The Addams Family

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Game Design: 8.667

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Other Aspects: 8.673

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This is "The Addams Family".
The other version is: Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition), The

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There are 697 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
I just love this game. One of my oldest and fondest. This classic pin is just damn fun!
16 days ago
What can be said that hasn’t already been said one of the best pins ever done
18 days ago
Total classic but for some reason I don’t love playing it. Better bang for your buck out there.
44 days ago
TAF is a game that is easy to like. Having grown up watching the TV show I have a fondness to the game and theme. There are a lot of fun shots and overall layout is very good. The Flipper Snap-Snap is cool.
45 days ago
Old game but stil a lot of fun. And after the music update , the pin sounds are great!
58 days ago
The single most overrated pin in history.

Many people here will give you a much better overview of this title, so allow me to do something different, as I attempt to convey WHY I believe this table is overrated.

As an arcade rat of the 90s, I have a theory as to why this pin did so well. I firmly believe it benefitted immensely from the street fighter 2/ fighting game craze of the time. I distinctly remember going to arcades only for SF2/mortal kombat/fatal fury/etc. matchups in 1991/92/93, and while those arcades were tied up, I would kill time on other novelties, like pinball. Lots of kids did the same. Heck, I remember 711 had a street fighter 2 CE in 1992, and so many kids would flock to it on school lunch break, that they limited store capacity because of it. AND THIS WAS IN -30 CELSIUS WINTER! But we still waited outside for our turns XD

Arcades were simply on fire during this time, thanks to the vs. fighting game phenomenon, and the Adam’s Family movie ad campaign was in high gear. Remember, this is at the height of fast food tie ins. The Adam’s Family commercials were inescapable. Heck, even MC Hammer did a song for the movie, if that gives you any indication of the lengths the Adam’s Family promotional machine was willing to go to in order to cash in on fleeting hype.

The success and allure of this pin is a textbook example of being in the right place, at the right time to make a great first impression of pinball on a whole new generation of gamers.

It’s no coincidence that as the fighting game craze migrated to consoles, both pinball and arcades in general, began to decline. So while pinheads love to blame video games for the decline of pinball, y’all need to acknowledge that pinball also benefitted from video games too. I will even argue that Twilight Zone wouldn’t exist without Street Fighter 2, since the success of Adam’s Family begat that title, but I’m gonna stop there, as I’m sure to get flagged for insinuating that idea, haha :P

Anyhow, just my little theory. I hope it was at least entertaining.

That said, there is still a lot of merit to the hyperbole. It’s a damn fine game, designed by one of the goats of pinball design, even if it is one of my least favorites of his.

Love it, but I’d literally take any stern game from the last 10 years over it.
78 days ago
How have all these years passed and I never got any quality time on this game?

Now that I'm an owner, I've had the time and ... It's amazing.

Great artwork, check
Great callouts, check
Game theme integration, check
Great fun, check
Thing, check
Rotating bookcase, check
Main Flippers occationally perform the "snap snap" at the end of a game, check

The Addams Family is an unbelievable pinball by today's standards and awe inspiring when you consider it's from 1992.
78 days ago
I'm not into addams family but I'll try be extra nice since it's the king of the 90's but played one at pinfest with LEDs an blades in good condition an didn't do alot for me very expensive machine an I don't see the value the game it's self is alright but owning it is very hard due to flipper an current market but she's the masterpiece of. Collectors machine but sadly not for me
83 days ago
Quite frankly my favorite pinball machine to play from childhood, As a child of the 90's I saw this machine ALOT, and I wouldn't hesitate to play it, Raul Julia was a master of acting and his performance in this game really adds to it, a backglass that's bold, a HAND POPPING OUT TO GRAB THE BALL, a flipper that flips on it's own, such a revolutionary game, that is loads of fun, there's a reason there's so many out there.

A fantastic game, and hopefully coming to your collection, soon, if not already.
3 months ago
I still love playing this one.
3 months ago
Another great old classic, but talk about over hyped. Have owned 3 over the last decade and have the same feeling. Nice to tour the mansion, perhaps a mb (the best start to a multi ball in pinball history) shoot some jackpots...dull after a while. Would rather a classic stern or an em gottlieb tbh.

Over rated compared to many late sterns and of course you can’t ignore the elephant in the room....gunners.
Quaint game from yesteryear
3 months ago
Hasn’t clicked for me yet. Maybe because I played monopoly first but this game was the single reason I didn’t like pinball that much growing up. When I heard it was “the best” I tried it again and again but figured pinball wasn’t for me. Wasn’t until my 20s when I played Black Hole that I got reintroduced to the hobby properly.
3 months ago
This by far my favorite game. I played the fool out of this game when it was released and even today while in my collection. The game has lot of flow and the call outs are top notch while pulling you into the game. I love how they simulate thing moving around the playfield by him picking the ball up with his hand and then thing using the flipper to shoot the swamp. My favorite mode is seance. They used the magnets and the knocker is this mode which sets it apart from any other machine in my opinion.
My only pick about this machine is i wish they would have spent more time with the back glass lighting. It would have been nice to incorporate the lights to be used with the modes. Other than that this is a great machine and by a long shot as my favorite
4 months ago
Super fun game good theme I like the four flippers didn't play it too many times but it was a lot of fun
4 months ago
This pinball got it all started for me. My favorite multiball in pin! "IT'S SHOWTIME!"
4 months ago
Great callouts, art and gameplay. There is a reason this sold so many - ground breaking and set the agenda for modern pins.
4 months ago
I just have never liked this machine even though I know everyone considers it an all time classic I don't understand the hype. I played it many times and it doesn't keep me coming back. It doesn't seem that unique in terms of the shots and toys, and the artwork and lighting are really blah to me compared to other high level machines.
5 months ago
One of the first games I got to put some time into. It’s a fun game that everyone should play. Would love to have one in my collection one day.
5 months ago
Certainly hyped, but it meets or exceeds the hype in my opinion. There is a reason people go crazy for this machine. Still absolutely a blast to play 25+ years after being introduced. Only downside is the price (as of 2021). Exceptional and truly is one of the best machines ever made.
6 months ago
Classic. I like standard code over gold code. A must have for any collection. Love playing when younger in the arcade. One of the best multi balls. It’s SHOWTIME!
6 months ago
While I generally like older games that feature a single level playfield, I completely enjoyed Addams Family. Lots of action, multiple shots, four flippers that I finally starting getting used to around the 4th game. Can't wait to get another chance to play
6 months ago
If you've only read 500 reviews of this game, this is the one that will finally help you decide!

It's a classic for a reason. For me, it's because it's the first pinball I bothered to learn the rules for, practice shots for, and eventually even purchase so I could get better at it. And that's because it is FUN, which I think is the reason we all do this thing anyway.

The theming is fabulous, the callouts are both funny and useful, and winding your way through the mansion gives you such a great variety of mini games. They range from party (the Mamushka) to silly (hit Cousin It!) to harrowing (Seance's magnets and strobe lighting are often the evil disruptors of my best games) to tense but exhilarating (Thing multiball puts me on edge but the sound every time you hit the vault makes the world go round). And Raul Julia as Gomez makes you feel like a bona fide guest in the Addams world.

Some might say the game is a little stop-and-go for their taste, but I don't think it ever stops so long so as to be annoying, and it gives you time to get into the right mindset for what you're going to do next. If you get good at a few shots (Thing ramp, bear kick, electric chair, you're primed to have some exciting games/scores, but if you add the vault shot, the side staircase, the swamp crossover, and the bonus multiplying orbit, the whole table opens up for you and you have the opportunity to have some really fun, big games. The music and the voice acting/callouts are so good, you don't get bored of them as you hone these skills, either. You find yourself mouthing along and dancing along in anticipation before modes even start after you've been playing for a while, and that's fun immersion.

The lights are a bit dark in the original configuration, but some 4smd's and maybe a spotlight or 3 makes everything visible and vibrant--and still spooky if you like it that way. The lightshow/sounds for multiball, Seance, and Tour the Mansion are super exciting and pretty and get you nervous enough to enjoy doing well during these and other tougher modes.

The scoring is pretty balanced, and there are 3 or 4 strategies to attacking the table that all can yield big numbers if played well, so it's nice to switch it up and get better at different things. That said, it does behoove you to do that lest you fall into a "chair-ramp-repeat" kind of cycle that would suck some of the fun out of it. It's a good middle-of-the-road ruleset so you're not bored after a couple of days, but it's not like exploring for years like some of the later model pins.

What can I say, everyone who comes by loves playing this machine, and most of us know why by now. It's fun, it's quirky, and it's challenging enough to satisfy pretty much anyone who steps in for a tour. It may be selfish, but I'm pretty sure I'll want to be buried with mine.

Or just PM me if you have a spare cabinet so I can leave the machine for the world to enjoy, and then I can save money on a casket and just get buried IN it. Archaeologists of the future, you're welcome.
6 months ago
A true classic and amazing toys for when it was released. Fading a little over time for me, but still one of the best. Love activating all of the toys, but once that is done, I’m kinda ready to move on.
6 months ago
Pat Lawlor is a superstar designer, Steve Ritchie and Brian Eddy are others. Pat incorporates much of the same awesomeness as with his other machines. It’s challenging and rewarding and so much fun! This is highest sold machine all time, has truly stood the test of time. Still not easy to find sellers. Please remake this pin! The sound and music is fantastic, the callouts are amazing. I haven’t bought it, just haven’t found in right condition and price, but hoping for CG LE!
6 months ago
Everyone needs to own an Adams family at least once in their collection.
There are 697 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 28.

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