Aerosmith (Pro) (Stern, 2017)

Aerosmith (Pro)

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Other Aspects: 7.896

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6 days ago
It’s a fun and cute game. Toys and elevator multiballs are fun; though the locking balls rule for elevator isn’t very fun or creative. The newer code made the two wizard modes greater and more energetic. That’s about the only positivitives I have for this game.

Fonts on the display are horrible. While the music is good, The sound effects and call outs are probably the game’s weakest point - Jacky is completely ear wrenching, and the spinner effects are probably the worst in modern pinball. The super mode effects (except spinner) are cool and energetic so I’ll give it that. The rules really aren’t that great; they really lack synergy and they don’t give you that one more game feeling.

Theme is par at best. I like Aerosmith but the music doesn’t really fit well with pinball.

Overall it’s got its moments of fun, but too far and few in between is it not so fun, at least in a small home collection. Good game to pop a few bucks in and enjoy on location for sure, but certainly not a game I like at home.
12 days ago
So I finally feel like I have enough plays on this to give a honest review and I have some mixed feelings about it. When i first played it I really enjoyed it but now that I understand the rules a little more I feel like they are not as good as I thought and lacking in areas. I do really enjoy the toybox toy and the launcher seems to work well. The pro version is the one i have been playing but played a premium at a convention and thought it was much better with the way they did the elevator. The pro model I play in my league is a little beat up and both the elevator and scoop seems to shoot down the middle every time. The elevator give a ball save that I feel is wasted every time because of this and I have had balls come out of the scoop and drain during competitive play a lot which is very frustrating. Also is the machine is not leveled correctly the pop bumpers with catch it a lot of times when I dont believe it was meant to.

The artwork is awesome on the playfield especially and would look great in my collection at home but after getting to know it better Im not sure i would pick one up if I saw it for sale even for a decent price.
52 days ago
Ive had this game for about a year now and it still a great pin not really a aerosmith fan but the playfield and artwork on this is just awsome it never gets old, just updated the new code 1.06 and wow this game has gtten so much better again the lightshow would have to be the best ive seen and the tweeks it has done to game play has really improved the flow and one more game feel to it, im never letting her go!
68 days ago
Decent game feels like MET-lite to me. It offers tremendous playfield artwork and is a very good looking game overall. I find the animations to be decent, if simple and comical, almost Scooby-Doo-like. The rules are a bit repetitive and uninspired. The two main multiballs are fun though, and the toy box is a cool toy. If you are a fan of Aerosmith music, this a very nice pin to own. If not, this is still a decent game, with some pretty good flow and some fun shots. I really like the lock lane for the trunk, it's in an odd location that isn't a gimme to hit consistently. I do feel the placement of the pop bumpers is strange. Unless you soft plunge the ball, plunged balls or auto-plunged balls enter the pops before your flippers ever touch the ball. Sometimes, the ball exits the pops and goes SDTM. Also, because there is a post between the two pops on the right, the ball cannot exit the pops and travel into the lock lane or elsewhere. It seems like a useless place to put them, except to create a shot-thru-the-pops, which is popular. This is a good pinball machine, with great hand-drawn art. But it's a less impressive cousin to Metallica in rules, layout and shots. Deserves a spot in the top 50, however, and makes a beautiful addition to your music-pin collection along with MET, AC/DC, KISS, GNR and Iron Maiden. If only Dream On had made the song list! Maybe an updated ROM with a Dream On mode to unlock???
70 days ago
Aerosmith is a great game, the pro model is very nice
However the premium/LE model is the way to go, the mini playfield adds another dimension to the experience
3 months ago
A fun game, but not addictive in any way! Not very clear when it comes to rules/objectives and points! Some of the songs are also poorly chosen! Seriously "The dude is like a lady" even Aerosmith have made better songs than that!
4 months ago
I just don't like playing this game. It feels like I should like this deck but none of the shots make me super happy and every time I look up at the screen I just can't get over how bad the animations are to my eye. The toy chest is awesome but aside from that nothing grabs me.

I'll keep playing it on route and maybe one day something will click but until that day comes I can't recommend this game.
5 months ago
Very good game with lasting appeal, the toy box must be one of the best playfield toys in awhile. Great art package. Addictive gameplay and great flow. Would own this game again
5 months ago
Enjoyed the actual game play. I think the playfield itself is a bit too busy, but the game plays smooth and the music is on point. I'm a huge fan of Stern's Elvis and feel like this one is Elvis on steroids with the Spike System and song selection. I've yet to walk by this machine without dropping a couple of dollars in the machine. I'll probably never add this machine to my collection, but that has more to do with it being Aerosmith than the game itself.
5 months ago
Very fun, easy to play, easy to learn, game for all the family, nearly perfect for me.
6 months ago
Fun. That describes this game. It's just fun pinball. The rules are not too deep, the shots aren't too hard, it's fast but not lightning, it's beautiful to look at and has a great toy. It has the smoothest orbits I've ever shot. Easy to learn and jump right in. This is not the journey of LOTR, the deep rules of TWD, or constant trying to stay alive as SW or TNA. It's just fun pinball. Reminds me of classic System 11 games where multiball is obvious, achievable, and worth it. Probably one of the most beautiful art packages as well. I have always enjoyed Aerosmith music and I guess if you didn't like them, then that would be an issue. But for a fun game with a truly spectacular toy, this is the game for you. My wife and kids love this game as well...and for me, that makes it a hit. Liked it enough to finally own one.
6 months ago
This game is a real let down. The game didn’t even feature their best song like Dream On. Many of their top rated songs aren’t used for very unpopular songs. Why? OVerall the game isn’t that fun and the CGI FX on the screen might be the weakest of any game in the full color screen era. The game is average at best.
6 months ago
Although, I’m not a fan of the theme, this is one smooth playing pin with lots of fun shots. The toy box is a great gimmick. I’ve played both the Pro and the Premium and I much prefer the Pro. The second floor playfield in the Premium is an unnecessary distraction from a beautifully uncomplicated design.
6 months ago
Very fun game, great sound and beautiful Light show. I am not sure when i buy it because im not a fan of the band, but im happy.
6 months ago
Impressed overall with Aerosmith gameplay.

It's not often I say that about a Stern game, but I was pleasantly surprised by Aerosmith. The unique ball lock/saucer combination is an excellent "difference" between this game and other Stern games on the market. Similarities in layout to Metallica can be made, or to any Stern Borg layout. The Aerosmith theme doesn't have the visual oomph in their catalogue, nor the cultural currency as Metallica or Iron Maiden does, which certainly goes a long way in overall acceptance of the game. Sure, Aerosmith is a great band, but their visual imagery isn't as impressive as the other rock games that have come before (or after in Maiden's case).

I know it's early in the LCD screen display integration, but the clip-art/Adobe Flash style animation does nothing for me, nor does it fit the overall package. The game tries to use what it has at its disposal. The toy-box clown is annoying, perhaps a step behind No Fear skull as the most obnoxious pinball character ever put into a game. The Dirty Donny art is okay...but the game is just I can't put my finger on it. It isn't executed as well as Metallica by the artist. Fun gameplay, so-so everything else on Stern's Aerosmith.
7 months ago
Not the biggest fan of Aerosmith's music, but it is a fun shooter. Donny's art is absolutely stunning. Jackie toy box is really really cool. Feels great to play.
7 months ago
My Aerosmith Pro showed up just as they were released early last year so I got one of the first Pro’s off the line. My inclination to pick one up is that I a) liked the art, b) liked the lay lout, c) like music pins and d) always liked Aerosmith (though not a hard core fan). I also have a Met Pro and an AC/DC Prem VE. The toy box multi-ball was pretty novel I thought and it remains a really fun feature.

Out of the box…massive fail for Stern. Both node boards were kaput. There is a known problem with these boards where the D9 diode is soldered to the board with two pins while the rest of the diodes have three. This proved unstable. On power up, the chip burned right off the board. The other board showed no signs of damage and had a different problem. It took a few weeks of troubleshooting and waiting for parts to realize that both boards were duds. But, Stern did get me replacements and the game has worked OK ever since, though very rarely I have had a software glitch that caused the pin to reboot in the middle of the game. Very few updates have been issued so I’m hoping when one does eventually come down the line it will address this issue. The D9 diode issue affects Batman66 and GB as well. You can read the fix here at I would have preferred they sent out new boards that fixed the design flaw.

The game play is fine. You have your orbits, ramps, a scoop, and enough modes to keep you busy as you try and make it through each song to unlock the Wizard Mode—something I’ve yet to do!!! It’s a low scoring game, like Metallica, and you really work for the points. It’s definitely not an AC/DC, but it’s challenging and fun to play. Over a year later it's still one of the most played in my collection. I hear lots of complaints about the lock shot. Sometimes I nail it from the left flipper easily, but like most I have to wait for that opportune bounce. Opening the toy box is an easy right flipper shot. Is it a keeper? I guess it depends on your taste. What I do like is that unlike with Metallica, the band does not make any call outs. I didn’t know much about Metallica and until I bought the pin probably could not have named a single Metallica song, so having the band do call outs is lost on me. I prefer Sparky and even Steve Ritchie taunting me (AC/DC) rather than random band members who I can’t identify making comments on game play. That’s just a personal thing.

The art is just beautiful and and so is the back glass. I picked up a topper from Laseriffic. I have no issues with the LCD screen, though hopefully there is still room to add more interesting animation as right now it's somewhat bland but I'm too busy playing to notice what's going across the LCD. I am lucky in that my wife also likes pin ball. Not enough to play in a league or in a tournament, but good enough for some pinball and a few beers in the game room. She really likes Aerosmith and part of the decision to buy that game was her choice. Who was I to argue?

One thing I probably am not enthused with is the music selection. How could they leave our "Dream On" and "Janie's Got a Gun"? There are two good songs (Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion) and the rest are...meh. Still, STERN's AC/DC left out "Shoot to Thrill." Sigh.
8 months ago
Love the toy chest ball lock! Not a fan of the LCD screen, however.
8 months ago
Loved it at first play, but by the 5th game, it lost a lot of the luster. Wish they had "Dream On" or some other better tunes vs some of the choices. You get stuck on the music a little long, but at least you can make a shot to change it. Problem is, once you do it a couple times, you get bored. The ball locking is novel, but that and the awesome light show are really the only high spots. Fun fades quickly.
8 months ago
Probably the most glitchy machine I've ever played. Toy box is cool but glitchy. I like the upper playfield. Feel like they could have picked more and/or better songs. Animations are subpar. I'm not a big fan of the band, but I feel that the theme is probably not deep enough for big fans and not accessible enough for those familiar with Aerosmith but not fans.
9 months ago
Decent machine! I was surprised how well it played - And the Artwork package is awesome, so are the animations - I am not that much of an Aerosmith fan, though - which hinders me to buy one of those.
9 months ago
Excellent pin. Plenty of shots. Right ramp is super smooth. Good rules for modes, MBs, multipliers but hoping for a code update.
9 months ago
I always think a well designed pinball machine needs to stir the senses just by looking at it. The Aerosmith pin nails that objective. The whole package is just beautiful. It’s like a 60s VW hippy bus crashed into a pinball machine. I like Aerosmith, not a huge fan, but this whole vibe is just dialed in! Love it! The toybox is such a new and innovative feature. The only thing not new about it is the familiar Sparky voice for Jacky. I wish they would have gone a different direction for the voicing of this character. The lighting design is gorgeous. Well laid out playfield with satisfying shots. Rock N Roll and pinball are the perfect combo. John Borg and Dirty Donny knock it out of the park again! I would highly consider adding it to my home collection if I had the funds.
10 months ago
Aerosmith is probably my favorite of the music themed pins. I enjoy the band more than Metallica or AC/DC and I like the gameplay the best. Reminds me a lot of Star Trek but the modes are distinguished a bit better. The toy box collecting balls for multiball is a super cool toy and it surprises/impresses everyone the first time they see it. The art on this game is also fantastic. The blue is super nice and the nice detail on the hand drawn art is incredible. Overall a super fun game from stern.
10 months ago
like the music but its not in same league as metallica and AC/DC. it would be one of the first music pins to leave if I have to get rid of one
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