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Zaccaria pinball owners club! All welcome

By SpOoKyRiDeS

7 years ago

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#47 7 years ago

If anyone has a Robot, Time Machine or Magic Castle for sale, in any condition working or not, please let me know. I'm near Ann Arbor michigan. Thanks!

3 months later
#106 7 years ago

If anyone has Zaccaria Magic Castle, Time Machine, or Robots for sale, please contact me. [email protected]
(Ann Arbor michigan.) Thanks!

11 months later
#273 6 years ago

Good tip on Time machine ramp. The entrance on mine is a bad transition, so much that the ball hoops enough to completely miss the entrance ramp switch!

At the ann arbor pinball museum we currently have Time Machine, Devil Rider, Farfalla and Pinball Champ. Just got a Soccer Kings, Zankor, Mystery Castle, Hot Wheels, Robots and Locomotion. But those will be a long time coming, they need a lot of work.

Speaking of which... i just passed on a Black Belt. I could not handle the annoying sounds of the game. It's was just too much for me. Anyone else feel that way?

Also bought the Hot Wheels and Zankor without any knowledge of how these games play. Any comments on those two?


1 month later
#287 6 years ago

I just got a zac Hot wheels, robot, magic castle and zankor.
Does anyone know how to change Hot Wheels (gen1) from 15 balls per game to 3 balls? and yes, it has a new battery. i have the manual, but i don't ready Italian very well!

#292 6 years ago

At the Ann Arbor pinball museum we now have the following Zaccaria pinballs:

Time Machine
Devil Rider
Pinball Champ
Soccer kings
Magic castle
Hot Wheels

(note the last 5 are currently in the restoration process.)
Would really like to find Spooky but that's pretty hard to find in North america.

#299 6 years ago

i have a chance to get black belt. to be honest, i can't do it.
that games is awful. the sound in particular.

1 month later
#328 6 years ago

I will have a whole gang of Zacs for sale in a few months. many good titles, and several of each. (No robot though, sorry.) stuff like time machine, farfalla, magic castle, zankor, clowns, etc. The italians are coming!!

2 weeks later
#352 6 years ago

i would like a Robot ramp for my game (mine is cracked). BGresto.com can re-do the backglass for Pool Champion (I have one that he can scan), if you want to go that route.

1 month later
#373 6 years ago

Got a bunch of zacs in today. Three Time Machine, three Farfalla, clown, pool champ. $900 each as is. No shipping. Brighton michigan.

#377 6 years ago

Got a bunch of really cool Zacs in yesterday. The main deal is will be selling (3) Time Machines and (3) Farfallas. Come pick the one you want, $900 each as-is. Will also have a Zankor for sale (soon), Clown, and Pool Champion. Pick up only in Brighton MI. direct email to [email protected]









#380 6 years ago

Have to figure out how to convert thunderman to 120. Same with mystic star and phoenix.

One time machine sold.

#384 5 years ago

Have (3) Zaccaria Farfallas and (2) Zaccaria Time Machines for sale. All boot. All $900 each, pickup in Brighton Michigan.







#385 5 years ago

Here's the Time Machine games





#387 5 years ago

I will have a clown for sale just not there yet.

#390 5 years ago

Contact BGresto.com and they will make a Soccer Kings glass for you.
It's a great game by the way. I'm not thrilled with the theme, but it's a really fun game.

#392 5 years ago

Have a Zaccaria Clown for sale. it runs and plays but needs work. $550 in Brighton MI. Direct email please [email protected]





#401 5 years ago

mystic star came as a conversion or a dedicated game. the one i have is dedicated.

#406 5 years ago

We're missing just spooky and scramble at the VFW. and we have some that people don't consider like Mystic Star and Thunderman.

2 weeks later
#411 5 years ago

My star phoenix is the same way, no taps below 200 volts. i bought a 500 watt voltage converted on ebay for $30, and it works fine. don't go below 500 watts.

#413 5 years ago

1. Get a 15 foot 3 prong black extension cord. On the female end, back about 2 feet, wire in a DPST power switch into the cord. This becomes your new power cord for the game.
2. Route this new power cord from the outside of the game, through the head opening, into the front area where the existing power switch lives.
3. Figure out the on position for the existing power switch and place it in the on position. I taped the entire switch with cloth based electrical tape so no metal would be exposed on the switch, and no one could turn the switch off.
4. Remove the original power switch from the metal plate where it mounts. Then install your new power switch on your new extension cord in the same position to the metal plate. This now becomes your new power switch. Put the old switch (loose) under the plastic cover, along with the new switch (which is mounted).
5. Get a 500 watt 220/110 volt converter from eBay, about $30.
6. Remove the metal cover from your new power adapter. Remove two diagonal feet that around the bottom of your power converter. Run screws through the metal plate in through the rubber feet and into the bottom of your game. This will securely mounted your power adapter to the bottom of the game.
7. Plug the power adapter into your new extension cord female length. Plug the games original power cord into the power adapter. Turn the power adapter on and leave it on.

Now your new power switch will turn everything off and on, and your game should operate just like any other game. no one will know that there is even a 220 V adapter inside the game. If the existing power adapter fails, A new one can be purchased and plugged in with no wiring changes.


#415 5 years ago

You can do it 12 different ways this is just how I did it. The reason I did this way was so that the converter just plugs in really easy. If I ever had to remove it and replace it with a different one it would take one minute.

You can also just mount the converter on the floor and use the power switch on it to turn the game on and off. If you don't move the power switch like I suggested, then something has to stay on. I don't want the convertor on all the time, and I didn't want to use it's switch, so I move the new power switch in front of it. This allows me to turn everything off in a standard fashion.

#417 5 years ago

The guys at banning have all their power converters on the floor. And they turn them off/on from the switch on the floor on their euro games. I don't think that's a very clean method. And also I don't want to have to bend down to the floor and turn the game on and off. Plus I want my converter inside the game so that people can't see it.

#425 5 years ago

You can get a proper farfalla front glass from BGresto.com

#434 5 years ago

Thunderman. You forgot thunderman. And you're welcome.
Devil king and mystic star are the same game, only backglass different.

#438 5 years ago

Thunder man is definitely zac. The only difference is that uses LED score displays opposed to normal high voltage score displays. It's the same score displays used new Star Phoenix.

Come to the Ann Arbor pinball show in May. Nearly every Gen2 Zac is there for play.

By the way I think that Mexico 86 and Star Phoenix are awesome games. Mexico 86 in particular. But I am a big fan of Star Phoenix, as it is the only multiball Zac.

#444 5 years ago

If it has Zac boards, it's a Zac. The style of software and speech is of course dictated by the boards, and gives the personality to the game. If the out hole kicker is driven by a zac coil or Gottlieb coil makes no difference to me.

#447 5 years ago

I consider dataeast, Sega, stern all the same company and all the same games. The people involved are exactly the same. The board sets are exactly the same. The only thing different was just the name on the front of the building. Heck the building was even the same.

#449 5 years ago

I will concur that blackbelt is odd and probably not well loved. the sound drives me crazy. the game play is OK.

Star Phoenix i just think is cool - the artwork is very odd too. And a multiball zac, it's the only one.

Mexico 86 has this mini playfield thing in the upper left that is really cool. a lot of zacs have very odd and unseen features. they are all cool. even Devil Rider (though that too is not one of my favorites.)

#456 5 years ago

I don't consider mr game to be zac either. But thunderman yes, zac.

3 months later
#528 5 years ago

Newest zac with 4 ball multi ball.


#530 5 years ago

Tecnoplay was Zaccaria after bankrupcy. It's the same factory and same people. The Tecnoplay president's name was Zaccaria !

#532 5 years ago

The initial Tecnoplay game, Scramble, seems to use Zac boards and displays. But the last two games, Space Team and Xforce, use a 68000 processor and Gottlieb system 80b system style Futaba displays. It's a really well designed board set, completely new. Here's a boot up video of Space Team i did for a guy that's trying to fix his Xforce.

Space Team is really a cool game with very interesting and playable ramps. 4 ball multiball with a unique ball lock system. Two pop up "trolls" (a la medieval madness) on the playfield. Also a very cool kickback and a between-the-flippers ball saver. Also a motorized skill shot like on Gottlieb volcano. They really did an outstanding job on this game. The only lacking thing is no voice calls, and the music is a bit too "video game like" for me personally.

#535 5 years ago

dataeast and sega ARE the same. the exact same factory, the exact same people, exact same hardware, only the name on the game plate changed. If you understand the history in the name change, you will understand why there's no difference in "dataeast" and "sega" pinball (aside from regular pinball evolution.)

Thunderman uses Zac board. entirely Zac boards. they are pin for pin compatible with other zacs. it's the same boards as New Star Phoenix.

#539 5 years ago

Bull, there's nothing magical about Thunderman. I've already fixed it from dead once. it uses all the same parts/logic etc as any other Zac board.

as for the sega/de arguement, that's all bull too. it's just a natural progression of the company. there are highs and lows in business which dictate BOM changes. it has nothing to do with the company's moniker. Kamiko was there until 1999 and he was driving the train and trying different things. the whole pinball business was down in the late 1990s, and it dictated changes. they were just trying to evolve and stay in business. when things got better (mostly due to Wms leaving pinball), they were able to increase the BOM cost. this changed things again. It has NOTHING to due with whether the game says "dateast", "sega", or "stern". You can use those markers as time period delimiters if that helps your brain grab it, but it has no impact on anything to do with game design - it was the same people, using the same boards, using the same parts.

#541 5 years ago

Correct the thunder man has no high-voltage because the score displays run at 5 V. But that doesn't mean you can't take a Zaccaria power supply and put it in the thunder man.

#547 5 years ago

Bgresto.com has the Farfalla outer glass.

We were playing space team last night. What a cool game. Cancer Rob was really beating it up. It has playfield trolls like medieval madness but only 10 years before that.

#551 5 years ago

i agree he's done Zankor and Mexico 86 and Locomotion.

1 week later
#570 5 years ago

Neo what did that cost?

1 week later
#575 5 years ago

i say zac-A-rye-a. just to be different.



#583 5 years ago

Space Team is awesome. 4 ball multi-ball too.



#584 5 years ago

A pretty rare 1979 Zaccaria Hot Wheels.



#589 5 years ago




#591 5 years ago

Not really a conversion. Dedicated cabinet. Yes the mpu is a modified -35 but that's about it. This was always mystic star was never another game.

#593 5 years ago

It's dedicated and they are gas displays but Bally type. It was not converted, it was always a mystic star. Look at the coin door it's a zac door. I'm trying to figure out if the code is Bally or zac. Sound card is zac very unique sounds.

#595 5 years ago

That's just it... it was not converted from anything. I need to investigate the ROM file though and see if it's highjacked Bally code, or custom code. Frankly i'm not sure why Zac even did this. The game is pretty basic given it's time. No ramps, no background sound, pretty 1979 but made in 1986. Why would they do this? The IPDB says the game was sold as a complete game, minus the MPU board (and probably the SDB and LDB and displays, which are Bally style.) The rectifier board/transformer is Zac, as is the sound board, custom boards just for this game. And all the wiring is definitely Zac. What was going through their minds?

#598 5 years ago




#601 5 years ago

Clown. Man what a bizarre game



#606 5 years ago

Magic Castle



#607 5 years ago

Zaccaria Black Belt. it's not my favorite zac, but still cool.



#608 5 years ago

Can't remember if i posted Thunderman



#610 5 years ago

Thunderman is fun. i wish i has english ROMs for it though. it talks a lot, all in italian. i have no idea what it's saying! it's not a very sophisticated game, fairly simple. but the sound is really good. and the whole Snake thing is way cool.

#613 5 years ago

Zaccaria Pool Champion.



#618 5 years ago

Are there any of these out there? No 120 volt transformer option, had to use a 220 step up to make it work here. Pretty cool game, only Zac with multi-ball this here Zaccaria Stars Phoenix.



#620 5 years ago

Someone mentioned that they didn't think that Appletime Thunderman was really a "zac". Well it is... here's some info from David G's site on the Thunderman (which he lists as a Zaccaria.)

The Apple Time CPU board is a clone copy of the Zaccaria 1B1165 CPU with a few changes:
CPU ROM1 goes in ROM Socket 1 (left).
CPU ROM2 goes in ROM Socket 3 (right).
ROM Socket 2 (middle) is empty.
There are no jumpers for ROM configuration. It looks like they just put traces where the jumpers would have been.
R115 / C14 / TR4 (Zaccaria 1B1165) are not present on the Apple Time board.

The Apple Time Sound board is a clone copy of the Zaccaria 1B1170 with a few changes:
Sound ROM1 goes in ROM Socket 1D
Sound ROM2 goes in ROM Socket 1F
Sockets 1E, 1G, and 1H are not used.
There are no jumpers for ROM configuration. It looks like they just put traces where the jumpers would have been.

#625 5 years ago

Just got a pair of the Mr. game machines in, motor show and Mac attack. Does anybody have any information or manuals or schematics for these? Thanks [email protected]





#629 5 years ago

Wow thanks I didn't see the manuals on Dave's site. This is most helpful. I would love to have one of these working for the Ann Arbor pinball show May 13-15. But there's not much time and these will probably be a bit of a struggle. But they do seem really cool. I will try to get one of them working for the show. By the way if you like Zaccaria pinball, come to the show. They'll be 18 maybe even 20 of these Italian babies ready for play.

#631 5 years ago

If you want to sell the scramble please let me know. [email protected]

2 weeks later
#637 5 years ago

They use Duport Imron for their clear coat. opposed to acrylic lacquer like all the U.S. makers.

9 months later
#788 4 years ago

If you come to the 2017 Ann Arbor pinball show (May 5-7) you can play all the gen2 Zacs (except for Spooky, only one we're missing) plus a few other gen1 and post-zac Zacs. www.vfwpinball.com

2 months later
#850 4 years ago

they are the same as in 3/8-16 thread used on U.S. and all foreign makers too (that i know of.) It seems to be a standard. So williams/bally/gottlieb leg bolts will work fine. Also note that legs are 28.5" in length too (except for a few Zac exceptions like New Star Phoenix.)

1 month later
#862 4 years ago

Does anybody have the game World Defender by Bell Games??? I need a backglass. Or at least some good high-res pictures of the backglass. World Defender is essentially a Zaccaria (it uses Zac parts), though it's made by Bell Games. Please email me if you can help... thanks! [email protected]

#864 4 years ago

Please does anyone own a Bell Games World Defender????

zac_test (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#868 4 years ago

ebay is a good bet for those chips

3 weeks later
#869 4 years ago

Does anyone have a Mr. Game Zaccaria Fast Track? I have one and it's working, but one of the CPU board 2764 EPROM images is bad. I read it on my EPROM programmer and get a different checksum each time. Game plays but crashes here and there. So the EPROM needs to be changed. I know this is a rare game, pre-dates Mr. Game Motor Show. Would really like it to work correctly.... Direct emails please....
[email protected]

zac_fasttrack1 (resized).jpg

zac_fasttrack2 (resized).jpg

#870 4 years ago

Got an email from a guy that suggested using freeze spray on the EPROM (ic13) in question to "settle it down" and get a consistent read on the EPROM programmer. I froze it really cold, and it didn't work. but as it warmed up, it hit a temperature where i was getting consistent reads with the same chksum. Saved it and re-burned to a new 2764. Also burned a new 2764 for ic14 (if one EPROM was suspect, how long to the other is "bad"?) I will report back with the results.
Also someone else suggested trying Motor Show EPROMs on the CPU board. The difference between Motor Show and Fast Track (besides the cabinet) is color versus black and white (green screen), respectively. Otherwise it's supposed to be the same game. I will try the Motor Show cpu EPROMs too and report back.
I think these games with 9" monitors integrated into the game are very new wave and ground breaking. It took Stern until 2016 to make a game with a video monitor. Here Zaccaria was doing it nearly 30 years earlier!!

Added over 4 years ago: correction 27256 EPROMs (not 2764)

#871 4 years ago

Unfortunately no love. The new Fastrack ic13 EPROM does not run at all. That is I cannot copy the original flakey IC13 EPROM. Motor show ROMs do run, but there's no video. Because the video board is different for the black-and-white Fast Track monitor versus the Motor Show color monitor, they don't interface. That is the software sends different signals to the video boards since the video boards are different between the two games.

So I'm right back to needing eprom images for Mr. Game Zaccaria Fast Track. Ic13 would be awesome. Ic13 and ic14 would be even better. PLEASE does someone have this game?????
[email protected]

#873 4 years ago

The game I have came from mike pacak.

1 week later
#874 4 years ago

The 1985 Bell (Zaccaria) World Defender is ready! at our last pinball show, a vender had a bunch of import playfields for sale (lots of Zaccaria stuff). One was this playfield. It was only the playfield and plastics. No mechanisms, no cabinet, no wiring harness, nothing. He gave us the playfield and we researched it and popluated the playfield. It was a conversion game (from Bally -35), so we could get the boards and cabinet. Just had to make a wiring harness and lamp assembly and get a backglass (which we got from Europe!) Now the game is complete, and frankly, it's pretty awesome!! Unique game play and sound (custom ROM for a Bally "cheap squeak" board and -35 MPU board), and a cool playfield layout. Add to that, it's probably the ONLY World Defender in North America! I really feel like we saved it!

zac_worlddefender1 (resized).jpg

zac_worlddefender2 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#877 4 years ago

1980 Zaccaria Space Shuttle

zac_spaceshuttle1 (resized).jpg

8 months later
#999 3 years ago

Need a couple 7 digit Zac score displays (complete.) Any for sale? direct email please [email protected]

#1004 3 years ago
Quoted from gianfri:

Original or led?

I would prefer original style. but 7 digit LED would work too. thanks!

#1005 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I always have displays on hand.

how much for a couple 7 digit displays Neo, complete?

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