Alien Poker

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Game design: 7.514

Artwork: 6.549

Sounds/Music: 6.79

Other Aspects: 7.575

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17 days ago
Great game for its value with Awesome 1980 robotics sounds. I like that it forces you to hit the drop target in order and the light sequence when you hit 100,000. No multiball and the funky art package hurt its rating but it’s a great early ss williams table.
5 months ago
The artwork is certainly odd, but the gameplay is good. It's not my favorite playing card themed game, but the market price is certainly appealing for newer collectors or someone looking for a rotator game.
1 year ago
The first game I owned, several years ago, and I'd like to find another one. I doubt I'd change anyone's mind, but over the years I've grown to like this one more than Firepower, which is obviously much more popular and has a (somewhat) similar playfield. Despite the lack of multiball there's more to do here.

I like to drop the first two or three drop targets so I'm not accidentally lowering the bonus constantly, then try to get the aces and maximize the jackpot from the top rollovers. This game sure does love to let you get that jackpot maxed and have one or two drop targets left...oops there goes the ball -_-

Sounds and game speech didn't get better than this in 1980. The voices are so funny. Yup I'd love to get this game again.

*Wife approval* She hasn't played this one but I know for sure the voices would crack her up. The sequential drop targets would probably annoy her. But this would be a keeper.
1 year ago
I just can't get into this pin. I will continue to try to like it more, but the sounds are so repetitive, and the actual gameplay feels boring to me personally. The overall game play experience just isn't at the level I wanted it to be.
2 years ago
The game is outright ugly- although there are worse out there. Luckily the playability is somewhat better. Flipperpositions seem a little odd at first, but they work pretty fine and offer a lot of varied shots. Very cool spinner and nice looking bumper caps.
The game I played had weak flipper mechs, which really limited some shots. Maybe I would have ranked a fully serviced machine higher.
A solid but ugly midcard game. Absolutely no A-list - but not a complete dud either.
2 years ago
spinner and left kickout could really be easier to hit.

Spinner also isn't worth enough

Seems like a grind to max your multiplier, just shoot it up top again and again

Missing doesn't really cost you anything since you just max out your value anyway by hitting more drops
3 years ago
Very fun for an early SS. Great strategy needed for use of drop targets.
3 years ago
This game is a blast. Awesome risk reward rules. Give it scissor flippers, and it makes it even better.
3 years ago
this one is big and fun but has the same theme found in most decide
4 years ago
I own a Laser Cue, and prefer that game over Alien Poker, the layouts are quite similar with advantage to LC. AP is a good game in its own right. Great controlled drops in the middle provide a challenge. Lots of looping shots that bring the ball to the corners of the playfield. Tony Ramunni art is terrible, no need to sugar coat it. Speech callouts are creepy, and fit the theme. Theme of aliens playing poker is unique...however I've always imagined dogs playing poker to be a better theme (so many different art opportunities). One of Williams last great games before talking a nose-dive as video games took over the arcade space.
5 years ago
As it sits, Alien Poker is a game that is willing to divide an audience in to fans and detractors. I am a fan, but sympathize with those who find the faults overwhelm it. To me, the key to this game is to never play solo. This is a game made for COMPETITION. Even if against yourself.
Solo, your path is clear: complete kings, get the 4X, then complete the drops. Lather rinse repeat.
In competition, you cast your die and realize the scoring opportunities of the bonus are often enough to crush your opponent, and then things get really interesting.
This is a GREAT competition game!

The artwork? I am not a fan, but nonetheless I will champion this machine. I want to see full backglass, playfield and plastic repros on the market merely for the satisfaction that the game will survive, not as a testament to the art and design.
Sounds though? I am in love. the lo-fi digitized speech, the pitched-up drones as your ball goes on, the oh so satisfying spinner noises, this is everything you'd want to hear in a pin from this era.

Fully shopped and properly dialed in, this game can be delightfully brutal. It is a wonderful ambassador of that "ONE. MORE. GAME." feeling
6 years ago
I picked this up as a broken donor for another project but it was so much fun I just had to keep it.
6 years ago
This is one of a few pinball machines I had when growing up. Played the snot out of it. I recall the sound pitch ramping up as the ball went on longer and longer. Truly building some suspense. One of those art packages that you either love or leave. I love it.
6 years ago
Initially, I picked this game up as a working project and as a trader. I'm not a big fan of the backglass artwork, but the game play is fun, and the rules are easy for all to pick up. My kids have really enjoyed this pin, and I'm not sure I'm ready to part with it. Overall, it's a decent poker game for it's time.
6 years ago
Best poker game with aliens that you will find.
8 years ago
Alien Poker is a game that snuck in to the Williams line up at the height of their early 80's powers.

The Good:
A true shooters game. I love the fact that the game makes you restart the card sequence on the drop targets if you hit it out of order. That and the double flippers make your shots much more difficult to control and there are lots of shots all over this playfield. Classic sounds accompany the classic early 80's feel of this table. When properly maintained, this game epitomizes the quote: "The ball is wild!"

The Bad:
Tony Rammuni is not my favorite artist in the pinball world, but he has also done much better art packages than this. As good as this game plays, it looks that bad. I'd say it's downright ugly. I mean UUUUUGLY! Even with this art package, the game sold 6,000 copies. Imagine what it would have done with a Dave Christensen look to it.

The Takeaway:
This game is packed full of pinball goodness. It makes me wonder why Ed T. only did 3 games. Now Laser Cue was heavily based on this design and is a good game as well. I think I like this one a bit better though. I'd love to try the multiball variant that someone out there made for this game someday. Even with just 1 ball on the PF this is a great playing pinball game.
8 years ago
Still come back to this one again and again. Fun poker theme. It's great for a quick game. The 1 million light show is fun too!
8 years ago
I'm in the minority here, but I like the theme and the artwork. Fun game to play. I picked one up cheap expecting to flip it in a month or two, but I'm still playing it quite a bit.
9 years ago
First pin, so i'm biased. I enjoy the pace of the game, you can play it slow or thrash it out and it can get pretty fast. Lots of shots to make. Robo alien voices are sweet! I think its excellent for the era. This game has much better lastability than I expected.
9 years ago
If you can look past the artwork, the playfield is fun and fast. Similiar to Flash. Overall, not a bad pinball and with 7 digit displays to boot.
9 years ago
Didn't care too much for this game the few times I played it. It never really captured my appeal too much.
10 years ago
there are much better games from the 80s. i didn't like the theme either. even though i am more new school, and don't really like taxi or this own...others take it with a pinch of salt.
11 years ago
Yet another machine on my must have list from the 80's.
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