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The Addams Family

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This game ranks 1st in the game group "The Addams Family". The group itself ranks #23 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.672

Artwork: 8.443

Sounds/Music: 8.239

Other Aspects: 8.67

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8 days ago
The Addams Family is a legendary, innovative game that is one of the best of the early '90s. It's a well-balanced, satisfying game with great shots and cool gimmicks. The callouts absolutely OOZE charm. Sounds and music are top-notch and memorable (SHOWTIME!). The buildup to multiball still gives me goosebumps. Somehow, it's fun and very challenging at the same time.

That said, however, I've grown tired of Addams. As great as it was, and still is, I do not usually gravitate towards it anymore. It's fun for a game or two once in a while, but any more and I would probably get bored. I'd certainly never own it as the novelty will wear off after a month or two.

There's no denying that this is a timeless classic, but it isn't worth the hype for me anymore.
19 days ago
Not my favorite, but an undeniable classic
25 days ago
What more can be said about this true classic. I love playing it and hope to own one someday.
41 days ago
I played it when it first came out, bought it 25 years later. Definitely a fun and memorable game.
69 days ago
Magnet ruins the entire experience for me
3 months ago
I rated this very high as it is in my top 3 machines of all time. This was a huge seller for a reason. The theme is great. The shots are various and fun and the toys are awesome. Thank you Thing! There is really nothing I can complain about this game. This is Pat Lawler at his best design. Fun and challenging with a Great ruleset.
3 months ago
Overall really loved playing this game as a teenager and wish I was able to play it again more recently. Once I get a chance to play again I will be sure to update my scoring. From what I can remember thought, it was one of my favorite games to play and I absoluty obsessed with the theme and the electric chair. Great game overall and nostalgic feel.
3 months ago
Good game, although i am a better player than my friend, who owns the game, I can't beat him on this pin, on all others I can
3 months ago
I have great memories of this table. First Love!
4 months ago
I know it's cliche to think this pinball machine is perfect, but I think it's pretty much perfect.

Everything about the machine is fun. Shots are fun, theme is fun, call lots of fun. When I started getting into pinball, this was my holy Grail. After owning one for 7 months, I'm just as into it as I was before starting my hunt.
4 months ago
Such a classic! When this game works it is a banger on all fronts. It just sucks you in to hours of play. Completely fun and amazing.

if you get the magnets setup just a bit wrong it can be really frustrating in throwing balls down the drain. I imagine that fact has cost it some rating points over time. It takes a bit of touch to keep this game playing at the highest level.

I love this machine and the depth of gameplay.
6 months ago
1st pinball that I ever bought and I will never the outs and the magnets..just an excellent exciting game even today
7 months ago
Only gripe is that there is no ball save. This is tough on casual players.
7 months ago
One of the best machines made,definitely needs extra lights though.
7 months ago
I just don't see the hype and big money for this game. I like it and it plays well but the theme does nothing for me and I don't enjoy it more than most other Williams games. The wild thing is there are 20K of these around and they still get top dollar.

Anyways - I always play it but I will never own it. Probably worth owing if you have a bigger collection.
8 months ago
Some day I’ll get one back
8 months ago
great lawlor title! a bit complex to learn, but always a fun experience. one of lawlor's best for sure
8 months ago
The good old AF is still fresh. It can be punishing and the gameplay is quite simple, but I still have fun every time I play it. A timeless piece for sure!
9 months ago
B++ on play
9 months ago
Best selling of all time for a reason
9 months ago
the game by which all others are measured. after moving across the country to a pinball desert, i hadn't encountered it for over a year. when i saw it at pintastic it only took about 10 seconds of play to remember how perfect this game is. have spent many hours on it over the years.
9 months ago
A true classic. For a lot of people The Addams family pinball machine is THE pinball machine. Since I didn't play it before I always thought this was an amazing machine to play. For me the machine is a nice machine with a classic feel. Since I don't have any sentimental value to this machine I rate it like a normal game. I do like the classic artwork on the cabinet and the playfield. I prefer the blue version over the gold version. The game has a lot of shots and I think the lay-out is okey but nothing crazy or special. I do like thing! For me it was hard to get into the machine and it didn't made me play the machines over and over again. For me the only reason I can think of to buy this machine is that it is a true classic but it doesn't do it for me.
10 months ago
The Addams Family is a classic game with cult status.

The layout is very interesting and especially the lock shot (the small metal ramp) and right ramp are the most satisfying shots. I love that the Thing is taking the ball under the playfield. That is one of the best features in classic pinball history. I do not like the Power as it can majorly disrupt the gameplay. But it makes the game more unique I guess.

The rules are alright and pretty straightforward. I like the multiball and especially the callout: "It's Showtime!". That's an awesome moment.

In general the game is a lot of fun and there is a variety of different modes to play. It is kind of like Indiana Jones (WMS) in terms of that. But I think this game is not very replayable in general.

All in all this is a very unique and fun game. I think it is perfect for casual players and beginners.
10 months ago
Stone cold classic that I have enjoyed playing for nearly 30 years and I always come back to. I own one but will still play one if I see it on a site or at a show. The call outs are still funny, and so well tied into the game.
Sure, there are deeper games, there are those who the theme isn't funny. But for those who enjoy feeling good with a simple game of pinball, there are few games that do it better.
11 months ago
There are 797 ratings on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 32.

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