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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "AC/DC". The group itself ranks #24 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.796

Artwork: 7.028

Sounds/Music: 8.456

Other Aspects: 7.858

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Found 196 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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18 days ago
For me AC/DC is one of the best games of all time.

It has one of the best flowy layouts made by legendary designer Steve Ritchie. Typically for him every shot feels smooth and is very satisfying. Hitting the ramps subsequently is such a great experience. This version of the game is more difficult to play due to the stand-up targets. Thus it can be a very frustrating game to beginners or more casual players.

The gamecode is the most risk-reward based one I have played so far. I love building up a song jackpot and then collecting it times three. That's an awesome idea. Encore is one of the best wizard modes we will ever see. Completing it seemed even more difficult than getting there. But that's what I love in this gamecode. This is Lyman Sheats' masterpiece, it is a true shame that he is no longer with us.

The only really noteworthy difference between Pro and Premium/LE in terms of gameplay is the mini-playfield. It is a nice feature although I don't think not having it in the game is that much of a difference. The Premium/LE is looking a lot better though with the molded train and moving band.

In terms of animations and artwork this game is alright, the playfield is just a little underwhelming when compared to other music based machines like Metallica.

Of course the music will only appeal to you as somebody who likes listening to AC/DC but that's the thing with any other music-pin as well.

Overall AC/DC is one of the hardest and greatest games I have ever played and the gamecode is an absolute masterpiece. The game will not appeal to everybody because of the difficulty and music which is very understandable.
59 days ago
This game is as ugly as it is fun. The code really ties the machine together by orchestrating the sounds and light to make you feel like you're playing the band. It's loud and exciting, a game that will get you pumped every time.

The layout is nothing special however the bell is one of the most satisfying toys to shoot ever. The lower playfield quickly gets old and I avoided the songs that sent me there. The cannon is fun and scoring the song jackpot is always a thrill.

It's probably one of the ugliest games ever made, the pro playfield in particular just looks appalling in my opinion. But with some friends and beers it's a hoot!
75 days ago
I always hated the pro , especially the playfield art work...decent game that I don't look for to play..I will play the premium if I find one on location...the bell is cool ,canon ala T2 is cool...good flow...not a keeper for me and I like ac/dc...
89 days ago
The fastest game to leave our collection. Just did nothing for us, even though we are ACDC fans. Music's great, looks OK overall, but zero interest in pressing start again...we have even revisited it a year after moving it tears here...
3 months ago
One of the cases where the Pro version has a big miss from the Premium. The inset playfield, while not heavily used in the higher editions, looks a lot better than the replacement artwork. On the pro you just feel like something is missing. Still got the good flow and music selection, but I always felt like I was missing something.
6 months ago
I enjoy this game, even though it doesn't score very highly in the areas I usually find most important in a pinball machine, namely shots and layout. It's fine, there's nothing wrong with it, but at the same time there's nothing special about the way the game plays. I love the music, though, and that's enough to keep me coming back to it.

I'm not really a fan of the cannon shot. Is there something I'm supposed to shoot at that I don't get? It seems like all it does is put the ball back in the playfield. The bell is okay, but hard to hit without getting it back SDTM. I like the jukebox; that's a simple idea that's well realized.

Overall, a decent enough game with excellent music.
6 months ago
Not fun at all. The only cool thing about it is the music from ac/dc.
8 months ago
I finally got to spend more time on AC/DC at two different locations, and my thoughts are that it is just mediocre. I wanted to love it. I don't think the art is very good, unless you get the Luci package. The music is great of course. The game just doesn't feel very fun. I do like the swinging bell as a toy, but the cannon doesn't really do much for the game. It's hard to describe, but it's just one of those games that doesn't make you feel like playing again. It's most lacking in the fun factor.
8 months ago
I'm not a fan of most band games, but this is one of my favorites. The music is good and I can play this over and over. Pros: Music (if you like AC/DC), animations, cannon, and hitting the bell. Cons: The modes aren't super interesting to me, playfield art is not so good, just something missing (for me) which doesn't have me coming back to it.
1 year ago
I don’t understand the love for this title. It is the machine we owned for the shortest period of time (~4-5 months). Wife and I love the band and music, but didn’t feel that the pin offered much beyond a fast pace, cheap drains, and A LOT of repetition. We probably cussed more times while playing this game than in the rest of our lives combined (and we’re in our 50’s!).

I can’t begin to understand how this game (specifically the pro) is rated higher than other stern rock pins such as LZ or Aero. This was ALMOST our first pin purchase; if it was, we may have never really gotten into the hobby.

What didn’t we like? Shots felt limited to the two ramps and orbits. The bell shot for multipliers carried too much risk of random center drains that we couldn’t dependably avoid. The canon shot was too repetitive; also with cheap drains unless you fired it around the orbit.

Music = awesome. Animations = great. Artwork = uninspired. Fun = …well, we always though of it more as ‘work’ than ‘fun’. Adrenaline = well, we did find new & creative ways to string expletives together.

My rating score will probably seem better than my comments. I probably feel the opposite of the majority and that is: the machine is worse than the sum of its parts.
1 year ago
This is a great game but the PRO strips too much off the game.
1 year ago
This zzRock-Band-Based pin was the best one I played at Pinballz in Austin. The music was great, after all, it’s AC/DC! Much better band pin than GnR, LED Zepp, Metallica, IMO.

Pretty smooth play, fun shots, plus the bell. I agree that the playfield art could have been much better. Back glass looked good IMO, but cabinet artwork was not very original
1 year ago
Though I haven't played this game enough to comment on the lastability, but it seems to have great potential for it. Love the bell, very clever. And also love the music. I've only played the PRO version and it seems very satisfactory from my perspective. Perhaps I'd gravitate to the higher end versions if I played them but perfectly happy playing the PRO.
2 years ago
Lyman is the only thing holding this pin together. This is Ritchies magnum opus of cheese. It’s like he really put his heart, soul, wraparound sunglasses and frosted tips into this game. Artwork gives off bigtime flavor town Guy Fieri vibes. This game has more corn in it than a vegetarians s#it.
2 years ago
Fun game to play. Hat e the artwook on the PF though with the face. Put something else there then it would be near perfect.
2 years ago
Love the band - don't love this machine.

For me the music pulls me back every time though as I'm a huge AC/DC fan. Shots are decent but I seem to drain very easily on this game which is frustrating. Hard game to buy - seems like people hold on to these!

I hear if you move up to premium it's much better but none around me.
2 years ago
As far as the rock themed games go this is a really good one. Great music, lots of good shots, cannon is really cool.
2 years ago
I love this theme a lot. Playing through the songs is great fun. This the machine that got pinball back on my radar.
2 years ago
Only buy the premium and LE. Missing too much in the pro.
2 years ago
Quite enjoyed playing this but the theme and music isn’t for me, change it to Depeche Mode and I might consider buying it, game play is decent.
3 years ago
Games played: ~20, >300 on Pinball Arcade

+ The cannon and bell are very cool mechs/toys for a Pro game.
/ Very easy to understand and learn.
- The layout feels a bit boring. Even worse with the drop targets removed.

+ Interesting progression system with the songs and Encore as the wizard mode.
+ Building up the song jackpot is a good risk/reward rule.
- There are 12 modes, but none of them is interesting. The only difference is which things score some points and build the jackpot.
- The mode jackpot build-up and lighting the next song are two completely different conflicting tasks when the should somehow work together to make getting to Encore enjoyable and also rewarding.
- Getting to and playing multiballs is not interesting. It's just a matter of looking at which MB needs the fewest shots to get to and hitting that, or just hitting shots randomly and eventually lighting a multiball anyways.

+ A good amount of little animations that play when hitting a shot, e.g. the car trunk and the train.
+ Short but good intros to the multiballs.
/ The progression to get to the next song is tied to the jukebox in the back which provides something to learn (which shot has which name).
/ For the focus on points there is very little audiovisual feedback when doing well or getting a big point reward.
- Lighting is incredibly confusing with only one insert per shot for multiple features.
- The flasher in the bumper area is annoying.

+ Heavy on ramp combos. The ball rarely stops.
+ Firing the canon into the target is difficult but it's the big payoff shot.
/ Preparing/starting the playfield x during gameplay provides some "strategy".
- The spring/diverter from the pop bumpers is plain stupid and creates more chaos and bad feeds than it should.

/ Mostly red, yellow and black shapes and some photos.
- There is a giant face in the middle of the playfield staring at me the whole game.

+ Amazing use of the band theme with a small recognizable song piece playing when a shot is hit (e.g. bell, train, hey ...)
+ Songs don't get old because there is no set order and each song rarely plays for more than 1-2 minutes.
/ Good callouts, but sometimes a bit hard to hear over the music.

+ A rock band theme with focus on the songs. Very well integrated overall, but especially in the sound area.

+ Shooting combos while listening to ACDC is fun for a while.
- The songs don't get repetitive, but there aren't any features to be excited about when stepping up to the game.
- Just focusing on gameplay lights or start things (and especially multiballs) eventually so there is no real focus needed except for not draining.
- The shape of the lower playfield that is still present on the Pro. It's like a slap in the face from the artist telling you that you could be playing the Premium right now.
3 years ago
I just love these stern ”rock”games.They are fun to play and half the thing is of course the Music and design
3 years ago
Had a pro, sold it. Bought another one. All said :)
4 years ago
Initially this pin wasn't really on my radar, but after someone mentioned it had a good cannon-shot, my interest was piqued. I got to play it at a local arcade, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Its a really fun and challenging machine to play. I love the fact that there are about a dozen different AC/DC songs, and that you can choose one at the start of each game; you never have to hear the same song over and over if you don't want to, and I love the sound effects and lighting. The flashing lights and cheers when you pull off tricky shots feel great, and make it seem like you're really at a rock concert. The ramp shots are very tricky, not where you'd expect them to be, but they are rewarding once you can start pulling them off more consistently. This pinball has a nice level of challenge, and plays very fast. And I can't help but smile every time I pull off a bell shot, and listen to the "gong" sound. For those playing on location, this machine is pretty fair with earning free games, at least at the arcade I play at. I think AC/DC will have a good level of lastability due to the challenge, and enjoyable music tracks. That being said, I do like a lot of AC/DC's music, so that probably affects my enjoyment of this pinball by quite a bit.

EDIT: I should add that like most DMD machines, this table is a lot more fun when you can hear it. Recommend playing it in a low ambient-noise environment, or with the volume up to get the full effect.
4 years ago
An absolute steaming pile of a game. JUNK. I would gladly throw it off a roof. Plays like hot garbage... clunky and almost designed to be the opposite of fun. It feels like half a game.

You AC/DC lovers will never change my mind, you love that ugly snarling face in the middle of the playfield because they were too lazy to put something interesting there? The pro is awful. It is just terrible. It deserves this rating.

If you are considering AC/DC do yourself a favor and buy the Premium. Game plays 100% different. Premium is smooth, buttery pinball play.
Pro is like taking the wheels off your car and pushing it down a hill.
There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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