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Game design: 8.648

Artwork: 8.412

Sounds/Music: 8.287

Other Aspects: 8.636

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This is "The Addams Family".
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17 days ago
The most successful game of all time for a reason. it's that good!
27 days ago
Just landed one of my very own ! A Grail pin , IMHO, with so much going for it ! The theme, the iconic music, the shots and callouts ... the list goes on and on ... Never get bored playing this machine .... What a game ! 100%
31 days ago
One of the best ever made.
37 days ago
I used to really dislike this game. I thought it was overrated, overpriced, and frankly, bland. “Hit ramp, shoot scoop, start mode” rinse and repeat.

Then I spent more time with the game. I hate to say it, but it’s as close to a masterpiece as one can get with a pinball machine.

It may be easy to light and start mansion awards, but to fight through them is terrifically difficult.

Thing used to annoy me, as I thought it slowed down gameplay, and was a one trick pony. In reality, it’s a cleverly disguised ball diverter that never allows the player to have a free shot at the jackpot. You really need to work for it! Brilliant.

The graveyard might actually be one of my favorite aspects of the game. Pops can be more lucrative than a jackpot with enough shots and hits, and slowly building its value only to nail a clean shot into the swamp without thing’s help is among the most satisfying feelings.

Throw in snapping flippers, fun callouts and music, and you genuinely have a fun game that will continue to succeed the test of time.
44 days ago
This was the first pin I really played a lot. I love Addams Family, it’s got a ton of stuff on the play field and is a great game. Because of the age the game is just soooo dark unless it’s been modded a bit or converted to LED with some added spotlights.
72 days ago
All time great for a reason. People ALWAYS go back to this one. In spite of the high production numbers this is always hard to find.
78 days ago
Play this every time I go to an arcade, it's just a great classic. Once you get how it works, it is amazing, and touring the mansion is one of the best feelings ever. Constantly laughing playing this game, which alone makes it great. Play this with a friend and you won't regret it!
3 months ago
Just picked this game up. Did color dmd and leds. Looking to do pin sound. But great game. Family loves playing it. We play it daily. Ill be looking forward to adding the swamp light mod
3 months ago
Great game, no doubt but I think it is designed to force balls out too quickly and some of the skill shots are pretty darn difficult. Sound could be much better but it is a fun and an addicting game, for sure!
3 months ago
Love the flow and music of this game, after modding and replacing the lighting to led super brights this looks great, I’m actually looking to buy one of these in the right condition to add to the collection.
4 months ago
Playfield so dark. Hard to see anything.

It's a fun game. Really was cool.

But in a room with similarly ranked games it didn't keep bringing me back. Heck I played wheel of Fortune just as much as this.

The dark playfield killed it.
4 months ago
Really fun game for all wife, kids, friends, dad...everyone just loves to play this game. What else is there, really?
This has some really innovative stuff like the thing flip, the thing toy, and the under playfield magnets. The lighting isn't great but that's easily remedied with some light modding.

With some mods like colordmd, LEDs with LEDOCD boards, titan rubbers and freshly rebuilt flippers, this game comes alive. As a bonus - parts are easy to find and the machine seems to hold its value well.

Absolutely love the callouts, and has maybe the best multiball start in all of pinball. "Now you've done it!"

This will be a staple in my small collection for a long time to come.
5 months ago
The Addams Family is a game I always play if I find it in an arcade or in a bar.

The pros:
+ Easy to get in to. The shots are pretty straight forward.
+ The ruleset works fine with the layout
+ Love the Thing, one of the greatest toys in all of pinball!

The cons:
- The theme itself doesn't really do it for me
- Rules could be deeper.
5 months ago
I love the music game play is okay and sounds I like
5 months ago
This is the most requested title when people ask what machines I have.
5 months ago
This a quintessential pinball table! "They're creepy and they're kooky / mysterious and spooky /they're all together ooky...the Addams Family!"
6 months ago
Number one selling pin of all time. This game feels like a natural sequel to Whirlwind, at least in layout. Thing is a great toy. There aren't that many modes, but all of them are fun, and the scoop ramp scoop ramp flow of the game is fun. There are very few games that are just... fun the way TAF is. It has humour, challenge, and a straightforward ruleset. I am a big fan of games with the jackpot only available off of the 3rd flipper, as it adds to the challenge. The magnets throw in a great bit of randomness into play. I also love the challenge of trying to clear the mansion. Great game and I look forward to owning one some day.
6 months ago
Have been using this machine for my entire life, I would never sell it in a million years, its a true gem of the pinball community. If you have the ability to get one DO IT!!!
6 months ago
This is a classic theme. Love the art and that is where it all ends for me.
6 months ago
Addams Family is one of the classics I just never got into. One of the best theme integrations, but it's never done much for me.
6 months ago
This is one of my favorite pinball machines. The rule set is very deep. The music is very memorable. When I make it feels very satisfying Evan if it is an easy shot. The game has almost everything you want on a pinball machine.
6 months ago
Great theme integration, but the pinched bottom of the playfield limits the shots from the main flippers. Doesn't keep me coming back for more. Not a top 20 game in my book; I'm surprised they made so many.
7 months ago
This is one of those games anyone can walk over and have a great time on. For that, I rate this one of the most fun games that can be had. Always a fun time. Shots are straight forward and the thing for its day was one of the coolest features ever installed in a pinball machine
7 months ago
4 bat flip, 5 pop bumper 2... What else
7 months ago
I love the show, but have owned this pin for close to 6 months and expected more and really don’t understand what’s all the hype about this pin. I think it’s a good add on to your collection but not a great one, there are a lot better pins out there. Addams Family just hasn’t grown on me but I can see why some love it, it just not my favourite pin but I plan to keep it in my collection.
There are 677 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 28.

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