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Zaccaria pinball owners club! All welcome

By SpOoKyRiDeS

7 years ago

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#17 7 years ago

I have a Farfalla!

3 months later
#113 7 years ago

I am already in the club with farfalla but I am posting this Hybrid Zac / Gottlieb game. I acquired it here in the states and it has a bad game ROM. I got what was good dumped, but I cannot find a copy anywhere. This game uses Zaccaria Gen 2 board set with a Power board that is a little re-designed but according to Dave still works generally the same way. Since a lot of you ZAC collectors are overseas, if anyone has this game, or know of anyone that has this game, please, PLEASE help a fellow pinsider out and contact me so we can get this ROM dumped and get my game back up and running. I already contacted Dave Gersic and he is saying he only knows of less than 5 in existence.

IMG_3786.JPG IMG_3773.JPG IMG_3771.JPG IMG_3764.JPG
#115 7 years ago

Yah thats what Dave was saying when he looked at them. I appreciate the offer Neo, but I am going to keep this one for sure despite it being a boat anchor as it sits. I will haul it to storage until I find a ROM to replace the bad one. I feel that this is one of those games that need to be brought back to life for preservation purposes. I tried e-mailing apple-time to see if i can get some code from them hoping that they have a backup somewhere, but I haven't heard back yet.

Oh and the BG does have apple time as well.

#118 7 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

appletime huh. Is this one game they attempted to make? I wonder if someone can input the rom code into a system and try to fix the damaged parts. how trashed is it?

I really dont know how bad it is. Dave said he couldnt extract the code from the ROM when i sent him the boards.

5 months later
#232 6 years ago

Just added another Zac to the collection. Devil Riders fully shopped and ready for play. (This was the one I brought to the Pittsburgh Gamers-Con in case anyone had the opportunity to play it.)

IMG_4655.JPG IMG_4656.JPG
2 months later
#244 6 years ago

Just picked a locomotion! Driving her home now.

image.jpg image-832.jpg image-121.jpg image-885.jpg
1 month later
#268 6 years ago

Picked up a Star God this weekend. Pretty excited about it. Ive been after this particular machine, and finally the guy came down to what I was willing to pay for it. Also picked up a a Segasa/Sonic Pole Position.

#270 6 years ago

My sound board seems to be the 1b1125

2 months later
#276 6 years ago

Maybe a bad chip. The switch matrix voltage is attached to the flipper EOS, if in fact you were doing things like flipper adjustments and grounded out the the flipper switches, you probably blew the matrix chip. I would start there. If I remember correctly, I want to say its like U39 or something like that. I don't have a board in front of me to check. Anyone could chime in with their 2 cents

#281 6 years ago

It's likey not the power board. They are pretty solid. Since you deducted the problem with board swaps, t's likely in the playfield as you stated.

2 weeks later
#301 6 years ago

Yah that black let has some cosmetic issues with it too. Little too rich for my blood considering that these zacs are usually on good shape. Another one will come along.

4 months later
#441 5 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

Thunder Man is definitely zac. The only difference is that uses LED score displays opposed to normal high voltage score displays. It's the same score displays used new Star Phoenix.

Thunderman uses Zaccaria boards. outside the cabinet, and PSU, every assembly on the game is gottlieb (at least on mine)

2 months later
#517 5 years ago

Picked up a house of diamonds, and shooting the Rapids.

An Interflip dragon also tagged along although it's not a Zac





#522 5 years ago

Well the dragon will be for sale in the next week or so. I have 2 now, and will be acquiring a parts machine very shortly so I will have some extra parts as well.

1 week later
#540 5 years ago

Thunderman boards are not the same. For instance, the high voltage section on the power board alone is completely missing. Cant tell me that that board can be dropped into any zac gen 2 with full functionality. I will have to agree with Neo that these companies are NOT zaccaria.

#544 5 years ago

Honestly I have never had LED ghosting or flicker in any of my games. I own gen 1 and gen 2 games. Maybe it's my LED's, not entirely sure? In fact i just shopped and LED'd this game out






#562 5 years ago

Go sober shopping out this shooting the Rapids tonight. Outside the one display needing repaired, it is finally fully working










3 weeks later
#586 5 years ago

You should make them for all the games! I need some for some of my games that haven't been done yet

#590 5 years ago

Very jealous of the mystic star. I would certainly love to own one of these. Surprising that the playfield layout doesn't represent any complexities or even similarities as any other Gen 2 like the upper playfield, or outside lane flippers, or even unique toy. Understandably its a conversion kit, but still surprising nevertheless.

3 months later
#667 5 years ago

Neo the spinner edge should be oblong. The cam hole is also oblong to accommodate the spinner.

2 months later
#698 5 years ago

Welcome back! Your king of diamonds, and shooting the rapids are still alive and kicking.

1 week later
#703 5 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Looking for ribbon cable set for locomotion...
Having trouble with full sound. After sending boards out, it may be the ribbon cable set.
Where am I ever going to find this, been looking for a month now.
Thanks Eric

Email Dave Gersic.


2 months later
#715 4 years ago

Hey guys I figured I'd give this thread a heartbeat. I am working on my locomotion right now. I have everything working the way it should without any problems except one issue. When I hit the right flipper a
Few times, the game seems like it crashes. The left flipper does not do this, it only seems to be the right. I also would like to point out, it's not the first flip of the game, it's usually 6-15 flips deep into the game. It seems like it happens faster if I hit the flipper in repetition. I don't see any components on the flipper mech grounding anywhere they shouldn't be. It's pretty odd, and I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Anyone with any thoughts of what it could be?

1 month later
#733 4 years ago

Yes you blew that IC for sure. Replace
It and you should be good as new. When you blow the chip, the start. Tyron always seem to put it into test mode on the gen 2 stuff.

It's very common to blow the u38 because of the flipper end of strokes are in the same matrix as the standard switch array. The power that goes through can easily ground/arc and
Blow the matrix. If you were adjusting the flipper end of stroke with the game on, it would have caused this to happen. It's likely when you heck out that IC, it will be already socketed.

2 months later
#846 4 years ago

JuT waned to share this one. It's a rare 4 player woods queen EM. I have been after this particular one for awhile and finally the owner was ready to let it go.

IMG_9426 (resized).PNG

IMG_9427 (resized).PNG

IMG_9428 (resized).PNG

IMG_9429 (resized).PNG

#848 4 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

looks good. I hope that the front is only vinyl decal all over the glass.

Yeah its a decal. I haven't peeled it off yet. And I totally agree about the 4 player. I dislike 1 player games.

4 months later
#888 4 years ago

They come up. Rarely, but they come up. I picked mine up in Canada along with a house of diamonds.

4 weeks later
#898 4 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Here are pics of the zaccaria strike home version I picked up. It might get turned into a virtual pin.

Dude you cant turn that into a virtual pin. Don't to that to the hobby.

3 months later
#943 3 years ago

Does it go into teat mode when you try to start a game? Test mode as in display test mode cycling all 1’s then 2’s then 3’s and so on

#945 3 years ago

Right. What I’m saying is that if the game actually boots, when you try to start a game, does it immediately go into test mode?

1 year later
#1209 2 years ago

For anyone interested, I will be listing a very rare, but non-working Gen 1 House of diamonds soon in the marketplace. Shopped, but not working $1000. i am firm on the price. PM me for details. Also have a fully working Earth Wind Fire, shopped, and a Star god that I haven't gotten to yet.

1 month later

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