AC/DC (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2012)

AC/DC (Premium/LE)

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4 days ago
This game is fun but not amazing. But the music alone is a good reason to keep playing. AC DC rocks
7 days ago
Having played this for a while now, it truly starts to grow on you and bring you back game after game to play. The music is great and never seems to get old. Dang I want to listen to more AC/DC now then ever. If you ever see one of these for sale, make sure to get the vault edition with the lower play field which adds a bit a variety to the pin. One of the greatest and why its on the top 10.
22 days ago
I think this is the best of the newer stern "rock" pinballs. Great theme. Great music. The cannon is awesome. If you like AC/DC, the replayability is incredible.
31 days ago
AC/DC is possibly my favorite music themed pin and one of my favorite pinball machines in general. This pin is what got me back into enjoying AC/DC like I did when I was a kid. Excellent layout and shot variety. This machine brings the music to life and makes you feel like you're in the middle of one of their concerts. I love pinball that gets the adrenaline going and this is one of the best.
44 days ago
I have owned the pro version before.I dont like it so wery mutch.I have owned the original premium version for 4 mounths now.And i must say,i like a lot.It’s a wery hard pin to play,and If you miss a shot it drains as hell.But when you hit,the flow is superb.And the music is wow Ac/dc.It’s a wery wery good music pin from Stern.And the look,gameplay,music is nearly perfect fo me.
61 days ago
I had a Pro in the past, like it but don't love it.
I sold my Met Pro to buy an ACDC Premium, great move. I love it. Hate to say that but the Premium is a much better machine, the Pro feels incomplete.
Lightshow is awesome, it's fun, fast, non stop action.
The code is a bit hard to understand at first. After, it's just 100% fun. I think it's the greatest Stern ever made.
63 days ago
Awesome game for AC/DC fans.
Great lighting, fun fast play.
I really like playing this one.
80 days ago
One of the hardest games I’ve ever played. Shots are very pleasant but if you miss and hit something else you can get a very cheap drain.flow is very good and of course it’s a Steve Richie masterpiece one of his greatest games.points are very hard to come by.It seems hells bells mode is the best way to get the points.the layout is very good and the art work is awesome exspeciely if you are an AC/DC fan. I happen to like most of the music pins as these are the bands/groups that are in my generation
84 days ago
Can't "not" play this pin when I see it somewhere on location. This might have to be the next pin added to my small collection.
3 months ago
Classic band and my favorite music to listen to over and over, that’s why it’s in action movies and game commercials. That game has the Steve Ritchie flow, excellent lighting, cool toys. Shooting up the middle can be brutal. I have the LUCI vault which I’m so happy I held out for, I almost paid a premium for an original and this vault saved me a few thousand. A true work of art that doesn’t disappoint.
3 months ago
AC/DC is a classic machine, great toys with a fun rule set
Still trying to reach encore
4 months ago
Very hard pin with only about 6 main shots. (Orbits, 2 ramps, bell, TNT). Lots of drop targets for sure, but I like a bit more variety. Too simple, or crowded, and very fast. Lots of unfair drains, I felt. May simply be too hard for my taste. Great music, and above-average art package overall and rules seem decent. But I keep going back to this one over and over, and I can't get into this one. I really want to like AC/DC. I love Metallica, for example. The cannon doesn't seem useful when I use it. Perhaps for the drop targets? This one just doesn't do it for me.
4 months ago
AC/DC is a phenomenal game! It definitely calls you back to play just one more game and then another and another! Great sound system and if you are a fan of AC/DC your going to love this game. The shots are tough. It feels great to have a good game because it doesn't happen very often. AC/DC is a punishing game. Miss and shot and there is a good chance your going to loose the ball. The only thing I don't like is the bottom playfield is a little gimmicky. It doesn't look right to me and I don't like how you can't remove the acrylic overlay. If the overlay gets scratched or foggy the entire playfield has to be stripped to replace it. Ughh! Mine has just a little fog to it that doesn't bother me. I'm just afraid it may get worse. Otherwise, this game is a classic. Music, theme, art, playability are all off the charts. I highly recommend to anyone that enjoys music pins or AC/DC.
5 months ago
AC/DC is a great game, and one of the more accessible music themes.

The Pros:
Lightning fast layout as one would expect, and a good ruleset that takes the cliched 'abum multiball', 'tall multiball' etc. formula of music machines and makes it more interesting, and very rewarding. Allows for loads of strategy which is great. Each song having it's own area of the playfield is great, a feature I wish had made it's way to Kiss and Aerosmith. Toys on the premium are nice, nothing revolutionary, but the swinging bell and train look good and the lower playfield is fun for a few hits and is thankfully only used during certain modes. Cannon is great, music is great, what little speech there is, is great.

The cons:
Whilst the backglass and cabinet art on the LEs are better than the pro, playfield art is still unimaginative. Cannon functions well but looks dreadful and blocks those greedy outlanes. Loads of unfair drains on this one.

All in all, an absolute classic and great for tournaments, with most issues being cosmetic only.
6 months ago
AC/DC Premium/LE (2012) Review

Since I've played this game for the first time in 2013 (Pro Edition) I love it. For me it is at least one of the best games of the last years!

Playfield Layout:

It has a super layout made by legendary designer Steve Ritchie and the flow doesn't lack on this one in my opinion. Every shot feels smooth.
The shots are hard but they're hittable. If you miss your shots often the game will definetly drain you fast, especially on the Pro with the standup-targets. On the Premium/LE on the other hand you have the "safer" drop-targets.

Game Rules:

Lyman Sheats has done it again, he has made another groundbreaking gamecode. You can pick between 12 different songs, which each influence your scoring and gameplay strategy differently.
I love the multiballs they're really hard to start and finish. But they're a lot of fun to play actually.
Encore is one of the best wizard modes I've ever played, although I've never finished it. It's a new innovative mode that (as much as I know) has never been used before.
I love the jukebox feature on the game featuring the album and live versions of all used songs.

With the last software update (V 1.70) we finally have a real use for the red horn arrows. You collect them all to lite stuff in the jukebox. Basically you just get awards in a designated order, cool feature though.
And another great addition the last code revision has given us is easier settings. In retrospect I feel that they were a little too hard previous to that.

On the Pro and Premium edition you can enter the cannon via the right ramp and if the flasher lites and then the right diverter actuates.
On the Premium/LE I find it kind of irritating because you cannot tell when the left ramp diverter will actuate, because there is no lamp/flasher to indicate that. Confuses me a little bit.

The game has one of the greatest gamecodes I've ever seen. And that's due to Lyman Sheats. He worked on many of the best games gamecodes (Monster Bash, Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness,...).
I really value the effort Lyman Sheats is putting into these games. It makes these games special and unique!

I would love to see Lyman Sheats doing more gamecodes!

Toys and Gimmicks:

The Premium/LE has great gimmicks (molded train on left ramp, moving band, miniplayfield).And there is the main gimmick, the cannon, which finally is a gimmick not only to bash but to really interact with.
In additon to that there is a moving bell with a magnet underneath, which moves or stops the bell. And there is an additional saucer behind the bell in which the ball rests when the miniplayfield is active.
I don't find the miniplayfield on the Premium/LE being that special though. For me it is more of a "gameplay-blocker". Of course it is a nice feature though. I guess that's just a matter of taste.
It definetely makes it easier to score big points on this game.


As I mentioned earlier in my review every shot feels smooth. The game is a true masterpiece by Steve Ritchie. The only negative aspect being the left ramp diverter and miniplayfield kind of stopping the gameplays flow.
Of course it makes it easier to get the ball into the cannon though.


The Playfield, Cabinet and Backglass artwork is good, although it is "photoshopped". Of course it doesn't come near Metallica's artwork.

The animations are excellent on this one. Great job Stern! There is a great variety of different animations. Although I wish there would be different animatons for the Jam, Album and Tour Multiball start.

Sounds and Music:

I love the custom speech on the game by Steve Ritchie. I can't say much about the music either you like it or you don't.
It is nice that you can hear 12 different songs in multiball, which you really can't do on many of the music-pins like Aerosmith or Metallica for example.

Game Lighting:

The game has great lightshows and there is a nice amount of lamps on and below the playfield. One thing that I love about the Premium/LE are the color-changing LEDs. They look awesome. The flashers are nicely placed too.


There are so many different combinations of songs and multiballs on this game, that it doesn't get old in my opinion. It isn't easy to get to the wizard mode (Encore) in my opinion.
I think the Premium/LE Edition might have the advantage of being a bit easier there than the Pro.

So, because it isn't easy if you're going for Encore all the time I guess the game will not get old that fast even with the advantage of the Premium/LE being easier.


The game really fits it's Theme. It couldn't have been done better in my opinion.


The game isn't easy so it isn't always fun, but overall it is. Because playing a good multiball on this game is great and it it's even possible for an average player in my opinion.
And if you can do that and collect your tripled Song-Jackpot the game is just a great deal of fun!


AC/DC is one of the hardest and greatest games I've ever played. And it definitely is one of the best games released in the last years.
So if you're a good player looking for a challenge this is the game to play. If you're more of an average player the Premium/LE version will probably be the right thing too, because it definetely is easier than the Pro Model.

It is definetly worth dropping some quarters in!

Thanks to Steve Ritchie, Lyman Sheats, Mark Galvez and Stern for this beautiful game!
6 months ago
Awesome game. I've played about ten different ACDCs. My one problem is the delivery out of the pops/bell. Some machines will drop the ball SDTM or even the right outlane. I guess that's more of a machine setup problem but it seems to be very common to get wrong. The mini playfield doesn't do much for me but it doesn't hurt. The challenge of getting to the encore is very appealing if I could find a game in perfect condition to play for a few years. And the song jackpot is very satisfying.
7 months ago
This is the game that knocked "Tales of the Arabian Nights" out of my personal Top 10. "AC/DC: LE" is a fantastic game on nearly every single level. As with most of Stern's rock tables, I'm not a huge fan of AC/DC but I'd listen to their stuff probably before any of the other bands Stern has signed. The game is smooth as hell, giving you the option to listen to about a dozen of their best songs -- and each one gives the table its own unique "personality". For "Thunderstruck", there's thunder and lightning when you hit ramps and targets while "T.N.T." gives you explosions. The ramps are smooth and fairly easy to hit and each one is rewarding. The toys include a heavy requiem bell and a concert stage where the guys "play" during certain modes. The only downside to the game is the DMD which doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of animations and, while the music is there to compensate, the sounds are fairly generic. Overall, however, this machine is a blast to play and probably the best of Stern's rock tables.
7 months ago
This is a bright game, with an ability to draw you in. I'm not a huge AC/DC fan, but this game is themed well, and the music does not get annoying. My biggest complaint with this machine is that it is quite drain-heavy. I've tweaked the leveling of the game, and still struggle with draining shots. The lower playfield is an interesting addition, but the novelty wears off. The biggest plus is the lighting and sound. Added a few mods, which improved the look of the game, but it really didn't need it. I'd definitely recommend the alternate translites, unless you're a big fan of the band, in which case the stock one would work.
7 months ago
AC/DC is one of the best games Stern has ever made. Tons of fun!
8 months ago
Fun game. Lower play field is awesome. Art isn’t the best. Great game for sure.
8 months ago
Fun,Fast and deep, my favorite machine.
8 months ago
WOW, i have the Lucy Vault and is a real beauty. Very fun and very deep game, a keeper for me. One of the best light show. A real pleasure to play, for all the family and friends, good player or not. AWSOME
9 months ago
No good if you hate the music, but otherwise fantastic. 12 full length songs each with their own lighting and scoring give this game endless variety and freshness. it's loud, fast and sometimes brutal, but definitely has the 'just one more gane' factor. A modern classic.
10 months ago
The best game I have in my collection. My mom visited this past weekend and loved it out of all games I have. No wonder they will keep vault production coming. No brainer. I can’t stop playing it.
11 months ago
Love this game. Great game play and great play for a newbie or and advanced player.
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