Quick start guide to setup your shop on Pinside

Quick start guide to setup your shop on Pinside

By robin

October 03, 2016

2 years ago

Pinside.com - Quick start guide to setup your shop on Pinside

This quick start guide explains how to setup and start operating a shop on Pinside's shops platform.

Shop Prerequisites

  1. Pinside Shops is a part of Pinside Biz. You need a Biz entry to be able to open a shop. This only takes a few minutes to set up. See: https://pinside.com/pinball/my-biz.
  2. To go live with your shop, your Biz account needs to be Verified . We use Paypal for verification, so a Paypal account is required. See https://pinside.com/pinball/my-biz/verification.
  3. To go live with your shop, you need to read and agree to the Pinside Shops Policies.
Note: Verification is not required to get started but your shop cannot go live without being verified.
Note: Verification can only be done by the shop owner and not by shop members.

Set up your shop

Now that we have Biz setup and Verification behind us, it’s time to set up your shop. Go to https://pinside.com/pinball/my-biz/shop and then click on the “Shop setup” button.


Fill out the basic info here, like your shop name and a summary / tagline. You can also setup your 'shop avatar' here.


General settings, like which currency and unit system to use for your shop. The currency you set here will be displayed to the customers and used to calculate to price. Note that customers will pay using their own currency, prices will be recalculated using the current exchange rate if necessary.

You can also set your shop status here. There are 4 statuses:

  • When closed, items will not be visible at all (not even to your or any shop members).
  • When in maintenance, items will only be visible to you and to any of your shop members. Use this when still setting up your shop.
  • When in vacation mode, all of your items will be visible, but they can't be ordered.
  • When open, your shop is fully operational.


Set up which markets you wish to ship to. Note that as most Pinsiders live in the US, shipping to the US is mandatory in order to operate a Pinside shop. Shipping to buyers in the European Union comes with a few extra regulations, be sure to be aware of them if you choose to ship to the EU.


Setup your shop policies using our WYSIWYG story editor. Read our shop policies policy and quick start guide to writing your shop policies to see why you need to do this and what information you should put in your shop policies. 


At the moment we only support flat rate shipping, however weight based shipping is on the roadmap. You can set up individual shipping rates for both domestic as international customers. The 'internation shipping' category will only be available if you choose to ship outside of the US. Per category you can set up 3 settings:

  • Flat rate: the shipping fee charged to the customer when creating an order
  • Additional item: fee charged for every additional item in an order. So if an order consists of 5 items, the total shipping fee will be the initial flat rate fee plus 4 times the additional fee.
  • Free over: if the total order amount equals or exceeds the value specified here, no shipping costs will be charged.


Enter your address details so we can display these on your invoices. For some countries it's also required to show seller information like your address and other contact details to potential buyers before they create an order with you.

Done? Great! Hit the save button and your you can proceed to actually adding items to your shop!

Note: At the moment shop setup can be done by both the shop owner and shop members.

Adding items

Your shop inventory can be found under the shop inventory tab. From there you can add items to your shop. Alternatively you can go to https://pinside.com/pinball/market and click the “List your item” button.


Specify general item details.


Specify the category(s) that are the best fit for your item. You can choose up to 3 categories here. Users can filter by category when they are browsing items.


Items can have two statuses: “Listed” or “Unlisted”. Listed items can be seen by all users while unlisted items can only be seen by members of your biz. Typically an item should only be unlisted when you're not yet done setting it up.


We offer two ways to indicate your stock state to users.

  • Generic stock uses buckets (or labels) to indicate the state of your stock to users. Only the options in stock , almost out of stock and out of stock are available. The system will not automatically 'lower' or change your stock state when an order is placed, you need to update this manually.
  • Specific stock shows the exact amount of items left in your stock to users. The system will automatically lower the amount of items when an order is placed (and paid).


The system offers you the possibility to specify a domestic and an international flat rate shipping fee. You can set default values in your shop settings and override these defaults on a peritem basis. If an order consists of multiple items, the price of the item with the highest shipping price will be used. Specify 0 to allow for free shipping. Note that we plan to expand on shipping features in the near future.


Provide an item description here. You can also add tags to specify your item more. Popular tags will be rendered in a tag cloud.


Each item allows for multiple variations to be specified. Item variations allow you to set up kinds of products, products that are essentially the same but differ in certain aspects like colour or size. You can set up the following aspects for each variation.


Specify the kind of product you're setting up. You can combine multiple kinds, f.e. use large, blue to specify this variation for a blue tshirt with the size large.


Set the price for this variation. 4XL tshirts might have a higher price than small tshirts.


Set the current stock amount or bucket (depending on the stock display option you choose).


Set the dimensions for this variation using the following format: L x W x H (length x width x height) in inches or centimeters (you can set to use metric or imperial measurement units in your shop settings). The dimensions can be used to calculate the shipping rate (not available yet) and don't need to be set if you wish to use flat rate shipping.


Set the weight for this variation in ounces or grams (you can set to use metric or imperial measurement units in your shop settings). The weight can be used to calculate the shipping rate (not available yet) and don't need to be set if you wish to use flat rate shipping.


Use this section to attach photos showcasing your item. You can add photos for all your variations. Note that we're planning on the possibility to link a photo to a specific variation later on. You can attach photo by clicking the button, drag and drop or pasting it using the control-(or command)-v-button combination while hovering the upload area.


Use this section to attach your item to one or multiple specific pinball games. Doing so enables us to showcase your items alongside these machines (in the game archive or in forum threads linked to the same machine). This degree of item targeting will make sure your items are displayed to users that have an interest in the games linked to your item(s).


You can indicate here that this is an important item for your shop by highlighting it here. Highlighted items will be shown first when your shop is displayed to a user and are more likely to be picked from your catalog when selecting items to show using the archive or forum.

Dealing with orders

Whenever an order is placed in your shop you will receive a notification to alert you of this. You can see an overview of outstanding (and fulfilled) orders by going to https://pinside.com/pinball/my-biz/shop/orders.


All orders that are being placed in your shop will be put into either the new orders, accepted orders or finished orders sections based on their status. Order will be sorted by order date (newest orders appear on top). You can filter orders by order id or Pinsider user name. All orders that comply with your filter options will be shown (still in their respective sections) in the overview.  

The overview of orders contains important information like the ordering user, the order date and the total price ordered, so you can quickly check out all details. You can view individual orders (and more detailed information) by clicking on the relevant order id.


By going to the details of an order you can either accept or reject it (when it's still open) and indicate that it has been shipped providing to the user who placed the order relevant feedback.

Also you can download a copy of the invoice or packing list, view the order history or contact the customer.


Using the download buttons on top of the screen you can retrieve a PDFdocument containing the invoice or packing list for the relevant order.


This section contains an overview of all status changes to the order and of all communication that took place with the customer. Also, from here you can send messages to the customer to notify them of things like unexpected delays or stock issues or to ask them a question about an order (regarding f.e. delivery preferences).


In this section you can change the status of the order making it move forward. Note that the nuyer will receive a notification about this status change. 

Accept order

Sets the order state to accepted and indicates to the customer that his order has been accepted and is in progress. An optional message can be send to the customer when accepting an order.

Order shipped

Sets the order state to shipped and indicates to the customer that his order has been shipped. An optional message containing a tracking number or a link to a progress page can be send to the customer when shipping an order.

Reject order

Refuse and cancel the order, f.e. If your stock supply is too low to fulfill it. At the moment you can only accept or cancel orders completely and not parts of it. If you can only partially fulfill an order you might want to contact a customer and ask him how to proceed (make the customer create a new, adjusted order f.e.) Also note that it's your responsibility to refund the amount paid by the customer if the order is canceled altogether.

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