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Game design: 8.592

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Other Aspects: 8.624

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24 days ago
My first NIB purchase and I never regretted it. It is pure fun even though I am not a huge AC/DC fan but I am a huge AC/DC pinball machine fan! The toys and music are great - you can not go wrong with this title.
54 days ago
Currently own this pin- I'm a big hard rock/metal fan and the music and sound quality is great, especially the older songs with Bon Scott. The gameplay is terrific, with the shooting cannon and the "in hell" lower playfield a fun and challenging addition. The Luci artwork is sexy and a definite upgrade from the other editions. The taunting host is really funny when you aren't playing so well and is better than most, but could use a few more callouts. Not my all-time favorite in terms of playability, but is definitely on the do not trade/sell list.
3 months ago
Love the mini playfield on ACDC. Really fun and hard machine. Some awesome ramps and shots, Bell (and gameplay overall) can be really unforgiving, but this pin makes you a better player. It's hard and fast, but like Iron Maiden, it rocks!
4 months ago
This game is very fun. I love how the backhands are generally easier than a forehand shot. I like how it has mods for the different songs by AC/DC. The canon is my favorite feature on this game and when you get multiball and shot the cannon it is very cool. The only thing I think could have been better is the lower playfield, although when I originally thought It was so cool until I saw the lower playfield on munsters and then I realized it could have been better. I think AC/DC is an awesome game.
5 months ago
Wow...what a blast. Fast 'n furios!

Typical Steve Ritchie fan-layout with nice flow and speed. Especially the sound, lightning and integration of the Bell is outstanding (everybody remember the bell ;"doooonnng"). You feel like being in a rock concert.

Very, very deep have to study the game to be able to achieve a high scoring. Overall it is a difficult game; can be frustrating....therefore not recommended for beginners.
5 months ago
I waited to include my rating as I wanted to play this pin for a few months before I did. AC DC is a blast to play, but you have really crank the music up to get the best of this pin. The bell, train and other gimmicks really set this pin apart and make it a winner. I’ve added it to my collection and it’s one of my keepers great pin and is and should be in the top 20.
6 months ago
Overall a really good game. I think it’s a little bit tacky, like all stern games from this time period. It feels so much cheaper than others Williams/ Bally from the 90s.
6 months ago
Premium/LE AC/DC from Stern Pinball is amazing in so many ways. If you like Pinball and you are a fan of AC/DC this is a Must Have ! Only Pin that I know of that has Jukebox with studio and live tracks for all songs, Sensational !

With a loaded playfield and fast paced and super flow design from "The King" Steve Ritchie, Awesome audio from David Thiel, art package by J & C Youssi to the Epic code from Lyman F. Sheats Jr . Audio and Lightshow is incredible. Gameplay can be brutal at times but will keep you coming back for more.

Dialed in correctly with a few tasteful extras, Shaker, Sub woofer, Color LCD being most Amazing ! AC/DC certainly makes a top 10 pin of all time for me anyway. SAM electronics system appears to be most reliable at this time, added bonus for new pinheads.

Set list

Back In Black
You Shook Me All Night Long
Highway To Hell
For Those About To Rock
Hells Bells
Let There Be Rock
Rock ‘N’ Roll Train
Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
Whole Lotta Rosie
War Machine
7 months ago
Disappointing game that I found to repetitive but I do love the music
7 months ago
The bell is innovated, but that is pretty much it for me.
7 months ago
Great modern era machine which makes tremendous use of multiple full length tracks to create variety. Layout pretty basic and lower playfield doesn't add as much as it could, but overall a good, strong package which deserves its lofty position in this list
8 months ago
It plays well, and at the end of the day that's what's most important, but I think it has one of the uglier playfields in modern pinball. It looks like the haphazard collages I used to scotch tape on my bedroom walls in the early '80s by cutting up copies of Creem and Circus magazines. And in several spots there's raised, 2D rectangles of drawings of fire, and one of them is a cannon, I think? What the hell are those?! They're some of the ugliest things I've ever seen under a pinball glass.

But it is a beast of a machine -- loud, fast, forceful. The shaker is strong and frequent, the bell chime will send a shiver down your spine, and the bassy, loud rock takes this to a different level than most other machines. Lots of multiballs, the lower playfield is a nice diversion even if very basic, and the cannon is fun to shoot but a bit of a pain otherwise as it really obscures your view of the right lanes.

AC/DC was an experience the first time I played it right after it came out (Lanes & Games in Cambridge, RIP), and I'll always chuck some quarters in it every time I see it. It's the perfect barroom pin. The band themselves play great drinking music (even if the demon hooch killed one of them), and this machine is just loud and rowdy, like a barfly who had a few too many.
8 months ago
would love to see someone re-theme this as Ween. I don't care for ad/dc, but this is one of the best tables stern has produced.
8 months ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 5 - Below Average

* The Music!
* Flow in all the ramp & orbit shots feels very smooth and satisfying
* The bell is very satisfying to hit and the noise accompanying it is great
* Even though there aren’t many shots, the fact that the drop targets and other targets/pop bumpers are important for game play means you don’t get bored.
* The lower playfield is a good fun feature
* There are multiple shots for the cannon

* The game needs good control as it’s a drain monster
* No video mode
* The bell is fun to hit but deadly
* VERY difficult to reach wizard mode

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Decals for under the ramps
* Cover for the top of the bell
* Pinbits lightning target mod
* Shaker motor & Subwoofer

What To Look For When Buying
* Wear behind the bell in the scoop
* Condition of lower playfield
* Damage to ramps
8 months ago
Danger, be careful, unpopular opinion: I hate this game.

First thing first: The layout is horrible. It´s just super standard. Two ramps, two loops, a bash-toy and everywhere where´s still Space left. Just targets and some Pops.
And the gameplay is basically just going for these Multiballs, which is shooting Ramps basically all the time. Also, the shots don´t fell any good to me. That´s a very personnel opinion, but they´re just so standard.
And the modes are all just "Shoot the blinking Lights" and usually you just stick with one song and play Jam all day. That doesn´t sound like fun to me! Even if the cannon and songjackpot add a lot of strategy, one 1 is, in my opinion, not enough to make a game fun to play.
Maybe I missed something or I´m just someone who wants to share his opinion at all cost, but I hate this game!
9 months ago
Killer game, put sub and shaker motor mods on and you have a beast of a game
9 months ago
AC/DC is a game I didn't like when I first started flipping it, but it has grown on me the more I play it. It's pretty straightforward, but very challenging. I can't even imagine ever getting through all the songs to get to the wizard mode. Lower playfield is a little bit dinky, but can be fun if you get in a flow hitting the orbits. I love the cannon despite it not really adding much to the overall game play. I also like that the ramps are backhandable. This thing is a multiball spewing madman that always ends up being a thrill to play.
10 months ago
The far superior version, the Premium is a fun and fast game. AC/DC is a drain monster in general but I enjoyed the Premium so much more than the Pro, I almost can't quantify it. Lower Playfield adds some interesting, fun play to the game and allows quick multiball if you're skilled, and the ramps with the crossover trough aren't such craptraps. The side escape from Hell's Bells is a nice way to avoid the constant crappy STDM drains from the pro version.

Good game, still sorta boring but nearly triple the game of the trash Pro.
11 months ago
This has become one of my favorite games. So many different ways to play and goals to attempt to achieve. Fun multi-balls and animations! Great code by Lyman and difficult layout by Ritchie. So much fun!
11 months ago
I really wanted to like this game more as I am an AC/DC fan but the game is just too repetitive and overrated in my opinion. It is way too hard to get to the wizard mode as I highly doubt majority of people can get through all 12 songs with the default settings. This game would have been a lot better if they added crank it up modes like metallica did. I hardly ever get sick of a game but I definitely did with this game.
1 year ago
A bit overrated in my opinion. For some reason, It’s hard for me to want to return this to pin. I know many people enjoy it but this ones not for me.
1 year ago
I love the music and the call outs, but the game is brutal- hungry outlanes, one of which is obscured by the cannon, and the bell tends to roll the ball down the middle. Sure, I will still play it, but it is punishing.
1 year ago
I waited a couple of months after purchasing to review so I was past the honeymoon phase. Wow, what a blast! Very complicated Lyman rule set, which is a good. The audio makes you you think your last shot was best ever made in the history of pinball. Still trying to figure the rules out and it likely won't be anytime soon. But this is one action-pack pin with an excellent Ritchie layout with great shots. Didn't think I would enjoy the lower PF, but surprisingly, I think it's a hit because of it's an interesting layout and provides a somewhat of a simple challenge. Of course, I added a sub which really makes for some high energy action.

A few nitpicks which keep it from a 10 rating

1) You don't have the ability to switch songs very often (that may change once I learn the rules better).
2) Translight: Aftermarket or a Luci is a better option
3) Fake damage on the cabinet....not fan of it.
1 year ago
Another music-themed pin I've had the pleasure of playing. This is almost as awesome as Metallica premium in my opinion and a tad better than Kiss premium. I do enjoy AC/DC music and if I was a bigger fan then this game would be a must-own. Instead, it is a must-play. I think I would appreciate it even more if I got to play it in a quieter setting, as AC/DC music inevitably always gets me pumped up - I feel like I lost out on that a bit due to all of the noise where I played it at. I look forward to giving it another go soon.
1 year ago
AC/DC is a perfect music pin theme; its fun to listen to other people play. I replaced the backless with Helen and love it! Shots are good, and the lower play field and cannon are fun, and the bell rocks. I docked a point for the dancing band in the right corner; Not my thing. I don't get too concerned about going deep into rules for any of my games, and stick to the obvious stuff so my opinion of them is more about fun and easy to teach to my kids and friends. Top ten pin all the way.
There are 502 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 21.

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