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Zaccaria pinball owners club! All welcome

By SpOoKyRiDeS

7 years ago

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#1058 3 years ago

If you let another one loose rvdv, PM me!

8 months later
#1253 2 years ago

Amazing! How DO you do it, rvdv?!

2 weeks later
#1293 2 years ago

Well it’s my problem to solve soon enough

1 week later
#1306 2 years ago

More Spooky questions:

Everyone has said we needed a step up/down transformer for this game but looking at the transformer in here, is there a reason it couldn’t be rewired down and a new plug attached? Not sure I’m understanding why other owners have stated that this cannot be rewired since it has the extra lugs to do it.

52D758CC-0F8C-4F3F-B586-E28160ECC390 (resized).jpeg8430A094-8075-4656-B12F-EB51E41DE7DF (resized).jpeg
#1307 2 years ago
Quoted from pinball_ric:

This was a lie. What he meant to say is it's his problem for me to solve.

#1310 2 years ago

Bizarre! Well, my brother pinball_ric rewired it to the 115v lug and it's working great. Well, it's "powering on great" at least. Still trying to kill some ghouls in the switch matrix preventing us from being able actually play the dang thing.

#1325 2 years ago

We haven’t had a chance to try yet. The game is at my work (due to space issues at home, and as leasing manager I know where the empty rooms are ). pinball_ric had to take the board home with him to do the repair. Updates to come!

#1333 2 years ago

Spooky lives!!! I’ve got a ton of switch adjustments I need to make, as well as better aligning where the two ramps meet (pinball_ric can post a video showing that problem).

Interestingly, this one seems to have different music than the others I’ve seen in videos (CaptainNeo looking in your direction) or in the digital version. We’ll post a video soon.

69CCE55C-3133-4160-A4BD-C9C48A322358 (resized).jpeg
#1334 2 years ago

Made a quick gameplay video. Interested to hear other owners thoughts on the music.

You can see the ramp alignment issue I mentioned at the very end.

#1338 2 years ago

I don’t know if it’s strictly a different pitch though. There are beat patterns that don’t sound like they match up to my ears, even if you compensate for the time delay difference.

I’m certainly not disappointed, I think I like the music in mine more!

#1341 2 years ago

It does change tracks when I hit the Shades Canal at 56 seconds into the video (until I drain the ball, since I probably needed to hit the canal again for it to do anything). What I don't hear is the little refrain heard in the "standard" pitch version, as heard throughout in the digital version here:

3 weeks later
#1384 2 years ago

Interesting. I have an nvram in my Spooky and the left slingshot will lock on when you first power the game on but never subsequently. All I have to do is a quick power cycle and it boots just fine. I’ve got the driver board removed to hunt down some feature light issues but will have to test it next time I can.

Edit: pinball_ric and I posted right at the same time

1 week later
#1411 2 years ago

The heads do indeed fold down. The trick is a spring loaded latch on the right side of the cabinet neck. Looks like a little black knob, just make sure the head bolts are removed and pull the latch out and it’ll fold right down.

Lots of damaged necks from people not knowing. Took me and my brother a while to figure out when we picked up his first Zac about 15 years ago.

3 weeks later
#1415 2 years ago

The club might enjoy my post in the “what did you bring home today” thread.


1 week later
#1433 2 years ago

New video of my second Spooky up and running, finally!

1 week later
#1454 2 years ago

I’m seein’ double here! Four Spookys!

8 months later
#1882 1 year ago


Pinsider Zitt does group buys a few times a year to handle imports from pinball.center; He makes it very easy for everyone involved.

2 weeks later
#1918 1 year ago

Wow great finds! Got a story on where they came from? You don’t see Clown very often. It’s one I wanna find someday.

3 months later
#2054 1 year ago

With Stoner, Exhibit, Chicago Coin, United, etc showing I’d suspect its all-time (up to when though?)

1 month later
#2112 1 year ago

Added another today! It’s traded hands a couple times this year before landing with me. I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t want it in their home...

#2116 1 year ago

This was briefly brenna98's Clown. I assume he added them. They look nice!

3 months later
#2226 9 months ago

What’s the story on the drop targets on Magic Castle? Mine and all the examples on ipdb are blue but the rule card says red? Time Machine used red drops with the same stamp, right? It’s kind of whatever but just thought it was curious.

53DC9DE9-6ECD-4545-92C4-6548F179532B (resized).jpeg971E3FED-B17C-4247-BD03-E90CA45267D0 (resized).jpegfreegifmaker.me_2gZFC.gif
2 months later
#2326 6 months ago

Why on earth is it so common for Zac coin door wires to be cut up? I swear all but one or two of the 9 Zacs my brother and I have had the coin door wires hacked up.

4 weeks later
#2346 5 months ago

I also had all those same problems in one of my games. We removed the NVRAM and it was resolved.

2 weeks later
#2368 4 months ago
Quoted from pinball_ric:

This same thing was seen on play_pinball's Spooky. We put one of gianfri's dual modules in and it helped a lot. Checking with play_pinball but I think there may have not been any issues at all after switching. I believe it's still in his game. He'll check later tonight when he's at home (if he remembers)

gianfri I do have your dual nvram in the Spooky I have here at my house. I did have issues initially when we had a different brand in there initially but I haven’t had any issues with the game in well over a year, so yours are quite likely good.

2 months later
#2403 70 days ago

Is there a setting for HSTD memory? My Magic Castle, which has its battery replaced with a capacitor, can remember how many credits are on it but resets the HSTD to default anytime you turn the game off.

1 month later
#2411 32 days ago

The music on my Spooky went out completely. A couple weeks ago it was acting very strange and not playing correctly. Sound effects are still doing their thing.

Anyone have tips on what to check? Possible sound rom corrupted or chip rot?

#2413 32 days ago

Comparing my Magic Castle and Spooky sound boards, it looks like since they have the daughter board on Spooky, they didn’t popular the red test button.

Also interesting that there’s speech/sounds in Magic Castle’s test that I have never heard in play. And some that’s in play but not test.

2BA492F7-089D-42FE-9B06-8EC730A2A38F (resized).jpeg283D0977-D5AB-4070-8DCF-0EEB879B86ED (resized).jpegF8E7E8C3-0F9B-4527-B4AC-CC06B440B3E7 (resized).jpeg
#2414 32 days ago

Maybe I’m overthinking this and I just need to re-cap it?

#2416 31 days ago

Definitely already tried reseating the cables and pushed on the chips to see if there was any connection issue. I was thinking that one or more of the axial capacitors have lived its life out. For the pots, is it these guys here?

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 4.37.40 PM (resized).png

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