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9 days ago
Another music-themed pin I've had the pleasure of playing. This is almost as awesome as Metallica premium in my opinion and a tad better than Kiss premium. I do enjoy AC/DC music and if I was a bigger fan then this game would be a must-own. Instead, it is a must-play. I think I would appreciate it even more if I got to play it in a quieter setting, as AC/DC music inevitably always gets me pumped up - I feel like I lost out on that a bit due to all of the noise where I played it at. I look forward to giving it another go soon.
12 days ago
Of all the music-themed pins out there, this one is the best!
18 days ago
AC/DC is a perfect music pin theme; its fun to listen to other people play. I replaced the backless with Helen and love it! Shots are good, and the lower play field and cannon are fun, and the bell rocks. I docked a point for the dancing band in the right corner; Not my thing. I don't get too concerned about going deep into rules for any of my games, and stick to the obvious stuff so my opinion of them is more about fun and easy to teach to my kids and friends. Top ten pin all the way.
54 days ago
Great sound...the music caters to pinball really well. The light show channels that feeling of being at a concert. The game plays fast, but the lower playfield seems a bit of an afterthought and pretty weak. Overall a blast, though, with each song having different shots to make.
87 days ago
This game is saved by what I think are some of the best rules in all of pinball. Bell is an awesome toy as well as the lower playfield. All of the shots on this game feel great. Although the layout is kind of boring, something about it is still awesome.

You better be a fan of AC/DC, which I am not. The theme can seem a little removed from the multiballs because they aren’t songs.

A game completely saved by outstanding code, and a game I would love to own if not for the theme.
3 months ago
Love playing this and the sound of the bell. The lower playfield is a cool feature. No entirely family freindly due to theme, but depends on age of kids IMO.
3 months ago
Favorite music/band game ever probably. AC/DC fits pinball intensity perfectly. And the game matches with unforgiving intensity. One of my favorite set of rules ever - change the song, change the required shots & objectives. Stack songs for huge cash-ins and multiballs. A lot of fun to play each time I see it on location.
3 months ago
I want to play it again!
3 months ago
Shoot to thrill! Had great time playing it- but then I realized it was the music. Huge AC/DC fan, so my favorite music pin to date. Toys and play is great, until ball drains way too soon. Maybe some practice will help. I’m convinced now that people rate these music pins way too high or low based solely on how much they like the band. Tried it in quiet store so could hear everything, probably much different then surrounded by other pins. It is solid enough that it is in my top three to buy.
3 months ago
Meh way better than the pro but not to10
3 months ago
Great Pin. Fun to play

One of Sterns better music pins. I have this set up with other music pins and it holds its own in my collections with ease.
3 months ago
This one is insanely hard and unfair.
If you are a fan of AC/DC, you'll get to enjoy your favorite song for 30 seconds before the ball drains and the same song starts over again.

Very cool bell shot is sadly meant to bounces into the right outlane.
Highly enjoyable TNT explosion behind the drop targets will bump the ball directly into the left outlane.
Thunder targets are also meant to drain.

Whats the point of having all those cool goals if by executing them I am rewarded with a drained ball?

Assuming the tilt setings are forgiving, nudging wizard skills are required to even dream of getting some decent scores.
"Play better". Yeah, that becomes less funny after a few plays.
4 months ago
This game is fun but not amazing. But the music alone is a good reason to keep playing. AC DC rocks
4 months ago
Having played this for a while now, it truly starts to grow on you and bring you back game after game to play. The music is great and never seems to get old. Dang I want to listen to more AC/DC now then ever. If you ever see one of these for sale, make sure to get the vault edition with the lower play field which adds a bit a variety to the pin. One of the greatest and why its on the top 10.
4 months ago
I think this is the best of the newer stern "rock" pinballs. Great theme. Great music. The cannon is awesome. If you like AC/DC, the replayability is incredible.
5 months ago
AC/DC is possibly my favorite music themed pin and one of my favorite pinball machines in general. This pin is what got me back into enjoying AC/DC like I did when I was a kid. Excellent layout and shot variety. This machine brings the music to life and makes you feel like you're in the middle of one of their concerts. I love pinball that gets the adrenaline going and this is one of the best.
5 months ago
I have owned the pro version before.I dont like it so wery mutch.I have owned the original premium version for 4 mounths now.And i must say,i like a lot.It’s a wery hard pin to play,and If you miss a shot it drains as hell.But when you hit,the flow is superb.And the music is wow Ac/dc.It’s a wery wery good music pin from Stern.And the look,gameplay,music is nearly perfect fo me.
6 months ago
Fun game with great lighting and musics, but that's all. Playfield design is average, rules are extremely repetitive to the point that after 2 weeks i knew this game will move.
I hate the code. It's not that i think it's bad but compared to TWD, Lord, Met and IM, i have much more pleasure to play this games than ACDC. Overrated game due to the band, not a bad game but not a GREAT game.
6 months ago
Awesome game for AC/DC fans.
Great lighting, fun fast play.
I really like playing this one.
6 months ago
One of the hardest games I’ve ever played. Shots are very pleasant but if you miss and hit something else you can get a very cheap drain.flow is very good and of course it’s a Steve Richie masterpiece one of his greatest games.points are very hard to come by.It seems hells bells mode is the best way to get the points.the layout is very good and the art work is awesome exspeciely if you are an AC/DC fan. I happen to like most of the music pins as these are the bands/groups that are in my generation
6 months ago
Can't "not" play this pin when I see it somewhere on location. This might have to be the next pin added to my small collection.
7 months ago
Classic band and my favorite music to listen to over and over, that’s why it’s in action movies and game commercials. That game has the Steve Ritchie flow, excellent lighting, cool toys. Shooting up the middle can be brutal. I have the LUCI vault which I’m so happy I held out for, I almost paid a premium for an original and this vault saved me a few thousand. A true work of art that doesn’t disappoint.
7 months ago
AC/DC is a tough, yet enjoyable game
Not a fan of the lower playfield
Great theme, lots of good tunes to choose from
8 months ago
Very hard pin with only about 6 main shots. (Orbits, 2 ramps, bell, TNT). Lots of drop targets for sure, but I like a bit more variety. Too simple, or crowded, and very fast. Lots of unfair drains, I felt. May simply be too hard for my taste. Great music, and above-average art package overall and rules seem decent. But I keep going back to this one over and over, and I can't get into this one. I really want to like AC/DC. I love Metallica, for example. The cannon doesn't seem useful when I use it. Perhaps for the drop targets? This one just doesn't do it for me.
8 months ago
AC/DC is a phenomenal game! It definitely calls you back to play just one more game and then another and another! Great sound system and if you are a fan of AC/DC your going to love this game. The shots are tough. It feels great to have a good game because it doesn't happen very often. AC/DC is a punishing game. Miss and shot and there is a good chance your going to loose the ball. The only thing I don't like is the bottom playfield is a little gimmicky. It doesn't look right to me and I don't like how you can't remove the acrylic overlay. If the overlay gets scratched or foggy the entire playfield has to be stripped to replace it. Ughh! Mine has just a little fog to it that doesn't bother me. I'm just afraid it may get worse. Otherwise, this game is a classic. Music, theme, art, playability are all off the charts. I highly recommend to anyone that enjoys music pins or AC/DC.
There are 482 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 20.

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