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Zaccaria pinball owners club! All welcome

By SpOoKyRiDeS

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Just thought it was about time to bring together all the owners of these, until now, obscure pins from Italy! Just got my first, a Time Machine, but loving Farfalla, Devil Riders and of course the money pin here: Spooky! Great artwork, game play and awesome craftsmanship in the playfields. OK.... time to post photos of your Zaccaria pins, mine to follow.~SpOoKy

#2 7 years ago

PS: Bob Zaccaria in P.A.~ 320 pins sir?!? You ROCK!~SpOoKy

#6 7 years ago
Quoted from Colehvac1:

I guess that 550 Time Machine on Long Island was in good shape?
I bet the price was right?

No not in great shape! Did you see it? A work in progress! Its going to be OK, but was rough for a very long time.~SpOoKy

#7 7 years ago
Quoted from zippydapinhead:

Right then - I'm in...

001.jpg 104 KB

003.jpg 84 KB

004.jpg 85 KB

006.jpg 133 KB

007.jpg 148 KB

008.jpg 139 KB

apron.jpg 226 KB

012.jpg 75 KB

013.jpg 107 KB

014.jpg 100 KB

Nice! Love the artwork and layout! Thanks for sharing!~SpOoKy

#10 7 years ago

Robot! Nice! Would love to own one someday!~SpOoKy

#24 7 years ago

Their artwork was insane! The vacume formed 3-d back glasses with the neon is cool too. I'm a fan for life now!~SpOoKy

#26 7 years ago
Quoted from DallasPinball:

I recently picked up a Zaccaria Combat EM pin from a fellow collector at the Houston Arcade Expo. In the process of getting it running now but it should be working very soon... It is in great condition and will be at the Texas Pinball Festival in March.
-- Shawn

Combat Head.jpg 91 KB

Combat Playfield.jpg 97 KB

Combat Head Side.jpg 82 KB

Combat Cabinet Side.jpg 89 KB

Cool game Shawn! Congrats!~SpOoKy

#28 7 years ago

I sold a Williams Grand Lizard years ago, working neon too, and upon getting the pin delivered, my buyer dropped the head down by mistake, breaking the neon. Of ccourse it wasn't as intricate as Zaccarias molds are, but he got it made for about $125. ~SpOoKy

#31 7 years ago

You should as I need to sell my Police Force to buy it! ( oh yeah.... need the $$ since I still owe you some beers)~SpOoKy

1 week later
#34 7 years ago

Nice Joe! Thanks for sharing that! Seems like a bunch of great Zac fans on here. I'm waiting on Davids magic on my boards for Time Machine . ~SpOoKy

#36 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing Dave. Magic Castle looks like a helluva fun game!~SpOoKy

#42 7 years ago

There's one listed in PA on the pinball owners list, but looks like he doesn't want to sell. Farfalla is on my list now. 25 pins later, I feel like I'm late to the Zaccaria party!~SpOoKy

#45 7 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

That is what we should be importing on these containers, not the shitty Big Hurts, Mavericks, and other such titles (no offense to those who love those games). We need more Zacs, some Jolly Parks, shit like that!

I'd love to see more Zac pins coming here.! And maybe one more for a Spooky! Seems this stuff is waaaaay hard to find now. Kudos to those that knew how fantastic these pins were a long time ago. Zac were certainly ahead of their time. ~SpOoKy

#49 7 years ago

I agree Joe, Farfalla is s very pretty pin! Thanks AK_tilt! That's cool looking as are all the above pins! Its nice to see what others have and to give these machines proper credit.~SpOoKy

#52 7 years ago
Quoted from Joeplainfield:

Here's my Spooky. Have to step up the voltage as it's a 240V machine. No multitaps on the transformer on this one.

Spooky front-834.jpg 212 KB

Loving that pin!~SpOoKy

#53 7 years ago

Has anyone ever seen a proto Time Machine with a spinning head in the circle of lights in the BG?!? Just wondering as IPDB mentioned it. Don't know if this may have been a 'one-off' or something but it kinda sounds cool.~SpOoKy

1 week later
#56 7 years ago

Very nice looking pin in a classic lineup! Thanks for sharing. All kinds of rare and cool Zaccaria stuff flowing here.~SpOoKy

#58 7 years ago

Noooooo.... saw that pic on Davids site, why did it go away?~SpOoKy

#60 7 years ago


1 month later
#67 7 years ago

Nice! Thanks for sharing! That looks awesome! Should have something up soon of my Time Machine ....~SpOoKy

1 month later
#74 7 years ago

That rocks captain! Thanks for sharing. Just got my Time Machine up n running. Photos to come.~SpOoKy (Vacula!)

#78 7 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

btw, I am working on remaking the TM ramps. But i'm going to improve the design and durability of them. Since everyones is blown out.

Nice! I could use a new one as well. Mine is bashed in at the entrance. Tough shot to make. ~SpOoKy

#87 7 years ago

Yeah I was thinking Farfalla too. Real nice looking pin. I've learned so much about Zac pins in this post.~SpOoKy

1 week later
#88 7 years ago

So is "Spooky"thee holy grail of Zaccaria pins? Seems like the most commonly found one here in the states seems to be Devil Riders, at least from what I've seen. CaptainNeo... Care to chine in on what's thee most rare and what's more easily found? ~SpOoKy

#90 7 years ago

Thanks Gibo! Good to see what's in your " neck of the woods" as well. Have never seen a Clown fs here in the states. ~SpOoKy

#96 7 years ago

All great info for collectors, thanks guys!~SpOoKy

#99 7 years ago

I think Time Machine is OK in a mid-size collection. Kinda' think of it as my pretty "gimic" pin. In a small collection it might get stale fast. I think next I'm after a Farfalla. Just love that kookie' Woodstock style artwork!~SpOoKy

#101 7 years ago

I've heard the same on spooky number wise. I'm also keen to know if anyone has a Time Machine proto with a rotating head on the center 0f the BG?~SpOoKy

#103 7 years ago

Of course! Any Zac is a great pin! Welcome aboard the Zac train!~SpOoKy

#119 7 years ago

Yeah... You have to find a way to save this and get it up and running. Definetly a part of pin history. Very cool!~SpOoKy

#125 7 years ago

Nice! Toss up some photos!~SpOoKy

2 weeks later
#137 7 years ago

Nice! TM rocks. Best of luck in hunting down what you need!~SpOoKy

#141 7 years ago

Zac pins pf wise are rock solid. But I don't think you may have original flipper bats there. They should be black/red then red/black. There are some nice used ones on Davids site. I have to change one out myself, but what I " inherited " might be a Williams style bat like you have. Regardless... Great pin, and best of luck in the rebuild!~SpOoKy

#144 7 years ago

Hang in there. God only knows pinball... As a hobby... Is both insane and unpredictable. I'm Waaay over my head in my own TM.... But, alas another was saved so be it. Stranger things have happened. ~SpOoKy

#146 7 years ago

Wait.... No black but IPDB shows both blue/ red then all red in both flyers. So are Both colors correct or neither? I have blue/ red then red/blue. Different colors from the factory?!?

#152 7 years ago

Looking good!~SpOoKy

#154 7 years ago

Think the easier Zac pins to find would be Devil Riders first as the Captain concurs with me followed by Farfalla and Time Machine. Tier two: Robot and Magic Castle, Tier Three: Spooky and possibly anything else. Seems a ton of Zac pins were imported here in the states, but judging by this thread, there may be only a few dozen of us going after them. I wonder out loud how many more are sitting in non-collectors hands?!?~SpOoKy

#160 7 years ago

Thanks luvthatapex2 for that info. Kinda seals in some missing history. I guess, depending on where we live = what zacs are out there. Spooky seems to be Thee Zac most hard to get. At very least... Like you said, there's a new found appreciated love from older Zac collectors like yourself and the Captain to newer Zac lovers like myself. Weird though.... Each and every time, for the last 12 months here, I keep finding Devil Riders and not much else fs. ~SpOoKy

#164 7 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

Started my locomotion restoration hardcore. This is going to be one of the toughest restorations i've ever done. Every lamp socket is corroded. All the brackets. So everything has to be soaked in rust remover. Drop target banks have the metal tabs so worn, they are actually mushroomed where they hit the bracket during reset, and very hard to even remove. So far it's been a major PIA.

You should take some photos.... I'd be very interested in seeing the progress.~SpOoKy

3 weeks later
#172 7 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

You keep it in the game and it will be fine. Neon is mounted with springs so it has room to bounce around. Glass will be safe inside the head. Put some blankets down, fold the head down strap it together and no problems. I just got done moving 4 of my zacs a month ago and just yesterday again. Never had a problem.

Like captain said^.... Did the sane thing with my Time Machine and even driving thru NYC potholes in a harsh winter.... Zero problems. Congrats~SpOoKy

#173 7 years ago
Quoted from zacman:

I acquired a Zaccaria Clown to go with my other Zacs.
It is missing the glass
If anyone has a glass, I would love to hear from them.
Nice collection Dave! Thanks for sharing~SpOoKy

zp01.jpg 97 KB

#175 7 years ago

Zac did make a bunch of pins, and at one time the biggest manufactor overseas. Most just didn't make it over here sadly. I guess the value is in the artwork on both the play fields as well as back glasses. And some of the designs were way before their time. I've just been recently "smitten" with them, but it won't be my first Zac pin for sure. Value I guess isn't much to some, but priceless to others, and I've found a bunch of good folks in this thread that both love, cherish and collect these beauties. ~SpOoKy

#185 7 years ago
Quoted from rvdv:

people are asking me how much for all 5 games
make a fair offer I would say.
really want these to be kept in one collection
to someone who really enjoys them
and possibly complete their collection with these

That's a very cool jesture sir! I hope someone gives them a good new home!~SpOoKy

3 weeks later
#194 7 years ago

Yeah I'm waiting on the Captain as well, I'd send the $$$ yesterday for s better ramp as the design is poor. Anyone buy that Zac collection yet?~SpOoKy

#199 7 years ago
Quoted from 80spit:

Ok Now I am officially in the club! I just bought 2 Zaccaria's at auction this morning, Earth Wind Fire and a
Devil Riders. Both look in great shape, I'll post some pics once I get them home. EWF is still wired for 220 volts with a euro plug. Hope it's just changing out the plug and taps on the transformer. Devil riders is playing but said it
needed maintenance. I am excited, I love the looks of these pins. Actually ended up buying 5 pins today total

Nice! Devil Riders is fun! Strange: Thanks for that info and photo. Glad to see the artist who did all this fantastic artwork. Thanks for sharing~SpOoKy

#205 7 years ago

Its a good pin for sure. Top five Zacs? Maybe. But to each there own. I may put up a poll here for top five Zacs. Any others want to chime in on this? ~SpOoKy

1 week later
#213 7 years ago
Quoted from Flyer666:

Finally got it going....I'm so happy

20140810_205730.jpg 267 KB

Looks great! Congrats! Rare stuff indeed.Thanks for sharing~SpOoKy

#219 7 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Joined the club , Devil Riders . Its going to need some work but Playfield is in great shape .

A great club and good bunch of guys here for sure! Have fun~SpOoKy

P1010589.JPG 281 KB

P1010588.JPG 268 KB

P1010590.JPG 350 KB

3 weeks later
#229 7 years ago

Nice captain. Great group sharing tips and knowledge here. Keep it coming!~Spooks

1 month later
#233 6 years ago

That looks very nice! Congrats~SpOoKy

2 months later
#253 6 years ago
Quoted from Shastings:

Guys, I'm a Zaccaria virgin but a Devil Riders has come up for sale locally. Is $1300 a good price for one in great (8-9/10) condition? Love the look of it and sorely tempted!

Grab that puppy fast!~SpOoKy

1 month later
#266 6 years ago

Hey all Time Machine owners: I should have a very limited run of hard plastic toppers made for this game. I've always felt that zacs always needed some cool toppers so I am currently working with a guy who owns a professional sign shop with a nice lazer cutter to have both my proto as well as another few extra made. The artwork has already been selected and the toppers will have three holes drilled so you can use standard mounting brackets. Once I get my proto I'll take a few pics and post here to judge interest as this will probably be a one and done production. Price looks to be around $79-89 due to the limited run. I'll keep ya posted as I get closer and if this works out well quality wise, and it should, I may do another few limited runs for other zac pins. Thanks!~SpOoKy

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