-ball, good sounds. . . all positives. Arena can usually be had for a decent price as well. Simply put, there are other games in my collection that I have a greater fondness for. Arena is like the Natural Light of Beer. I'd much prefer a Corona, but if Natty Light is all that is in the cooler I'll still have one! :)
2 years ago
Mediocre. Not too expensive. Rules are meh. Top right skee ball type toy is neat.
3 years ago
OK, the pit is a pretty good feature, but apart from that the rest is pretty disappointing.
By dint of saving, Gottlieb ended up producing a game that looks more like a martingale, without any bumper. At the same time the competition was much better and more technologically advanced.
3 years ago
I liked the game, but do not like to play for a high score. The 1 milion point pit shot makes almost all other shots on the game fall to the back. The multi ball is veyr hard to get same as a bonus ball. It would have been more fun if rules of the game were different. On the plus side, the wall with guards behind was fun. Overall game play was fun, just the scoring was bad.
4 years ago
This game is right where it should be: around the 200 mark. Not a great game, but a cool one from Gottlieb. Very odd layout that actually plays well. The best part about this pin is the sound. Of course, everyone dogs the trans but the game itself isn't too bad. Don't think I'd want to own one but fun to play when it's at someone else's house. ;)
5 years ago
I own this pin, the sound and play 2nd...sound takes me back to the old days..can't find any Arena plastics anywhere on this Earth. ..
5 years ago
The code for this game needs to be entirely overworked. The playfield is unique and has much promise, but the game is 1-dimensional due to crap programming/scoring.
The feed from your skill shot hits the "T". Shoot up the center for "I" and "P", then hit the ramp for the million shot. DO THIS FOREVER AND EVER.
Nothing else matters.

The million shot needs to be 200k, tops.
The skill shot should only be enabled by killing the guards (fun + hard!) or by raising the multiplier by 2x or 3x via the CYS targets (fun + hard!)
maybe also via launching the 3rd ball for multiball.

This game has so much fun potential. The sounds are AMAZING. the wall crumbling sound effect alone is worth the price of playing. But if you at all have any inclination to play with strategy, the game is a total bust.

Someone please rewrite the code and save it from the pinball history books.
5 years ago
I really love this game. Its fun, different (no pop bumpers) great skill shot, lighted ramp. All in all a relly different type of pin fun for everybody.
5 years ago
I picked up Arena and have played it many times...The only drawback is the million shot makes the scoring is a big deal. However, the rest of the game is fun! If you could make the million shot a 100k...the game would be great.
5 years ago
One of my favorites out of Premier!
5 years ago
Arena has got an original playfield layout and some nice tunes going for it. It plays alright and has some good playfield art. Scoring is unbalanced, sadly. This makes it less of a players or tournament game.
5 years ago
Arena is odd game, it is not like any other pinball machine. A little slower but not in a bad way. Some cool shots and some clever gimmicks that keep me coming back to play another game.
6 years ago
Picked one up cheap recently, and have become addicted. Very underrated pin, available at a cheap price. Loving it. Backglass is horrible, however. Wish the cabinet and backglass reflected the same art/theme as the playfield, which is pretty cool. Kind of a quirky game, but unique and fun enough that it will be staying.
7 years ago
I found this to be a very enjoyable game, and was surprised by that. Normally I'm not a fan of a game without pop bumpers, but I didn't really notice their absence here all that much. The pit skill shot is cool, the shots are challenging, and the multiball is tough and satisfying to get. I really dig the theme as well. I'll definitely own one some day.
7 years ago
Absolutely awful front cabinet / backglass, really nice playfield.
The Pit is a really cool toy but has two major flaws:
- unbalanced scoring.
- it takes too much space on the playfield...main game area is reduced accordingly.
9 years ago
A solid game from Gottlieb.

People complaining about unbalanced scoring doesn't probably understand where the big points are. What you want to achieve is 15x playfied (CYS targets) and shoot the lit spinner during multiball. With 15x multiplier and lit spinner switch on the right inlane you can loop the spinner shot while getting 1-2 mil with each shot. If your aim is good you can achieve skyhigh scores with this method.

One million lucky shot might be annoying in competitions but you can disable it by desoldering its cable. This makes it a much better game for competitions.
10 years ago
I really like aren - the million dollar shot is a lot of luck but how many times you get a chance to be "lucky" is certainly
contained in skill. The sound of the crumbling walls is very unique but the other sounds are just OK... Not a ton of stuff to do but the action is tight - good ramp integration - both money shots are fromt the right flipper. Backglass is SUPER cheesy but the playfield is beautifully illustrated. LED's under the inserts can make this playfield gorgeous.
There are 18 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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