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Zaccaria pinball owners club! All welcome

By SpOoKyRiDeS

7 years ago

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#9 7 years ago

i'm in as well. I currently own

Time machine
Devil riders

have tons of parts for zacs too. probably over 30 6 digit displays. Lots of Gen 1 board sets, plastics sets for games I don't even own. Think I have a set for Future something, and another set of something else that I can't think of. Think pinball champ? not sure. Looking to collect a full set of Gen 2 zacs with a couple gen 1's thrown in.

Btw, that's a sweet ass Moon flight.

Don't know if you guys saw but I have a full set of screens made to rescreen Robot cabinets.

homepage whole cab.jpg
#20 7 years ago

man, even in the EM days, zaccaria did detailed cabinet work. that looks screen printed as well. I don't think they ever did stencil work.

I want to play that combat. Damn I love Zaccaria.

#29 7 years ago

devil riders is easy to remake because it's all the same color. I have an extra neon for Farfalla, but I think devil riders is blue, and farfalla is a pinkish color.

Time machine is 3 different colors, which is much harder to have remade.

2 weeks later
#37 7 years ago
Quoted from zacman:

Thats a nice moon flight you have Zippy.
I currently have
Moon Flight
Magic Castle
Pinball Champ 83 'missing backglass but I have a Time Machine one'


mc003.jpg 93 KB

pc001.jpg 71 KB

gr09.jpg 81 KB

Where is your backglass insert for time machine? I have an extra one on hand I think.

Edit: Nevermind, I see it is a pinball champ with a time machine backglass.

#39 7 years ago
Quoted from Joeplainfield:

Some great pics on here. REALLY nice cabinet restore on Robot,CaptainNeo. My Robot is awaiting new life and you're right abut the cabinets on these. On mine the cabinet art is gone around the flipper and start buttons from wear. Have a Spooky, Time Machine and Locomotion currently working although looking for the elusive sound board for Locomotion. Working on Zankor now with several other Zacs awaiting life. My son posted a YouTube video of Spooky after I got that one running and restored with a lot of advice and help from David Gersic and Frank Gigliotti.
» YouTube video

I want this game. Anyone have a spooky they will sell me?

#41 7 years ago

tell me about it, i've been looking for 3 years now.

2 weeks later
#61 7 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

I miss my line up

welcome.jpg 75 KB

Did you even play any of those? Didn't think you had them long enough to play.

1 month later
#70 7 years ago

Just so there isn't any confusion, GAP is not David. GAP is Mike, and that was his shipment of games. David uses that pic on his site because of the nice lineup of Zacs.

2 weeks later
#72 7 years ago

Magic Castle Just dropped off from the truck. PIctures to follow.

Btw, If anyone has an extra Coin door bezel (zaccaria logo molded in it) that you can sell or trade for other zac parts let me know. I need 2 of them. I was going to repo them, but it might be too difficult due to the 3 threaded posts.

#73 7 years ago

Here is my recent addition to my Zaccaria collection. I think this makes number 7 for me so far.

magic castle 003.jpg magic castle 001.jpg magic castle 002.jpg
#75 7 years ago

btw, I am working on remaking the TM ramps. But i'm going to improve the design and durability of them. Since everyones is blown out.

#82 7 years ago

I'm working on repoing Robot backglasses, and then will be working to Magic castle. Devil Riders is tricky because it has mirroring. And I don't think any of my backglass makers can do the Mirroring.

As for Magic castle pricing. I've seen them anywhere from $500-3000. It's a very big range. Seems to be with all zacs these days.

And for the coin door bezel. Again, this is something i'm looking into, but it's a very tricky part. Has to be cast. I would like to make the out of metal like williams did, so they don't break anymore, but they would be expensive.

#84 7 years ago

is there a slingshot up to the right of the pops? Zac really like to sneak slingshots in that upper area. I seen the 1 player backglass for this, didn't know they made a 4 player version. Looks great.

1 week later
#93 7 years ago

I have to disagree. I think Farfalla is the most common out of all of them. I've seen so many farfallas for sale over the years. Devil riders and soccer kings are very popular as well.

Magic castle, not so much. I've seen plenty of time machines. One i have now is my 3rd i've owned.

Rare ones are, Spooky, Robot, Zarkor and new stars phoenix. Technically, any of them are rare when your actually looking for one.

#94 7 years ago

btw, if anyone knows what company/factory did the williams metal bezels for the early SS coin doors, I'd like to know. I may hire that factory to do metal zac versions. I know they have the tooling to pull it off then.

#97 7 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Interesting. While Spooky, Zarkor and new Stars Phoenix are indeed rare in France, Robot is not.
A (relatively) rare and good Zac is Blackbelt. Owned one, sold it... and want it back.
Based on artwork, my favorite one are Locomotion and Farfalla. I love Pinball Champ for its gameplay.
The one I would like to play now is Magic Castle.

Blackbelt is actually kind of common here. I've seen many, and I agree I like it as well and will buy one soon. I'm currently restoring a locomotion so I hope it's fun. Pinball champ doesn't look the greatest, but I love the gameplay as well. Had one, but had to sell it due to space and money at the time. Never played one and sold it before I had a chance to play it. Luckily. Because after I put some time on it, I would have kept it.

#105 7 years ago

I think I have some plastics for that game.

#108 7 years ago

I have all 3, but it would take stupid money to get them out of my hands.

#110 7 years ago

little high for an EM zac. Looks to be in good shape tho. I like how the cabinet is reversed. I bet they used one set of screens like they did for many other games.

#112 7 years ago

that doesn't even make sense. Is the left side of the cabinet smaller?

#114 7 years ago

that is interesting. What company does it say on the backglass? I like the appletime thing. It's one of those WTF moments. If you want to sell this, i'd be interested. Interesting how the HV parts of the power supply are unpopulated. Actually most of that board is gone.

#116 7 years ago

appletime huh. Is this one game they attempted to make? I wonder if someone can input the rom code into a system and try to fix the damaged parts. how trashed is it?

#121 7 years ago
Quoted from Schusler:

Robot hoarder!

You mean Robot Savior. Once I get going i'll be able to redo cabinets for people as well as the backglass.

#123 7 years ago

yes, I did. One was fully restored and sold. Now I have another i'm fully restoring for myself.

#131 7 years ago

was it the year before last? thought it was last year?

#135 7 years ago

awesome. I hope the swap went smooth and glad it survived the trip.

2 weeks later
#138 7 years ago

populated playfield? I hope fully populated. if not, there is no way in hell your going to piece together a TM. Just the mechs for the moving playfield will be impossible to find everything.

#145 7 years ago

flipper bats are wrong. they should all be blue with the wings on the uppers. David sells them.

it's hard to find zacs that are blown out, because the playfields were clearcoated. So they hold up extremely well, even after all these years.

#148 7 years ago

I have seen both. All blue, half blue half red. Don't know which one is correct. mine are all blue and the game I had before was all blue.

#150 7 years ago

throw enough money around and i'm sure you can buy anything you want.

#155 7 years ago

I think pinball champ and Soccer kings is easier to find than Robot. Robot is probably next hardest, next to things like Spooky or new stars phoenix.

Even robot can be bought if you throw enough cash around. Hell, i'd sell mine if someone threw stupid money my way.

#161 7 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

What Zac games should be remade?

None. I think there are plenty to go around for the ones that want them. It's hard to move anything without a DMD in it.

#162 7 years ago

Started my locomotion restoration hardcore. This is going to be one of the toughest restorations i've ever done. Every lamp socket is corroded. All the brackets. So everything has to be soaked in rust remover. Drop target banks have the metal tabs so worn, they are actually mushroomed where they hit the bracket during reset, and very hard to even remove. So far it's been a major PIA.

#165 7 years ago

I have lots of photos of every step of the way. I wish i had a bigger tumbler.

3 weeks later
#168 7 years ago
Quoted from zacman:

I acquired a Zaccaria Clown to go with my other Zacs.
It is missing the glass
If anyone has a glass, I would love to hear from them.

zp01.jpg 97 KB

Nice setup. Wish you lived by me, because your collection only duplicates mine by one. Would be nice to have someone with different Zacs that lived near me.

#171 7 years ago

You keep it in the game and it will be fine. Neon is mounted with springs so it has room to bounce around. Glass will be safe inside the head. Put some blankets down, fold the head down strap it together and no problems. I just got done moving 4 of my zacs a month ago and just yesterday again. Never had a problem.

#187 7 years ago

PM sent. I'd rather discuss it over the phone, have lots of questions about some of the games and I thought your Locomotion didn't have any boards in it? Hard to really give a price with the vague pictures and no specifics about how complete or working each game is.

3 weeks later
#197 7 years ago
not yet. I'm not going to work fully on this project until my locomotion project is complete. To many irons in the fire right now.

#201 7 years ago

depends on what you need. I have a fairly hefty stock of 6 digit displays in great condition. what's nice about the 6 digit displays is that the glass in them can be swapped into the 8 digit displays as well.

#203 7 years ago
Quoted from Flyer666:

I am missing the unit....its for house of diamonds

If it uses a 6 digit display I can sell you one.

#207 7 years ago

earth wind and fire. Nice. Always wanted to play that game.

#209 7 years ago

don't bother with the mylar. The clear will protect it.

1 week later
#220 7 years ago

welcome to the club Doug. Most Zac gen 2 playfields are in great shape thanks to illegal clearcoat used on them. Might have made workers sick, but damn that shit holds up great over the years.

#221 7 years ago

I just stripped the populated Devil riders playfield I just got last night. only 4 hours to do it. Now I have some parts on hand.

#224 7 years ago

i've been looking for an upgrade for mine. When I do i'll offer you mine.

#227 7 years ago

Also, I have a very nice used devil riders playfield if anyone is interested. No wear on it at all. Will probably clean it up and add little extra clear to it before I sell it. Unless someone needs it as is.

3 weeks later
#228 7 years ago

if you didn't see the thread. I made some custom Center apron cards for 6 zacs posted here.


should be actual size (have to shave off 3/8" off the sides when cutting)

Card for

Magic Castle
Devil Riders
Time Machine

4 months later
#252 6 years ago

yea, that's a good price for a nice condition working one.

Finally got my Locomotion back and fully working. Was able to finally play it. Everything is working nicely on it. Took awhile to dial it in but all is good now. Damn that Time Special is hard to collect. Not so much the special but the first prize. I really don't know if it's even possible to get the first prize as I don't think you can get the ball fast enough after hitting the drops.

#255 6 years ago

ok, finally played locomotion enough to understand the rules. I'll be doing a video soon showing gameplay, sounds and explaining the rules.

#258 6 years ago

your lift channel is fine, the problem is Zaccaria printing process. A lot of games are printed to low. they had these lift channels that are so low, you can't get your fingers under the lift, because it lays on the wood. You do want the metal ones tho, because the BG's are heavy and you don't need the plastic ones snapping as your lifting.

#259 6 years ago

for those that missed it. Xpin is talking about possibly releasing Zaccaria displays at chicago expo this year. for those interested. That's going to raise interest in Zacs across the board. Great news.

1 month later
#267 6 years ago

If time machine plays like shit, i know why. The ramp design is crap. The entrance edge is terrible. If you cut out a piece of spring steel, the shape of the triangle grove, and have it come out about 1/4" beyond the ramp. Use double sided sticky foam tape. The game will play 100X's better. Ramp shots will be easier and smoother and make the whole experience much better.

3 months later
#297 6 years ago
Quoted from gooterman:

A few more zaccaria's in the US!
Me and a friend just shipped in 2 zac robots, a magic castle, a tecnoplay Space Team (which turned out to be the "prototipo", LOL), and a Scared Stiff Elvira.
I only have that one pic of his robot. Mine actually has a gorgeous backglass and a suprisingly nice cab. It has the usual wear around the flipper and start buttons, but the rest is still silver. I haven't had a chance to set it up yet (or room to)... so absolutely no idea if it works. The shooter rod on mine somehow vanished during transit.
Note the last pic.... how to fix sling rubbers LOL


Yup, that's the way every single robot looks. Cabinet always looks like shit. It's not suppose to be that yellow silverish color. That is discoloration from cigarette smoke and who knows what else. that is the specific reason I had screens made for Robot to be able to restore robot cabinets with a better more durable option and still retain the original look. Zaccarias are not able to be stenciled. Have to use screens , or crappy decals, which would look and feel like shit for this era of game.

#298 6 years ago

anyone here actually get that Spooky? I heard about it later, but never saw it for sale. I would have pulled the trigger on it instantly.

I'd buy a blackbelt if one came up for sale. It's not the best game in the world, but I enjoy the sound effects. Plus i'm trying to get a full set of gen 2 games, so I have to get it regardless.

#305 6 years ago

looks pretty cool. Did you really buy them, you just screwing around?

3 weeks later
#318 6 years ago

never owned a zac EM. Not sure how the technology matches to the US EM's. Everyone seems to do things a little different.

2 weeks later
#322 6 years ago

time machine uses a different sound chip than farfalla. It's not the rom thats different, it's the ram chip. Most use a 5220. But Time machine uses 5200 or something like that. I might have it backwards, but i've delt with so many sound issues on 4 of my zacs. Make sure you change that 10 chip as well. TM uses a different one than farfalla, magic castle and devil riders. Dave has a good write up about it on his site


there is a good write up about it. I think he might have updated it with the newer TM info about the ram chip. Which he found out about, with the issues I was having with my TM.

#323 6 years ago
Quoted from shimoda:

Looking for a Magic Castle, Robot, Farfalla, Devil Riders, or Time Machine (or likely any Zaccaria). In Georgia. Would love to find one or more of these.

I have all those games. There is no such thing as not for sale.

1 week later
#335 6 years ago

mine had problems like that as well. Power supply is probably the problem. It would lose it's 12v after it warmed up.

#338 6 years ago

rebuilt the 12 V power supply on the PS board. new regulator and BR. Might have some caps. I don't fully remember what was all involved.

#340 6 years ago

probably want to redo those caps on the board anyway, so you get nice clean 5 and 12 volts.

2 months later
#388 5 years ago

I added another zac to my collection. Picked up a Soccer Kings from the chicago expo. Very nice condition. Hasn't been shopped in it's life, but the playfield doesn't have any wear and very clean inside and out. Glad to add it to my lineup. Makes zac number 9 for me.

#391 5 years ago

you don't want to try and make one from a picture. They never turn out good. I think BG resto is doing that one as well. My BG is pretty damn nice tho. So if they are not making it, they can get some scans from me if they want to crank one out.

#396 5 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

Have a Zaccaria Clown for sale. it runs and plays but needs work. $550 in Brighton MI. Direct email please [email protected]

what's the one in the background between the 2 pool champs?

#398 5 years ago

never seen that before. Good eye. What's it a conversion of?

#402 5 years ago

post some pics. Didn't know it came 2 different ways. You should submit pics to IPDB and more info about it. Since they think it's only a conversion, but don't specify what was converted. they need more pics too.

#403 5 years ago

BTW, I found my holy grail Zac. It's on it's way. I"ll disclose pics once it arrives. This is a great zaccaria week for me. Picked up 2 I needed for my collection all in the same week. That full set of Gen 2's is getting closer and closer to happening.

1 week later
#408 5 years ago

Finally! It's here. After 5 long years. Finally found a Spooky. It's the most difficult pin, i've ever sought after. even more so than Miss world. Which is weird, but I kinda lucked out with Miss World only a year and a half into the search. And it's in amazing condition. Only problem is. the transformer isn't the adjustable kind. Not only that, but there are no step down lugs for 110. Nothing below 200. :/ So now I have to buy a step up transformer that goes from euro plug to american.









#409 5 years ago

Figured it out. here are the playfield pics.









#414 5 years ago

why all of this with the power switch flip flop? Why can't you just use the original one that's there? Is that converter that "gold" brand converter? Heard they have a bad run out there, wired backwards and current leakage problems.

#416 5 years ago

gotcha, since the power hits the converter first. You always have the humm going on, this way you have direct on off. I see why you did it that way.

#421 5 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Hi all, I'm joining the club tomorrow with a project Farfalla. I was curious, does anybody know what this transparent film in front of the 3D translite is for? I will probably just pull it off.


it's suppose to be clear, but yellows over the years. It's used to protect the 3D piece from rubbing on the glass when you take it in and out. OTherwise she gets a swear spot on her face and tits from the glass. Keeps that from happening. You can take it off.

#433 5 years ago

man, this is a zaccaria month for me. Since expo I landed 3 zaccarias I needed for my collection. Just picked up Zankor. I now have 2 of the hardest gen 2's to get. Only 7 more away from a complete set. I'll post pics soon. Again, not very many in the US. More than Spooky, but not by much.

Now my collection is

Time machine
Magic Castle
Devil Riders
Soccer Kings

Still needed

Pinball Champ (either 82 or regular)
Mexico 86
Stars Phoenix
Pool Champion
mystic Star (technically a conversion)

Also looking for Devil King (which isn't a zac but part of the history)

#442 5 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Appletime Thunderman, Mr Game and the Technoplay games don't count as gen2 games to me, they are different.

I agree. I don't count technoplay and appletime as zaccaria anymore than mr.game is. The mr.game machines have funky cabinets and not very fun.

I'm only going for Gen 2's truly released under the zaccaria name.

I would love for someone to do a history show about zaccaria, and everything that happened from the early days, up to the company hand offs at the end.

As far as my favorites go as for play.

Magic Castle
Time machine
devil riders

in that order

My soccer kings isn't playing yet, so I havn't really got to put any time in on it yet. Spooky i've only got to play 3 games on it so far as i'm looking for a place to put it in my house, zankor is still out in the car, and strike has been out of commission for as long as i've owned it. It's a research machine, I handed to dave to investigate that boardset to update his website. Since it's the very first SS zacs.

#445 5 years ago

i disagree. It's like data east, sega and Stern. All 3 are different, tho many share the same boards.

#450 5 years ago

the sound on blackbelt is what makes me like it.

#453 5 years ago

For those that buy euro games and don't have the ability to down step the transformer to 115V. I just included step by step instructions on how to mount a step up transformer in a game very cleanly. Worked out really nice and lets me use the original power switch. In my spooky thread.



#454 5 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

I consider dataeast, Sega, stern all the same company and all the same games. The people involved are exactly the same. The board sets are exactly the same. The only thing different was just the name on the front of the building. Heck the building was even the same.

See I don't. If I say i'm a DE collector and going for a full set of DE games. Batman forever, Frankenstein are not part of the DE lineup. Even tho some do say DE on them, they are still segas. Good segas, but still sega. Only the 4 large DMD's are even close to DE games. Then they skewed way away from that original artwork look, and totally screwed things up with the photo shop nightmare. Might be the same workings inside the company and in the game, but still a different company in the way they do things. Sega collectors collect sega, DE still DE. For me, I don't consider Mr.Game Zaccaria. Or apple, or the others. But I do consider the conversion kit released by Zaccaria to be part of the lineup.

1 week later
#460 5 years ago

robot is my favorite. What do the 2 middle front standups look like? I've had 2 different robots and both had different standups in them and both looked to be stock.

#462 5 years ago

see, I had one with 2 blue square 3D type targets that said 50k on them. The one I have now has 2 square blues with snowflake like things on them.

#465 5 years ago

my locomotion (last Gen 1) has game time bonus. What sucks, is that I can't turn it off on locomotion, but I can on all my gen 2's. I personally like game time bonus, but for league and people not familiar with it, it's confusing.

Also, for those that are not following my spooky machine thread, just uploaded video of Spookys play with a brief explanation of the ruleset.

#468 5 years ago

you have to use the skinny gottlieb style ones. Terry has them at pinball life in blue, red, white and black.

#474 5 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I usually don't like toppers, but this seems like it was made for Farfalla:

it would be like a tommy ball modified.

1 week later
#482 5 years ago

no they don't. And it doesn't fit if you try. Found this out last night with my zankor. Wanted it to be smoother, but no go with the sleeve.

#483 5 years ago

for those that don't know. I have instruction cards for all 3 spots for many zaccarias here.


they should print perfect size and fix exactly.

1 week later
#489 5 years ago

robot is a PIA. That silver is a weird color and wears off really easy. Worst paint on a cabinet ever. Best you can do it try and color match it and then spray some krylon satin clear over it to seal it.

#491 5 years ago

I was working on trying to introduce flat packs for zaccaria robot cabinets. That way it would be all freshly screened ready to go and all you have to do is put together the cabinet. Would help for international people. The cabinet manufacturer is booked up right now, but still might be something I can offer in the future.

#493 5 years ago

you get the little grain of rice sockets for the robot heads. And actually, I have LED versions in my robot. I don't know where they found them, but apparently they make LED versions of the robot bulbs.

As far as gen 2's and LEDs'. they do work, but you do see random quick flicker out of bulbs and random times. It's faint, and very fast, but does happen. The non ghosting ones might not do this, but I don't know which of mine are non ghosting and which are not. As I have a big box, with them sorted by colors and sockets. buy in bulk so I always have them on hand. Same with white rubber. Keep drawers of it on hand separated by sizes.

#497 5 years ago

one year at expo, someone was selling grain of rice LED's for shadow rings. I was going to buy them, but I figured we would see them every year after that. Never saw them again. :/

1 month later
#506 5 years ago

that memory cap is new. Someone already did that for you. Just change the chip. I had the same issue on my zankor. Wrong chip in IC4. Swapped it out and everything was good.

#509 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballer22:

Thanks neo, I added the cap but must have missed that I needed a certain chip. Will order today. Thanks guys!

sorry, I missed the part where you added the cap. I could just tell it was new and the same brand I use.

#512 5 years ago

I did notice that the flipper bushings are 1/8" higher than other versions.

2 weeks later
#518 5 years ago
Quoted from Gundam_Pilot_:

Picked up a house of diamonds, and shooting the Rapids.
An Interflip dragon also tagged along although it's not a Zac


thats a sweet score. Wish I would have found that group. Even the dragon. Murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

#529 5 years ago

doesn't look like a zac to me. I don't consider tecnoplay zacs. Still pretty cool tho. Hope your backglass was in one piece.

#531 5 years ago

from what i've read they use different parts. different boards, different displays.

#534 5 years ago

it's confusing, because they had games like thunderman, which looks like they use the same boards, but they are not. The boards are also different just using the same form factor. That's why I do not care to collect anything that isn't true zaccaria. I want to be able to swap boards freely between machines if need be. To collect all the obscure stuff and the changes they had, is to much work to keep up with the technology changes, and the limited spectrum to be able to fix it.

it's kinda like DE and Sega. If you are a DE collector, you don't give a shit about sega, even tho they share similar things. Same with sega only collectors. Some say they are the same, but they are not.

#537 5 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

dataeast and sega ARE the same. the exact same factory, the exact same people, exact same hardware, only the name on the game plate changed. If you understand the history in the name change, you will understand why there's no difference in "dataeast" and "sega" pinball (aside from regular pinball evolution.)
Thunderman uses Zac board. entirely Zac boards. they are pin for pin compatible with other zacs. it's the same boards as New Star Phoenix.

i disagree 100%. If you are strictly a DE collector, you do not care about ID4, BF, Baywatch and what not. Even tho, MSF, BF, Baywatch and maverick share the DE art style. Everything else later in Sega looks drastically different. You can't collect everything, so if you are a hardcore collector of something specific, you stick to that specific item. I do not consider DE and Sega the same company even tho i know they are. the only segas that share the same feel and look, is the large display games I stated before. Other than that, they do not look or feel the same. tho they are the same factory. Just like new sterns do not feel like sega. LOTR feels nothing like say south park, xfiles (shudder) or any of the other shitfest that is known as sega.

#538 5 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

dataeast and sega ARE the same. the exact same factory, the exact same people, exact same hardware, only the name on the game plate changed. If you understand the history in the name change, you will understand why there's no difference in "dataeast" and "sega" pinball (aside from regular pinball evolution.)
Thunderman uses Zac board. entirely Zac boards. they are pin for pin compatible with other zacs. it's the same boards as New Star Phoenix.

no, thunderman is totally different. the connectors might fit, but the layout of the board components are different. a True Gen 2 board will not worth in thunderman. I thought they were the same as well, until I was over by davids and he was working on a thunderman board. They are different enough that they are not swappable. If that board gets fried beyond repair, good luck getting it running ever again.

#542 5 years ago

power supply maybe, but the MPU is pinned out different. they are not plug and play.

#545 5 years ago

damn that game looks nice.

I have a little flicker on spooky, but none on zankor. it will just flick for a second, some random insert....then another about 15 seconds later....not enough for me to really care. I think the better LED's you buy, the less it happens if at all. Non ghosting should solve it altogether.

#550 5 years ago

he has a lot more than that available now. Must not update his site

#555 5 years ago

no, never happened. I just ended up going with BGresto. Had him use my files.

#558 5 years ago

i'm blind! You running 12 V on the lights? why is it so damn brite?

#566 5 years ago

i'm sure there is... Time machine is great.

#568 5 years ago

yes time machine does not have blue drops. IT has orange and red

#569 5 years ago

This is the time i'm going to hate owning so many zacs. LED displays for all of my games. 51 displays total. All ready for me to build. I have a feeling i'm going to be really sick of this after a short period of time. The first pic shows what it looks like when it's done. It's my sample to go off of. Let the games begin. Oh how I love thou Zaccaria. My labor of love for my babies.


#571 5 years ago

5 displays done so far. Just the display board, not the driver board. Technically I have 51 driver boards to make and 51 display panels to make. So 102 altogether.

1 week later
#578 5 years ago

the roms on games call it zak ah ree ah.

I say Zak uh rye ahh

#580 5 years ago

I'm trying. Trying to recruit my 11 year old to help me with soldering. She likes to solder too.

#585 5 years ago

I have instuction cards made on the zaccaria instruction card thread for hot wheels. and many other zacs.

#587 5 years ago

i'm working on it. I do the games I have, and people have sent me requests to do things like acrobats, and hot wheels. Eventually i'd like us to have all zaccaria cards in that thread.

#592 5 years ago

what's it a conversion of then? and why does it have LED displays like new stars phoenix?

#594 5 years ago

what i'm saying is that IPDB labels it as a conversion. If it was suppose to be a conversion...what is actually converted?

They looked like LED displays, must be the red throwing me off from the looks.

#597 5 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

That's just it... it was not converted from anything. I need to investigate the ROM file though and see if it's highjacked Bally code, or custom code. Frankly i'm not sure why Zac even did this. The game is pretty basic given it's time. No ramps, no background sound, pretty 1979 but made in 1986. Why would they do this? The IPDB says the game was sold as a complete game, minus the MPU board (and probably the SDB and LDB and displays, which are Bally style.) The rectifier board/transformer is Zac, as is the sound board, custom boards just for this game. And all the wiring is definitely Zac. What was going through their minds?

Seems like zac was looking for ways to cut costs at this time. I think they were trying to boost sales by offering cheaper games than everyone else, instead of going the innovative approach like years before. Stars phoenix and spooky , they also cut down on the traditional wire pipeline style plunge. I think they were struggling and didn't know what else to do. Offering a game without boards, had to be cheap to make. might have been 1/3 the price to sell. If it only was missing boards and software. I think it's incorrectly labeled as a conversion then. Someone needs to write an indepth book, on the history, and details about the zaccaria company. Plus, insight to what was going in through various years and stages of development. That would be awesome.

1 week later
#604 5 years ago

he can write zac code? Is he interested in a side project? I'd love to finish the rules on spooky.

#612 5 years ago
Quoted from Schusler:

Neo, is the code unfinished for this? Never knew...

yes, technically it's the last new game for Zaccaria, and you can tell things were ment to do certain things, and they just doubled it up with something that already does something. If that makes sense.

#617 5 years ago

Zankor does the same thing. uses an upper flipper as a control gate.

#622 5 years ago

still uses a modified board and not made under the zaccaria name. Different company. Not a pure zac. Just like frankenstein is not a DE even tho some cabinets say DE on them. Once a new company takes over, it's a different company. If you are a collector of a specific brand, you only collect that brand. maybe obscure renditions if you have the space. The reason I stick with all gen 2's, is because of repairs and parts swapping. With all my gen 2's. if I get stuff like appletime, I cannot use gen 2 boards and swap between them. Regardless how close they are, they are not fully compatible. they do have differences and enough differences, that they have unique aspects to them, that I don't want to deal with from a parts perspective.

#624 5 years ago

no I do not. I even made the point, that if you collect just DE. you do not give a shit about any Sega.

#632 5 years ago

if it uses the same boards. Just use the schematics from spooky or zankor. They are around the same time. Just make sure they are the same boards and do not have alterations on them. Many of those obscure ones have changes to them that are not always obvious.

locomotion is the last Gen1, and has jumpers and changes to be able to use bigger chips. Custom board only for locomotion.

thunderman also has special changes.

1 month later
#638 5 years ago

and it was much more toxic than other protection methods. But man it holds up great. Just have to be really careful when sanding the playfields if clearcoating.

1 week later
#641 5 years ago

Just picked up a New Stars Phoenix today. Boo yeah. Only 5 more to go to complete my full collection of Gen 2's. I'll post pics soon.

#642 5 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I had a New Stars Phoenix, which is the same game but it had the 110 transformer. I don't knonew w if the previous owner modified it, but it looked stock. Not a very fun game however, not one of my favorites.

my new stars phoenix also has the adjustable transformer, which is weird because spooky did not ,which was made before. I don't understand it.

#643 5 years ago

Here are the pics of New Stars Phoenix. Clay just posted stars phoenix. You can see the art packages are completely different. This one has a chrome apron, and LED displays.

Clay- Says, yours has a 4th active flipper. Can you show pics of that, as well as the standup behind bowling pin number 2. These are suppose to be the changes between our games.











#645 5 years ago

Is it the same one? Same chipping by the orange special circle and little bit of flipper drag wear by the upper left flipper? fairly good size chunk missing out of the cabinet by the rear left leg. I'll be fixing this cabinet. In all fairness. The first robot I had, came from the same guy I got this from. He got both of them together from the same person. So it probably is yours.

#646 5 years ago

Since I have many different gamerooms, since I dont' have one room big enough. Decided to put my zaccaria collection in a group photo. The only one missing from this is my Strike, as david is using it as a research project for that early boardset.


#648 5 years ago

i've had pinball champ, but that was before I decided to go for a full set of gen2's. I have one that i'll be picking up soon tho. Pinball champ and blackbelt are fairly common. I have pretty much all the really hard ones to get. Now I have uncommons and semi rare ones left.

Robot used to be my favorite, but has been dethroned by Zankor. Zankor is just an all around blast to play and amusing with it's musical creativeness.

#651 5 years ago

Anyone with a burner. Dave has them on his site for download. If you have a burner you can do it yourself, or order them from dave directly. Easy. pop out 2 or 3 chips, and install the new ones. takes about 5 -10 min. Make sure all the legs are in the holes before pushing it down and make sure they are in the right way and in the corr