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Game Design: 8.313

Artwork: 7.831

Sounds/Music: 8.957

Other Aspects: 8.477

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There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 months ago
For me AC/DC is one of the best games of all time.

It has one of the best flowy layouts made by legendary designer Steve Ritchie. Typically for him every shot feels smooth and is very satisfying. Hitting the ramps subsequently is such a great experience. This version of the game is a bit easier to play than the Pro because of the drop targets. But in general it is difficult to play and it can potentially be a frustrating experience to beginners or casual players.

The gamecode is the most risk-reward based one I have played so far. I love building up a song jackpot and then collecting it times three. That's an awesome idea. Encore is one of the best wizard modes we will ever see. Completing it seemed even more difficult than getting there. But that's what I love about this gamecode. This is Lyman Sheats' masterpiece, it is a true shame that he is no longer with us.

The only really noteworthy difference between Pro and Premium/LE in terms of gameplay is the mini-playfield. It is a nice feature although I don't think not having it in the game is that much of a difference. The Premium/LE is looking a lot better though with the molded train and moving band (and red/black siderails).

In terms of animations and artwork this game is alright, the playfield is just a little underwhelming when compared to other music based machines like Metallica.

Of course the music will only appeal to you as somebody who likes listening to AC/DC but that's the thing with any other music-pin as well.

Overall AC/DC is one of the hardest and greatest games I have ever played and the gamecode is an absolute masterpiece. The game will not appeal to everybody because of the difficulty and music which is very understandable.
8 months ago
One of the best music pins that really integrates the pin with the music. Love the Cannon and the Bell. Prefer the Luci Premium art but overall, a great pin that is fun to play with great song choices.
1 year ago
Overrated pin, one more music pinball , design is so an so !
1 year ago
Game is good but design is poor , average game on the whole
1 year ago
AC/DC is the best game to come from Stern in a long long time.

The Pros:
This is the best sounding pinball game... ever. The theme is incredibly well executed and the details of this game are well attended. Drops instead of standups are a welcome addition. The Bell diverter lane as well as the diverter from the left ramp. Oh yeah... the lower pf is a welcome return and addition to this game. Not too much time is spent down there and the scoring is not so significant that it is unbalancing. This table flows well and is a worthy successor to the T2 layout. Smooth flow and lots of different modes use the entire playfield and yet all the modes do not feel boring. 12 songs, 12 modes, 12 sets of rules within the same table. Stack you MB's, multiply your PF scoring and rock out! The Back in Black art package is the BEST!

The Cons:
I need more time with this game. I'd love to see what they do with the wizard mode. You had better like AC/DC songs because you are going to hear a lot of it. The inlane/outlane on the right is obstructed by the cannon. The bell seems to break a bit on location. I stay away from a few modes at all cost (Thunderstruck, agh!)

The Takeaway:
With software updates and more tweaking of the modes on the way... this game is a winner. It feels great, it looks good and the gameplay is fantastic. I have to play this game more, and that is ALWAYS a sign of a good pinball game. Congratulations Stern... I am more excited to play this game than any other pinball game I have seen in years.

This game has LOOOOOOONNNNG legs. I mean, it just keeps on giving and giving and giving. The game can be set up for easier play (If you absolutely need to make Encore), and can also be set up to be PAPA nasty and downright deadly as a player. There are some minor complaints about the cannon modes, but... these are such small matters as compared to the big picture that. They don't really matter at all. A true player in every sense of the term and quite possibly the only game that I don't have in my collection that I HAVE to own someday. When you really think about it, there are only 5 shots on the game.

Left Orbit
Left Ramp
Bell lane
Right Ramp
Right Orbit

and nothing of real note to the layout. This game is a true testament to the genius of Lyman Sheats and is one of the few games that Stern made that was not programmed by Keith Johnson to be a truly brilliant, deep game that is without exploits. This is a game that offers you many valid and earn-able choices as to how to play as your game progresses. If pinball was art (I do most sincerely believe that it is) This pinball deck is analagous to DaVinci's David, Michaelangelo's Mona Lisa. So there. Ritchie and Sheats's AC/DC.
1 year ago
Its a good game with an okay flow, rating would probably be higher if i liked the music more.
1 year ago
Always enjoy playing ACDC, but I can't see how the LE is getting such higher marks than every other model. It's definitely not #2 on pinside good. Music and theme is a lot of fun, shots are fun, game is fast and brutal. But to me ACDC isn't even a top 10 game.
1 year ago
Same as the others, great music pin, maybe the best. But not top 10 material.
1 year ago
Great pin with great music. I'm not a fan of the art on the playfield but Lucy looks cool. Call outs are fun and gameplay is smooth and fun to shoot. Code is just ok but shots make up for lack of exciting code. Overall a good pin.
2 years ago
Arguably the most "fun" music pins I have played. Like all music pins, though, if you don't like the band then you're not going to enjoy the game. AC/DC, though, has so many amazing tunes that even casual fans gravitate towards this game.

Music all the way is amaze-balls... Back in Black, Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell, etc. You find yourself rocking while playing. Only negative is it's missing a few hits that I for one would prefer to add (like Dirty Deeds) over some others like War Machine. This is personal preference of course.
Fun Factor is a given... this game 100% has that fun factor where you just want to keep playing.
Rules... pretty good rule set that allows you to cycle through songs with different objectives. Only downside is inconsistent scoring, especially in the lower playfield. Every song has a champion, though, so if you love Hell Aien't a Bad Place then you can focus on holding that over GC.
Playfield cons ... I've played a few of these in the wild, and including my own, the only infuriating thing is the cannon shot not always registering the hit against the AC/DC lightning standup. It also partially blocks visibility of the right outlane.
Lower Playfield longevity concern... fun additional gimmick to the game, but I wish you could take it out and replace the see-thru cover. This is a longevity issue for the game because of 'clouding' over time and no way to address it without replacing the entire board.

All in all, absolutely fantastic pin that everyone in my home, including kids & guests, are thrilled to play.
6 years ago
This is the game that knocked "Tales of the Arabian Nights" out of my personal Top 10. "AC/DC: LE" is a fantastic game on nearly every single level. As with most of Stern's rock tables, I'm not a huge fan of AC/DC but I'd listen to their stuff probably before any of the other bands Stern has signed. The game is smooth as hell, giving you the option to listen to about a dozen of their best songs -- and each one gives the table its own unique "personality". For "Thunderstruck", there's thunder and lightning when you hit ramps and targets while "T.N.T." gives you explosions. The ramps are smooth and fairly easy to hit and each one is rewarding. The toys include a heavy requiem bell and a concert stage where the guys "play" during certain modes. The only downside to the game is the DMD which doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of animations and, while the music is there to compensate, the sounds are fairly generic. The biggest gripe I have with it is that the rules aren't abundantly clear and I have no idea how to activate a "wizard mode" despite seemingly going through each song in the game's repertoire. Overall, however, this machine is a blast to play and probably the best of Stern's rock tables.
8 years ago
Awesome game especially if you love AC/DC. My first pin that i wanted to buy (ACDC LE) and love it. There's plenty of rules to keep you entertained for ages and lots of toys to keep the whole family wanting a go :)
8 years ago
AC/DC LE is an average overall package.

Originality: low.

Art/Lights/Theme: So bad I could barely look at the playfield.
This is the typical weak art package from Stern with photoshopped pics of band members all over the playfield. (Unlike what Dirty Donny did with Metallica)

Sound/Callouts: Can't hear since I was in an arcade… I did hear a bell.
Flow: weak. But there was a nice orbit shot in one direction only.

1. no orbits / orbit shots get trapped to pops
2. pop pen is a mindless waste of time ...zzz...
3. the way the ball dribbles out of the pop pen is insulting

Toys: There's a bell. If you miss this shot, wait a while and you may have a ball SDTM. (but not too often)

Ball Control/Hazards: weak. The stand ups might as well just be solid walls. The ball ricochets off them at full speed -- sometimes straight to the outlane, without giving the player a millisecond of any ball control to help avoid disaster. It's another fast "vertical" game from Stern that doesn't allow for much nudging. Most of their games are configured like this now.

Balanced Scoring: (unknown) I haven't played enough games to know how the scoring works

Fun/Lastability: 1 game was enough for me. No desire to play AC/DC again. I never finish it. I keep trying.

Symmetry: good. I’m rather sure its an asymmetrical design.

Use of pops: POOR. They only have scoring opportunities. They cannot hurt the player. I still have no idea why manufacturers continue to hide pops in the upper corner of the playfield in a spot where the cannot harm the player. The way the ball dribble out, when the game is busy keeping you from playing adds insult to injury.

PF Visibility: POOR: I didn't like the use of the cannon over the right sling, and some junk over the left sling, which makes playing a ball off the outlanes impossible (a la STTNG) -- this REALLY kills the game for me. It's like playing with blinders on. Steve Ritchie hasn't had much respect for outlanes in a long time. First the gaping kickback hole on left in the early days, and now putting toys on top of them, so you can't see what you are nudging/saving.

All I can say is, thank goodness that Stern got pinball right with Metallica.
9 years ago
This game is tough and unforgiving - but is so satisfying when you are making shots that you want to come back for more and more punishment. The BIBLE i am rating feels really solid and polished and the overall package is great.
9 years ago
I love the rules, theme, and flow of AC/DC.

I have played quite a bit on the pro and LE. I think that the Prem/LE is a bit overrated. The lower PF is boring and the diverter slows things down a bit. I would own AC/DC but would just spring for the pro.
9 years ago
AC/DC was a surprise for me. It had a lot going on and was very fun to play. I like the be and the designers rally did an excellent job with the them. I was never a big fan of AC/DC music, but after playing the pin I wanted to get the music. I played the LE.
10 years ago
My rating is for ACDC LE "Black in Black", the machine is amazing just keeps me coming back for more. It is simply stunning and the centrepiece of my collection. The gameplay is true awesome and keep you coming back for more. The only real drawback is the machine is drany for the average player and the artwork package on the playfield is average, but really a top 3 machine IMO...
10 years ago
Another great Stern game. If you love AC/DC, you'll love this game even more. There's a lot going on in this pin and it is all fun. The lighting is great and the sound is awesome. I will say that I love their songs, but there's no doubt that it will get boring after awhile. Hec, I've got almost 3000 songs on my I-Pod and I'm sick of that! LOL So, after awhile, the thrill wears off and you're gonna get tired of listening to it. That's what I think anyway. It'd nice that people have figured out change and add songs. That a big plus.

I admit I don't like the devil horns/theme in the game, but that is "their" thing so to speak, so I understand it being in the game. Now, Angus' face on the Pro...Ughhh, I wouldn't want to look at that for too long. BUT, that is the Pro, and not this game the LE. So I didn't take that into my consideration in my vote.

As for the back glass and cabinet artwork, how much can you really do with any music group? The cabinet is well done for a group theme. The back glass, not so much. LOL

I'm also not crazy on the lower playfield. I don't like the sealed over hazey plastic and the whole thing seems kind of cheesy. Maybe that's just me, I don't know. But I feel it takes away from the great flow of this game. At least the times I played it.

Regardless of a few issues, this is one heck of an awesome machine that will always be well sought after and thus rated accordingly. ;)
10 years ago
I played the "Let There Be Rock" edition of AC/DC and I thought it was a blast! Lots of different toys and features. The bell is really fun and looks great. I especially like the little cut outs of the band members that dance in the background. The mini game underneath the table surface is neat but doesn't add that much to the game, especially since it's very plain and quite difficult to play well.
10 years ago
Wish the pro had the features the LE has.
10 years ago
I like the LE version SOOOOO much more than the AC/DC "pro" version. From the moving bell to the band in the upper right corner, and mainly to NOT being required to stare at Angus Young's "selfie" face in the middle of the playfield. Although the haze in the mini-playfield is a bit of a bummer. This is one of the few Stern LE's where the LE version is much more than just a "blinged-out" pin versus the pro model.
There is not a specific rating for best machine for parties, or best pin to drink beer while playing, but the AC/DC LE would win hands-down! The only complaint I have is the "brightness" of this machine; you had better like LEDs or this pin may give you headaches after a marathon playing session.
10 years ago
Steve Ritchie Classic one of Sterns best .Will never let my BIBLE go from my collection.
11 years ago
Just bought this game way better than the pro i now have the le it is a super game never selling it it is a keeper for sure . i did not like the pro at all.
11 years ago
Game uses the most confusing rule set ever. No way to know what is lit for what and how it stacks its scoring with other features. The placement of the cannon over the right side inlane/outlane is a big blind spot in a very important area. While the sounds/music are great the notion that they aren't in stereo is a downer.

The Ritchie taunts are awesome even though they are in the "NO FEAR" voice pattern. The BIBLE edition artwork really stands out on its cabinet and back glass. The game is a fun one to play and is still getting its software updated. Lyman has done this game great justice.
11 years ago
I like AC/DC so the music and theme is a plus for me. Great lighting on the LE's. Not crazy about the lower playfield but I guess it's better than big head. Swinging bell is a great toy and the major thing missing from the pro for me. Deep rules and a ton of fun to play keeps me coming back for more. My favorite Stern.
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