America's Most Haunted

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Game design: 7.791

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Other Aspects: 7.765

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87 days ago
I was one of the first to pick AMH up at Spooky. Great first game for them. Excellent theme. Very fun playfield layout. Zero complaints really. Ended up trading it out for another title.
5 months ago
Love this game. Playfield layout needed tweaks and the community has provided a few 3d printed parts to smooth out the shots. Once they are installed the layout feels perfect. Big fan of the art because it fits the theme. The number of callouts and the humor are not really found in other games. It is an oddball theme that went all in on what it is and delivered.

My gripes with the game are related to maintenance. The apron flexes if you lift by it. The apron gouges the playfield so not uncommon for people to cut the corners. Everything runs off servos which occasionally fail and everything on the pf is long screws with sleeves instead of posts. It is finicky to take apart and put back together. This said, it is also one of the more reliable machines I own and worth the headache.
1 year ago
THIS PIN IS HILARIOUS! Playing it in a noisy environment is criminal. You need a quiet room where you can hear it. The callouts are well thought out and so funny.

Based on the Pinside ratings and negative comments I never would have gone out on a limb and bought this pin. I was fortunate to be at the Golden State pinball festival early morning and got to play it before the room got noisy. Both my wife and I enjoyed it, so when one popped up for sale I went for it. It's now easily on my top-5 of all time list.

It's a rare machine, so if you get a chance to play it, do!!!

Modes are well thought out and easy to understand.
1 year ago
It is good pinball with very amateur art and sound. I appreciate having this game locally to play, but I wouldn't ever consider owning it because of the art. I do like the ghost toy though!
2 years ago
Very fun and unique game. I played it for the first time at TPF 2018 and walked away thinking I need to own this game one day. I finally got one about a month ago and I couldn't be happier. It's so different from anything I have ever played - from the layout, to the toys/mechs and even music and callouts. It's a very creative design and fits perfectly in a home collection.
2 years ago
I absolutely love this game. It is deep, fun and makes me laugh. However, as with most Spooky games, it can be glitchy.
2 years ago
This is a very fun game! The boss battles, fun shots, animations, and callouts are great. It is quite engaging. I kept wanting to play just one more game!
I wish the translite were a bit nicer, but otherwise it is a top notch game.

This is Super RARE! Only 150 made.

If you can get your hands on it.
2 years ago
After playing AMH over 60 times at Flipout 2018, I am hooked! The game doesn't take it self seriously (parody), so it is right up my alley. The shots were true - I pretty much hit everything i was aiming for. Even though peeps complain about the artwork, I like it - it is cheesy, and it is supposed to be like that. It just goes to show that you can not judge a book by its cover - I was a detractor at first, but once i got a lot of games under my belt, I couldn't stop playing it. Would love to own an AMH one day.
2 years ago
Read some of the ratings on this one, and it surprised me how low they were! This isn't the most complex game, and it has its irritations, but I thought Spooky knocked it out of the park on their first foray into pinball. The theme is funny, campy, and obnoxious, but in a good way. The backglass artwork and cabinet are the worst part of the game, in my humble opinion. Where the machine may be a drainer, and definitely not a route-worthy title, I can't seem to keep from pressing the start button and playing again. This machine was designed to be campy, and they nailed that theme. Well worth the money for our collection!
2 years ago
Nice pin, not the best ,jus good in my opinion, not a keeper for me...great for haunted house theme for home use..
3 years ago
Maybe it's because I've been spoiled by better pins for most of my life. Maybe it's because I've heard such great things about this table. Maybe I was expecting far too much.

"America's Most Haunted" isn't very good.

The gameplay is horribly repetitive and the voice work sucks. The "theme" is that you're part of a reality show that hunts ghosts -- except that this doesn't really come through very well and is severely weakened by grade school animations and a storyline to match. Is the game supposed to be parody? Is it supposed to be creepy? I have no idea because it fails at both. On the one hand, it feels like a shooter and plays like one: you basically just have to hit your ramps and conquer spirit after spirit. There are actual "boss" levels. So, there's that.

The overall design of the pin isn't THAT bad. I do like the blueish-purple color scheme and the overall feel of the shots is smooth (though seeing the ball drain most of the time after attempting to hit the off-center ghost target is maddening)...but that's really about it.

There's nothing to write home about mainly because the game can't decide what it wants to be. It's completely lacking in satisfaction and is frustratingly uninvolving.
3 years ago
This game is decent but nothing revolutionary. It has pretty bad art and the shots are alright but the rules are only alright. You shoot the same shot a number of times then battle a ghost which are like modes. It's decently fun and the jump ramp is cool. Fun, but nothing special.
3 years ago
Recently purchased HUO version of this game and have now put enough plays on it to render an opinion. This game is as fun as I expected it to be. I love the sense of humor in this game. It evokes the early Zucker Brothers era of humor (Airplane, Kentucky Fried Movie, etc). What I did not realize is how well this game shoots. I dare say it shoots better than my LOTR (less brick shots). The right Elevator/ramp shot is a great toy and when the elevator is down, the shot is super smooth. The game does lack a true orbit shot, though. The rules are great and really deep. I love the little side missions during boss battles. There are so many choices on how to play this game: go for multiball, go for minion battles, or battle the bosses. The lighting is excellent (my game has an LED strip in the back to light up the back panel). The backglass lights up different colors depending on the mode you are in due to the LED light strip in the back box. I really don't understand why more games don't do this. I even like the art package, but I do know that the backglass is an issue for some (FYI, it's REAL glass, not a translite). I think it works and I like it. I have the Topper from laseriffic and it is phenomenal. If you haven't played this game, give it a try if you see one. It's quite fun and if you like the slapstick humor, then you'll want more. The music is great, light integration is fun, shots flow well, and rules are surprisingly deep and varied. Love it! I think it will have staying power in my collection because it is truly unique.
3 years ago
Lots to see and do in AMH. A very deep game that rewards the home user who has time and patience to explore it. The overall theme of a fictional ghost hunting television show is quite weak. The art package isn't very well executed. The backglass is amateur-ish, with even the most basic element--the ghosts--needing to be better conceptualized. To me, there's a difference between kitsch parody done well, and kitsch parody for the sake of kitsch parody. I get that the game is a send-up, but it's trying way too hard. The voice call-outs, while funny at times, seem forced and the dialogue kind of lame. Huge points to Spooky and Ben Heck for pulling off a production game in this day and age, but it's overall feel is that of a homebrew game, and certainly feels out of place in a collection of Stern and WPC games.
3 years ago
AMH is a fun game it has a good layout and plays good. But, I don't like the backglass and i wish it had more toys and cool features, but I do really like the cabinet artwork.
3 years ago
I got bored with this one pretty quick. It plays alright but it is just so awful to look at that I can't believe that a machine was actually manufactured with such an amateur looking art package.
3 years ago
Enjoyable game. Doesn't feel like a first time effort for a company. I've only been able to play one example of it.
3 years ago
A great effort for all those involved in building this , but we have to rate it against tier 1 manufacturers and as such it doesn't match them in most areas. I will look forward to playing it again and other spOOky games.
3 years ago
Not a bad game, The play field seemed a little sparse. Not much else to say!
3 years ago
I've played this game a few times and really like it, my issue is that a ball always gets hung up or there is a small mechanical issue here and there. Otherwise very nice play field layout and a fun theme.
4 years ago
AMH is a surprising gem. Lots of fun for basically a fan layout. Reminiscent of 90s B/W games. The right orbit has some issues, hard to hit smoothly, but the jump is interesting. Campy humor in the modes and callouts. Silly theme, which turned people off initially. It sort of grew on me. It has issues losing balls into the apron area. Apparently, it was hard to keep working well on location. A great game for home. I suspect this will turn into a cult classic. Time to grab one and keep it. Will be tough to find in the future. My top candidate for a game that will appreciate in value.
4 years ago
Looks nice and played good for a companies first machine.
4 years ago
Hard to find and worth the search. The humor isn't for everyone but made us laugh.
4 years ago
Played and felt cheap. Couldn't get over the general feel. Sounds and humor good. I'd play it on a bar setting. Never own
4 years ago
Total amateur hour machine, comes across like DIY back yard job. I got bored after 3 games on it. Some might call it 'Boutique', I say no thanks I'll pass..Incidentally, saw same machine again a month later and it was not even working.
There are 85 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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