The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

Data East

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

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Game Design: 7.407

Artwork: 8.285

Sounds/Music: 6.927

Other Aspects: 7.709

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Found 82 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 82 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
This pin represents it’s theme excellently. All major characters are represented in different actions. A great old nostalgic game for those that remember the show.
5 months ago
Simple, fast and fun!
7 months ago
Funny pinball,like it more and more.
10 months ago
My third Pinball.
The first Data East in my Live.
I am positiv surprised. Very Funny Game.
The mechanical Blackglas. The Women Nelly on the Saw.
Give's a Lot of Mods for this Game.
LED's must have...
I am realy positiv surprised from the Game.
11 months ago
love this game.
1 year ago
Great implementation of the theme. They captured the many different players in the R&B universe. Artwork and backglass animation are top notch. Fun to play and own in a large group of pins.
1 year ago
Underrated game. Very fun to play. Grew up watching Rocky and Bullwinkle and game Inter grates theme very well.
1 year ago
Switch out the aluminum post for clear star posts. Will really help brighten up the game, along with LEDs. The game is more fun than you might think. Try one in good working condition.
1 year ago
The game plays fun, has a great layout, theme is not to my taste. If you are a fan of the show, I'd imagine it's a treat! There is a lot going on here! Great value.
1 year ago
Best Data East Game , ! Totally underrated
2 years ago
Rocky and Bullwinkle might be one of the most polarizing games I’ve ever played, as there is no generally held opinion, as well as the various aspects of the game being a massive mixed bag.

The artwork is great, and perfectly reflects the TV show. This also applies to the callouts.

The Hat Trick back box toy is extremely well done, and is awesome when working properly.

The ramps are extremely nice and smooth.

The layout (to me) reminds me a lot of CFTBL with it’s shots that are just slightly off from the typical layout.

The WABAC mode is a heart racing Wizard Mode that certainly keeps you on your toes to become WABAC Champion.

The game is overly heavy on the center shot and left ramp, which can make the game boring after a while.

The left kick out is deliberately designed to either be very friendly, or kick SDTM (which is not fun in the slightest).

The loops are just not fun to shoot for, and the diverter for the left loop is terribly designed.

Callouts (while nice) get tiresome after a while, as the game is constantly talking to you.

The skill shot is a stupid idea to begin with, and sometimes the auto plunge will kick the ball out in a way where it will come out the right loop instead of going to the upper lanes. This game should have had a plunger.

In conclusion, this game is certainly a mixed bag. I’m honestly not sure what I think of this game, but I feel this rating system has treated this game right.
2 years ago
This game is a keeper for me now that I’m on my third one. I love the theme and very family friendly. Great theme integration all around. Rule set isn’t super deep. Left ramp mode start, center hole light mode, right ramp collect jackpot. Rocky hat pull in the back box is a great use of space. If you have a handful of pins this is a great addition for the price.
2 years ago
funny game will stay for a while the children love the theme
2 years ago
This was the first pinball machine that I truly fell in love with (early '90s). I got one about 10 years later, and it was in my collection for a long time. It's an accessible game, though the rule set is admittedly very bland, especially by today's standards. I never was much bothered by "wrong hat", but it definitely is a flaw in the sound design.

The backless is a phenomenal addition, although I ended up owning multiple back glasses, always on the hunt for ones that didn't have scratched paint at the point where the arm pivots. Also, it seemed like the parts wore faster than on any other table I've owned, especially the flippers. I'm not sure I ever played it in a commercial location where the flippers were strong enough to consistently get the ball up the right ramp!
2 years ago
I enjoy the theme of this one as I'm a fan of cartoons and the characters in this pin. Unfortunately the rules in this one are a little shallow to me. Plug away at the left ramp and then middle hole to play through the features and get to the time travel wizard mode. There are a few cool side features like the puzzles and hat trick, but nothing too engaging. The shots flow fine and the ramps are definitely flowy. The backbox gimmick is kinda cool and definitely gives the game a little extra style. I like the game enough to play when I see it.
3 years ago
Quite impressed by this title. It's relatively simple to play, but the game is quite fun and you can become immersed in it nicely. Always good to have a fun family themed title in the lineup, although the actual cartoon had just as many adult fans as kid fans, due to the humor. The game has a way of kicking your butt for a few plays, then you will have a game that just rocks, which keeps you coming back for more plays.
3 years ago
I'm sure I over rated R&B, but this was my first pin and I'm quite partial to it.
3 years ago
Rocky and Bullwinkle was my first "Grail Machine", I watched the cartoon as a child and loved the idea of introducing my daughters to pinball with this family friendly, action packed, trip down memory lane! The play field is loaded with exciting features for kids and adults alike... two ramps, an up-kicker, a subway, and a tri-ball multi-ball feature that is accessible even by the youngest in our family. The antics of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Sherman and Mr. Peabody, and Boris and Natashia play out in the dot matrix display as well as in a fun "Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!" feature built into the back glass. I'll admit that I am not a pinball wizard so it's possible that a more experienced player would tire of the rule set over time. For me the enjoyment comes from watching my kids and their friends along with my own adult friends who don't play pinball that often still get excited when they can pick their skill shot, hit a ramp, and even trigger a multi-ball, all while enjoying the antics of my favorite moose and flying squirrel! I highly recommend this game for players of all ages!
3 years ago
This is a fast and fun game. Good shots to make. Easy multi ball. Great back box animation. Great application of theme. One of Data East's best efforts.
3 years ago
This pin is nice for a trip down nostalgia lane, but the depth just isn't there. As such, I don't think it would be the best choice for a smaller home collection. There are several better pins from the era, at the same price point, and even from the same maker.
4 years ago
Have loved this game since I first played it; somewhere in Portland, OR at a pizza shop. The theme is great, music is catchy, and I want to play it over and over again!
4 years ago
Pretty fun game but definitely has a puddle deep ruleset. That said, it's still incredibly fun to play with friends and family, just not a game you can sit by yourself and play for a few hours.
4 years ago
Great game for a family environment. The kids love it and it is good enough for the adults.
4 years ago
So much fun. I’m not sure how this game isn’t rated higher.

The theme brings back great childhood memories. Game play is fast, a few really fun shots. Multiball, although pretty easy to get, is a blast. It’s bright and colorful, call outs are fun, animations and moving backglass toys are great.

Deepest rule set? No not at all. But creative enough and fun enough to enjoy having in my collection.
4 years ago
I love this game, but it does have an annoying call out. "Wrong Hat" should be deleted and then this game would be awesome. If you can tune out the repeated call out the game is truly enjoyable. It is great family game and excellent theme. The playfield artwork is excellent, animations are good and backglass is fun. Easy multiball (maybe too easy), but this is a family game if you are looking for a challenging table this is not it. If you just want a fun family table with good artwork and funny call outs this is it!
There are 82 ratings on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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