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Zaccaria pinball owners club! All welcome

By SpOoKyRiDeS

7 years ago

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#1952 1 year ago

Well I just recently joined the club as I just picked up a Farfalla for free! Called the number in the Craigslist ad and discussed the machine and it's condition. No price in the ad and asked what he wanted. He stated that the ad was posted by a friend for him and said " just come and get it as I want it out of my garage before I take it to the dump!" Shocked I said I'll be there tomorrow and pick it up. It was already late in the day.
In all the years I have been collecting pinball machines I have never been offered a "Free" come and get it machine. It appears to be in overall great condition except that the back glass was cracked/broken by the movers he stated. Excited to get this one up and working!

20200524_123047 (resized).jpg20200524_123658 (resized).jpg20200524_123710 (resized).jpg20200524_123703 (resized).jpg20200524_122752 (resized).jpg20200524_122801 (resized).jpg
7 months later
#2211 9 months ago

Looking for a Zaccaria Farfalla Owners manual. Just need the manual as I did get the electrical diagrams manual with the machine.
Let me know if you have one and its price.

#2213 9 months ago

Thank you for this as I did too find this off the Internet Pinball Data Base. Its poorly copied as alot of the wording is cut off. That's why I always like an original manual if possible. Thanks again for the referral it will work for the time being, but still looking.

2 weeks later
#2229 8 months ago

Been working on my Farfalla. Have installed LED's in and under the playfield so far and did different Titan colored rubber for the playfield. Looks good so far.

Next thing, I am never happy with the original GI lighting in a machine and always like adding more lights to the playfield if possible. So, working on installing more light sockets to the playfield. Will show updated pictures when finished.

20210113_165442 (resized).jpg20210120_093234 (resized).jpg20210120_093241 (resized).jpg20210120_093246 (resized).jpg20210120_093251 (resized).jpg
#2230 8 months ago

Also I upgraded the blue and orange target posts to double rubber posts due to the damage to the original posts (some were completely broken) and the amount of hits that happens once the targets are down.

20210120_094815 (resized).jpg20210120_094819 (resized).jpg
#2234 8 months ago
Quoted from mjg417:

What happened to your taf project

I finished it. Not soon after had a guy in Tacoma Wa want it for his 50th birthday. Told him crazy $ hoping he would go away. His wife then called me and I then told her 13k and she said yes. Delivered it and bought a one owner Cactus Canyon that only had 70 plays on it and a Monster Bash with the $.

#2235 8 months ago
Quoted from gianfri:

Looks really nice!
You motivate me to start working on my farfalla.
It is waiting for me since months now ...

Quoted from pinballinreno:

I wish my playfield was a nice as that!
Beautiful game.

Thanks guys, just about finished with the playfield. Will update pictures here in the next day or so. So keep tuned in!

#2236 8 months ago

Here is the finished playfield. Added about 20+ more LED's. Some of you may not like all the colors in the GI, but I do colors along with white. I think it looks good.

20210123_164349 (resized).jpg20210123_164437 (resized).jpg20210123_164458 (resized).jpg
#2237 8 months ago

Working on the head today. Wanted to remove the neon tube without breaking it. Went and talked to a neon bender yesterday on how to remove the rubber connector where the neon wires are connected as it's burnt on. He told me to remove it very carefully and use a small screwdriver, but most of the time they break the glass neon tube. I asked him if he ever used WD40 to help loosen the rubber connector. He said no, but give it a try.
I sprayed a small amount of WD40 on the connection last night. Today I cut the tube with a new raserblade knife and pried on the rubber connector a little at a time. They both worked free and was able to remove the neon tube without any breakage. I think the WD40 did help with removing the burnt rubber boot.

20210125_134441 (resized).jpg20210126_131912 (resized).jpg20210126_133101 (resized).jpg
#2238 8 months ago

Also while I was at the neon bender company he gave me two new boots. Finished with the head LED upgrade, cleaning and neon removal/install.

20210126_140609 (resized).jpg20210126_140616 (resized).jpg
#2241 8 months ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

neon looks good. i'd lose the color LED's in the back. you are losing a ton of detail in the art, turning into color mush.

You are probably right, just having some fun. Easy to change out if I want.

Quoted from pinballinreno:

Did you see the post I made about LED NEON Tube?
I absolutely love it on my game. More light with less glare, and you can change colors, brightness, make it flash 10 different ways etc, if you want lol.
The biggest plus is, no more worrying about breaking the tube, ever!

Yes, I did see your LED neon tube post. Great upgrade. My neon tube is working at this time, might change it out to your idea if it quits.

#2242 8 months ago

Need some tech help, have been working on my Farfalla. Machine does boot up and play, but was having sound problems with some sounds and then no sounds with buzzing/humming noises coming out of the speakers. Emailed David @ Zaccaria pinball, he suggested to replace the caps on the sound board. I replaced all small blue round caps, there are 7 of them. Re-installed sound board with no sound once turned power on, but F2 5amp fuse blows right away and machine will not boot up. Did I mess something up? Or is there a different issue? I did re-unplug the sound board completely replace the F2 5amp fuse and machine will boot up and play again. Any suggestions?
Thanks Mike

#2245 8 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Sounds like you will have to re-visit the work you did and check for something wrong.

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

make sure you didn't flip a cap around so the positive is the wrong way. Is it only the PS board that has the + printed wrong or do the sound boards have that issue too?

Yes, will have to recheck my work, I thought I did. Possibly I may have did in one of the caps, you never know. I did take pictures of all the caps prior to removal just to make sure I have follow up pictures of what was there in the beginning. Have learned this trait do to in the past looking at what I removed and said to myself what did it look like before???
Thanks guys for your input, I'll look into it tomorrow and follow up and let you know.

#2246 8 months ago

Update: Sometimes you do the stupid things and that is what I did on this. In my rush to try the sound board out after repairs, I pulled it out again today and saw that I had forgot to clip the long leads off the last cap I installed. No wonder the fuse shorted out right away. Anyhow once I clipped them off and re-installed the sound board it works fine. Lesson learned, take your time and double check your work before installing and testing. Just glad that no damage happened to the board.

#2251 8 months ago

Working on refurbishing my Farfalla coin door. Here is a before and the during process of taking everything appart. Should be able to finish it up tomorrow and post finished pictures. She looking good!

20210201_104550 (resized).jpg20210201_104605 (resized).jpg20210201_160205 (resized).jpg
#2252 8 months ago
Quoted from gianfri:

I'm happy today, a new Zaccaria just joined the family!
[quoted image]
and it looks like the flipper bats are not original :/
Now just started the Farfalla playfield works, any suggestion is welcomed!
[quoted image]

Congratulations on your new Magic Castle. It's the next one on my list I would like to acquire.
Just finishing my Farfalla, good luck on the progress. One thing you might consider is the posts behind the blue and orange drop targets get hammered quite a bit. Some of mine were completely destroyed, I changed mine out to double blue and double orange to help with eliminating further damage.

#2253 8 months ago

Here are a few pictures of the double posts.

20210120_094815 (resized).jpg20210120_094819 (resized).jpg
#2254 8 months ago

Finished my refurbished Farfalla coin door today. Looks good.

20210202_133808 (resized).jpg20210202_133833 (resized).jpg20210202_133843 (resized).jpg20210202_134148 (resized).jpg
#2255 8 months ago

The only thing I am still going to do is that the original decals that came off the door are in good shape yet and will take them to my print shop guy and have them reproduced. He has done this before many times for my Bally/Williams machines.

20210202_134749 (resized).jpg
#2257 8 months ago

It looks like you cleaned the playfield up nicely. Overall it looks good.

3 weeks later
#2292 7 months ago
Quoted from FiatsRUs:

I am reviving a power supply from a Magic Castle for a friend and I need some advice on the two 10,000 uf, 16v filter caps. They each have four legs, which I have not seen before. Can they be replaced with a two-legged snap-in capacitor and if so, how would they be oriented on the board? Is the black stripe on the existing capacitor negative? Positive?
Also, regarding the 100 uf, 350v filter cap in the HV section; can it be replaced with a 150uf 350v cap that I have on hand for Bally power supplies? The HV sections appear to be very similar.

The two 10,000 uf 16v caps replacement I think this was answered previously in this thread on page 21 here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/zaccaria-pinball-owners-club-all-welcome/page/21#post-4488778. Its on a Farfalla, but the power supply I think are the same and/or similar.

Also changing out the 100 uf 350v to a 150 uf 350v should be OK too. I just know you can't go down in value, but up is OK.

1 week later
#2295 7 months ago
Quoted from StratDoc:

Just picked up my first Zaccaria - a terrific looking Farfalla. It is awesome looking. A couple of quick questions for the group as this pin is completely foreign to me.
1) I cannot get it to go into test mode at all.
2) The sole red insert near the ramp is badly chipped. It is odd that these are not a solid red plastic. Can I replace with the an opaque insert of the same size.
3) one of the flipper bats was replaced with a solid black bat. I saw where seigcraft made replacement translucent bats for Zaccaria pins. Anyone used them?
4) The right outhole lane flipper is not working.
5) The third and fourth digits are missing on each display. Moved the display connectors around and no change so it is not display specific. Any thoughts? I am David Gersic said ship him the CPU and a display.
6) And, a general game question. The top yellow drop targets sometime reset and sometimes they do not. Is there a specific rule about when the targets reset, or do I have another issue to address.
Super stoked to be part of this unique pin owners group.

First welcome to the club! I too have not long ago joined this club too with a Farfalla. I have been repairing/refurbishing Bally/Williams machines since about 2004 when I really got into the hobby. Zaccaria machines are a bit of a different breed, but what I did since I was new to working on Zaccaria, I took the time to read through all the posts in this thread. I know there's alot of pages, but was worth my time as it helped me just get familiar with the games, issues that others had and some interesting quirks about them. Also I would watch a Farfalla in play on YouTube as this has also been helpful to me on diagnostic repairs.

1) You can get into the test/programing mode by switching the on/off SW4 on the CPU board. Once switched the machine with start beep, beep, beeping, then activate the momentary switch on the coin door to move through each test/program. Switch SW4 back when finished. Would also check out David Gersic Zaccaria web site found here: http://www.zaccaria-pinball.com/ as there is alot of helpful information on the Zaccaria machines.
2) A number of mine inserts too are cracked, but not bad enough to replace. I have seen this on a number of pictures of Farfalla machines. It appears a common issue. I would just replace whichever way works best for you.
3) Never have bought from them, but I have not heard or seen if anyone else does replacement flipper bats, David did at one time, but has since sold out. Anyone else?
4)Would check connections to and from the coil, clean/replace coil sleeve, coil parts and make sure it moves freely. Also check out lane switch is working. Note: for this flipper to work, the lane light needs to be lit and you only get "one flip". Also can check if flipper works in the coil test mod.
5) Displays only work in sequence. That is you can't move the ribbon cable around to really test the displays. If you already talked to David, then I would follow his recommendations.
6) All targets reset at the beginning of each ball and/or if they are all dropped (each color bank) during ball in play with the exception on the last ball if the last ball is the timed ball. The drop targets stay down on whatever one's you hit until you take them all out (color) and/or if the ball ends and are reset on next ball in play.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions. Again welcome to the club and enjoy your new machine!......Mike

1 month later
#2328 6 months ago

Hello Zaccaria owners, I recently purchased a Devil Riders pinball machine. It's missing the metal lock/bracket for the head back glass. Do any of you have a spare you would sell me? Note: picture is of my Farfalla showing what I need.
Let me know,
Thanks Mike

20210316_142915 (resized).jpg
3 months later
#2404 61 days ago

Need some help here Zaccaria owners. I have a Farfalla that I am continuing having issues with the sound board. Have been in contact with David Gersic (he was the only person that it seems that did board repairs). He recommend replacement of all the caps which I did, but still continue to have sound issues. Sent the board to him for repair, but he is having some personal family issues and has since sent the sound board back to me un-repaired. It appears he will no longer be doing board repairs, so here is my question.

Is there anyone here is the US that will take on any Zaccaria board repairs (sound, driver, CPU, etc.)? David did recommend contacting John's Jukes in British Columbia, but would rather deal with a reliable source here in the states.
Let me know......Mike

#2405 59 days ago

Okay guys, I am asking again is there a reliable repair source for Zaccaria pinball board(s) repairs here in the US? I can't believe there's not one due to the many machines collector's own. Your replys would be appreciated.

#2407 59 days ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Johns Jukes is a legitimate repair place.
I would definitely contact them.

Okay, just thought if there were anyone else in the US. Will give them a call.......Thanks

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