Pricing and Refunds

By robin

October 13, 2015

6 years ago - Pricing and Refunds

We are often asked if Pinside is free of charge and how we manage to operate the website. This document will try to answer any questions related to the business side of Pinside.

Is Pinside free (as in 'free beer')?

Yes, using as a guest or signing up for an account is completely free of charge! That said, there might be future additions or features that will require a paid membership.

So how does Pinside make money?

When Pinside started, the web hosting and all other fees were paid out of Robin's (Pinside founder) pocket. As the site gained popularity and a bigger server was needed, we came up with the donation heart. Everyone is now able to donate in exchange for a red heart next to their user name (which turns gray after a year).

Do we sell/disclose any of your info to third parties?

No way! We take your privacy very seriously. We do not sell or disclose any info to third parties. Take a look at our privacy policy where this is outlined in finer detail.

Pinside Marketplace fees

Pinside offers a Marketplace for used and new pinball games, parts, mods etc.

  • Listing an ad is free of charge.
  • There are paid promotional options to select when you place an ad. Pricing is listed right beside each option.
  • When you successfully sell a pinball machine via our Marketplace, there is a sales value fee, based on a tiered system.
  • Wanted ads and pinball parts ads do not have a mandatory sales fee. A voluntary donation upon ending the ad is requested (and appreciated!).

A sales value fee based on a game price tier? How does that work?

Pinside assigns each game in our database with a Game Price Tier (click link to display current prices). This price tier is constantly updated and determined by actual sales on Pinside. We use sales data from the past two years and calculate a median. 

The tiers are:
Tier 0: $0-$500 games
Tier 1: $500-$1500 games
Tier 2: $1500-$2500 games
Tier 3: $2500-$3500 games
Tier 4: $3500-$4500 games
Tier 5: $4500-$7500 games
Tier 6: $7500+ games

Each tier has an associated selling fee, which is charged when ending the ad and only upon successful sale of your game.

Are there any refunds on donations, market promo- or sales value fees?

  • Donations are not refundable. Once a donation is made, a red heart icon is added to you username and will be displayed red for a year. After a year it turns gray as a subtle reminder to donate again :-)
  • Marketplace paid promotion fees are not refundable because they are effective immediately. Once an ad is promoted you might well sell it within an hour!
  • The sales value fee upon successful sale of your game (requested when ending your ad listing) is not refundable because the service you're paying for has already been provided.

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