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Your top NIB/HUO purchase that has yet to lose its luster

By 27dnast

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

We've seen a lot of great games released since 2010. Stern has hit home runs with Tron, IM, Met, ACDC, and ST (among others)...we have JJ's WOZ...AMH...

If you've bought a NIB game (or even a mint HUO game) made since 2010, and it hasn't lost its allure (fun factor...playability...its newness), then tell us what it is and why.

#2 5 years ago

Tron le, Acdc premium, met LE. in that order, stern's best three games. They All took pinball from a slower Wait and see game to a loud, intense, fast, immersive experience.

#3 5 years ago

TRON pro , Met LE, AC/DC LE . In that order, sterns best three games.

#4 5 years ago

BBH, so simple and fun. Very rare in Australia as everyone thinks it is a boat anchor. Not me!

#6 5 years ago

ACDC premium

#7 5 years ago

I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring:

I'm going with WOZ and ACDC Prem. with the edge going to ACDC (if I had to choose)

#8 5 years ago

None are perfect. So far it's STLE.

#9 5 years ago

X-men le lots of let downs and that is why it is gone.

#11 5 years ago

X-Men Pro.

We've had it since NIB over two years ago and still play it almost daily. Never had any issues with it, and all of the code updates were like getting new "expansion packs" every time they came out.

The shots are tough, but when you hit them, it's smooth as butter. This game will make you a better player. I've only reached Danger Room twice, and still haven't even sniffed Dark Phoenix....

Love this game!


#12 5 years ago

Wolverine LE and ACDC Prem

#13 5 years ago

WOZ, Tron, and IM. However, IM is still too new to me to even judge for something like this.

WOZ is just a bitch. It went through a rough patch with me where I almost sold it. But then the software just got better and better until it achieved greatness. And then after that, they still made it even better. It reached the point that playing it is always fun. I had 4 red letters flashing in Rescue last night, and drained trying to get up to the castle playfield. The layers just keep going, and there are still things I haven't done in the game after more than a year of trying.

Tron. What more can I say about Tron? I've made it to Poral, but it was pretty short. I've struggled to get back there, but it is always just out of reach. The game always seems to have the right amount of flow, speed, and difficultly. I don't fire it up for a quick game, I fire it up for a war.

IM. I've only had my VE for a little while. So really it is too new to judge. But that game is CrAzY. I have never seen a game that delivers so much satisfaction and frustration so quickly. Sometimes I hit the start button more than the flippers. I already know the sound when Tony says "Kill Power" followed by the start sound. While playing I keep telling myself "Last game, time to go", but then another game starts. And when you get the game rocking, it is just amazing. So yeah, it's staying.

#14 5 years ago

IM. "Just one more game........................!".

#15 5 years ago


And please fix the 'loose' typo

#17 5 years ago

I really like when I open a new Stern game and I do not have to make adjustments or have any issues right out of the box. My X-Men Magneto has been awesome-no issues. Tron, just open the box and play. AC/DC premium was a masterpiece right out of the box. I did not have to do anything, even the LED's were perfect. I am turning into a hoarder, because all my nib Sterns have not lost their luster but have become part of the family.

#19 5 years ago

Noone is loose......

For me METLE, followed by WOZ.

#20 5 years ago

AC/DC Premium and Mustang Premium! (yup I said Mustang!!)

#21 5 years ago

Mustang Pro, first and probably only NIB game I'll get, played and has played perfect since unboxing and because theme was perfect for me (gee I wonder why).

#23 5 years ago

Showing your age there a little bit. Did they even come in boxes?

#24 5 years ago

Played WOZ again for the first time in a few weeks. Walked upstairs an hour later in a daze and said to my wife, "That game is still stunning." I may forget about it for a while (like when Indiana Jones came to visit for two months), but it hasn't lost a thing.

#25 5 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Showing your age there a little bit. Did they even come in boxes?

Wooden Crate with that easter grass like stuffing.

#26 5 years ago


#27 5 years ago

WOZ - I've got about 400 games on it and still something will pop up I've never seen. 'Only made TNPLH 3 times and while I have been vocal in that this should be made easier the very difficulty keeps me coming back. 'Kinda like the rat pressing the bar for cocaine - if rewarded every time the rat could care less. Make it a random award and the rat keeps going back until exhaustion. WOZ is the game for big rats like me. I'm glad I bought one instead of feeding quarters - it's much cheaper and you develop an real appreciation for the complexity of the game. JJP makes a nice product - I'm in of the next PL title.

#28 5 years ago

ok go ahead and laugh..........I bought a NIB SHREK! a while back....its still looks that way! I wonder why? hahaha.........

#30 5 years ago
Quoted from pindan3:

ok go ahead and laugh..........I bought a NIB SHREK! a while back....its still looks that way! I wonder why? hahaha.........

There are people out there that would give you good trade for that.

#31 5 years ago

AC/DC Premium

#33 5 years ago

For me, any game that I've had has gotten old at some point. Some have gotten old within a week. Others have taken months. But they all get old sooner or later.

#34 5 years ago

Three of my NIB purchases are still as fresh to me as when I got them.
Two oldies - Medieval Madness (still my favorite game) and RFM, and the most recent, STLE, even with code issues.

Two other games I bought NIB games are gone. Sold SW:E1 soon after purchase.

Sold Monopoly just recently after a long stint in storage. As much as I love the theme and Lawlor's games, the game play just didn't appeal to me any longer. And my wife played it so infrequently she even forgot we owned one.

#35 5 years ago

All my HUO/NIB purchases Spiderman, TSPP, LOTR, Avengers LE, and T3. T3 is very under rated. Awesome game if you can get over the ugly playfield. I can see Avengers LE may get old. I've thought of selling/trading it, but then I play it after a break and love it again.


#36 5 years ago

I'm late to the party stared getting new in late 2014.

I have ST Pro and IM and love them both.

#37 5 years ago

Luci and TRON for sure, 2 games I hope never leave!

#38 5 years ago

Tron LE and IM VE!

#39 5 years ago

I've found I keep games longer that I get second hand. All the games I've gotten NIB have left pretty quickly (Avatar pro, ACDC pro, Xmen LE, Tron, IMVE).

#40 5 years ago


I've seen so many posts of people saying they sold it and had to buy it back, sold it then had to buy it back. I decided to cut out that whole middle section and just never sell mine.

Still love playing it.

#41 5 years ago

Ironman, it has the gameplay that appeals to me

#42 5 years ago

Such an adrenaline rush!

#43 5 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

I've seen so many posts of people saying the sold it and had to buy it back, sold it then had to buy it back. I decided to cut out that whole middle section and just never sell mine.
Still love playing it.

My second one will come in as soon as I finish reconstructing my gameroom. Fantastic game.

#44 5 years ago

TRON, AC/DC and X-MEN are up there

#45 5 years ago

ACDC Premium and STLE. Both are plain old fun.

#46 5 years ago

WOZ, Met, SM, LoTR in that order. All bought NIB and since I got SM and LoTR(LE) at the end of 2009, that is really saying a lot!

I have about 750 games on WOZ (had it since 9/14) and it is always fun and challenging. Soo much I have never done. I bought Met in July and have hundreds of games on it. Soo fast and soo brutal...keeps me (and my wife) always coming back.

#47 5 years ago

Ironman. Got here in August and has been played almost non-stop since.

#48 5 years ago
Quoted from dug:

Such an adrenaline rush!


#49 5 years ago

Metallica. I love stepping up to it as much now as the day I got it.

#50 5 years ago


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