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Other Aspects: 8.639

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7 months ago
This is one of the machines that got me hooked on pinball. It seemed like everywhere you went in the '90s, this machine was there.

I love the attention to detail, from a programming perspective. The sneaky way you can lock ball 2, with a callout that commends you for taking the easy lock is fantastic! I'd compare the programming detail to that of IJ, or TZ. The creators seemed to think of all the possible shots, and come up with code to acknowledge it!

I think my only gripe would be plastic ramps. Time is not kind to these things, and some wireframe would have been a better choice.

All in all, this machine belongs in the top ten of pins in the DMD era.
7 months ago
Best game by miles !
7 months ago
Fantastic! One of my favorite games.
7 months ago
only a few games in my mind come close to perfection, this is one of them. grinding away to then tour the mansion is a unique feeling you can't get with any other pin. the skill shot is also one of the most satisfying shots to hit in all of pinball. ramp, chair, ramp, chair... all... day.
8 months ago
Disappointed with the layout especially the close proximity of the electric chair clogging up the play field making shot play difficult
8 months ago
One of my friends owns an Adams. Every time I go to his house I play it a ton. It always keeps me coming back. Traversing the mansion is incredibly fun and challenging. The mini modes keep the fun coming and varying things up. Most of the time though I go for GREED and get thing multiball going as much as possible. Shooting the lock shot is one of the most satisfying shots in the game, second only to the upper flipper shot across the playfield for jackpot during multiball. The electric chair and magnets, while at times frustrating, are still incredibly fun to deal with. If all of that isn't enough, the occasional "Flick Flick" of the flippers to the music instantly makes me smile every time.

Adams is very challenging, but accessible game with an incredible theme. Every time I play it, I have a smile on my face. I really enjoy this game. If I didn't have access to this game regularly, I'd strongly consider picking it up.
8 months ago
Great game, loved it as a kid and now own it in my personal collection. Everyone that comes over loves to play it. Fun to play for hours.
8 months ago
Fun, classic game, but just doesn't have lastability. Only good in a large collection, not a small one.
9 months ago
I this game is amazing! Top 5 for sure. Basically the same as the gold edition. The added features of mystery pop ups in the mansion keep the game fresher with the gold edition. All around favorite forever.
9 months ago
SHOW TIME! The wide appeal and approachability of this game justify its perch at or near the top of everyone's wish list. Doesn't have a million gimmicks but the ones it has are amazing. THING, the hand that sneaks out to grab a ball. The automatic graveyard shot that sometimes happens above the left inlane. Thing flips at the end of the occasional ball ("why...thank you Thing!"). The wild, sometimes maddening magnet at the center of the playfield.

But I'm most grateful for the success of this game because of the freedom that was afforded to Lawlor and team to make their masterpiece, Twilight Zone.
10 months ago
My first pinball experience ever. A lot of nostalgia. Great game, fun Layout and perfect for training stage flipping. The THING is a very cool toy, as well as the bookshelf. But the game isn´t perfect overall. In the end it´s basically just repeating bear kick shots and scoring these 5mils. And there could´ve been more actual modes in the mansion, not just awards.
Still I love this game and it´s always fun again.
10 months ago
One of my all time favorites. Addams Family is the game that persuaded me to purchase a pinball machine for my home. When Addams first came out I played it at a local bar and fell in love with it. Ten years later I bought one for my home. Pat Lawler gave us a mode based game which sort of set the ground work for all future pins. I love everything about this game. Call outs, artwork, game play etc. My only beef with this game is like most B/W games they have simple rule sets. When you clear the mansion that is it. It doesn't have anything else to do like "Crank it Up" mode on Metallica. So its tough to compare these B/W games to modern games. That said, it holds it own even it todays market nearly 30 years later. Highly Recommend!!
10 months ago
When I first played this pin it didn't do much for me but I find myself interested in playing it even if I have to drop some quarters.

Lots to do in this game and the theme is outstanding.
Honestly, I think someone should reissue the pin with either the TV show or the original comic strip license. Keep game play about the same ("greed" might not make sense with other Addams themes...and the callouts are unique) but if you could come up with a work around for those minor issues, I think somebody would sell a ton more of these.
10 months ago
This pin is a lot of fun with the toys, gimmicks, and theme. Very fun to play. Still a great pin after all these years.
10 months ago
I think it's important to say if you own the game or not - I do own it. Been a dream machine of mine for almost a decade. I have to admit, always playing in a loud environment and never being able to hear and now I can it is pretty awesome. The audio mix and sound quality is pretty lack luster that's for sure. The one thing I LOATHE is the sounds they stole from Whirlwind. I despise that pin and oddly enough they're very similar.
10 months ago
Fun game and probably the most user friendly to non-pinheads. Great theme, great execution.
10 months ago
Love it, will own it, someday
11 months ago
same as for Indiana Jones, took me a while to find out and appreciate The Addams Family as everyone should.
obviously the biggest seller ever and for rightful reasons.
The geometry of the shots on the playfield in impeccable and touring the mansion is such great fun.
Not 100% sure of the lastability factor once you've finished the game over and over again, but regardless this is a piece of art and a piece of pinball history that belongs in any collection.
11 months ago
One of the first pinball games that I remember from my teenage years. I didnt think too much of it back then because I wasnt into pins or arcade machines at the time.

When I look at it now I can understand why it got produced in high numbers and was popular in the arcades. Like CFTBL this is a game that flirts with the original monster/spooky figure concept in a very entertaining and charming way. To generalize a bit; it's actually very hard for someone who grew up with Addams on TV to dislike this interpretation of the theme.

Gameplay is fantastic with a great variety to the shots and a overall smooth ball pattern. For a 1992 game TAF certainly
broke some boundries in the sheer ingenuity and the number of gimmicks that they threw into this bag.
The high points here being the playfield magnets , the rotating bookcase and the Thing- ball-pickup to mention a few.

Judging by looks:
The cabinet and backglass make a perfect harmony for the theme. The sideart being minimalistic but the backglass is just a pure work of beauty (Youssis best performance IMHO). Although with a comical tone to the whole art package, this game got style ! Same thing goes for the playfield cosmetics. The table is filled with highly detailed images from the Addams saga with fitting colours and interesting ideas. On top of all this, literally, shines one of the coolest topper toys in the business - second only to Whitewater.

Unlike quite a few fellow games from the early 90´s, Addams delivers a great mixture of entertaining call-outs, music and effect sounds. The Addams theme might of course get a little monotonous eventually but as a whole this sound arrangement actually works with the general theme.

A modern classic with solid game play and tons of personality.
1 year ago
Years ago I would have said this game was the ultimate, but now after playing so many more games I have knocked it down quite a few marks. It is still a very good game and I would love to play once again in tip top shape (most of the games on location are pretty bad). Theming and layout is great, and I am a big fan of Pat Lawlor's games. This just won't be on the want list for me but I will enjoy playing it from time to time.
1 year ago
I've been playing this machine on league nights and it's amazing. From thing coming out to grab your ball to the auto flipper. It's a blast to play and I love going through the mansion rooms.
1 year ago
The Addams Family (TAF) is the pinball which got me hooked on pinball when I was young. And still does in my collection.

It is simply a pleasure to play with fun modes, multiball and good secondary objectives as well. I has always found it easy to go to, with intuitive ruleset and balanced scoring ad gameplay. The toys are #1 of its generation.

The exterior of TAF is very succesful in my opinion - even though I dislike many movie-licensed pinball machines artwork. The animations is not top of its class, but very informative in terms of which shots to make, etc. Actually the same goes for the playfield.

The music, sound and call out are my favorite on any machine. Especially the multiball callout are in a league of its own - I get goosebumps with every multiball. Lightning i good, but not he greatest. Lightning supports the sounds in such a good way though.

As mentioned I am not a big fan of some of the 90's B movie themed pinball machines. But this one hits the jackpot in that matter. Spot on! It is big fun, and I expect it to continue to be this way.

Definately ón my top 5.
1 year ago
There were so many killer games coming out in the 90's, I always wonder why this one sold the most. I am not a fan of the theme and really don't like the playfield layout at all which doesn't make this an enjoyable pin for me. I don't enjoy touring the mansion as I'm not a fan of most of the modes, and the placement of the electric chair makes me feel like most of the play-field is obscured. On the positive side, I think that the bells and whistles on this game (thing hand, magnet, thing flip, multiball start) are totally cool. Just don't enjoy playing the pin.
1 year ago
Another masterpiece from Pat Lawlor (the designer of Funhouse, Twilight Zone, and many other pinball games). I've owned this game for 8 years. In Addams Family, you visit different rooms in the mansion and work your way towards "Tour the Mansion" wizard mode. The toys in this game are great, especially the Thing hand that comes out of its box and takes your ball. The cloud topper with lighting effects is pretty neat. The shot to Uncle Fester's electric chair is quite satisfying. The use of a knocker in the bottom cabinet is novel and cool (used in-game during Seance mode as you try to make it "knock three times"). Good humor, good art, interesting layout, under playfield magnets that are a hoot. All in all, extremely well done.
1 year ago
Awesome pin, Keeps me coming back.
There are 677 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 28.

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