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Zaccaria pinball owners club! All welcome

By SpOoKyRiDeS

7 years ago

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#79 7 years ago
Quoted from Pinballer22:

Grabbed a project Devil Riders as my first. Powers up and neon and gi come on but that's it. Is needing the front back glass and the plastic coin door housing if anyone has an extra or knows where to find one.
Did hear someone may have made a decal that could be used on a sheet of glass to make the front back glass but haven't been able to find one.....anyone know if that is true?

Years ago, a number of us tried to make reproduceable translites of the backglasses for people missing the backglass entirely. Here is the collection hosted on Davids site.


#81 7 years ago
Quoted from Pinballer22:

cool...did anyone have good results? What process do you guys use to make the translates?

look at the link on the bottom. You;ll see how I did the Robot backglass that Neo now owns

2 weeks later
#92 7 years ago
Quoted from SpOoKyRiDeS:

So is "Spooky"thee holy grail of Zaccaria pins? Seems like the most commonly found one here in the states seems to be Devil Riders, at least from what I've seen. CaptainNeo... Care to chine in on what's thee most rare and what's more easily found? ~Spooky

In PA, the most common zacs are devil riders and pinball champ. Farfalla and magic castle are common games. The hardest to find games are spooky and Zankor. 8 years ago I had 9 generation 2 zacs in my home and several more i tried and sold. There are also a bunch of generation 1 games, but I didnt find them as fun ( although I really like Stargod)

#98 7 years ago

That surprises me since we both like Robot and Farfalla. I couldn't wait for Blackbelt and Time Machine to leave the garage. The other 11 gen2 games were way more fun to play (Although I never owned Spooky).

Pinball Champ is one of the top zacs I owned, along with Magic Castle, Farfalla and Soccer Kings. The rest were very close in fun factor.

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

Blackbelt is actually kind of common here. I've seen many, and I agree I like it as well and will buy one soon. I'm currently restoring a locomotion so I hope it's fun. Pinball Champ doesn't look the greatest, but I love the gameplay as well. Had one, but had to sell it due to space and money at the time. Never played one and sold it before I had a chance to play it. Luckily. Because after I put some time on it, I would have kept it.

3 weeks later
#142 7 years ago
Quoted from sandbagger:

Just picked it up here are some pictures.
Its complete, there are 2 small cracks in the upper vacuum formed cover but isnt really noticeable
I cant find anything that even needs a touchup on the playfield before it gets cleared.
looks like all the mechs are 100% there on the back side
Finding the boards and the backbox stuffings looks like to be the real tough /blockquote>

Before you put any time into this project, do yourself a favor and find a complete project time machine. It will be impossible to make one and will take a while to find a project time machine- if you can find a project. You will have to consider the expenses too. It may cost more bringing that playfield to life than purchasing a working time machine.
Anyway, just talking from experience as i have been there before with a zac i was trying to save and it cost another full machine to make it happen.

#158 7 years ago
Quoted from SpOoKyRiDeS:

Think the easier Zac pins to find would be Devil Riders first as the Captain concurs with me followed by Farfalla and Time Machine. Tier two: Robot and Magic Castle, Tier Three: Spooky and possibly anything else. Seems a ton of Zac pins were imported here in the states, but judging by this thread, there may be only a few dozen of us going after them. I wonder out loud how many more are sitting in non-collectors hands?!?~Spooky

In 2004 a container of zacs ( over 150 games) was purchased by kurt weaver and delivered to ohio. Those 150 games were sold on ebay and they made their way across the usa. I ended up with 12 games after a few years of buying and selling. There were 20-25 different models in the container from all eras of ss - pre gen1, gen 1 and gen2 games. It was wild. Everyday there were new games, but it was a crap shoot as mostly everything needed repair. But, plenty of boards, backglasses,etc were also sold.

The only game that was not in the container was spooky. Of course i tried to pick up a spooky for 5 or 6 years and it always eluded me. I knew of 3 in the usa when i stopped looking ( and several in europe). At least i found a zankor and new stars phoenix along with the rest of the gen 2 games. They were good times. I think now more people see the beauty of the zacs as they have cerainly become more popular.

8 months later
#269 6 years ago

Nice. Stargod is the best generation 1 zaccaria that I owned and I played it quite a bit for years.

See if yours has the rare 1b1144 sound board as opposed to the 1b1125. I only saw one of them (my game) and we were able to dump the roms, but I only heard the sound from this board in the emulator.


Also, set the game for "score to beat", I think that's what its called and every game you get a different highscore to beat. Its quite fun.

Quoted from Gundam_Pilot_:

Picked up a Star God this weekend. Pretty excited about it. Ive been after this particular machine, and finally the guy came down to what I was willing to pay for it. Also picked up a a Segasa/Sonic Pole Position.

1 month later
#274 6 years ago

I had 10 or 11 of the generation 2 games at one time and a few other gen1 games at different times. Of the 15 or so titles I had my favorites were:
Gen2 - magic castle, soccer kings, farfalla, pinball champ, zankor, robot.
Gen1 - stargod
I didnt care for black belt at all, nor did I like time machine (sorry)

I'm curious if you bought the Zankor in PA as its the only one Ive heard about in the USA and i sold it to a guy in PA. I know of 6 more in europe. I tried for years to complete the gen2 games, but could never find a spooky. It took me 5 months to fix everything on zankor, so it was a major job, but it was really strange and fun. The sound board was the hardest thing to find from italy.

The zaccaria games a beautiful and fun to play, but difficult to find parts.

Quoted from cfh:

Good tip on Time machine ramp. The entrance on mine is a bad transition, so much that the ball hoops enough to completely miss the entrance ramp switch!
At the ann arbor pinball museum we currently have Time Machine, Devil Rider, Farfalla and Pinball Champ. Just got a Soccer Kings, Zankor, Mystery Castle, Hot Wheels, Robots and Locomotion. But those will be a long time coming, they need a lot of work.
Speaking of which... i just passed on a Black Belt. I could not handle the annoying sounds of the game. It's was just too much for me. Anyone else feel that way?
Also bought the Hot Wheels and Zankor without any knowledge of how these games play. Any comments on those two?

1 month later
#288 6 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

I just got a zac Hot wheels, robot, magic castle and zankor.
Does anyone know how to change Hot Wheels (gen1) from 15 balls per game to 3 balls? and yes, it has a new battery. i have the manual, but i don't ready Italian very well!

section: Settings, Setup, and Audits
setting #6 is number of balls

2 months later
#354 6 years ago
Quoted from shimoda:

Does anyone have a working Zacc MPU for sale? I'm still trying to get mine running but dang I want to play this game!

You need a 1B1165/1 MPU. Not just any zaccaria MPU. I know you know that but when asking around, its good to be specific.

These games are really fun but sometimes repairs are exhausting. I've fixed probably 2 dozen zac boards when I had the collection and 2 of them I had to send to David. One MPU board I replaced just as many chips/components as you and I could never get it working. What a train wreck. It became a rate of diminishing return and David was able to save it. Yes, you'll wait for the boards to return but in the meantime search ebay and you may get lucky. It always helps to have a spare set of boards but its really hard to find working boards anymore. Unfortunately I sold all of my boards and stuff to David, so I can't help but when it gets so frustrating its time to send it out. Good luck!

3 weeks later
#379 6 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

Got a bunch of really cool Zacs in yesterday. The main deal is will be selling (3) Time Machines and (3) Farfallas. Come pick the one you want, $900 each as-is. Will also have a Zankor for sale (soon), Clown, and Pool Champion. Pick up only in Brighton MI. direct email to [email protected]

Very nice Clay! I haven't seen that many zacs in a long time.
You even have an Appletime Thunderman - is this working? I never saw one working...

1 week later
#395 6 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

Stupid question and I should probably find the answer in the manual, but.........
For Time Machine, is the spoken language in the sound controlled by a setting or do I need to replace the sound roms to change the spoken words from Italian (at least I think it's Italian) to English?

You need to replace the sound roms for different languages. I had Italian in all of mine, they sounded really cool and authentic even if I didn't understand them

#397 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

what's the one in the background between the 2 pool champs?

Mystic Star

#399 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

never seen that before. Good eye. What's it a conversion of?

Bally -35 MPU conversion

I've never seen one of these in person.

2 weeks later
#410 5 years ago

Wow very cool, congrats! I was never able to get this one in the collection so kudos for your persistence. I'd love to hear about gameplay when you get it running.

#437 5 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Neo, eventually, I would like to hear how you rate them for all around fun! I'm loving my Farfalla after redoing it and would like to add maybe 5 Zacs to the collection!

Well this is just my opinion, but I've had 12 of the 15 generation 2 zacs and of the list I'd say these are must haves.
Soccer Kings
Magic Castle
Pinball Champ '82/Pinball Champ (they made 7 digit and 8 digit models in 1983)
Pool Champion
Mexico '86

These would be tough/impossible to get, but I never owned them, so not sure how much fun they are:
Mystic Star

These I didn't like and they didn't last more than a month...
Devil Riders
Star's Phoenix/New Stars Phoenix (only multiball gen2 game)
Time Machine

There are a bunch of generation 1 games and a couple of pre-generation 1 games, but of that list I only found this one to be fun:
Star God

Appletime Thunderman, Mr Game and the Technoplay games don't count as gen2 games to me, they are different.

#446 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I would love for someone to do a history show about zaccaria, and everything that happened from the early days, up to the company hand offs at the end.

In 2004 when I got into the Zaccaria games, there was little information on the game and the Zaccaria company. Federico Croci had a website tilt.it and this site had about the only info on Zaccaria at the time. Owners of the games at that time had a yahoo group entitled the ORANGE GROUP, something like that and we exchanged information on the games and new discoveries as we got to know the games better.

Dave took all the information he uncovered and helped hundreds of new owners and created his website (www.zaccaria-pinball.com) and another owner and huge collector of the games in Hungary Laszlo created a site with every zaccaria game www.zaccaria-pinball.hu. It is Laszlos collection that later was used for the zaccaria pinball package on mobile iphone/ipads by ASK Homework.

Federico Croci compiled tons of information about the company , met with the Zaccaria brothers, had pictures of the factory and the artist, engineers, etc He was going to write a book but never did. That would be quite a read... I'm sure most of this could be google searched.

#452 5 years ago

Actually Clay that's exactly what I find interesting about the zacs. Aside from beautiful artwork, durable playfields and good sound/music, they all have some little oddity had never been done before and that turned out to be FUN in gameplay:

All of the gen2 games featured an elevated shooter wireform that was just cool and gave you additional space for another lane or two. Here are some highlights of the games I favor:

Soccer Kings - Ball in the center rejector releases a Fake multiball at the soccer player. Your ball is then returned from the center rejector.
Magic Castle - Dracula backglass animation with flashers and quick 1 flip mini flipper ball save in the outlane.
Zankor - small ramp pops out to hit LARGE cannibal target, upper playfield returns plunged ball, cool jungle music/speech
Robot - 5 pop up cylindrical bash targets that have internal lamps
Farfalla - 17 drop targets and upper playfield with flippers on a relay (on when ball up the playfield, off when it leaves it)
Pinball champ - similar lots of drops with upper playfield with flippers on a relay (on when ball up the playfield, off when it leaves it)
Pool Champion - pop up cylindrical targets, strange 8 ball flipper that acts like a gate.
Mexico 86 - cool smaller playfield in upper main pf quadrant with full size flips, pop up cylindrical targets and a large bullseye target uncovered

Quoted from cfh:

I will concur that Blackbelt is odd and probably not well loved. the sound drives me crazy. the game play is OK.
Star Phoenix i just think is cool - the artwork is very odd too. And a multiball zac, it's the only one.
Mexico 86 has this mini playfield thing in the upper left that is really cool. a lot of zacs have very odd and unseen features. they are all cool. even Devil Rider (though that too is not one of my favorites.)

1 week later
#463 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

see, I had one with 2 blue square 3D type targets that said 50k on them. The one I have now has 2 square blues with snowflake like things on them.

I asked this when I got my Robot and was told the 2 light blue squares with snowflakes are the correct targets. They are also shown on the flyer.

#464 5 years ago

Bonus thing? Are you talking about GAME TIME Bonus? This is a zaccaria feature that was introduced in one of the last generation 1 models (EWF) and continued in all of the generation 2 models, like Robot. Like your other 2 previous balls, your last ball builds bonus when you hit switches (pops, rollovers, targets), but additionally it adds time to the GAME TIME box, starting at 10 seconds. When you drain, you get to play a BONUS BALL for the time accumulated on that last ball. When the time is up, flippers drop and the ball drains, bonus counts down and game over.

I read that Americans hated this feature when gen2 games starting hitting our shores in the early 80s so they added an option to turn this feature off. I think in one of my pinball champs there was a service bulletin about it. I don't recall if its still in the menu, but I love game time bonus, its so unique. I would never turn it off.

Quoted from ronsplooter:

Is there anywhere that gives an idea of what the rules are for Robot? I get that knocking down the robots to spell ROBOT will give the Red special and the drops are to do with the Time and Orange special but how does the whole bonus time thing at the end of the game work?
Also, the flippers on mine seem to be insanely powerful....is that normal and can I adjust EOS switches to back them off a bit. I'm worried the game is going to smash itself to bits

#471 5 years ago
Quoted from gooterman:

Mine has 2 white squares with what looks like cups or trophy's on them.


If I recall the targets in your game are from pinball champ. Maybe they ran out or someone changed them along the way...

3 weeks later
#495 5 years ago

Those mini lamps in the Robot heads are T1 miniature bulbs. I don't know if you can buy sockets and I used incandescents with wire leads when I changed them in the game when I had it. I think I ordered them from here long long ago


Quoted from ronsplooter:

Thanks Neo, I'm going to buy all non ghosting for the CPU controlled lamps so hopefully it'll keep it to a minimum. Not decided whether to go LED or incandescent on the GI yet (deffo going LED in the backbox) so I'll probably have a play with both and see what looks good.
In terms of the grain of rice sockets, can you even buy those? Most of my robot heads were missing the original sockets so I need to find a suitable replacement which is why I was thinking about the pop bumper sockets with the 12in wire leads. I think I have a spare one somewhere so will do some testing this weekend

2 months later
#554 5 years ago

Did you finally get a Robot repro backglass? That's awesome news!!!!

3 weeks later
#582 5 years ago
Quoted from TopMoose:

Are any of the syllables accented when the game says it?

It's Italian and pronounced Zac ca Ree ahh.

3 weeks later
#609 5 years ago

I think this is the first Thunderman that I see working. Good job clay bringing this one back! Is the game any fun?

#615 5 years ago
Quoted from RazerX:

What's with that flipper up there at the top of the PF?

Its used as a gate that opens when a sequence of balls is completed. If I recall when you hit balls 1-7 (targets), the flipper (gate) opens to get the 8 ball shot. It only opens once and closes once its not like a regular flipper.

#619 5 years ago

I had a New Stars Phoenix, which is the same game but it had the 110 transformer. I don't know if the previous owner modified it, but it looked stock. Not a very fun game however, not one of my favorites.

2 months later
#644 5 years ago

Looks like you have the same game I sold a while ago. First Robot, now new Stars Phoenix

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

my new stars phoenix also has the adjustable transformer, which is weird because spooky did not ,which was made before. I don't understand it.

#647 5 years ago

Great collection! Surprised you didn't find a pinball champ yet, I had 3 of them over the years what's your favorite so far?

8 months later
#777 4 years ago

I had most of the gen 2 zacs and Farfalla is way more fun than Time Machine. Play both and see which you prefer.

Quoted from Luppin:

I am considering a Farfalla or a Time Machine. Which one do you suggest?

#783 4 years ago

Since you won't find a zankor or robot, my other favorites would be soccer kings, magic castle, Farfalla and pinball champ. Honorable mentions to pool champion, Mexico 86. Ones I did not enjoy are blackbelt and time machine. Devil riders was just ok and I was sure I was going to like it. I never had a spooky so I can't comment on that one.

Definately look for the generation 2 zacs mentioned here, there are generation 1 games but they are really simple gameplay.

Quoted from Luppin:

Which one you think is the best second generation Zaccaria?

#785 4 years ago

They used to be real cheap, but now they are harder to find. Condition and working are big factors because they are hard to fix if you are not familiar with them and parts are hard to find. Working game $800-1600 maybe and higher for excellent condition. They are all single ball games except the last one they made, but they sure are fun to play.

Quoted from extraballingtmc:

What kind of price range are Zaccarias if one is lucky enough to find them?

#790 4 years ago

Glad you liked it. Its a personal preference.The only gen1 I truly liked was Stargod and if I had a choice of gen1 or gen2 I would pick gen2 everytime. I really like the speech and music of the gen2s.

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I have not played a lot of Gen 1 games, but Locomotion is fantastic. Love the rules on it, and the way the ball stops at each train gate and dings the bell at each stop is great. Love that game.

#797 4 years ago

There is a square relay under the playfield that directs the power to the upper flippers. This might be flaky. See the scanned Farfalla manual page 26 on the gen2 section on www.zaccaria-pinball.com . There is also a switch where the ball enters the upper playfield. When the ball hits this it triggers the relay.

Quoted from Frax:

About to clean up Farfalla for the first time..anything in particular I need to be careful about? The only issue that I have with the game that I'd like to resolve when working on it is that whatever controls the power to the upper flippers is flaky. Sometimes they flip with ball in lower playfield, sometimes they don't activate when the ramp is shot. What all controls the behavior of those upper flippers?

4 months later
#872 4 years ago

I seem to recall Mike Pacak has a FAST TRACK. I believe it works, as I inquired about purchasing the game a while back. Might check with him and take a road trip....

4 weeks later
#882 4 years ago

First off, Zaccaria games are hard to find parts. You sometimes get lucky from another owner, or interchange rarely with williams parts. With that said, maybe something like this would work. I had spares but have no idea where they are, probably gave them to the guy that bought alot of zac parts from me.


page 18 shows the flipper spring

Quoted from Frax:

What the hell is an acceptable compression spring to use for Farfalla flippers? The only ones I have keep sliding over the edge of the flipper linkage, wrapping around the backside, and not letting the flipper return. It's been pissing me off for months, nobody's been any help at all with part numbers or anything, and frankly, I'm trying to sell the damn thing to pay off some debt. Some *actual info* would me MUCH APPRECIATED.

8 months later
#1008 3 years ago

Opinions vary, but the most fun I had of all the zacs I owned and played were with the generation 2 games.
Games such as Farfalla, Pinball Champ, Magic Castle, Soccer Kings, Zankor, Mexico 86, Robot, Pool Champion are the best.

The only generation 1 game I truly enjoyed was StarGod.

There are couple of stinkers in the generation 2 games (I'm looking at you Black Belt and Time Machine) and 1 game I never played (Spooky), but its so rare you probably won't find it anyway.

Quoted from archaik:

Hello club, hoping I will be a member some day I was wondering which are your top three zacc ?
Since it is pretty complicated to get one or even find one to play I tried them all digitally but I would like to have your opinion.
Game play wise and overall package. For now leaving out the mecas, but we can also make a list of the top mecas.
I like magic castle, spooky, robot(really dig playfield, bg not so much), locomotion but never got to play for real. I only played farfalla. Maybe zankor too but not sure.
TBH I think I could get my hands on robot or locomotion, farfalla, and the rest is nearly impossible, or unobtainum(spooky)
Let s hear your thoughts !

#1013 3 years ago

The backglass is really pretty in person on Zankor.

I'll tell you a funny story about that. I agreed to purchase a Zankor sight unseen because it was the only one in the USA at the time, but it didn't have a backglass. It was part of a container and was non functioning, and I mean REALLY non-functioning. It took forever for the seller to get around to it and in the meantime I found a backglass in England and paid the seller and had it shipped. Well I was ripped off and never got the backglass or my money back. That was a hard lesson.

So 6 months come around and the I am going to pick up the game without a backglass. I get a call the night before from a friend and he said "Hey, I know you like these zac games and my friend has a backglass for one, would you be interested in buying it? I asked him what was the game and he said "I dunno something about zardoz or zandor. I said Zankor? He said ya, thats it! Needless to say the next day I picked up the game AND the backglass.

I spent the next 5 months working every night fixing it though, ordering parts from all around the world, but it was worth it! What a fun game.

Quoted from archaik:

so I see we are pretty much agreeing on what I should look for
i really like time machine because its pretty but pretty boring so its a no
I know where to find a spooky but i also know its not for sale
I see you both mention soccer kings I forgot about it but could be one too
My problem is I find it very hard to buy a game I dont like from the artistic point of view, Zankor would need an alternate BG, but anyway never seen one up for sale.

#1015 3 years ago

Zankor was an original theme. It wasn't Rimondini (artist) since his last game was Mexico 86, so the brothers hired another artist to complete the last 3 games (Zankor, Spooky and Stars Phoenix). It felt disjointed in a quirky way but there were some really weird things in the game that just gave it such charm. The upper playfield didn't make sense but it was a novel way to meet a plunged ball, the large headhunter target with flasher was cool, the artwork was all of the place but ecclectic and interesting.

You could theorize about the main character, why was he in the jungle with monster spiders and weird shit all around, was he saving the girl, as his expressions were that he couldn't care less ! Was this on earth or maybe a weird planet? Freaky flowers, all kinds of imagery. It was a challenging game to play, pretty hard to score.

Years ago I exchanged some emails with an Italian guy whose friends band made the music for the game. There were several riffs in the game and one of the best ones only plays at the end of the game and only once. Also one of the few games that only had Italian language roms (spooky too)

Quoted from Joeplainfield:

Zankor may be just as hard to find as Spooky is. Personally, I love Zankor's back glass, never really understood the theme though. I assumed it was some obscure comic book reference, but that would require licensing. Seems like all the Zacs were original themes.

#1028 3 years ago

Cool thanks for the correction and glad you still have Spooky! There are certainly only a handful in the USA.

Quoted from Joeplainfield:

Frank,my Spooky speaks English. In fact I think it’s using the sound board you helped me get several years back. Whoever you got it from had the English roms

3 months later
#1075 3 years ago

Nope, nobody knows and things change daily so I wouldn't worry about it AT ALL. Proceed!

Quoted from swampwiz:

Anyone know if Trump's tariffs will include "pinball machines & bell ringers" from the EU? (That's the official listing in the government's Harmonized Tariff Schedule, LOL.) I've got my eye on another Zac (which of course is "made in Italy"), and I sure wouldn't like to pay a 25% tariff on importing it!

1 month later
#1114 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

soccer kings usually has only 3 balls in the back to start.

I had to check this one, but according to the manual it says 4 balls go in the upperlevel goal area and one in the drain.

#1118 2 years ago

1 switch? Then you are right. It's a cool illusion. When I got the game I was surprised the first few times the balls shot out of the upper trough, thought there was a channel leading to it only to find the upper playfield had its own balls and main playfield ball never meet really a fun game, I miss this one a lot.

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

4? I don't think it matters really. If you look at the back holding area, there is only 1 switch back there acknowledging the first ball anyway. The rest are just for speed of the kickout.

#1127 2 years ago

Thats the outlane ballsave. You have one shot at timing it to hit the ball with the outlane flipper before it drains.

Quoted from mantz88:

Any ideas on why my outlane flippers are very slow to respond on my Farfalla? Ball rolls over switch, the game play's the audio cue but the flipper doesnt activate until the ball is already way past it. Flippers work in test.

#1129 2 years ago

take the glass off and test the outlane switch with your finger and see when the flipper gets activated. Maybe your outlane switches needs adjusting to activate quicker (less gap).

Quoted from mantz88:

Yes but the coil isnt going active until the ball is way past the flipper. Like almost in the ball trough by the time the flipper will activate

#1137 2 years ago

I had a problem with my devil riders upper flippers a long time ago when I had the game. I recall a blown fuse under the playfield and something with the relay (small cube that switches the power on to the flippers) also under the playfield.
I think the wire gate in the upper playfield triggers the relay to turn on the upper flippers. You should hear a click when the relay kicks in if it's working. I always thought it was great the upper playfield flippers were controlled and not always on except when the ball goes up there.

Can't help with the score issue. Does the game score at all? Do all 4 players coin up? Sounds like the memory is messed up which could be ram. Was there battery damage?

Quoted from ViperJelly:

I have a devil riders in the final stages of resurrection but ran across a couple issues.
upper playfield flippers do not activate but i think the ramp switches work fine, i can hear them register and the targets are active. Might be a fuse somewhere but haven't had time to investigate yet. Not super worried here, I think I can handle this one.
All the scores are only showing commas except the credit/timer display which seems to work fine. At start up I get a readout of 3 600 001 with the one blinking, is this significant?

#1146 2 years ago

Just an idea to make sure the upper flippers actually work. Why not bypass the relay temporarily and hook the flippers up direct. This way you can test the flippers work and then you know fr sure it's a bad relay. That's what I ended up doing on one of my zacs (I forget, I think it was pinball champ).

Quoted from ViperJelly:

Tried it. No difference. Wondering if there wiring on the relay is correct. Can someone check to see if this matches theirs?[quoted image]

#1162 2 years ago

We have seen this game for sale in the Pinside Market once. The asking price was $700

So anywhere from $800-$1200 tops for a nice working one?
Its out of the enjoyment of the game that we fix and restore these games. They are great playing games that just aren't worth a lot (besides a few hard to find ones). Soccer kings, Devil Riders, Magic Castle all good cheap fun.

Quoted from amkoepfer:

Out of curiosity, what is a decent condition soccer kings worth? I dont want to sink a ton more money into it if i cant recoup at least most when i decide to sell. Id like to put in new displays and a new backglass, but thats a lot of money. Ill be keeping the game awhile though, i think ill like it once the kinks are worked out

2 weeks later
#1169 2 years ago

This is the EM backglass that should have been on your game. Maybe it broke in Italy at some bar and they grabbed whatever they could find...


Quoted from DoubleGun:

I’m not sure I am understanding your comment. The backglass looks like the version that was on the solid state version at first glance but it is different. It does not have the yellow “credits” and “ball to play” text and the clear windows are in the wrong place.
The backbox has 5 reels but only 4 are visible from the front.

3 months later
#1236 2 years ago

Whatever someones willing to pay? Import EMs usually go for around $600 if fully working.

Quoted from BubbaK:

What is a Ten Stars worth in really nice shape?

2 weeks later
#1255 2 years ago

Wow that is amazing. I tried for 6 years to find 1 Spooky. I gave up. Hope the other 4 go to other people that love the game.

Quoted from rvdv:

Hi fellow Zaccaria lovers
Here we got my Nr 5 of this title
Fresh through customs , no hold ups [quoted image]

1 month later
#1324 2 years ago

Did that resolve your matrix issue? Do all switches work now? I'd love to see a gameplay vide when you get it running. This title always eluded me.

Quoted from pinball_ric:

Actually just finished putting in the CA3081 replacement pcb barakandl sells (bought a 10 pack awhile back). I actually have an NTE916 I apparently bought like 20 years ago but I only have 1 and don't want to put it into a machine with questionable wiring still. Clipped the battery (shockingly no corrosion yet thank god) and put nvram in while I was at it. Was already socketed so easy.[quoted image]

#1331 2 years ago

Here is the datasheet for BC548:

A cross for BC548 is here, maybe you have a substitute (I don't see 2n2222 as a cross):

Quoted from pinball_ric:

Not entirely. I overlooked that row 0 doesn't use U38. Got the board back home with me now. TR3 might be bad which is a BC548 but I don't have any of those on hand. I do have 2n2222's which I think will work. Should I use that or is there something else that might work? I have some other things but that was the first thing I saw as a possible alternative.
Hopefully U41 isn't also bad. Before I go swapping things this time I'll put the oscilliscope on it to see the signal is at least coming out of U41. Though I guess both TR3 and U38 are driven by U41 so it is probably fine.

#1337 2 years ago

English speech roms too. First I heard it in English, nice. Nice to see the gameplay, thanks!

I forget is there a small pot on the sound card that allows pitch adjustment? I remember a volume adjust but maybe there is s pitch adjust too. This one has the 2 sound cards (main and daughter)

1 week later
#1354 2 years ago

Translucent red flippers with dark red rubber. That's how they are displayed on the flyer and two I have had were like that.

Quoted from HHaase:

Silly question. What flipper bat color is correct for Devil Riders? Mine are a bit mismatched. Blue on the main playfield, red on the top. I don't believe either set is original.

1 week later
#1369 2 years ago

Value? Not much unfortunately. This is a low cost zac (gen1) in working condition. In unknown condition with a trashed playfield, it would be best to get working and just enjoyed as a player. You don't see many locomotions but its not as fun as the gen2 games (IMO).

Quoted from michiganpinball:

Picked up a Locomotion yesterday. This one unfortunately is scuffed up and has some pf wear by the flippers. Also the bg has a break in the very upper right corner - it is taped together and not real noticeable at least. It is all there and the battery hasn't leaked. I didn't turn it on but the previous owner said it didn't work. What is a fair value for this?[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

#1385 2 years ago

10 years ago we used a backup memory cap instead of the pinintech nvram (which wasn't created). Simple solution and scores/settings were retained for months without play(although I never had a game I didn't play for months). I installed this in place of batteries on all of my zacs.

1 month later
#1418 2 years ago

Backup cap onboard not remote battery would be cheap and easy to install and last Forever

Quoted from HHaase:

Yep...... jealous for sure. I've put Spooky on my wishlist but definitely not in my price range right now.
I'm about 90% done bringing my Devil Riders back to life finally. Plays just fine, and have some more LED's on the way to finish up the changeover. Though I have found out that 4 of the 5 display glasses are bad on mine. I checked all the solder joints, ohmed out the transistors and resistors, swapped them around all sorts of ways. It's just the obvious problem that I only have a single good display.
Not surprised or upset about this though. I've actually got protoype boards for LED displays sitting here. Lots of work to go before I think they're ready to install, the first version has numerous dimensional issues. Not sure how far down that particular rabbit hole I'm going to travel.
I'm also finding that the 2nd NVRAM doesn't QUITE solve the locked coils issue. I'm still getting my knocker coil firing on startup occasionally. I may still go back to standard RAM and a remote battery.

#1424 2 years ago

Amazing work! You have just saved a bunch of generation 1 machines. Well done!

#1436 2 years ago

It looks great thanks for taking a video! Someday I hope to play one!

Quoted from play_pinball:

New video of my second Spooky up and running, finally!<

3 weeks later
#1472 2 years ago

If I recall my Magic castle had the same legs as the other gen2s (soccer kings, pinball champ and farfalla I had next to magic castle). They all lined up in height and i had no problem with it seeming floaty or anything. I think it was around 6.5 pitch. I'd bet you have the wrong legs.

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

anyone else have a problem with magic castle not being steep enough? I have my back legs jacked up as high as they go, and rubber spacer on the back and the fronts down as low as they go and still can't good pitch. DId they do the gottlieb thing like haunted house, where the backs are longer than the fronts?

2 months later
#1521 2 years ago

See if you can get it running before worrying about the playfield.

Quoted from pinballinreno:

Time to restore my farfalla.
It's pretty rough.
I started it today after it sat for a few years.
It boots! But no neon.
Loud hum in speakers.
Everything is a bit corroded.
Playfield starting to plank. Will need clearcoaring I think.

#1544 2 years ago

Not necessary. The clear coat on the Zaccaria games is super durable. Clean it up and you’ll see

Quoted from pinballinreno:

I'm really excited about this game!
I think I'm going to clearcoat the playfield for longevity.
It'll play like a rocket when done lol.

#1595 1 year ago

Nope - these are 6 digit

Quoted from pinballinreno:

Will those displays work in my farfalla?

#1603 1 year ago

You need the Italian speech Roms. If I recall d. Gersic can burn them for you and a few others have the capability.

Quoted from pinballinreno:

Can I get my Farfalla to speak Italian?
pinballgoddess (its her game) asked me but I couldnt see anything in the manual.
There looks to be country settings?
Dip switches set to all off for italy.
Mine are set off on off off (england?)
Do they change the language if you change the country?
It would be way cool for an Italian game to speak Italian!

#1621 1 year ago

I agree swapping out the bad display with a working one would be a good test but remember the displays are numbered by jumpers on the display. You have to set the working display to the correct number and then install it. Never do any work on the game with power on,you will destroy the displays. I'd be inclined to take the player 4 display and change the jumper to the BIP display to try it. If it works I'd probably just move the BIP to player 4 after changing the jumper and leave it for now Until you find another working 8 digit (very hard to find) or swap them out to 7 digit (again hard to find unless you buy new led types someone was making)

Quoted from gianfri:

I'm more convinced that you have a problem on the 2 digits element itself and not on the wiring neither on the electronics.
Those displays are multiplexed therefore, if electronics, you'll have the same defect all over the digits.
If wiring you would have the same.
It can only be the plasma 2 digits element, either a solder pad of this element or, and most problably, it's dieing after 38 years.
If you're confident enough, you can swap the 8 digits element with another working display, you'll see immediately if it's the electronics or not.

#1636 1 year ago

Maybe you could use something different than the spring retainers. THese are also used as supports for neon tubes and these are univeral.

Quoted from pinballinreno:

What pinball springs could I use to make the spring retainers?
They look like big extention springs.
Not shooter rod, coil return or pop bumper ones. Those are the opposite, or compression springs.

#1661 1 year ago

check the fuses on the power board and under playfield (if I recall there are some fuses under the playfield).
its very good the game starts, thats over half the battle.

there are some troubleshooting tips here if you want to get it running.
Its a bunch of reading but if you are going to own zacs you have to understand them.
You are lucky there are replacement boards and displays available but not everything is available so learning to troubleshoot will help if you have an issue.


Quoted from pinballinreno:

Game was running very well before this event.
I did reseat all the display connections.
There are other issues.
A hum coming from the playfield now. Very mild buzzing.
The game starts with bad displays and a hum.
The game takes credits but wont launch a ball. Another solenoid fires weakly but not the ball kicker.
All of this after grounding out the jumpers i think.
Its possible that the jumpers are not connected properly.
but I dont know what the behavior would be if that is the case.
Something might be wrong with the logic?

1 week later
#1679 1 year ago

Change stuff thats broken, leave anything thats working alone! You don't want to go over these games and attempt to bulletproof them.

Quoted from pinballinreno:

Changed out fuse clips today.
They were pretty corroded and a little burnt.
My game is still a little over amped in the fuses. New fuses are coming.
[quoted image]
I'm thinking of changing out all the caps in the power supply.
They work, but I imagine they are out of spec after 38 years.
They dont last forever....

3 months later
#1780 1 year ago

Maybe D Gersic has some left over tops and wings when you made them? If I recall he made red and blue.

Quoted from pinballinreno:

Difficult to impossible to get flipper bats but I think siegecraft is reproducing them without the tops and wings.
ebay sometimes.

1 month later
#1866 1 year ago

StarGod is my favorite gen1. EWF left the zac collection in 4 weeks, though it was beautiful.
IMO StarGod has great pinball action, lots of bouncing, dual spinners that are super fun to hit and simple rules that are hard to master.
Just a really great game. It was the last gen1 for me to sell before diving into the gen2s

Quoted from gianfri:

Hello Doug, happy to see you here
As you know already, my favorite G1 is EWF but I never tried the Star God

#1871 1 year ago

hard to find. You can substitute according to D. Gersic on his site. Might find these easier or maybe you have a spare in your toolbox:

Main Flipper (Baseplate) D.50 S.600 / D.14 S.5000 Tan 3.5Ω / 480Ω Custom 24-600/35-5000

1 week later
#1892 1 year ago

Blue? No zacs used Blue Displays...

Quoted from ViperJelly:

Are you going to do the 8 digit displays in blue? I think my Magic Castle needs them

#1898 1 year ago

Zacs are reliable once you get them working. Don't worry about coils, you rarely need them unless the game is partially parted out. I don't know of anyone making drop targets. If the magic castle is fully working I would get it. It's a fun game.

If it's not working, prepare to roll up your sleeves and do board work. Recently some boards have been reproduced which helps alot, and a version of the displays has been released. Displays and boards were hard to work on and no replacements were available. Sound boards are still impossible to find and difficult to fix though if it working you should be ok. Missing parts are the biggest issue so hopefully your game is intact.

More people are interested in the zacs than ever and post to this thread so you'll also get help if you need it.

Quoted from shazam78:

I am thinking about picking up a very nice Magic Castle and had a few questions. How reliable are these machines and how hard is it to get parts like coils and drop targets an such? Is anyone making the proper drop targets with the design on them? Would like to know some information on them before I buy this machine.

#1910 1 year ago

perhaps this isn't working since the zeroram conversion didn't work.

Can you reverse the FM1680 conversion and use a backup memory cap instead for the battery, then try the roms? I prefered the backup memory cap for all my zacs when I had them. it was an easy way to go batteryless.

Quoted from Zigzagzag:

This is what the area looks like here. TR4 is there, but if I understand correctly J13 and J14 go to the CS-lines of the ROMs ?
I believe that using J13 as it is now ties CS1 and CS2 together and sends it to pin 22 of ROM 1 and 2.
I have modified the board using Gersic's Zeropower RAM as a guide, but used a FM1680 in the end as the Zeropower device didn't work.
I have of course moved the write line to pin 27, tied A11 and A12 on this chip to ground.[quoted image]

1 month later
#1964 1 year ago

I did the same. Just glue it and enjoy your game. I used a thin acrylic backing because mine was in 4 pieces. You might get lucky just gluing it.

Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Bummer. I had great success gluing 2 less damaged Zaccaria backglasses together with E6000. They are still holding strong after 3 years. https://www.homedepot.com/p/E6000-2-fl-oz-Clear-Adhesive-237032/203279322

#1970 1 year ago

Spinner should be hooked to a switch. It scores and has sounds associated. It has rules in gameplay.

Quoted from Alby:

I have a pinball champ 82 and was changing the rubbers on it. I noticed that my spinner isnt wired up to anything. Is the spinner meant to be wired up to a microswitch or is it purely cosmetic?

3 weeks later
#2016 1 year ago

Problem with the translite is you need the masking layer that masks out the numbers/sections that are not lit. I worked on a few of these and had one of them printed on translucent film (2 prints). It wasn't great but better than nothing since I could not find a ROBOT backglass anywhere.

I was able to find a Pinball Champ backglass for second game without a backglass years ago but those days are gone now, plus it took me 6 months. Maybe you can find one in AU to lessen the cost/shipping? No substitute for a beautiful backglass for these games though. Worth the $700 IMO if that was my only option and a brand new glass would be something to really admire.

Quoted from Alby:

BGresto has the file but to make the backglass with shipping to Australia is nearly $700 AUD because of our weak dollar. Was hoping to just print a translite to save some serious money.

1 month later
#2037 1 year ago

Space shuttle is a gen 1 zac, so maybe 1200 in good shape. Horror though is a conversion kit for space shuttle that I’ve only seen on ipdb and never in the USA. No idea what it would cost but I’d like to play the converted game since I don’t like space shuttle

Quoted from Draegermeister:

Any idea of what a Space Shuttle or Horror would go for around the US? I'm trying to see if I would be too far under water shipping some games from Europe.

2 weeks later
#2041 1 year ago

Start first by removing the black mold from the game. This is hazardous to your health so wear a mask/gloves and have ventilation.
Once your game is devoid of the mold and spores, start here:

http://www.zaccaria-pinball.com/gen2/repairs.html (specifically powering up a game for the first time)

Quoted from dombutler:

Hi, I got a Pinball Champ '82 and where do I start?! I know nothing about Zaccarias. Back in the '80s I was a service engineer and where I worked Zaccaria was a dirty word! The only ones they had, had been scrapped. apparently they were always breaking down, so I never got to work on one until now. Is there any online reference manuals or some sort of order to look through things. My Zacs had been water damaged when a ceiling came down, but luckily there was crap stored on top of them so the damage was not too bad, except for the mould. black mould everywhere! Nasty!!
[quoted image]

3 weeks later
#2082 1 year ago

I've had them all (except spooky and clown).

Magic Castle, Farfalla and Pool CHampion I'd pick from these 5. Pool Champion is a bit easier than the others, but the pop up ball targets are great fun to hit and sneaking the ball past the open top flipper to get the 8 ball is neat. I didn't care for Time Machine and only saw Clown once but it looked like a snoozer.

Quoted from ViperJelly:

I am going to have 5 Zacs and reasonably have room for 3. Which 3 would you pick from this list (no specific order):
1. Clown
2. Magic Castle
3. Farfalla
4. Pool Champion
5. Time Machine

2 months later
#2190 10 months ago

Yes the New Stars Phoenix power board is slightly different. David explains the differences on his site. Scroll to the bottom


Quoted from CaptainNeo:

even works with new stars phoenix? Since the new stars board has some jumpers on it, and when I tried to put it in another game that had LED displays. the game would freak out. Same if I tried to put a normal PS in New Stars. So something is slightly different.

5 months later
#2360 4 months ago

Been a long time since I had Devil Riders but I recall there is a bar behind the left and right targets that prevents the ball from going under the ramp when its up. THis bar drops when the targets drop and the large posts drop lowering the ramp on either side. the manual is on ipdb.org if you don't have one (its just jpgs so print it as pdf if you want it together)

knockers? are you talking about the pop bumpers? it sounds like you need to adjust the pop bumper spoons/switch so they are more sensitive to fire the switch to pulse the pop bumper and ring pushes the ball away.

led tube is very bright but you can wrap it in printer paper (single sheet) and it mutes the lighting nicely. or 2 sheets if you want it dimmer. It sounds like you are going another route anyway, but if you find a longer led tube it could work.

Quoted from Evel-Rider:

Played the Devil Riders again today and still works perfectly, starts right up, just add some credits in the coin door and play away, the only thing I need to do is figure out the two ramps, when I hit the drop targets full on, the ball tends to shoot under the ramp and disappears somewhere waaay back underneath, it’s a pain to fiddle it back out again. Maybe bend the ramps down a bit ?
The other thing is the contacts on the knockers need some adjustment, a ‘soft’ ball won’t engage them leaving the ball stuck behind it, remove apron, glassplate etc to get it back in the game again.
But these things have nothing to do with the NVRAM offcourse, next is to replace the missing neon tube, I tried a piece of led-neon but first it’s way to short and second I think it’s way to bright also...
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

2 weeks later
#2397 4 months ago

You’ll need to find a 1b1125 sound card. They were used in several early gen 1 games so look on eBay daily or set a search internationally and eventually you’ll find one from a parted out game.

Quoted from StratDoc:

Can I wire this to work as a soundboard substitute in a Shooting The Rapids project - https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/C8066. I am having no luck thus far finding a sound board for this project.

3 months later
#2412 34 days ago

If I recall Spooky had 2 sound boards - the main board and an add-on daughter board. Maybe check the connection/ribbon cable from main sound board to daughter sound board. Isn't there a button you can press on sound card to hear a test sample? good luck!

Quoted from play_pinball:

The music on my Spooky went out completely. A couple weeks ago it was acting very strange and not playing correctly. Sound effects are still doing their thing.
Anyone have tips on what to check? Possible sound rom corrupted or chip rot?

#2415 33 days ago

I really don't think it has anything to do with your sound roms. T

Maybe try adjusting the 3 potentiometers for sound on the spooky sound board? There are 3 I see that handle different parts of the sound (probably pitch, effects, voice). They look like 3 wheels with a dial in the middle (slotted screwdriver if I recall can turn the dial). Just wiggle left and right and see if the sound changes, but revert the dial back to its initial position.

And with the game OFF, try to reseat the ribbon cables from 1B11181/1 (top board) to bottom sound board. then turn it on and see if that helps.

Quoted from play_pinball:

Maybe I’m overthinking this and I just need to re-cap it?

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