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Game Design: 8.557

Artwork: 7.759

Sounds/Music: 8.9

Other Aspects: 8.616

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This is "AC/DC (Premium)".
The other versions are: AC/DC (Pro) (regular version), AC/DC (Pro Vault Edition), AC/DC (Premium Vault Edition), AC/DC (LE)

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There are 478 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 days ago
Great music pin!!!!! Fun layout and good shots!
22 days ago
Machine is full of toys and has pretty good flow. Music is fantastic. Rules are good. Cannon is similar to T2 but just as fun. My only issue is the lower playfield that I find quite boring and pointless. The glass to the lower playfield is also cloudy. Overall great great game.
23 days ago
Played multiple times at Pinball Republic and the Pinball Office.

AC/DC is hard to learn because the ruleset is non-obvious, but has strong, challenging gameplay once you learn the rules. I’m not a AC/DC fan and it’s not got the best artwork in the world, but it is among the best Sterns of this era.
30 days ago
I've always thought Stern got this one right. Even if you don't love acdc the pin is still a blast to play.
56 days ago
Great table. Original music adds to yhe experience and the bell hit is awesome. Not a fan of the under playfield. Picking your song from the jukebox is pretty cool.
3 months ago
AC/DC Luci version....Awesome artwork, Cabinet, Playfield & of course the Music. Sound is Awesome. Plays excellent and is alot of fun!
3 months ago
As with most of my ratings I wanted to own this for a while before I could give it an accurate rating. It’s been I’m my collection now for over 2 years and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Obviously the theme is a huge part but this pin shoots like a dream. It’s fast and can be brutal. Top 5 machine all time in my book.

Must have mod is an external sub.
6 months ago
Great music, and the theme fits the pin well. Loved ringing the “Hell’s Bell.” Found the “devil voice” announcer annoying. Better than average Stern.
6 months ago
I like AC/DC, the band. The pin…its just not fun. The artwork and layout are just a cookie cutting bore. The only thing that salvages this game from the trash bin off history is the Lyman code. But even that isn’t enough to make me want to own it…or play it on location.
8 months ago
I don't listen to too much music or play this machine often, but I got somewhat of a kick out of it. The best way to describe this machine is that you're playing against the devil himself. The machine, much like the devil, will try to play many tricks on you. The best bet is to not let the game do that. Once you get the hang of countering the tricks the game has in store, you should have no problems doing decent on this. However, there's one big problem I have with this machine. As a content creator, I livestream virtual pinball for charity. This machine has had my videos muted or taken down by the Facebook Copyright Police because of the music being copyrighted. I highly advise against streaming or uploading content on this machine for entertainment on social media. If you want to do it however, do so at your own risk. Not even giving credit could save me from having my videos muted, even more so taken down. Nothing ruins a game more than knowing you can't make content off it.
8 months ago
Played this the other night, lots of fun, love the theme and sound, it was awesome.
11 months ago
The game is ok and it's better if you like AC/DC. I don't like how you select a song, I would rather it just play when starting different modes which in some cases it does. The mini PF is pretty boring as well but overall the game has a pretty solid light show IMO. Metallica is the much better game for me if you are looking for a music style pin in this style of music.
11 months ago
very much overrated pin. game code still not finished. if you like the music, yes 10 points! but the rest gets boring very soon. canon makes game slow. not a top 20 pin.
1 year ago
Best music pin that stern made. Also a great playing pinball that is fast with lots to do. Ring the bell and shoot the cannon! Love it!
1 year ago
Bought NIB, fan of the group, I liked it maybe for the musical atmosphere .. but not hooked.
Maybe not understand this game ...
1 year ago
a fan layout by Steve Ritchie but packed with an excellent fun factor and good deep ruleset from lyman.
the music is excellent ans the idea of jukebox a tremendous one.
unfortunately, the art is not as good as gameplay with an awfull photoshop-playfield style
overall, a very good pinball machine with a one more game feeling inside !
1 year ago
Love AC/DC this pin is ok. Lower playfield is an absolute waste. It’s ok
1 year ago
I owned this one for about 6 months. Great pin with lots of modes. Not a huge fan of the hell playfield below. Kinda boring. But the rest of the pin is fantastic.
1 year ago
Played this at the Texas Pinball Festival the year it was released. Really enjoyed the double play field!!
1 year ago
what a great addition to my collection.Fun everytime sounds are great especially if your an acdc fan.
if you like music pins you will love this one.

pros super fun rockin pin
cons you will want more songs but I dont get tired of the ones I have.
1 year ago
Just picked up this game, a Premium, and I love it… I’m admittedly an AC/DC fan, so the music is easily a 10+ for me.
I enjoy the playfield with multiple ramps, the cannon, and the cool hells bell feature… it’s a great mix of old school with pop bumpers, drop targets, and some newer gimmicks mixed in.
The game is challenging and fun. The lower playfield doesn’t add a ton to the overall playability but this machine is awesome, IMO.

If you see it, play it, if you love loud rock music — I promise you’ll enjoy it.
1 year ago
It's fast and fun
1 year ago
Love, love LOVE.
Looking for one as we speak.
1 year ago
Theme is Amazing. Big AC/DC fan. Love the Luci Artwork. This one is meant to be loud. Uneven scoring for War Machine compels me to play most of the game there rather than just playing and enjoying all the music. Otherwise this pin was incredibly well done. Wish I could buy one NIB still.
1 year ago
Choosing your song makes a big difference in how game scores and need to stick with one song to get a feel for how best to play. Still lots of fun to play. Hitting the bell is sweet and the cannon is cool too, although it takes some practice to time the shot. Can't wait to play it and would love to add it to my collection at some point.
There are 478 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 20.

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