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4 months ago
I played an early version of this pin in an unfinished form and with some of the settings dialled down so ill have to revisit this review some other time. I love the theme being a big aliens fan. i thought the face huggers were very clever. The dark theme is great. The playability and shots weren't quite there for me. There have been code revisions and play field parts added since then so hopefully I can like it like i want to.
6 months ago
Awesome gameplay the rules the sounds the theme integration is amazing. It draws you in and you want to play it again and again. The Alien team has produced a very addicting game mission accomplished.
6 months ago
after 2 hours i like it , not fast as a got or star wars ( that i love ) , very different slower wide body feeling , excellent theme and ambiance , like the videos on the big screen , some difficult "x men/tron" shots with upper flippers , a good pin ( lot better and original than guardians of galaxy or aerosmith for example )
8 months ago
Alien is a great game. The layout does a good job of utilizing the full space of a widebody machine. There's plenty of shots and most of them are very smooth and well dialed in. The audio is outstanding and well integrated with the game. The rules are a little difficult to follow but just takes some time. The "toys" are very well integrated and pull the theme together - the alien head lock is one of the coolest toys I've seen in recent pinball. My biggest issue(s) with the game is that the upper right flipper does not have a consistent shot to feed it, and that flipper is critical for the extra ball and super jackpots and other shots during the game. you have to get lucky in getting a shot to feed the flipper properly (even a combo of right lower flipper to the mid left flipper to the upper right flipper is not 100% as the ball often will bounce into the pops and out instead of hitting the target and then coming back down to the upper right flipper). The playfield and plastics artwork and animations are really well done. Personally, I can't stand the cabinet though. Aesthetically and functionally this is an issue for me. The lockdown bar/glass has sharp corners, the glass with bezel is very heavy and a PITA to remove, the cabinet while being cool that the art is backlit, looks like there's hardly any art on it with too much black space. The modularity of the cabinet could be a winning notion though if pricing on future modules comes down.
8 months ago
I've had my Alien for a while now and it's the best pinball machine I've ever played (and I've played just about everything that's out there). It's the whole package that makes it great...theme, code, sound, video. It just all comes together to scream ALIEN (and ALIENS). 15 modes, tons of shots, four flippers! Every mode is unique...throw in the use of earned "weapons" (fired using the launch button) and it really adds to the strategy. It's not an easy game...the shots are tight and some are at odd angles...but once you figure it out this game can really flow and show some blazing speed as well. I hope Heighway makes it and keeps cranking these out because everyone who wants one should have the opportunity to own one...great game.
8 months ago
I need much more time on this table.
I got in roughly 6 games over an hour.
The game had a few glitches, but I didn't allow those to impact my enjoyment of the game.
I'd rank this in close to playing Embryon.
The shots felt good.
The game overall feels a little clunky, not as smooth as a modern Stern.
The shots are FAR more interesting than a typical modern Stern -- which I greatly appreciated.
2 spinners
4 flippers
many orbit shots
bank of drops
8 months ago
This game is absolutely amazing. Other than the overall lighting for a dark room its almost all 6's for me. The Heighway team has some work to do as far as QC on machines that leave the factory so if you are going to buy this one, you need to have patience when setting it up, but hopefully they can get their stuff together and start shipping games that need less set-up time. Holy crap! This is THE BEST PIN of 2017 and even longer! Great shots, great rules, amazing sound and call outs. more more more...
8 months ago
I'm a few weeks and maybe a couple hundred games deep so here's a more in-depth review:
The game is incredibly immersive with very good flow (when you're on it) and packed with shots. I'm very happy with the purchase. This is my second NIB.

The build quality is better than stern, maybe on par with JJP, probably with a little less polish. There's a few funky things going on with the plastics, the ramps have some holed tabs hanging out. (maybe they took out ramp entry switches?) Wiring on the playfield looks pretty nice overall, you can tell they took out a proximity switch sometime later in dev, the cabinet wiring could be cleaned up a little better. Probably all these things will iron out further in production. I got confirmation plastics are acrylic, although it is much thicker than any game I've seen. The same goes for the metal parts; much thicker than modern stern mechs. Oh, and the backbox. I thought it looked kinda lame in pics, in person it's much more impressive and fits well.
On to the game-
This thing has shots!; easy, super hard, back hand, across the way and (awesome!) combos. The hardest single shot is the chestburster (up the lane just left of the right flipper) it's doable from the lower left flipper, but we're talking Tron gem shot, I doubt anyone can rely on hitting it this way. Fortunately this is easier (but not easy) to hit from the upper left flipper. This leads to combo shots, the best being lower right flipper to mother kickout, to chestburster to upper left ramp. The game tracks endless combos as long as you don't repeat the previous shot (can't go left ramp, right ramp, left ramp, etc.) I've also noticed the game has some combos named, kind of like the Picard maneuver in STTNG i'm not sure if that's more points or what.
The sound-
Probably the biggest factor in how immersive the game is. It's just well done. Seems like it's got a large variety of call outs, I don't think I heard "game over man, game over" the whole first night I played it. I dig fishtales, but if you leave a ball waiting to launch the music get really annoying. Nothing like that here. This game keeps some cool low key music going and drops a random callout now and again. Switch between modes before starting ball one and you get some cool story progression in the callouts.. I think i'm just scratching the surface here guys.
The Art-
I've got a standard with backbox screen, so I can't comment on the large egg or the LE Xeno. Backbox art with the screen looks good to me, the lit sides look really good. The playfield is cool, not super busy, but lots of details you notice over time, if you've seen the reveals from @aurich, you know what you're getting.
8 months ago
Very good theme integration, great movie clips, great toy (Xeno Head) and original ruleset.

Cons :
Odd layout (feeding the upper flipper is not easy), a bit slow (as compared to Full throttle, another widebody), some bugs remaining, dark GI.
10 months ago
Cool game. Left ramp seemed slow to flow.
10 months ago
Great game but the artwork is such a missed opportunity. How this thing isn't a biomech masterpiece is beyond me. Looks like a modern Stern, photo-shopped and half assed. The playfield toys are really cool though.
10 months ago
I got a chance to play this on-location, and fed a lot of quarters into it only to find it's got significant bugs. The other Heighway game was in much better playing shape (the motorcycle game) and hands down I'd rather play that one.

It wasn't just the bugs that suddenly stopped the game from time to time, or left the machine thinking it had balls when it didn't; the game just stopped having flow of any sort, and while the playfield looks like it might as least be as good as your typical Stern, there just wasn't any consistent ball rhythm to the thing.

I will say the jaw-droppingly impressive back display nearly swayed me, or rather, it did inveigle me into putting a few more dollars into the machine. The theme allows you to pick from the first two Alien movies (sort of two games in one that way) (what, no love for Alien Resurrection?) and the animated video display on the back shows super well-done versions of the heads up displays and shooting style from the movie. It has real potential in that sense to be a great theme pin.

But in the end, it was deadly boring because of the failures and the multiple ball hiccups (particularly with the "plunger" and scoops). Not knowing exactly when the machine is going to burp and die is not the kind of tension one wants to build up with _Alien_.
11 months ago
The layout wasn't really working for me. The extra flippers didn't do much for adding value to the gameplay. The game was repetitive with the constant "find the acid" "find jonesy". Sounds and animations/video were great.
1 year ago
Great layout. Dynamic theming. Incredible sounds. Fun alien head toy. Color LCD and graphics. This game will settle in as a top 20 game and be enthusiastically embraced.
1 year ago
Dark, foreboading, immersive. Sums up Alien, great layout, sounds, animations and rules. Most atmospheric game Ive played!
1 year ago
This Pin is almost a 10 out of 10 when it´s working... but unfortunetely issue fixing after some matches is still the biggest problem of this pin.
1 year ago
I had the chance to play many games on Alien. The engineering of the game is absolutely superb, probably the best ever to date. Modular design, with wire connectors everywhere. The artwork is impressive, even cabinet decals are interchangeable along with the playfield. No wonder they ran into financial problems considering the effort that went into each game and the money they charged. Hopefully that gets straightened out, I would hate to see a company that build such a wonderful machine go under.
The game play is fun with lots of good shots and the alien toy is coll when it picks up the ball. The upper left flipper is of marginal usage. The lighting is the only real complaint I have. The game is way too dark which makes it difficult to follow the ball. Some light mod could easily remedy this problem. The game is fairly difficult and the ball likes to drain in the outlanes. The bottom flippers are relatively close together and have a post in the middle, so drains rarely happen there. However, their up angle is very minimal which makes it challenging to cradle the ball. The flippers have the right amount of power to accomplish their task but not any more than necessary. I experienced little to none airballs and other unusual behavior that can put undo stress on playfield components. The ball didn't get stuck once during the entire time we played on it.
1 year ago
I think my rating would be a little higher if it did not break down every other game.
1 year ago
Xeno head did not work, lights out and clunky shots when I played it - I can’t stand the drama Heighway has caused (Andrew).... I feel they are going under and hope people get their refunds or games.
1 year ago
So, after playing an ALIEN this weekend a lot in a home environment with the volume up and an external subwoofer attached,
I must say that it lived up to much of the hype it may have, it lived up to most of what I wanted it to actually be and it left me
really wanting to play it more and if the planets and stars and craftmanship of the new management team aligns... I'd like one.

I truly enjoy some Early solid state era Wide body games.
I truly enjoy some 90s era solid state games.
It merges many great playfield characteristics of both eras.

The display in the backglass was very nice and very useful (I did enjoy how the clip artish inserts were utilized in the backglass
animation area to explain what shots to make, it was useful, tasteful and unique).
The movie clips grabbed were good and well implemented.
The mini display did add a fun flare and visual element to the playfield and actually makes more sense the a mini me version
of the queen alien that was to be there originally.
The display in the playfield on this variation of the game was inbetween un-required to semi helpful.
In a mega dark room, sure it could help, but in a kinda lit room it wasn't that helpful if at all.
But... if someone went with the small backglass screen or LE backglass, it would be required and helpful.
All of the shots are doable other than the inside ramp if the back legs are raised up.
The audio quality of the license assets were great as expected.
The code for me is enough where is sits and doesn't need too much added to be "finished".
The weapon selection option and usage functions were very unique, fun and fascinating to me.
The beacons are quite neat and aren't under or over used.
It'd kinda mean in the vein of BSD that you can have a really short game or a decently long and enjoyable one.

What I didn't care for...
The damn EXTRA Ball/Weapon selection button on the front left of the cabinet...
It's too damn close to the start button, it's the same sized and frankly why the hell isn't it on the left or right
side of the cabinet near the flipper buttons? Pinball people are accustomed to multiple buttons on a side or two at times.
It was missed just a little lighting in the middle area near the right ramp to me (no big deal).

I'll bite my ALIEN tongue from going on tangents about the game not being available to be and if/when...

But damn... I know this game would earn in the movie theater location I could put it at and many many many
non-pinball people would play it due to the theme and it's look...
1 year ago
It definitely plays different from others. It seems a bit slow and some of the shots are odd.

Absolutely fantastic theme and lighting effects. Cabinet is ugly and plain.

Probably gets better with time, but hard to spend the money if you only get a few games unless you REALLY love the theme.
1 year ago
Not a huge alien fan but an aesthetically great machine. The shots did not do it for me and I didn't realize there was an upper left flipper at first.
1 year ago
My game is a very early production (or very late pre-production) release. It was purchased at TPF in March 2017. The Xeno head currently does not eat the ball, but should when a new board arrives ETA: Two weeks :-)

The sounds, video and lightshow on this game rival anything I have seen. Heighway did an excellent job caturing the theme of both movies. I've been playing nearly every night for the past several weeks, and it still has that 'just one more game' feeling. The code/rules are well fleshed out even for such an early released game. Modes are not played in a specific order (determined by ramp shots), so it does not get repetitive. The shot layout is not your typical fan style, and some shots are very difficult to hit. While this may frustrate the beginning player, I think more experienced players will appreciate the challange. Overall, this is my new FAVORITE game of all time.
1 year ago
I have close to 30 plays on Alien and figured it was time to give a review. First off the game really stands out in a line-up and looks great! Love the way the cabinet glows and the playfield lighting and artwork just looks dark and eerie. The big display really draws you in and the game just flat out looks amazing! The game's playfield really takes great advantage of the real estate provided and the layout is really fantastic and has so many great shots and utilizes all 4 flippers to their full potential. The modes in the game all feel unique and are challenging. The Xenomorph toy is one of the coolest ball locks I've seen and the gameplay and modes really fit the theme well. I also like that the bottom of the playfield has an unconventional layout reminiscent of early SS games. Overall the game is already really fun and challenging and has solid rules for a brand new game which will get even better over time. I'm sure more sound clips, effects, and quotes will be added later too. I will re-rate the game again in the future.
1 year ago
Played it for 45min. Theme is great if you're an Alien(s) movie fan!
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