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Game design: 7.933

Artwork: 8.354

Sounds/Music: 8.121

Other Aspects: 7.791

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12 days ago
Everything is so far away. EVERYTHING! AND UNLIKE LED ZEPPELIN it's not fun to shoot. Right ramp is hard to hit. Toy box is fun but... That's it really. Where is everything else and why is it so far back on the playfield? Give me something to shoot at. It almost feel like a widebody with all the floating without hitting anything. Gosh that part sucks.

Art is good. Of course music is good. Lighting is good.

But cmon, it's just not that fun to play. And that's sad.

Get a Zeppelin.
18 days ago
After playing a series of pins on locations the wifey selected Aerosmith for our personal collection.

Enjoyable pin for the whole family with great music. The toy box is a unique feature in comparison to other pins. New players always seem to get a kick out of Jacky and the call outs.

Basic modes w/ wizard but overall fast and fun. The two multiball modes are interesting as well. At a minimum, our collection will always include a rock pin. This one gets it done.
39 days ago
I never wanted to like this game. A friend bought it, and I played it at his house once in a while. One time there he said he was going to be selling it, and I ignored it. But the next time I was there, it was gone. And I all of a sudden realized I missed it.

Long story short, it was another friend of mine that had bought it, and I contacted him and told him when he was ready to sell it, I was going to buy it next. He offered it up to me right then, and I bought it.

Aerosmith wasn't that popular, but there is something about this game when I play it. Every time I play it, I enjoy it. It's weird. Stern didn't sell that many, it just wasn't a big seller. But I just think the game is awesome. It's fun to play, and for me that is the biggest measurement of a pinball machine. It's not a quick player, and it is one of the only games I have setup with a ballsaver, and slightly easier settings. That didn't make it easy, but it makes it a bit more relaxed.

I still don't hit the right ramp consistently. For some reason that is a tight shot for me. And the left orbit through the bumpers is just pure luck when I make it. But that isn't a design flaw, it just keeps it interesting.

My only knock on it is that it is a SPIKE game, and it is the only SPIKE game I still own (for now, that might change). I don't like SPIKE and I don't think it is a great long term design, more like consumer garbage. But I figure if I have to buy node boards, or a CPU down the road for it, that is the risk of it. I still keep it, because it's fun. That just the cost analysis I put on it.
44 days ago
Artwork, lighting and music are top notch. It's a looker - cabinet and playfield art are some of my favorites. Gameplay is really fun and has a really good feel. The toy box is a cool gimmick and it's really fun risk/reward feature when you get to choose to skip multi-ball to try to add more balls for multiball.
54 days ago
I worry about the toy box and multiple balls on the elevator slowly destroying my pro. This kept me from getting a Pre+

Very fun game. Multiple modes, choice of starting music.
59 days ago
Just played this a bunch of times at Mom organize market. Pro is fast and brutal as you think should I go for one more toy box hit before multiple ball. Modes are well done. A blast to play even without music but better with it Under appreciated pin.
72 days ago
Really wanted to like this machine. Love the music and the band. But the play left me feeling lost. The balls drained way to quickly, particularly on the left side. The Love in an elevator was a nice toy. After 3 games, I walked away and played other machines.
87 days ago
My sentimental favorite! This game may never leave my collection ;)
5 months ago
Games played: ~20

Good layout with some shots being way in the back of the playfield.
It's cool that the lane for the lock shot stayed the same as the Premium and so it makes for a challenging skill shot.
The toybox is just incredible with what seemingly simple things it does, but how well it is used by the game.

Pretty standard/boring ruleset with the songs being the modes which have different shots blinking in some color.
The good parts on top are the mode upgrades and the risk-reward multiball.

Lights work well for what the game wants to show.
Display is good with some animation that fits with the style of the game.
The only problem is the font and the white text on light blue background. Don't know how that got past QA.
The presentation at the start of the multiball is pretty good.

The shots except for the center ramp are fairly difficult and take some time to get used to, but after that it can have some good combos going on.
The feed from the bumpers and the magnet in front of the toybox is often unpredictable and can be a bit frustrating.

Incredible art. It's just amazing how good all of this light blue looks.

It's playing the music from the band during the modes and that sounds good.
The callouts from that jester thing are absolutely annoying. Just have some normal person tell me what to do in the game.

Generic rock band theme. For some reason there is a focus on the toybox and the band with the music is only the second most important thing.

Playing the multiballs is fun and especially trying to get the 6 balls locked.
The modes are ok, but with the upgrades and the completion (which leads to wizard modes) this can be a fun game to master.
When starting over after a short game, playing the modes over again makes it less fun to play games back to back.
6 months ago
AS has some cool things going on.
The toy box (IJ4 like) and the ball flying into the box (NBA like).
Had these pins and liked them.
BUT what this pin makes a better one is the art.
AS plays a bit like my Kiss, but i like the music more and the LCD is much more entertainment than a DMD.

Will it be a keeper? Maybe. But it is too soon for a final decision.

Update: After a while, i must say, this pin is better and better.
Will be one of the last that leaves me.
8 months ago
The sounds are obviously great. The toybox is a really nice toy. I'm just not big on the "cartoony" artwork.
If you are a big Aerosmith fan, this is an obvious buy for you. If you are looking for a music pin in general, I would recommend MET, IMDN, or ACDC over it.
9 months ago
Aerosmith is a pretty good pin to me. The toy box is a great toy and when multiball starts you know it is going to be a ton of fun and the music is great. You can’t go wrong with listening to Aerosmith and playing pinball. Outside of that this game does not do anything that spectacular which is pretty disappointing considering it’s by John Borg who did tron and walking which I think are both better pins.
9 months ago
I played a lot on it, and this is a very cool game that always makes you want to come back to it.
A special mention for the box and the jumping ball pleasant to see and play
i recommend it, you have to play it
1 year ago
Well, let me first say that I'm not a big fan of band-themed pinball machines and that I don't like Aerosmith as a band. My first encounter with AS was bad, I played one game at the DPO in NL (dutch pinball open) like 2 years ago and walked away after that feeling not so impressed to say the least. The machine I played was a pro version. A year ago a local arcade had a premium edition and I started playing that one. I found it to be mediocre. In that period I wasn't into Stern machines at all.
Since then a lot has changed, I bought a "The Munsters" and a GOTG, both PRO and I became addicted to the flow and concept of those new Stern's. I love the several multiballs, the toys, playfield layout, big screens.
After a while I came to like Aerosmith very much, I played a 20 or so games on it in the local arcade before I decided that an Aerosmith might be an option for occupying a space in my gameroom.
So, after I decided my Munsters was ready to leave I put it up for trades. Candidates were: Deadpool, Iron Maiden and Aerosmith where Deadpool was favorite.
Within a week I came in contact with a guy in Switserland and after some whatsapping back and forth we decided to swap the machines and meet in the middle as we live 600 km's apart. We exchanged the machines on a parking lot of a soccer stadium and after shaking the really nice guy's hand we continued out journey back home.

So now I own an Aerosmith pro and I love it. I also own a GOTG pro and those two machines are a carbon copy of each other ruleset wise. And that's fine by me, I really love the Guardians, that machine has everything in it, a really nice toy, magnet, lots of shots, modes, lots of multiballs, mini wizard mode, and lots of fun. I find that also to be the case in the Aerosmith, I love that toybox, the callouts, playfield layout, lightshow, mutliballs.

What I don't love is the overall looks of the pro, the lighting is way off where I just love the lighting of the PREM/LE versions. So I replaced the leds on my PRO to match the PREM/LE versions and now it's great. It went from a mediocre looking machine to a great looking machine.

The breakdown:

- Gameplay
- Sound (there is an updated sound kit in mine, but on the other hand, I replace the stock speakers on all my machines)
- Artwork
- Toys (and orginality)
- I love the fact that I can decide if I play a 3,4,5 or 6 ball multiball
- Lightshow (after the led upgrade)
- Animations. I know most people dislike the flashplayer animations. I myself find them to be fitting the machine
- Fun, machine keeps getting me back for more.

- Lighting, i think the lighting is really bad on this one. It suffers from those dull white GI leds
- Music, I dislike the band's music, so I put the volume down for the music.
- Theming, this is a personal thing, I dislike band pinballs as a whole

Overall: very nice machine of which I am glad it was added to my collection.
1 year ago
Really liked the game. Considering the Pro as my next game.
1 year ago
Starting off, I am not a Aerosmith fan, and despite of this it’s a really fun game. Shots are marketable and satisfying, while the rule set remains deep enough to keep it challenging and give it that last ability. Several multiball modes that can rack up the points. All in all it’s a fun game to play.
1 year ago
Not being a huge fan of Aerosmith I still like this game. It's actually one of the better Stern playfield of recent years. But just like none of my favorite bands will ever end up in the rock hall of fame.... so too will none of them ever grace a pinball machine.
1 year ago
This game is a home run! Awesome artwork, music, lighting gameplay and one of the coolest lock mechanisms to date. Love it and sold my Star Trek Pro HUO to get it. No regrets.
1 year ago
Aerosmith is a very fun game to play. I've owned it and sold it and bought it again. The overall gameplay is smooth. The shoots are not easy and you have to play it a lot to get the shots dialed in. The art and music is great. My only gripe with this game is I would like to see Stern continue to develop the code. The Crank it Up shot only adds time to an existing mode for example as opposed to Metallica where the game enters an entire different mode when hitting Crank It Up when lit. The code seems unfinished and thus the game is hollow. Come one Stern, what say you? We need deeper rules on this one. If this game had a deeper rule set it would be right there with Ghost Busters and Metallica!! Both amazing games. This said, its still extremely fun and I always enjoy going to it.
1 year ago
Great music! Fun pin.
1 year ago
The art on this pin is amazing. It is one of the things we really love. The play is very similar to other borg pins. You have to play through the song and move on to the next one. Has a very cool muli-ball lock with the toy chest and a virtual lock in the elevator. We really enjoyed this pin for the last 4 months we have owned it. I would recommend picking this up if you get a change. It will surprise you especially if you like borg pins.
1 year ago
Didn't fancy the game when I seen it online. Played for real, I liked the artwork, the music and the gameplay, I like the toy, quite good flow, I like the layout. It seems better built than most Sterns, one surprisingly better than a lot of sterns. Put a bit more coin into it, I think it is definitely better than most Sterns, hence the now upped rating.
1 year ago
I think this game could be rated higher, but a few categories are sure to bring it down.

First the bad, not many callouts or variations there. I think they’re all by Jackie? I heard an update made him say more, but it doesn’t seem like there are many callouts at all in this game that are special, except when Jackie says something funny, which is hit or miss.

And the animations are pretty weak. I do like the sexy women, but other than that, this is by far the weakest effort in the LCD age. I know you don’t look at the screen that much when you’re playing, but I’d like more variation here. It’s really static.

Now the good: this game rocks! I love this game and always have a super good time playing it. The music is stellar (I’m a fan) and keeps you pumped. Maybe because the music is so good that I’m just not paying attention to the callouts?

The toy box is an excellent toy and the flow is pretty good. Shots feel nice.

The game is gorgeous. The rules are well thought out and straight forward, but not too thin or boring. The game makes sense. Dive in and enjoy!

I don’t think it’s a long term keeper unless you have a large collection, but I want one someday. So fun!
1 year ago
Man, I love Aerosmith pinball. It's a simple setup that offers a lot of repeat fun. A couple of shots are quite challenging (man, that left loop and the right ramp). The toy box multi ball gimmick is great.
1 year ago
Nice underrated game from Stern! It has cool artwork and toy. Unlike Metallica and Iron Maiden, Aerosmith has a simpler gameplay, making it more suitable to less advanced players
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