The Addams Family (Bally, 1992)

The Addams Family

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Game design: 8.646

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Other Aspects: 8.653

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This is "The Addams Family".
The other version is: Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition), The

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8 days ago
I've played this game at three different locations, and I always enjoy playing it. And it seems to always play well, so it seems like its built to last. What I like is the game has a lot of shots, but easy to understand rules. The modes are fun, but you also don't need to just do modes to get points, as there are many different ways to get big points in this game. I really like the skill shot, and I like the ball locks, especially the thing hand. That is really cool. The artwork is nice, but not really terribly exciting, but it all fits the theme, and the Cab art is really cool. I think this has a lot of really good sound and callouts. At one time they're probably the best ever, maybe not the best today, but certainly still up there and certainly still the measuring stick for great callouts. SHOWTIME!!!!! I do like the playfield as there is a lot to shot for and the shots make sense. Nice magnets, that sometimes piss me off, and sometimes don't... Still a fun feature. And the other toy is the bookcase, which is a fun enough toy, or diverter. Is this game worth the insane price people want for it... No... Is this game really, really good. I think it is. And one day I hope to own one... As I think modern games rulesets are just too confusing and strip away the fun. This is a game that has toys, magnets, and nice shots and a lot of fun. And its a nice looking game, not the best, but its looker.
16 days ago
Everybodies classic game. First played it when it came it, found it very addictive. Now own one and even though the shots are a bit formulaic to clear the mansion house, ie left flipper into the Chair, left flipper round the right ramp, then right flipper back into the chair, still enjoy a good game or two.
19 days ago
I enjoy this game, but it is hard. The drains are brutal. The scoring is demanding.
The artwork and the toys are some of the best in the biz.

With the difficulty of the game and the likely needed maintenance from the "busy" playfield pieces, I doubt this would be a machine I would ever own.
20 days ago
One of the very first pins I remember playing in the arcade when I was younger. Got me addicted to playing pinball!!
29 days ago
A really fun classic. Superb call outs by the late great Raul Julia.
58 days ago
Everyone's played Addams to death. For some eason this game just draws in pinheads and non pinheads alike. Something about the theme, sounds, shots, Thing.... It all just comes together. So much fun innovation, the magnets, the knock three times, Thing grabbing the ball, just brilliant. It's a simple game by todays standards but always gets a play when I see one out in the wild. They go for silly money these days, even tired looking ones. We could really do with CGC doing a remake. Have to quickly mention Raul Julia (RIP). His callouts in this game are absolutely brilliant - 'Keep the ball, I have a whole bucket full!'. Classic
69 days ago
My gateway drug to pinball. Not the deepest game and some sounds get annoying shrill over time. But it’ll always be my first love and a must own, if I get the chance.
70 days ago
It truly is a fun an entertaining game! Whats not to love about it? The magnets add for crazy ball movement.
73 days ago
This is one of the first machines that I can really remover drawing me into Pinball! I’m sure a lot of people feel similarly. For the time, the gimmicks in this game were truly game-changing. There are some risky and difficult shots (the mansion shots off of the right flipper, in particular) but overall it feels like one cohesive piece that never gets bogged down with confusing details. Featuring one of my favorite multi-ball sounds in all of Pinball (SHOW-TIME!), it’s a game that can be very rewarding for the new player!
84 days ago
Great game, wish they had added some of the classic TV show components to the game.
3 months ago
Greatest game of all time! If you are to own one machine this is it! This game will stand the test of time as it is near perfect in every category. You will not find a better or more engaging game ever!
3 months ago
Decent game but wish they would have made it based on the original B&W TV show
3 months ago
Great game never gets old one of the greatest themes in pinball. An absolute workhorse I have very rarely lifted the playfield on this machine and I belt it every day wish I had ten of them.
4 months ago
What more can be said about TAF that already hasn't been said? Classic Pat Lawlor, has some of the best callouts of all time. The multiball start is probably the best of all time. The sounds and light package really make this game shine. Rules-wise, it's a bit too easy to get to Tour the Mansion. Jackpots are nice challenging shots. Thing hand is always a winner. Can't go wrong really.
5 months ago
I get called out on this all the time, but I just cannot get into and do not rate TAF.

Heralded as the greatest game of all time by many (although not number 1 in this top 100, so maybe of it's time).

I am no animal, the intro to the multiball is incredible and the mansion tour is very clever for the time, but again, I cannot get on with this pin. One less person that wants it in their collection against the 1,000's that do.
5 months ago
Ho come on, this pin should be n°1! Although, I understand why some people hate it. Playfield is unusual and it can be VERY frustrating. But remember, when this pin first came out, it was in competition with T2 and LW3 (at least in Europe).
TAF was just a milion leagues above anything else at the time (and I'm a big fan of T2 and 90's pin), and in my opinion not any other recent pin is as good for the theme. It also deserves better lights, so if you own one, please go for leds.
This is the best seller ever for a good reason, but not an "everybody loves it" like MB or MM. I love it since the 1st day.
6 months ago
This game gets better the more I play it
6 months ago
TAF is a great pin but it doesn't come anywhere near my top 10 list. They are currently too pricey for what you get.
6 months ago
Great game all around. Mansion completion is super challenging. Each chair hit has very different completion. Hand is Awesome! Star is awesome!
6 months ago
I see why this is so highly rated. Such a fun game. Faster play than TZ (which for me is a plus), with tons of unique toys. Really packed a wide body full. In home, a true keeper.
7 months ago
This game is terrific. Definitely draws you back for "one more game". After only a few plays, it is obvious why it is so highly rated. After many more, this is only reaffirmed.
7 months ago
One of the most fun games I’ve played. Will play at any shop anytime I see it! One of Lawlor’s finest games!
7 months ago
Owned one for just over a year. I didn't really enjoy it back in the 90's on location but I hoped I would enjoy it more in the home environment on free play....I just didn't gel with it at all. I think it's a very overrated pin. I found myself going into the games room every night and forcing myself to play it due to the money spent on it rather than actually wanting to play it. All the ingredients are there. Lots of cool toys, good artwork, callouts, theme etc. Layout is good. I just don't like playing it. Too much stop start gameplay and repetition. Never regretted selling mine for a split second.
8 months ago
A gem across the board and deservedly counted as one of the greatest machines ever made.
8 months ago
Sorry this has to be the single most overrated game in history. The toys are horrible like the book case is blue or the library is red or whatever why not theme those? This game was made to be mass produced and cheap as possible. Lucky for us people are making mods today to drastically improve the game.

NOw after you’ve spent around 1000 on mods and upgrades the play field is much better. Certain things shouldn’t be involved in the game like a train the Adams Family are mostly about the interior of the their house. This game can be 100% better game only after you’ve spent a lot of money to make it feel and look more like the Adams Family. This is a game I’d like to see re-done but a modern version with movie clips of the TV show not the movie.
There are 609 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 25.

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