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Zaccaria Combat. Let's get this thing going.

By miatawnt2b

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Hey Guys, A few months back I picked up a Zaccaria Combat. I haven't had any chance to really start working on it other than replacing all the rubbers. The game won't start, and I am seeking a little help on where to start looking.

When I plug the machine in and give it a credit, the reset relay energizes and stays energized. This causes the reset motor to continuously spin. It is a 4 player game, and all of my score reels read 0.

Any thoughts of where to start looking?

#2 1 year ago

A little more info.

1. Power on the machine and give it one credit, the motor spins 1/2 revolution. The reset relay does NOT energize. Give the machine a second credit, the reset relay energizes and motor spins continuously.

2. Power on the machine and give it one credit. the motor spins 1/2 revolution. The reset relay does NOT energize. Press the game start button and the reset relay energizes and motor spins continuously.

#3 1 year ago

Following. Got one to drag out too. Good luck.

#4 1 year ago

Bump for the evening crowd

#5 1 year ago

I am very curious to see how this turns out.

Since it is an EM, I would start with the simple things. First, got schematic (can you read eye-talian)? From what you are describing, the start-up sequence is not finishing. Soooooo... score reels. Clean and adjust contacts. I don't know if these games operate like Gottliebs, Bally's, or Williams games. However many times, simply tightening down the switch stacks you will be able to get them to adjust as they should. The good thing is, you live in the desert. That means these stacks haven't been swelling and shrinking with temperature and humidity.

Once you've done everything that you can with the switch tags on the score reels I would go through the switch stacks and well, everything and make sure that they are snug and tight. This goes for the relays in the bottom of the game as well as the mechanisms underneath the playfield. Sometimes just cleaning the connectors that go between the lower and the upper play field will make a big difference as well. Doing this will be good for the game anyways. So you might as well do it. Many times games get more messed up by readjusting switches than anything else. So what I would do is make sure everything is tight first and then start adjusting switches. Do not adjust switch stacks on the brain of the game, you know the part that spinning. As a single adjustment on the switch there can lead to major changes to the entire logic of the game. Once again, schematics.

I would search the forum here as well as on rec games Pinball for any specific information about working on Zach electromechanical games. I was able to find some information about the schematics here :https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=3609 print them up and learn how to read that map!

I have never played combat before, so selfishly I am wishing you a speedy restoration so I can stop by and play it. I should be down there in a few weeks and I will definitely be around for turkey day to see the family.

Jeez, it's like I'm 4 or something...

Wishing you luck!

CE2B65B3-F05C-43D1-A6A3-B88DEC0A027C-3594-000001CC3CF61DC2 (resized).png
#6 1 year ago

There are some great explanations of features and play here.

#7 1 year ago

Hi miatawnt2b
starting a game makes the Coin-Relay to pull-in - this then makes the Reset-Relay to pull-in. The Reset-Relay closes its Self-Hold-Switch (encircled red in the JPG) --- the Reset-Relay stays pulling until all of the Score-Drums open their "Information-Switch(es) 'Have reached position Zero' " - then the Reset-Relay let go. You could inspect ALL Score-Drums for their "Position-Zero-Switch(es)" to be truely open. You can cheat for the moment by sneaking-in a stripe of paper inbetween the Switchblades of the Self-Hold-Switch (encircled red) on the Reset-Relay. This switch is easy to be found: A short wire runs from one side of the coil on the Reset-Relay to an "switch mounted on the Reset-Relay" - THIS is the switch. This cheating (stripe of paper) is just to learn about "does the Start-up proceed - does the pin kicks out a ball and You can play (?)". Greetings Rolf

0Combat-Work-01 (resized).jpg
#8 1 year ago

I love my Combat ....good luck with it.

7 months later
#9 6 months ago

So I've started cleaning and adjusting all the score reels and switches in the back box. I have a question regarding setting up the scoring matrix.
Basically I don't understand it... At all.
This current wiring is the way I found it.
Anyone have a real guide on setting up scoring on this?

IMG_20191117_100007 (resized).jpgIMG_20191117_100015 (resized).jpg
#10 6 months ago

The high score threshold is set by combining two values: The value of the occupied socket and the value of the jones plug pushed into it. So in your photo:
Combat high score adjust (resized).jpg
the section inside the red box represents the 10 sockets with the key (represented by the black bar) at one end. The socket in the upper right corner represents all the high score values that end in x10,000. The next socket to its left represents all the high score values that end in x20,000. Continuing to the left the next three sockets represent high score values that end in x30,000, x40,000 and x50,000. The sockets in the 2nd row inside the red box represent the high score values from x60,000 to x90,000 going from right to left and the last one in the lower left corner represents the high score value (x+1)00,000.

The color of the wire soldered to the plug inserted into the socket determines which high score value is set. Use the color of the wire from the wire bundle and ignore the short yellow jumper wire. So for example inserting the plug with the green wire into the upper right socket would give you a high score level of 310,000. Moving it one socket to the left would set the score to 320,000. Inserting it into the lower left socket would set it to 400,000.

You can use as many plugs as you want to. Each plug will set its own high score replay value. So you could for example put one plug with a green wire into the upper right socket for a level of 310,000, and put the other plug with the green wire (connected with the short yellow jumper) in the bottom right corner for another level of 360,000. Or you could put green in the upper right corner and grey in the lower right corner for levels of 310,000 and 560,000.


#11 6 months ago

It's Alive!

Thanks MarkG for the explanation regarding the scoring.
Also big shout out to rolf_martin_062 for the tip on the reset relay. That really helped me troubleshoot further.
Really the only thing it needed was a good cleaning of the reels and steppers. I found 3 switches out of adjustment, and the switches on the reset motor were a mess from the motor continuously spinning. Thank goodness for the Dremel and a brass wire wheel.


#12 6 months ago

Based on the video, I would love to find a Combat. While the theme doesn't do much for me, the features and game play shown in that video are interesting. That is a wicked fast playing game!

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