The Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "The Addams Family". The group itself ranks #22 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.488

Artwork: 8.273

Sounds/Music: 8.15

Other Aspects: 8.451

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This title is part of group: "Addams Family, The"

Found 63 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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52 days ago
I’m lucky to own one in original condition, fun game to play, has the shots which I don’t get tired of.
9 months ago
Classic game...there's a reason it's the most collected game....
2 years ago
Finally was able to own this game! Still have it and sometimes find myself just looking at it, there is a reason they made 20k of the standard and 1k of these special editions. It’s rare for me to continue to press the start button, but if I’m not satisfied with my game in this rare machine I will continue to press that start button until I am! And I never cheat and press that extra ball button! Buncha cheaters!
2 years ago
Greatest game of all time gold or not!
2 years ago
A friend owns this gold edition so I have opted to rate it instead of the standard I have long played at arcades. A classic and with good reason!
2 years ago
Great game. A classic. Love the multi all as it is the gold standard with magnets. It’s SHOWTIME. I like original over gold. Owned both.
2 years ago
Had Addams Family, upgraded it to Addams Family Gold. I found a nice example and thought it was a keeper.

The game is considered the best of all time and it was my grail game. Once I started playing it, I understood the limitations of keeping the game long term. Very solid play, but there are better out there.

Sound is great, theme is great, artwork is great! I am a big Addams Family fan (TV), but did enjoy the two movies. The game captures the movie very well.

One of the best starts to Multiball in all of pinball: "SHOWTIME!" One of the best toys in pinball: Thing!

Great game to own as everyone gets how to play it so in a big collection, friends will gravitate towards it to play.
3 years ago
Played this in an amusement arcade, machine wasn’t level this couldn’t hold the ball on the left flipping but still enjoyed the many games I played, will buy this when the opportunity arises
4 years ago
It is much rarer than the original, but I don't feel the cost trouble is worth it. There are soo nany mods on this pin that are available can really make it your own. Great game, but save your bucks and get the original, unless you just "love" rarity.
4 years ago
Addams is the Crown Jewel of pinball. It's the perfect match of new players trying pinball for the first time and loving it versus the serious player getting into the depth playing for the deep mansion rewards. This pinball got my wife hooked as she said she didn't get pinball. She's our current Grand Champion at 1.6 billion, Sixteen years later. It's the best balance of speed, playability, sounds, mini games, and overall fun on a machine. Now, we've upgraded every board, flipper, HD Museum Glass, gold roms, tons of toys, underlighting, overlighting, LEDS, Pin Sound sound board, Powder Blue legs, mirrored backglass, color DMD display (not dot matrix), new Pin Ball PRO speaker kit and Most impressive, Pinball Stadium Lights (most awesome upgrade).. point is you'll highly modify this pin if you want. It's such a good player, your family will love it for ever. Its Epic, its expensive, but its worth ever dollar as a bad machine only collects dust. Every guest totallly loves the game. Cheers. Oops, I was rating a standard Addams highly modified, not a Gold version, sorry folks. My bad.
4 years ago
Addams Gold still top of my list. Never gets old . Awesome with a pinsound board in there. Hand stealing your ball never gets old. Must have in a collection next to a TZ
4 years ago
Excellent machine. I prefer the gold cabinet over the blue, and the brass trim looks great. Game is a classic and seeing the hand grab your ball never gets old.
5 years ago
Hear this game in my head for weeks after playing
5 years ago
Ridiculous price for an ok game.
6 years ago
I played this game on and off for the last few years, never really understanding what the fuss was about. I finally sat down to really dig deep this weekend and, while it's not my absolute favorite pin (Pat Lawlor would triumph with his follow-up, "Twilight Zone"), it's a solid table. You can definitely see the influence it had on T-Zone what with the player having to collect "Mansion Rewards" in order to get to the Table Wizard mode of "Tour the Mansion". The call-outs are fun (LOVE the Mamushka and the SHOWTIME multi-ball sequence) but some shots are insane and tough and require pinpoint accuracy. The audio also sounds unfortunately garbled. All in all, the table still delivers.
6 years ago
This is a fun game and would play it every time I would go to a location. Some things/gimmick animations delay the game play a bit for me. The first few times you see them, they are pretty cool. I wouldn't mind owning this as a filler pin as I would play it occasionally if it was in my collection, but others would likely want to play it because of the theme and the cool gimmicks. The collectors edition of this pin is "a little" better for the eye candy aspect and lighting.
7 years ago
Quirky and amazing, it won't please everyone but the Adams genre and those who love its style of playfield will never get tired of it. Interesting shots require loads of discipline too. But in the end it's not for me, maybe I'm just too young or too dumb because it seems to drag and the audio quality isn't great either.
7 years ago
This shouldn't be a separate listing from the normal game because there are only cosmetic differences.
7 years ago
Great machine, the Gold one is a bit to much for me, but the game itself is great. Love the thing, the power and ramps. Great gameplay, timeless theme. The music is great and animations are perfect for this machine. No wonder a lot have been made and you can still play these in numerous places.
7 years ago
My grail pin! Hours of fun!!!peace:)
7 years ago
I am going to repeat my review of this title, because even with the slight upgrades in code, lighting effects, and features, it is the same game as TAF. Upgraded "gold" parts, make little difference in today's collector world. You are paying to be the "1 of 1000". The original collector's edition parts even had some defects, that had to be worked out. If you want to own one and are willing to pay the price tag (not all TAF:Gold are created equal...), make sure you have the proper verifiable certificate of authenticity and gold plate.

Classic game that is still going strong (This "short" review is worth reading, folks, I have owned THREE).
It is never going to drop in value contrary to the wealth of uninformed new collectors out there.
LCDs will not change its popularity.
Absolutely timeless pinball machine for a number of reasons.

Here are some of them:
#1 Operators continue to make money on the game, even though it is over 30+ years old
#2 It has a collectible theme, that is recognizable
#3 Easy for new pinball players to pick up and play
#4 Family Friendly
#5 Fun game modes with varied styles
#6 Good use of technology in design for the period (thing flipper, hand, Feel the power)

What does it not have?
A deep ruleset, but "Tour the Mansion" wizard mode is good.
Getting harder to find one without magnet burns or mansion insert issues, unless a reproduction playfield was installed.
Expect to GROSSLY OVERPAY for most machines, because all owners think TAF is made of "pure gold" (including the gold versions) instead of a being an expensive, novelty toy, even if the machine is beat to hell.
There are still plenty of naive new buyers that take the bait. A LOT OF THEM.
If you are paying $11-12k for a TAF, you just got robbed blindly, unless it HUO that was bought NIB, and there are not THAT many of them out there. In fact, it is more likely you will find a gold version that is HUO, but some of the gold parts were inferior in quality to the standard version. WMS started off the whole "Limited Edition" thing over 20 years ago Stern, and their quality control, parts consistency, and engineering did not suck, sorry Stern, you lose BADLY, I will never buy another late model SS Stern game again for the rest of my life.

"Feel the POWER"! (of overpaying for this machine)
Other than that, rounds out a "keeper" collection quite well.
I give it a high rating for what is to COLLECTORS and PLAYERS, not the price tag.
If this review was based on "bang for the buck" it would drop to #60.

I will probably buy a TAF Gold (versus regular TAF AGAIN) at some point down the road, but I am not really in a rush.
I will find the one I am looking for eventually.
This machine gets flipped out all the time, when people go broke.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Humor keeps this game alive, as well as the price tag for collectors, can you say CHA-CHING?!!!
8 years ago
it was a great game in 90's
but not a top for me today
8 years ago
Overall a great pin, but there's no point in blowing stacks more to get the Gold Version as the regular Addams Family can be easily modded into a Gold SCE.
8 years ago
Get a regular TAF. No need to blow your wad on the small extras that can be easily modded.
8 years ago
Love the limited edition aspect. And just love the game play.
There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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