The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

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Game Design: 7.282

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Sounds/Music: 6.956

Other Aspects: 7.588

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There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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24 days ago
This game is a keeper for me now that I’m on my third one. I love the theme and very family friendly. Great theme integration all around. Rule set isn’t super deep. Left ramp mode start, center hole light mode, right ramp collect jackpot. Rocky hat pull in the back box is a great use of space. If you have a handful of pins this is a great addition for the price.
38 days ago
funny game will stay for a while the children love the theme
3 months ago
This was the first pinball machine that I truly fell in love with (early '90s). I got one about 10 years later, and it was in my collection for a long time. It's an accessible game, though the rule set is admittedly very bland, especially by today's standards. I never was much bothered by "wrong hat", but it definitely is a flaw in the sound design.

The backless is a phenomenal addition, although I ended up owning multiple back glasses, always on the hunt for ones that didn't have scratched paint at the point where the arm pivots. Also, it seemed like the parts wore faster than on any other table I've owned, especially the flippers. I'm not sure I ever played it in a commercial location where the flippers were strong enough to consistently get the ball up the right ramp!
8 months ago
I enjoy the theme of this one as I'm a fan of cartoons and the characters in this pin. Unfortunately the rules in this one are a little shallow to me. Plug away at the left ramp and then middle hole to play through the features and get to the time travel wizard mode. There are a few cool side features like the puzzles and hat trick, but nothing too engaging. The shots flow fine and the ramps are definitely flowy. The backbox gimmick is kinda cool and definitely gives the game a little extra style. I like the game enough to play when I see it.
1 year ago
I'm sure I over rated R&B, but this was my first pin and I'm quite partial to it.
1 year ago
Rocky and Bullwinkle was my first "Grail Machine", I watched the cartoon as a child and loved the idea of introducing my daughters to pinball with this family friendly, action packed, trip down memory lane! The play field is loaded with exciting features for kids and adults alike... two ramps, an up-kicker, a subway, and a tri-ball multi-ball feature that is accessible even by the youngest in our family. The antics of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Sherman and Mr. Peabody, and Boris and Natashia play out in the dot matrix display as well as in a fun "Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!" feature built into the back glass. I'll admit that I am not a pinball wizard so it's possible that a more experienced player would tire of the rule set over time. For me the enjoyment comes from watching my kids and their friends along with my own adult friends who don't play pinball that often still get excited when they can pick their skill shot, hit a ramp, and even trigger a multi-ball, all while enjoying the antics of my favorite moose and flying squirrel! I highly recommend this game for players of all ages!
1 year ago
This is a fast and fun game. Good shots to make. Easy multi ball. Great back box animation. Great application of theme. One of Data East's best efforts.
1 year ago
This pin is nice for a trip down nostalgia lane, but the depth just isn't there. As such, I don't think it would be the best choice for a smaller home collection. There are several better pins from the era, at the same price point, and even from the same maker.
1 year ago
Have loved this game since I first played it; somewhere in Portland, OR at a pizza shop. The theme is great, music is catchy, and I want to play it over and over again!
1 year ago
Pretty fun game but definitely has a puddle deep ruleset. That said, it's still incredibly fun to play with friends and family, just not a game you can sit by yourself and play for a few hours.
2 years ago
Great game for a family environment. The kids love it and it is good enough for the adults.
2 years ago
So much fun. I’m not sure how this game isn’t rated higher.

The theme brings back great childhood memories. Game play is fast, a few really fun shots. Multiball, although pretty easy to get, is a blast. It’s bright and colorful, call outs are fun, animations and moving backglass toys are great.

Deepest rule set? No not at all. But creative enough and fun enough to enjoy having in my collection.
2 years ago
I love this game, but it does have an annoying call out. "Wrong Hat" should be deleted and then this game would be awesome. If you can tune out the repeated call out the game is truly enjoyable. It is great family game and excellent theme. The playfield artwork is excellent, animations are good and backglass is fun. Easy multiball (maybe too easy), but this is a family game if you are looking for a challenging table this is not it. If you just want a fun family table with good artwork and funny call outs this is it!
2 years ago
Fun, great looking pin for a larger collection.
“Wrong hat”
2 years ago
Great family fun!
2 years ago
The artwork and theme are very well done. If you are a fan of the show, or have even seen the show, you will appreciate the effort here, especially the hat trip on the BG. The callouts can get annoying as others have mentioned. Rules are a little weak. Fun on location, not on my must have list.
3 years ago
I took one of these in on a trade recently. I wanted something family friendly, simple ruleset for the novice and a fun machine for a casual player like myself. After a good clean and wax job I have to say this machine surprised me. It's fast...and the orbits will send the ball flying STDM. It's a great funny game with a classic theme from years back. The backglass is awesome and the overall quality of the game is pretty decent. Is it Bally/Williams gorgeous? No, but it is solid fun and the ramps, backglass and simple ruleset allow for family fun vs having to walk kids through a complex ruleset. This pin (like most Data East games) is finicky and needed to be tweeked to get it shooting well. But now the ramps are buttery smooth and the game has several toys, drop down targets, stand up targets and ramps. So bang for the buck it's a decent and fun pin to have in the collection. It may not last for long, but we all seem to enjoy it after two months.
3 years ago
Had the game for a couple of years. The artwork on playfield was good and the game played well. Good for kids
3 years ago
Fun game with a good amount of things to shoot for. I like the music and call outs in this game. You will find yourself yelling "Wrong Hat!!!" at random times after playing this! Great game for novice players, kids and adults alike. There is nothing that really keeps you coming back for more, but nonetheless it is a fun game to play on location or to own in a collection.
3 years ago
The best DataEast backglass and playfield art. I generally don't like DE playfield art at all, but this one was an exception probably because of the cartoon style. Sound quality could have been better.
3 years ago
I bought this game and it was definitely not a keeper for me. After 4 weeks, I was sick of the machine, and I didn't play it that often. When you get a new game, you are always drawn to keep playing the game at first. This game.... Not so much. Repetitive voices such as wrong hat, ok Mr Pea body, OK, Mr. Know it all etc... I hated this game. This is the first game, I just didn't like what so ever. I loved the Theme, I loved the back glass, and I thought the cabinet was cool looking. However as far as game play, It just didn't do it for me. I usually do a Pros and con list, but it isn't worth it. I was warned not to buy this game a year ago, and I didn't heave the advice.
3 years ago
Really great game. Art is great and so is the music. Sounds can get a little annoying and the theme is a little kiddie, but the great art and layout make up for it. Great price to for what you get.
4 years ago
I've owned this machine for about nine months now, and played it almost every day. So here's my review:

To start things off, I think Rocky and Bullwinkle might be the best value for money in pinball.

Game-wise, this game has a little bit of everything; two ramps, two scoop holes, drop targets, standing targets, pop bumpers, etc. The way the ramps and lanes are laid out gives great flow to the game and allows you to make multiple combo's. Ball speed can get pretty intense this way!

The artwork is very impressive on this game. From the playfield to the backglass and cabinet, there is so much to see that I still notice new things after 6 months. Also, you'd be hard pressed to find another playfield that pops out as much as this one. It's full of bright colours and there are little drawings all over the place.

Sound is great if you like the theme. If you don't like cartoon voices and the likes, then I can imagine this is not for you. People mention the repeated 'Wrong Hat!' callout a lot, but it never bothered me personally (and remember i've been playing this daily).

It's not a deep game, but I see that as a matter of taste. This is a fast and furious game, so it's for players that like a challenge and don't mind getting their ass kicked by the machine. Ball times are usually not very long, until you manage to get 'in the zone' and really go to town! This is where the game shines, as it ramps up the music and lightshow, and offers some very high scores when you are killing it in multiball.

Final verdict: if you like fast, no-nonsense gameplay, this is the game for you! It's replayability is through the roof and to me this is a real player's game.
4 years ago
This game was a pleasant surprise. Much more fun thatn I expected. I wasn't a huge fan of the cartoon show as a kid, but the theme is well integrated into the well-designed pin with some nice surprises while playing.
5 years ago
This is my first table and I love it. I loved the show so it makes sense to me but my kids also love it and they are not familiar with the show. I find the table a challenge and the scoring is difficult enought to want to keep playing.
There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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