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There are 56 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
13 Ball Mball is Fun - but a Gimmick

Good Modes, Music

if you liked the movie you will enjoy the pin

Too Bad Tom Hanks is "IN" the Space Suit
5 years ago
"Are you boys in the space program, too?" This was my first pin. I had played the game many years ago waiting for my gf to get off work. When I first got the 13-ball multiball, I was blown away at how awesome it was. When I finally had space for a game, I knew I wanted this game. Mine was set way too fast and after balancing and setting the pitch, it plays way better. I do get a stuck ball every once in awhile, but overall, this game is very challenging. The scoring is kind of ridiculous in that you can have millions and millions of points for doing almost nothing, but it's still fun to rock out the high score. I still love the 13-ball feature, the moon and rocket toys and the ramps are awesome. "It's not my fault!"
5 years ago
Now that I own it I can say that it's truly an underrated game. You can not appreciate this game after only playing it a handful of times. It takes a while to really appreciate everything it as to offer. Yes the 13-Ball is a gimmick. But guess what, you can change the setting to "Hard" or even turn it off altogether. There are other multi-ball modes to enjoy in this game. It also has 9 different game modes. It's not easy to score either. Most of the shots are really tight and getting combo's is quite difficult. But that's what keeps you coming back for "Just One More!".
5 years ago
I wanted to like this game and bought it . Great theme and toys are cool but gameplay was pretty boring. Sold it in 2 weeks .
5 years ago
ambiance seventies "NASA" great sounds great game play and terrible blasthoff with 13 balls ! this pinball is a great pleasure to play ! the shaker is also very fun ! I love it very much
5 years ago
I had to get the multiball on this one and it was in a word...unique. Hard to get too, at least for me. The playfield is a bit overcrowded with "Stuff". Really didnt find it too much fun except for the rush of the multiball.
5 years ago
Ultimate 13 ball muliball cool
5 years ago
Best multi ball ever!
6 years ago
One of Sega's best. Lots of great modes on this one, the orbit ones in particular. I also like the moon lock, definitely something that hasn't been done. 13 Ball Blastoff is kinda divisive for me... it's really more of a gimmick than a multi ball, but at the same time, I love the chaos that goes on during it. It also shows that SEGA flippers can turn into wet noodles extremely quickly, though. Another good thing is that Tom Kenny is too huge of a star to have his mug on the BG. Finally, those 13 balls could be able to replace broken balls on other machines, I guess. A solid effort.
6 years ago
ball fest
6 years ago
Multiball is cool, the tight shots are good but there are not enough of them. This pin would have been much better as a wide body. Gets old fast for me.
6 years ago
Really cool machine. Looks really nice. Alot of great "toys" on the playfield from the moon to the rocket, the 13 ball multiball distracts from the rest of the game. there is much more to the gameplay than the multiball. even has a dmd game within the actual game of lunar lander.
6 years ago
Decent game, but the 13 ball multiball gets boring very fast.
6 years ago
My first pin- I played it a couple of times before and didn't give it too great a rating. Found one in really good shape close to me for sale, and pulled the trigger. Now that I have had the opportunity to actually sit and play it, I find it a very fun, well developed, and neat theme pin. If its in good shape, its a great game. I'm a space nut so the theme, with the rocket and the moon ramps are totally cool.
It is a good pin for non pinners- set the rules to extra easy and watch them lite up when they hit 13 ball. I've got friends and family excited about pinball again. My kids love playing it, and this alone is worth it.
I set it up hard (-sometimes I disable the 13 ball) when I'll play, but be sure to put in 5 balls per game. This game is tough. Two main game concepts: mission play and orbit play. You will need all 5 balls to complete them.
Mission play you try to play all 13 well designed (with history in mind) missions to get to the master alarm which is a 5 ball crazy every shot worth millions frenzy. After two months of hard play I have only hit it once.
Orbit play is regular play where you hit the orbit ramps on left and right and advance the spaceship around the moon playing out the power down and then the power up sequence (as in real life history), and then the splash down back on earth. I've only done it twice.
You find that you don't even care about score, just if you can complete the game concepts. The video mode lunar rover game is awesome.
As far as historical games are concerned, I don't know any better made game. The history in the game is awesome. The artwork is really good on the playing field. The rocket and moon are just totally cool.
As far as multi-ball games, even if you forgot the 13 ball, this game is loaded with 2 ball, 3 ball, 5 ball , and multi-ball restarts.
Some bad, it's mostly a ramp shot precision game, so you hit a lot of post shots, but that may not be a bad thing. Kevin Bacon gets annoying. I'm now convinced it was his fault. But on what other game or pin do you get Kevin Bacon yelling at you.
6 years ago
This game is very fast and fun to play. The 13 ball may be a gimmick, but it's made everyone who's seen it laugh out loud and want to play more. The video animations are some of the coolest that I have seen on a pin, very well done for only being a DMD display. Callouts are fun and I'm sure they would make much more sense to me if I had actually seen the source movie.
7 years ago
Apollo 13 is a gimmick game. It's a cool gimmick, but after a few 13 ball multiballs, the gimmick becomes tired novelty.

The Pros:
The rush of starting multiball. The moon is a cool toy as well. A solid PF layout, but no well thought out game play rules to support it. What a shame. I like the magnetic spinner on the PF and how it integrates into play. X-men borrowed this one to good effect as well. I like the "twist" on the plunger.

The Cons:
The "meh" effect settles in pretty quickly. Artwork is lackluster (even Tom Hanks wanted no part of it). There is no reason why this game should be blah other than a rulesheet that revolves around the game's gimmick. I refer to this as "having limited vision". The rocket lock just needs a harley-davidson on top of it now.

The Takeaway:
Play it and enjoy it, while it lasts...
7 years ago
Ignoring the 13 ball gimmick, I really like this game - the theme is certainly part of it. Without the 13 ball there's still plenty of stuff to be doing including several standard multiballs. Really the only thing I don't like too much about the game is because they've crammed so much on there, the lanes are mostly precision shots, and during multiballs you're going to be hitting a lot of stand up posts and targets. The whole rocket takeoff sequence is just awesome, especially when you see the astronaut shaking around and the shaker motor kicks in.
7 years ago
Pinball Puke!!!!! If this game is fully working and shopped out, its awesome! The theme is perfect as I'm a space nut, & it's fun and challenging, with tons of modes and stuff to shoot. Lunar Lander video mode, shaker motor, moon magnet, Saturn 5 rocket toy ramp, and 3 multiball modes--including 13 ball. My wife's favorite pin, and the one that wows guests every time!
7 years ago
I found the fan layout of this game too be to tight and thus all the shots too tight. The ideas were great but I had constant mechanical issues and could not get into a good rhythm when playing.

The 13 ball multi ball was a blast though.
7 years ago
The best thing about Apollo 13 is, of course, the 13 BALL MULTIBALL! Once you experience that novelty, the rest of the game is a bit of a let down. The modes are just okay. Nothing to write home about. Also, don't expect to find Tom Hanks on the translite (I guess he wouldn't sign off on his likeness which is a shame).
7 years ago
My first pin... I love it, fun to play... True, the 13 ball multi isn't a "skill" multi... but it's still really fun.
7 years ago
The video mode is challenging and cool and fits the theme. Very long ball times. The 13 ball release is like a Pinball Orgasm. Other than that though, the game is just so, so. Worth playing a few times for the experience.
7 years ago
A decent enough game. The 13 ball multiball is the crowd pleaser but in reality, 8 of those 13 drain straight away because the playfield cannot sustain that amount all at once. An okay game.
8 years ago
The multiball is the best part of the game wow 13, found this game got quickly boring. Not a game I would own just not enough to keep it interesting.
8 years ago
A one trick pony, that 13 ball multi-ball is totally awesome, it's often too much for the machine to cope with though, and the machine is frequently out of action with ball jams or trough faults. Typical bland Sega playfield art. Aiming for the extra ball/video mode target lane can be a awkward shot. Shooting that ball up the a$$ of that rocket toy to start a multi-ball is very satisfying though.
There are 56 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 3.

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