Aladdin's Castle

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Game Design: 7.574

Artwork: 8.052

Sounds/Music: 2.888

Other Aspects: 7.823

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Found 16 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
That 3rd flipper will surprise you.
2 years ago
Solid game with a pretty decent layout and simple rule set. Like not love.
2 years ago
Fun game new to my collection but great to play ...not a fan on were the 3rd flippers is but makes the game hard at times
3 years ago
Aladdin's Castle - I picked this one up a couple of years ago with a completely broken backglass that was covered in packing tape. I was able to pick up a replacement backglass in pretty much perfect condition and went through the entire machine. I honestly didn't know what to expect having never played the title before. Like any of the late EM era Bally's, it didn't fail to entice me into adding it to the favorites list. I really think Bally hit near perfection with their EM's in about 1976 or perhaps in 1975. Themes aside I really like the game play in this era.

Aladdin's Castle has the triple flipper, which I can understand can lead to some frustration, but I find it a bit of fun. Add the Alley as well as the innovative use of the A,B,C,D rollovers and the excellent placement of the spinner and you have a winner here. I too like others thought this game was missing perhaps drop targets in design, but after playing it now I don't think so. For some reason I am comparing it to Gottlieb's Surf Champ/Surfer a bit in game play, which is also a phenomenal title.

Give it a try and see what you think!
3 years ago
I played Aladdin's Castle in Myrtle Beach, SC in the summer of 1977. For a young boy the female genie on the backglass was all that and a bag of chips! With Aladdin's Alley to send the ball up and around, the maddening double flipper that somehow lets balls slip right between them, the otherwise simple pin provides some nice playability. Shooting the spinner to return the ball to the top of the pf and lighting the green rollovers to build the progressives is great. Had to have this as my first pin, and will always have it. And did I mention the genie on the BG?
4 years ago
As a kid that grew up going to Bally's Aladdin's Castle arcades in the 80's, I was very excited to add this machine to my collection. Even though this machine really doesn't have much to do with the arcade chain, other than the name, I always smile every time I look at the backglass.

The machine plays fast and it has some great shots. The right spinner is a blast to hit, especially when you get it maxed out at 100 points per spin. The Aladdin's Alley shot is also a great risk/reward shot since just a slight miss will cause you to hit a post and drain. The playfield artwork is decent and I love the lamp on the left side. Overall, this is a fun machine with a really cool theme.
4 years ago
A great EM game from the mid 70's with a Christian Marche backglass that will never go out of style. Ruleset is pretty simple: Keep going through the spinner to light up A-B-C-D to get a free ball. The dual flippers on the right side keeps things interesting.
5 years ago
Simple but addictive. Great example of the "just one more" factor. Easy to roll, but they addressed that with the "Over the Top" backbox light and buzzer. Great color scheme and beautiful backglass make it stand out in a lineup. Nice departure from the "pointy people" Christian Marche is known for. Always fun to rip the spinner!
5 years ago
Fun, fun, fun, love this pin. Nice EM that can be found in good shape here and there. Set it up properly and it's a great pin. My 9 year old loves it but she does not understand why the Genie is wearing a bikini. I told her it gets hot in the lamp. No drop targets which I thought I would miss but I don't. Aladdin's Alley and the challenge of getting the ABCD and ramp targets keep us plenty busy. All in all, a very classy and classic table that definitely has that "just one more game" lastability. Worthy candidate for restoration.
6 years ago
Classic old Bally, good fun if you can find one and plenty on the game to shoot for.
6 years ago
I like this game a lot. Its pretty complex for its age. Also really easy to roll over.
6 years ago
I love this game. Wouldn't sell it for the world
7 years ago
When Set Up Right tHis Game Rocks !
7 years ago
8 years ago
You've got to admire the politically totally incorrect backglass by 2013 standards. But this was the mid seventies. There were 40% less people in the World, the Soviets were the enemies of the free World and not the suppliers of Europe's gas and artist like Mr. Marche had better things on his mind.
I bought one of these because it brought back fond memories of Saturday nights at my local bowling ally pumping it full of 10p coins and desperately trying to get that elusive horse shoe special. This isn't a title that will be remembered in the annals of pinball history as a great title, but it is fun. My one was in bad shape sold to me by a toad in a suit who described it as fully working. Yeah right and Christopher Columbus had SatNav. It took me about one m
9 years ago
Aladdin's Castle is another Kmeic game that seems simple at first, and then it hooks you in with playability.

The Pros:
Christian Marche using one of his many illustrative stylings to ad a great deal of character to this table on and off the pf. Not the pointy people you usually see from our favorite french pin-illustrator, but still made of awesome. The loop on the left requires skill and is your money maker on this deck. Get the C/D rollovers for double bonus and you are on your way! A solid spinner shot when it's lit is ALWAYS satisfying.

The Cons:
Those damn double flippers coming back to haunt me... Must work on Pin-fu!

The Takeaway:
Paragon's and HGTR's granddaddy here. Play it when you can and have a great time! You will come on back again and again... I wonder how many copies of this title would have sold if it had a Dave Christensen art package?

This game shows no mercy. All failed shots are dangerous. All successful shots are dangerous. Go play this game and learn how to DEFEND your outs. I can't tell you how many players I have met at major tournaments who fall apart when they have to deal with a "luck box". This game is not a "luck box". it is a pinball game that requires a different set of pinball playing skills. When you successfully make a shot, you WILL NOT have the ball dropped into your inlane and SAFELY fed to inlane for a moment of respite. You must be aware, alert and actively engaged with a game like this from the moment you plunge the ball until the bonus counts off and the "game over" light gets bright.

Respect the architect, Greg Kmiec!
There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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