The Addams Family

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Game Design: 8.65

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Sounds/Music: 8.246

Other Aspects: 8.651

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There are 777 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 days ago
The Addams Family is a classic game with cult status.

The layout is very interesting and especially the lock shot (the small metal ramp) and right ramp are the most satisfying shots. I love that the Thing is taking the ball under the playfield. That is one of the best features in classic pinball history. I do not like the Power as it can majorly disrupt the gameplay. But it makes the game more unique I guess.

The rules are alright and pretty straightforward. I like the multiball and especially the callout: "It's Showtime!". That's an awesome moment.

In general the game is a lot of fun and there is a variety of different modes to play. It is kind of like Indiana Jones (WMS) in terms of that. But I think this game is not very replayable in general.

All in all this is a very unique and fun game. I think it is perfect for casual players and beginners.
29 days ago
Stone cold classic that I have enjoyed playing for nearly 30 years and I always come back to. I own one but will still play one if I see it on a site or at a show. The call outs are still funny, and so well tied into the game.
Sure, there are deeper games, there are those who the theme isn't funny. But for those who enjoy feeling good with a simple game of pinball, there are few games that do it better.
36 days ago
38 days ago
This is one of the all-timers. Until I found this game, I didn't fully appreciate how fun a pinball machine could be! The flow of this game, the shots, the rules, the lights, the board layout; it all just "made sense." And I had never seen a minute of the show, so the theming didn't really do anything for me when I first played it. I played the crap out of this game, wanting to explore all of the modes. Sure, some modern games have eclipsed the "lastability" factor of this machine, but this is still a table I can play for an hour straight.

Even the non-gameplay aspects of this game are amazing. The lights when Thing pops out to grab your ball; the buildup when you enter the multiball; the creaking sound as the vault door opens; THE FLIPPERS ACTIVATING WHEN THE THEME SONG SNAPS!

This is the machine that fundamentally changed my opinion of pinball. It will always be in my personal top 10.
41 days ago
Never understood why this pinball is (often) rated is so high but the movir was good
45 days ago
I enjoyed this game tons and it is one of the best of its era...but I don't think I LOVE it as much as others do. I found the shots somewhat clunky at times and for me the game lacks flow and is a slower shooter. For me this is a "trap and shoot" game with challenging shots and I tend to

I like a good challenging pin...but for me it was hard to really get into this one. I have 30 plays or so on on this, but it has never held my attention long enough to really dig into it and progress far in the rule set. I can understand why so may love it...its loaded with toys and mechs and the shots are interesting and fun. It is a solid pin...but when placed next to a ton of other options...I'm easily lured away to spend my cash on some of the more modern options.
45 days ago
A game that’s still in demand 30 years later, a good fun game with great modes, a packed playfield with plenty to aim for. Great multi ball with the topper flashing to get the nerves going.
57 days ago
For me this is the game that started at all back in the early 90s.

This literally blew people away when it came out.

That's why deserves a high rating and it still holds up today great game.
64 days ago
The game that started my addition. I own it and will never sell. I love this game as much as I love anything else( not including family and pets) in life. Just an amazing experience every time I hit start
68 days ago
Legendary pin have played on numerous occasions so going to give my 2 cents. Compared to the newer great games it falls short but as a classic game it still holds it’s own.
81 days ago
I just restored mine and its great added mirrored back glass and led and extra lights to see playfield better
Fixed lots of ramp directions for better angles to the flippers. Mine plays great now. Color dmd.
Im gonna keep it for a long time. Maybe forever
81 days ago
very neat&addicting pin...lots of fun shots/modes...a couple very cool ones being the Thing grab & the automatic shot made by the flipper...
3 months ago
Everyone loves this game. It's just all around fun. I think its worst problem was probably the audio quality. I always enjoyed this game and every bit of it was fun but a lot of the samples always seemed distorted or muffled. This pin with upgrades is a great experience.
3 months ago
Classic game. Plays good but doesn’t have the same appeal that new games have. It’s fun to play but it just isn’t very deep and seems dark. I still enjoy playing it and the toys are fun but I think this is held up by nostalgia. At 10k it could be one of the most overrated games for the price.
4 months ago
Oh, Addams Family. What a cautionary tale you have become. You were too successful, too popular, too iconic . . . The heavy price for success. I remember back in the day when it was just you and your friends MM, TZ and Indiana Jones sitting high and mighty in the top 5 of Pinside ratings. And look at you now - with each new release falling further and further down the list. What happened? When did it become trendy to knock you? I hear it on location and at festivals all the time “Meh - what is the big deal? My Mando shoots better than this.”
I do not have an answer. But I want you to know I was there in the beginning. And there was pinball before Addams Family and there was pinball after Addams Family. Anyone who looks back fondly on the machines of the 90s and thinks “that was the golden age” owes you a debt of gratitude. You showed the world how to take a licensed theme and turn it into a gold mine. Every movie or TV themed pinball machine owes you. Including your more respected cousin Twilight Zone. Twenty thousand units did not ship because Addams Family was a cultural phenomenon. It was a moderately successful movie that was soon forgotten before the sequel was even released. This game sold because it blew everyone's mind. Now, I know you have to rate things not based on how they were but how things are. I am not one of those guys that is going to tell you Citizen Kane is the greatest movie of all time. I understand why it is significant and how influential it is - but if you say do you want to watch Avengers: Infinity War, Raiders of the lost Ark or Citizen Kane - I am not picking Citizen Kane. But let us give credit where credit is due - this game opened the door and set the blue print for all that was to come after.
But let us get to a review . . . Cabinet, playfield and back glass are all solid. It is real art based on the film. The cabinet and play field - while certainly serviceable - do not stop you in your tracks. Sound for the time is good and the call outs by Raul Julia and Angelica Houston are memorable and set the bar for licensed based games in the future. I remember the 1st time I heard “out to the cemetery” I looked at the playfield saw tomb stones on the plastics and knew to shoot for that area. As opposed to someone saying “shoot the upper left scoop”. It was simple and made sense without taking you out of the theme. I heard someone say “there is no flow” about this game. All I can think is that there must be two definitions of “flow” in the cosmos. This game set the standard for flow. I have also heard people say the rule set is shallow and I guess if we’re going to compare it to Jersey Jack POTC you are right. But on the other hand – “are you freaking kidding me?!” I have owned the game for years and still have not completed Tour the Mansion (and yes, I know I suck).
Look, all I ask is this . . . Look around - see this pinball community. Believe me - this game played a big role in where we are now. Sure, it is no Godzilla - but join me and raise a glass of your favorite beverage and toast this iconic, popular and best selling game and say “Thank You!” for without it you would be playing Diablo IV and reading reviews of the next Zelda game.
5 months ago
It took me a long time to understand the hype behind this game until I had a chance to spend some personal time on it. I totally understood why it received the praise it does. It’s a fun all around game and very easy to start a game over and over again.
6 months ago
TAF has the single greatest call out in pinball history. In my humble opinion. "It's Showtime", gets me just as much today as when the game first came out. And, every time I see that backglass lit up enticing me to play I just give in.
TAF is fun. A big part of the reason why it's the highest selling pinball in history. Fun yes, but not the deepest game out there. With the benefit of playing it now, compared to some of the amazing fare we're constantly blessed with, it can seem a slightly shallow and repetitive game. Then you start to hit the shots and remember just how fun hitting the bookcase and locking a ball with Thing is. Then you get a ramp with the 3rd flipper and get a shot through the pop bumpers. And you just smile.
TAF introduced a lot of people to pinball when it first hit. Machines were in every arcade worth its salt. Front and centre so it could be seen. And, as I keep saying, it's FUN. Enough said.
7 months ago
Great game. I would love to see a remake.
7 months ago
I used to go to the arcade by myself and play this one almost every day. Truely a lasting classic!
8 months ago
A cramped playfield that’s dark, no room to do much of anything interesting with the ball. Jackpots are restricted to side shots, and the seance feature produces random chaos that is not fun. I dread this game in competitions.

It’s a high stakes game that takes dedication in order to become proficient with each ball, but it’s just not that fun to shoot. The theme is done well, the sounds and visuals are great, and getting Tour the Mansion is rewarding, but it’s just not a very interesting layout. Lawlor would top this game many times over in his career. Doesn’t deserve its title of “best selling pinball game of all time.”
8 months ago
Its the best-selling pinball machine of all time, ofc its a classic! Great game with fun gimmicks!
8 months ago
The classic that opened up doors that pinball games would never have reached without this fantastic licensing-intro title. Clever theming, awesome playfield layout, fantastic callouts as well as clever toys and creative artwork throughout. Biased because of it being the first pinball I remember playing and it being located at the corner market down the road from my childhood home, but nonetheless has stood the test of time. Fantastic title all around.
8 months ago
I'm on my second owned addams so I've had one at my disposal for many years. The game was so far ahead of its time--hence the 20,000 copies. It still drives me absolutely bs crazy when the magnets cause an undeserved drain. And, no "ball save" gets more annoying with every new pin that comes out. But it's still so fun and rewarding when you have that crazy ball and it's going nuts with jackpots that I really don't think its popularity and price will ever go south...
8 months ago
Does Morticia say "Don't hurt yourself" or is it "Don't touch yourself". Top 5 game
9 months ago
Considered one of the top games and best sellers, but just was never a big win for me. It did feel like the start of the big changes to come from the way IP's were being pushed in the 90s and themes for games. Some fun features for sure like the bookcase diverter, though kind of ugly in it's stock form. The Thing grab was always so neat to see when this came out. Game has lot of love for the IP and decent enough rules. A big negative for it's fun factor is that it lacked a ball save mechanism, which to me is very much important feature that pinball developed as a standard in the 90s.
There are 777 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 32.

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