The Addams Family

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Game Design: 8.668

Artwork: 8.421

Sounds/Music: 8.284

Other Aspects: 8.651

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This is "The Addams Family".
The other version is: Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition), The

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There are 735 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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26 days ago
This one of my all-time favorite pinball machines. I love the way you build to multiball and all the crazy shots you can make. The sound and samples from the actors are perfect. There are also some nice surprises!
30 days ago
As a pinball newbie I played about a half hour on 2 credits so I had a blast. Maybe there was a bug in the example I played but I loved it!
34 days ago
It’s an absolute classic but it’s status is a bit inflated based on nostalgia. It’s a fun challenging beautiful pin BUT it is very easy to exploit and a quite shallow by modern standards . Once you figure out how to tour the mansion multiple times in a game it really becomes kinda un-fun.
40 days ago
This is my all-time favorite pin and I'm no doubt biased. I think the theme integration is absolutely perfect. The THING hand is one of the best mechs in pinball period, end of story. The call outs are amazing and the sound and music is perfect. I could play this game forever and never get tired of it. It doesn't have a deep rule set by modern standards, but it has a bunch of modes and remains, for me, challenging and fun to this day. I would love to own this machine some day.
64 days ago
Timeless Fun for all
74 days ago
Smooth shooting game with lots of toys. Great callouts and sound. Somewhat shallow rules, but still miles above previous generation of games. Fun to play, but perhaps too expensive these days.

If you like the layout, then I also recommend Whirlwind or DE Jurassic Park as cheaper alternatives.
85 days ago
Again, I had high expectations after reading the ratings & reviews for this pin. Play a pretty abused pin at Pinballz in Austin. I don’t think they bother to replace lights that are burned out or missing. Bulbs. The back of the playfield was so dark that I struggled to find the ball up there.

The Thing was creative, as were the call outs. The theme combined facets of both the TV show and the various movies.

If I can find a better example of this pin, I shall modify my rating accordingly.
3 months ago
I am thrilled to have TAF in my collection of 5 pins. With limited space, I strive for quality games that are fun to play. This machine is has a place in my modest collection.
4 months ago
A classic and all around great game.
4 months ago
I’ve played this pin multiple times at both Pinball Republic and Plonk Golf in London (because there are loads of them).

I just don’t get the love… Maybe it’s nostalgia because, by modern standards, it’s a pretty average mode-based pin with some good toys (the hand grab mech is a highlight).

It’s fun enough to play, but not exceptional. I find the artwork a bit dark and grungy, but I guess that goes with the theme.
4 months ago
Super Playable - always enjoyable - and for some stupid reason I love it when I get the Mamushka - HEY! - so much so I love it when it shows up on Junk Yard.... surely the top machine in it day and still holds up great IMO.
5 months ago
One of my all time favorite games. Great layout, challenging to complete all modes, and always want to play it again.
5 months ago
In 2006, I had an opportunity to buy this pin for 2500. Till this day has been a regret. It's depressing how inflated the 90s pins have become. However, it appears that I'm always one step behind inflation.
6 months ago
After coming back and playing this again, it just hasn't held the same place of honor for me. Still love the game, but it's not my favorite of all time, and I think they're very overpriced on the market. Still a fun game, but I'd sell one if I had one.
6 months ago
Classic that still engages. It is certainly not the deepest of all pinball and normally I would not be tempted to return to it, but the overall package is just so well rounded and great fun that it constantly receives a fair amount of plays. It will probably never leave the collection.
6 months ago
The best of the BW pins from the 90's!
6 months ago
Classic game. One of my favorite all time.
6 months ago
Love playing this game.
6 months ago
If I see this game again I will definitely play
7 months ago
One of Pat Lawlor's greatest designs. Fun layout and shots - can see the inspiration from Lawlor's earlier game designs in this one. Perfect application of The Addams Family license - the artwork, playfield toys, and callouts tie it all together for a remarkable experience. Plenty of depth to collect all 12 rooms in the Addams' mansion and then shoot for the mansion tour. It's a special game and is priced at a premium for a reason.

Edit: Brought score down a bit due to chair, ramp repetitive shots. Close to being the total package, but not quite.
7 months ago
There's a reason this machine stayed in the top 10 as long as it did. Its Awesome!!
7 months ago
Great looking game and theme, but I was never able to get very deep into the flow on this one. Maybe it's because of the dead flippers at the arcades.
8 months ago
Classic game. My all-time favorite game to play (but in fairness I haven't played many of the newer games)
8 months ago
It‘s always fun playing this classic game from the early 90‘s. The Motion Picture is well adopted, but this pinball shouldn‘t be the only one in the game room. For good players maybe not challenging enought on the long run, but always a good choice for tournament play with some friends…
8 months ago
Great game to play. I would own this game for its game play, but theme is not the best.
There are 735 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 30.

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