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Zaccaria pinball owners club! All welcome

By SpOoKyRiDeS

7 years ago

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#33 7 years ago

Some great pics on here. REALLY nice cabinet restore on Robot,CaptainNeo. My Robot is awaiting new life and you're right abut the cabinets on these. On mine the cabinet art is gone around the flipper and start buttons from wear. Have a Spooky, Time Machine and Locomotion currently working although looking for the elusive sound board for Locomotion. Working on Zankor now with several other Zacs awaiting life. My son posted a YouTube video of Spooky after I got that one running and restored with a lot of advice and help from David Gersic and Frank Gigliotti.

#46 7 years ago

Some really nice machines here. Glad to see them alive and kicking. My first one I got off E-bay 6 or 7 years ago. A Devil Riders that I'm still working on. I refuse to let it go. Not progressing to quickly as my ADD kicks in. I had no idea what Zaccaria machines were but the price was right. We got it for $150 when the rest of the 80's project machines were going for 5 bills or more. All we could afford at the time. At least it had all it's boards and parts. I was hooked on the Zacs right away. I got the bulk of mine from Mike Pacek several years back...or more truthfully, my wife did. The rest I picked up here and there over the last several years when we had a few coins kicking around. Luckily I have the bulk of the parts for all and bought a lot of the chipsets while they were still plentiful. But still lack a couple of backglasses and the odd board and display. Would love to get a Farfalla. That's a really pretty machine.

#50 7 years ago

Here's my Spooky. Have to step up the voltage as it's a 240V machine. No multitaps on the transformer on this one.

Spooky front-834.jpg
4 years later
#972 3 years ago

Hi All:
I have a question about my Spooky.
Several years ago, I rebuilt my Spooky with a lot of generous assistance from David and Frank luvthatapex2. It was missing the back glass, so Frank helped me with getting a translite printed. When I cut out the holes for the displays, the translate matched up with the top 3 displays, and the owl eyes, but not the bottom 2 displays. They were too low.
Lesson learned. Back then, in my impatience to get this guy running, I think I should have measured first and modified the location of the displays in backboard to fit the location in the translite. I’d like to get this corrected and either put in a proper back glass or get another translite printed. I’ve long given up getting an original back glass. Has anyone had experience with “one-off” reproduction back glasses? I seems these days BGresto does this sort of thing. They don’t have Spooky listed, but David’s site has the scans. Sorry if this seems like a basic question. I’ve been out of the hobby for several years and now just getting back in. Catching up with everything I’ve forgotten.

Spooky Translite (resized).jpg

#975 3 years ago

Thanks for the advice. I've had this translate for many years now, so what's another year . Need to get one for Pool Champion as well, so we'll see how they do with Spooky first.

1 week later
#987 3 years ago

David used to. Not sure if he still does. http://www.zaccaria-pinball.com/

Doesn’t look like he’s updated his site since last October but not unusual for him

1 month later
#1011 3 years ago
Quoted from archaik:

Hello club, hoping I will be a member some day I was wondering which are your top three zacc ?
Since it is pretty complicated to get one or even find one to play I tried them all digitally but I would like to have your opinion.
Game play wise and overall package. For now leaving out the mecas, but we can also make a list of the top mecas.
I like magic castle, spooky, robot(really dig playfield, bg not so much), locomotion but never got to play for real. I only played farfalla. Maybe zankor too but not sure.
TBH I think I could get my hands on robot or locomotion, farfalla, and the rest is nearly impossible, or unobtainum(spooky)
Let s hear your thoughts !

My Three favorite are Farfalla (the artwork), Zankor (the sounds) and Soccer Kings ( big fan of the upper playfield).

I agree with Frank, Time Machine gets a bit old once you've played it a while. I find myself hoping not to go back into the past or future as I have to wait for the playfield to move. It really breaks your rhythm. The 4 flippers seem kind of pointless as well. As far as Spooky is concerned, the best part of that game is the back glass animation. You can get some satisfaction from hitting the ramps, but otherwise the playfield is fairly sparse. One drop target with the rest being stand-ups, not a lot to shoot for otherwise. Given the amount of things to do in other games from their late production, Spooky looks like it was a cost cutting effort. Great artwork though.

#1014 3 years ago

Zankor may be just as hard to find as Spooky is. Personally, I love Zankor's back glass, never really understood the theme though. I assumed it was some obscure comic book reference, but that would require licensing. Seems like all the Zacs were original themes.

#1025 3 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Zankor was an original theme. .... Also one of the few games that only had Italian language roms (spooky too)

Frank,my Spooky speaks English. In fact I think it’s using the sound board you helped me get several years back. Whoever you got it from had the English roms

#1035 3 years ago

Does anyone have a Spooky, Pool Champion or Soccer Kings backglass they’re willing to sell?

10 months later
#1248 2 years ago

Those white acorn caps seem to be the holy grail of hard to find zac parts. Been a few years since I tried to find these. Time to expand the search with industrial parts suppliers.

1 week later
#1263 2 years ago

Welcome to the group! For parts, it depends on what you are looking for. Some parts, like any machine, are easier than others. A lot of Zac machines due to their rarity are sometimes more difficult than others to find parts for. Others cross over to some older machines like Williams. Otherwise, Zaccaria was unique to their own approaches. Look backwards through this thread should give you some good tips.
I'd start with David's amazing site. He's the person who helped me get motivated to keep going.


#1266 2 years ago

Speaking of which. Any recommendations on flipper rebuild kits for 2nd generation?

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