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Game Design: 7.98

Artwork: 8.312

Sounds/Music: 8.117

Other Aspects: 7.807

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This is "Aerosmith (Pro)".
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There are 148 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
Not an Aerosmith fan but this pinball is really fun !
5 months ago
Despite technically not being a horrible game, I strongly dislike it and consider this the worst new stern.
Uses a time tested Rule format.

If you love Aerosmith, this is your game.

Art is pretty great tbh, I wish Dirty Donny would do more Pinball art.

Animations are so-so, though the animations with the Super modes are excellently done.


The playfield design, in my opinion, is not great, with the lock shot in particular sticking out as a terrible shot in my opinion. The Elevator kickout is also ridiculously hard.

Considering guardians was also released around the same time, what is the point to play this game? They have near identical rule sets, yet guardians executes everything else far better. Therefore, there is little reason to play this game if you can play a Guardians. Kiss is also another game with a similar ruleset, and also manages to be better designed and overall a better game.

Overall, this game just is not great, and is bogged down by the existence of Guardians and Kiss. If you have access to either of those games (unless you are a die-hard Aerosmith fan) I’d go and play either of those over this. I also reviewed the Pro, as the Premium differences are noticeable, yet generally insignificant in my opinion.
5 months ago
Have owned this game almost 5 years now and still really enjoy playing it.
5 months ago
Excellent pinball. The game is fun with an excellent circulation of the ball. Aerosmith’s musics perfectly fit the pinball fun spirit. The 6 balls multiball is great, in particularbwhen the box pukes the 6 balls on the field. At last, the design makes it one of the most beautifull pinball ever.
6 months ago
So so game.
7 months ago
Was a teenager in the 90s and grew up on Aerosmith. This game really surprised me at how fun it was. Loved the placement of the pop bumpers and the toy chest is a great gimmick. Would love to own this someday
7 months ago
Fly's under the radar this one. One of sterns best and I should know having owned most at what time and another. I'm not a fan of the band but I love the risk reward aspect of MBs and of course the "uplift" of the mode shot values is a nice feature. Great shooter Never completed it yet in the wild, and have just picked one up. It's on the todo list.
9 months ago
They have the Pro version at Pinball Museum in Vegas, and much to my surprise I loved this game. I'm surprised it's not higher rated, really. The shots were fund and fairly easy, I thought. The ball that pops into the open cabinet (?) is really cool and I even achieved multi-ball in game, which always boosts the fun factor (for me)...
I life (don't love) the music options and achieved the option to select my song in-game, which is always cool.
I wasn't expecting to like the game as much as I did. I was pleasantly surprised at the overall game play and would absolutely give this game my attention (and money) if I come across it again out in the wild... I thought it was an overall fun game that anyone who enjoys the music pins should give a shot! Enjoy...
11 months ago
Played the Premium and own the Pro ( I like both). I love the relatively open playfield. The Toybox is a great feature of course, but also the Elevator multi adds another element to it all. One aspect I really like compared to most other games is that in multi ball, there are many places the balls can pause (scoop, toy lock, elevator) so that you don't have every ball in play all the time. It really slows things down a bit and because of this I'm able to keep multi going for much longer than most other games. Love that. I also find (and this is common on all rock pins) that the music selection really helps so it's not too repetitive. And with Pinball Browser you can add anything you want song-wise. The artwork is hard to fault, so colourful and with its great lighting, it really is a pleasure to look at and play. Highly recommended. It's my first rock pin and I love it.

One downside is that it can become repetitive. You’re either shooting the lights, or loading the toy box. That’s about it. And the toy box is pinball’s easiest shot, so it can grate a bit. For friends visiting it’s nice and easy though, and the one they stick with the longest because they can have a longer game. It’s easy to stop the ball in AS. But mine is moving on now due to it being a bit of a rinse repeat scenario.
1 year ago
One of the greatest rock bands of all time this is a a blast to play
1 year ago
My favourite modern game. And I just can't help but give it the perfect score.
Could.possibly only be between if Queen ends up being as much fun.
Then and only then will this be #2
1 year ago
In my opinion, this is the best Stern PRO out there, The premium one is take it or leave it to me, But as a PRO model, this does extremely well, The way the ball is FLUNG into the lock is amusing, the fact that you can cancel multiball to lock more balls leading to high scores is a GREAT feature, High scoring can be had in this game ,and it is a CHALLENGE to fully complete every single song mode, combined with amazing music and an amusing toy chest, you have yourself a really great game.

1 year ago
flipper génial ,
1 year ago
Love this machine. Great music and flowing gameplay. In my top ten for sure.

Awesome cabinet artwork and great toy box feature where you can gamble with amount of multiballs

Rare machine to find and a gem
1 year ago
I fu......g love IT

Toybox is excellent
1 year ago
Great Art, song choices and a cool toy (toybox) make this a great pin in a collection. Not the best music pin, but overall well done - it definitely feels like an Aerosmith Pin, not something else with a skin job. As with all Spike system pins, I wonder how much work will be needed to keep it running through the years.
1 year ago
A real gem. The game is great, the animation is terrible.
1 year ago
Everything is so far away. EVERYTHING! AND UNLIKE LED ZEPPELIN it's not fun to shoot. Right ramp is hard to hit. Toy box is fun but... That's it really. Where is everything else and why is it so far back on the playfield? Give me something to shoot at. It almost feel like a widebody with all the floating without hitting anything. Gosh that part sucks.

Art is good. Of course music is good. Lighting is good.

But cmon, it's just not that fun to play. And that's sad.

Get a Zeppelin.
1 year ago
After playing a series of pins on locations the wifey selected Aerosmith for our personal collection.

Enjoyable pin for the whole family with great music. The toy box is a unique feature in comparison to other pins. New players always seem to get a kick out of Jacky and the call outs.

Basic modes w/ wizard but overall fast and fun. The two multiball modes are interesting as well. At a minimum, our collection will always include a rock pin. This one gets it done.
1 year ago
This game has a few things really going for it. It starts with excellent art - stellar on the playfield and back glass, and decent enough on the cabinet. The main ramp and loop shots all feel quite nice and have a good flow to them. Then of course, the toy box which is a great mech.
1 year ago
I never wanted to like this game. A friend bought it, and I played it at his house once in a while. One time there he said he was going to be selling it, and I ignored it. But the next time I was there, it was gone. And I all of a sudden realized I missed it.

Long story short, it was another friend of mine that had bought it, and I contacted him and told him when he was ready to sell it, I was going to buy it next. He offered it up to me right then, and I bought it.

Aerosmith wasn't that popular, but there is something about this game when I play it. Every time I play it, I enjoy it. It's weird. Stern didn't sell that many, it just wasn't a big seller. But I just think the game is awesome. It's fun to play, and for me that is the biggest measurement of a pinball machine. It's not a quick player, and it is one of the only games I have setup with a ballsaver, and slightly easier settings. That didn't make it easy, but it makes it a bit more relaxed.

I still don't hit the right ramp consistently. For some reason that is a tight shot for me. And the left orbit through the bumpers is just pure luck when I make it. But that isn't a design flaw, it just keeps it interesting.

My only knock on it is that it is a SPIKE game, and it is the only SPIKE game I still own (for now, that might change). I don't like SPIKE and I don't think it is a great long term design, more like consumer garbage. But I figure if I have to buy node boards, or a CPU down the road for it, that is the risk of it. I still keep it, because it's fun. That just the cost analysis I put on it.

Update May 2021: I still own this game, and I'm surprised by that. However, every time I play this game, I still like it. I always have fun playing it. And for me, that is the most important thing in pinball. The honeymoon is long over. But I could walk up to the game right now, hit the start button, and I'd have a good time. Besides a minor issue with the Toybox (connector), the game has been 100% reliable. What can I say, I just enjoy playing the it. Not leaving any time soon.
1 year ago
Artwork, lighting and music are top notch. It's a looker - cabinet and playfield art are some of my favorites. Gameplay is really fun and has a really good feel. The toy box is a cool gimmick and it's really fun risk/reward feature when you get to choose to skip multi-ball to try to add more balls for multiball.
1 year ago
I worry about the toy box and multiple balls on the elevator slowly destroying my pro. This kept me from getting a Pre+

Very fun game. Multiple modes, choice of starting music.
1 year ago
Just played this a bunch of times at Mom organize market. Pro is fast and brutal as you think should I go for one more toy box hit before multiple ball. Modes are well done. A blast to play even without music but better with it Under appreciated pin.
1 year ago
My sentimental favorite! This game may never leave my collection ;)
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