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Game design: 8.65

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Other Aspects: 8.637

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This is "The Addams Family".
The other version is: Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition), The

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There are 678 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
TAF was always high on my list.... until I actually owned it. I love the movies. I thought I would get it and love it... But it just never clicked with me. I enjoyed playing it now and then, but found it to be to easy and repetitive. I know it's the best seller of all time... but it's just not one I would ever care to own again.
4 years ago
The go to machine for the younger set in my house. Rules are simple enough to learn quickly and the theme never gets old.
4 years ago
Just love this game!
4 years ago
The theme isn't really that exciting for me, but it works well in this pinball classic. The game is also very dark unless modded.
4 years ago
This is a superlative pinball machine.

Simply magic; it ended being an instant classic
4 years ago
Taf legend of a game never gets old. A classic and always will be. Now a remake of this would go down really well for the next generation of pin heads. Own this game always be in my top 10
4 years ago
"The most popular pinball machine." I can see why others like it, but it comes up a little short for me.

- Some clever shots (5x graveyard, two upper flipper shots)
- Stackable mansion modes
- Thing steals your ball
- Thing flips!

- Difficulty varies wildly depending on the condition of the machine.
- Your game will be short and unsatisfying unless the kickouts have been softened
- Unless the right flipper power is reduced, it's possible to cycle the center ramp for a long time (and for some reason the game gives huge bonuses at 100 ramps...)
- "The power" magnet not suitable for competitive play. It would be better with glass playfield so a clever player could avoid it.
- Multiballs are not very valuable
- Most games revolve around grinding the scoop and ramps. Snooze.
4 years ago
This has been one of my favorite games for years. It seems like i either get a really high score on this game or lose immediately - there is no in between. When thing picks up the ball, it is one of my favorite pinball moments. When fully shopped, its in my top few games of all time, but I haven't seen too many in great condition lately.
4 years ago
Wonderful game that totally brings you into it. This has to have the best build up and anticipation ever in a pinball for when you start multiball. The "THING" toy was so novel and creative for it's time as well.
4 years ago
A little dark in lighting, but great game.
4 years ago
I've never owned this pin, but have played a ton of them. I do like the theme, and the artwork on this game is pretty attractive, but the game play has not proven to be all that exhilarating for me.

The good: Diamond plated PF, great audio including the automatic flippers synced with the Addams finger snap, magnetized Thing hand that snatches the ball from the PF, a few ramps.

The bad: Horrible and inadequate illumination on the back of the PF without adding some yourself, cabinet artwork could have been more exciting, another ramp would have been great, bookcase is kind of bland and at times just seems to get in the way.

For what this pin costs, there are just better options. I would definitely pick one up if I found one for a reasonable price. The generic game is not extraordinary, which is why you always see this game with a ton of mods. Modded out, the game is definitely way better, more attractive and more fun.
4 years ago
What can you say - such a fun game.
4 years ago
I have great respect for Addams Family and understand history and how it revolutionised pinball, but it is falling behind some better pinballs. The whole game turns into 2 shots - Ramp & chair to collect rooms until you reach wizard. Rinse and repeat. Scoring is too balanced so there is limited strategy. Play any shot - you are very likely to score between 1-5 million.
4 years ago
Awesome pin. Ties everything in the movie together. The use of sounds, knocker, animations bring this together into a complete classic with feeling you just don't get from most pins.
4 years ago
one of the best,classic, great fun ,im glad they made a.f i spent many hrs playing it on various locations in the 90's sweet memories!!!keeper for sure
Re edit. Finaly got a taf after all these yrs, still a great game, close to a ten in my book, no machine is a ten, i can't believe how people can rate a machine a perfect ten, not possible, taf is close!
4 years ago
Classic game with a great layout. Two solid ways to play the game, multiball and touring the mansion. The geometry on the bookcase is perfect, you can backhand it and follow up with a side ramp shot. SHOW-TIME is one of the best light shows and callouts in pinball. Theme overall is very well integrated.

Let's be real, TAF isn't perfect. The code is dated. Playing modes is not usually high on my list of things to do, lighting and collecting the next mansion room is. Timing out the power magnet is crazy, crazy lame. So lame that The Power, one of the coolest parts of the game, has to be disconnected for tournament play. Thing Flips is AWESOME, holding that flipper up is useful, but otherwise that flipper is usually too dangerous to use "as intended". Why does thing need to come out of the box, take my ball, go into the box, come out of the box, put the ball back? It's an annoyingly lengthy, pointless sequence.
4 years ago
A all-time classic! Played it several 1000-times but still like to play it. The Multiball is still awesome! The only thing what could be better: The final is a little bit boring - nothing new. But I will keep this game in my collection till the end
4 years ago
What an awesome pinball. Nearly 30 years old and just a classic.
4 years ago
One of the best
4 years ago
Classic game that is still going strong (This "short" review is worth reading, folks, I have owned THREE).
It is never going to drop in value contrary to the wealth of uninformed new collectors out there.
LCDs will not change its popularity.

Absolutely timeless pinball machine for a number of reasons.
Here are some of them:
#1 Operators continue to make money on the game, even though it is over 30+ years old
#2 It has a collectible theme, that is recognizable
#3 Easy for new pinball players to pick up and play
#4 Family Friendly
#5 Fun game modes with varied styles
#6 Good use of technology in design for the period (thing flipper, hand, Feel the power)

What does it not have?
A deep ruleset, but "Tour the Mansion" wizard mode is good.
Getting harder to find one without magnet burns or mansion insert issues, unless a reproduction playfield was installed.
Expect to GROSSLY OVERPAY for most machines (I recently turned down another for $7k, in which the machine was in excellent overall condition, but I notice every single little nuance, and I will not be offensive to a seller), because all owners think TAF is made of "pure gold" (including the gold versions) instead of a being an expensive, novelty toy, even if the machine is beat to hell.
There are still plenty of naive new buyers that take the bait. A LOT OF THEM.
The problem is more are arriving every year and jacking up the prices of this title, only to sell the game a year later, and the process continues.
If you are paying $11-12k for a TAF, you just got robbed blindly without even being at gunpoint, unless it HUO that was bought NIB, and there are not THAT many of them out there. In fact, it is more likely you will find a gold version that is HUO, but some of the gold parts were inferior in quality to the standard version. WMS started off the whole "Limited Edition" thing over 20 years ago Stern, and their quality control, parts consistency, and engineering did not suck, sorry Stern, you lose BADLY, I will never buy another late model SS Stern game again for the rest of my life.

"Feel the POWER"! (of overpaying for this machine)
Other than that, rounds out a "keeper" collection quite well.
I give it a high rating for what is to COLLECTORS and PLAYERS, not the price tag.
If this review was based on "bang for the buck" it would drop to #60.

I will probably buy a TAF Gold (versus regular TAF) at some point down the road, but I am not really in a rush.
I will find the one I am looking for eventually.
This machine gets flipped out all the time, when people go broke.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Humor keeps this game alive, as well as the price tag for collectors, can you say CHA-CHING?!!!
4 years ago
everyone knows this game, it's the biggest ever seller and for a good reason. ramps aplenty, magnets, humour, a big hand in a box, alternative ways to play (either repeat the multiball by aiming for the blue bookcase a lot, and jackpots at the side ramp; or go for mansion rooms to try to Tour the Mansion).

it's fun, and will find a place in any collection. it never gets old, it definitely has the one-more-game factor, and it can be brutal and challenging. also looks great, sounds sounds, fantastic multiball sound and light show. win.
4 years ago
A real classic! Fun like all other Pat Lawlor games. A great machine to play when working 100%. I was addicted to this game when it first came out. I find it a little repetitive and easier than other pins of this era. Enough modes with variety to keep you busy. Always awesome to unleash the multiball. I would not want to own this one because I am played out on it. Still I would not walk past it without playing it once or twice.
4 years ago
Great game, always has me coming back for more ! Just added this to my collection ! Such a great game !
4 years ago
Really cool when it first came out now it's playing a little dated?
4 years ago
The Addams Family is a game I really enjoy playing, despite not thinking it's all that great. Overall the game is rather repetitive and is just a grind, but it's a grind I enjoy doing time and time again. I imagine if I owned one I would start to get bored of it, but on route it tends to be one of my most played games.
There are 678 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 9 of 28.

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