gameroom update: start of our new pinball season

gameroom update: start of our new pinball season

Written by Eggi, published September 11th, 2004. 2 comment(s).

News, events, announcements and gossip... Directly from our gameroom, these short posts are intended to keep you up to date!

A fresh new season under the same leaking roof

After a short summer break, caused by the high temperatures that make it less comfortable to play in our gameroom, it looks like the pinball season in the Koog has begun again!

 (click to enlarge..)People are starting to find their ways to the Koog for our Friday Night Pinball again. Little has changed to both the concept or the collection, since before our summer break; The concept still being "approximately 20 machines on free play and a lot of nice people to play against and talk to", and the collection hasn't undergone any mayor changes in the last couple of months.

 (click to enlarge..)

The roof, the roof...

The biggest problem at the moment is still the leaking roof. Heavy rain can really spoil the fun as part of the gameroom must then be closed and the machines covered with plastic sheats. We are planning to do a complete refurnishing job in the gameroom, somewhere next month. Hopefully we will be done before the start of the competition, depending on wether the roof will be repaired by then.

Travelling pinball fans, welcome!

Fortunately, this friday the weather was good and the complete collection of pinball machines playable again. Amongst the vistors there were some foreign guests (from Scotland and Germany) who, after reading about Friday Night Pinball here on the site, wanted to come over and see (and play) the collection. They combined their visit to the Koog with vacation or business plans. Perhaps a good idea for our other readers?

Koog Competition, 3th edition

In november the 3th edition of our own Koog Competition starts. [oktober update: Competition starts in januari 2005] A completely new playing system, some new players, a couple of new machines and hopefuly a completely new roof. Right now, we are working on the software that will be used to make a better organisation with the new rules possible. The players from last year will get an e-mail with more information and a request to sign up soon. New players can send an e-mail too our Koog Competition Information for more information or to sign up. The requests will be prossesed by the "first in" rules.

"Een ietwat troosteloze aanblik; Gameroom 2 volledig ingepakt ter bescherming tegen de elementen." (click to enlarge..)

As said earlier, the next couple of weeks will see some changes for the Koog (besides the new roof) so stay tuned. Let us know if you have any suggestions or if you would like information about the Koog.

Egbert, Martijn and Robin


11 years ago
Hi guys,

Great news of the ongoing improvements. Good to see the international expansion and appreciation of your quality pinball game room. I can say it is definitely worth the trip!

Want to wish you good luck with the roof, let the wet season, or “die hoerige herfst”, be late this year!

C ya guys,

11 years ago
Gelukkig komt een dergelijke tropische storm zoals "Ivan de verschrikkelijke" niet in Nederland voor..wat wel in Pittsburgh het geval

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