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You can only own 5 pins in a collection. Which 5?

By jonesjb

4 years ago

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#301 3 years ago

Old list.

Quoted from dzoomer:

TWD LE/Prem - a highlight pin for me. A really great theme and challenging pin, short to variable ball times, amazing layout/play/dots/lightshow, immersive plus very deep software from the best in the business. A one-more-play pin more than any other to me.
POTC - own and enjoy this pin as my most recent acquisition (much much better than I was expecting). A big change from TWD and variety is very welcome. Newer gen so lots of depth with multiple cool toys (and one of the top two toys in pinball imo), easier, longer ball times, great theme.
LOTR - another slower playing deep code long journey pin. Proven awesomeness. Really like the theme.
MET - Variety is the name of the game in a collection for me. Another fast, hard and quick game play pin, with great depth, rules and sparky show.
MM (R) - an older pin design that hit it out of the park with game play, toys, good theme, etc. Hate the execution from CGC/PPS. So much goodwill burned to the ground.
Honorable mentions.
SW EP7 - Awesome theme for me and will be LCD. Could be a king maker with the right design and programmer. Need a year or two to flesh out and see.
WOZ/TH - Love the depth and new generation pin design. With 5 games total 3 will be fast as I like fast games more, so one of these is #6, and that could move up over time and replace LOTR.
GB - Love the fast play and toys, not so much the linear software encoding and theme is old. Need time for software to flesh out more and to play more significantly. I like the Prem/LE from what I see.
Happy to see all the TWD recognition in this thread (and surprised). Such a bum rap from certain people early on that has perpetuated insignificant issues and myths. TWD isn't for everyone, but even now it is a notably underrated game. It basically is the playfield/software successor to MET (as described by borg and lyman) which is an amazing pin.
I have found I like modern pins. In my experience pins have definitely improved over the years for me. Love the depth and design of the new stuff. I expect it to continue.
Still, it's a big pinball world and I need to try more and value variety. I am interested in BSD, IJ, IM, SM, Taxi, etc and they (plus the honorable mentions) may hit the sweet spot and bump lower games in my top 5, as variety is the spice of life.
Cheers to all and play games.

Many people switching up their list in such a short time. Not me. Still dig the list above. Shortly expecting a nib MMR LE. Instead, I'm getting closer to obtaining my list.

MET was #2 on my pick-up list, now #1. Decided to get MMR first since production is ending, while MET will continue to be made for a while.

#303 3 years ago

Alien LE
Guns n Roses
IJ Williams

#304 3 years ago

1/ MET RC (own pro)
2/ STLE (own pro)
3/ AFM (own)
4/ CFTBL (own)
5/ TWD prem or GOT pro ( but not the place ☹️)

#305 3 years ago

I like seeing Alien added to these lists!

#306 3 years ago

After countless nights of unrest, I'm still miffed, which 5?? awe man!....I guess it would be.....
1. MB
2. SS (Scared Stiff)
4. BSD
5. ST (stern)

Now.....did I make the right decision??? doh!!!!

1 week later
#307 3 years ago

Indiana Jones (The Pinball Adventure)
White Water
Tales of Arabian Nights
Medieval Madness
Theater of Magic

#308 3 years ago

Seeing how I only own 1 (my first - a Getaway), I would say just about any 4 others. If I had my choosing, however, here is what currently interests me:

- My Getaway, of course (your first is always special)
- Tron
- Indiana Jones
- Apollo 13
- The Shadow

#310 3 years ago

I happen to keep 5 from my collection close by and ready-to-play, rather than having to go down to the games room:

Safe Cracker
ST Premium
Mystery Castle
Lord of the Rings
X Files

#311 3 years ago

TWD Premium
Guns and Roses
Monster Bash
M. Madness
Twilight Zone

#312 3 years ago

I'm pretty happy with the lineup I have set up now


In the future, I might trade our ToM for something, but overall it's keeping my attention

#313 3 years ago

I have my 5 now
I actually also have MB & SS but those are the first to go.
Sold TOM, TOTAN, STTNG, TAF Wouldn't have but lost interest in pinball and wanted the room.

#314 3 years ago

XMLE (Magneto)
Midevil Madness

5 months later
#315 3 years ago

I think I may need to switch up my top 5:
Attack from Mars - > Stays
The Shadow - > Stays
Twilight Zone - > Stays
White Water - > Alien
The Walking Dead - > Total Nuclear Annihilation

#316 3 years ago

Black hole

3 weeks later
#317 3 years ago

May be, one of each technology/generation (mainly from Gottlieb ) :

#318 3 years ago

I don't actually own any machines per se, as all the pinball I play is on PC (Pinball Arcade). But to answer your question as best I can my 5 would be:

Medieval Madness
Scared Stiff
Black Rose

#319 3 years ago

GTLB 1970's EMs:

Pop A Card
Pro Pool
Capt Card
Luck Hand
Joker Poker

I like and I'm fascinated by some SS PBs but too many lights and noise to add to my only five. I would seriously consider giving one up though for GTLB "Black Hole."

#322 3 years ago

OK now a year later - out of my current lineup - my 5 would be (conceptually):
permanent members:
ST Premium
longer term games that could possibly rotate out at some point:
AC/DC Prem - or - Met Monsters Prem - or - AS LE
LOTR LE - or - SW LE

#323 3 years ago

This is tough,


But so many other games that are so close too!

#324 3 years ago

Walking Dead Premium
Guns and Roses
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Twilight Zone
Monster Bash

#325 3 years ago

Gb prem/le
Twd pro
Got pro

#326 3 years ago

Horror theme:
Scared Stiff
The Walking Dead
Monster Bash
The Addams Family

3 weeks later
#327 2 years ago

Revised list

Woz RR
TWD pro
Met pro
AcDc premium

#328 2 years ago

If I could only have 5 in my collection, I would go insane.

#329 2 years ago

Dialed In

#330 2 years ago

World Cup Soccer 94
Theatre of magic
Star Trek (Premium) cause it's pretty or
•Game of Thrones cause its awesome
The Walking Dead


I can't do it
I'd rather own none
With access to lots
Than own five and be stuck on five

#332 2 years ago

Well currently my five are:

Aerosmith LE
Tron (Pro - Moddified to high heaven
Ghostbusters Premium
Dialed In LE.

Plans for 3-5 more.

#333 2 years ago

Dialed In
The Shadow
Star Trek
Phantom of the Opera (It's a nostalgia thing)

#334 2 years ago

In my opinion the two best pins are AC/DC PREM and GB PREM. You can do LEs of those but at least premiums. Those are the pins I never get tired of. The only pins I never get tired of.

#335 2 years ago

I always figure is I can fit 5 games in the room, then I can squeeze 6

#336 2 years ago

ok so now mine would be:
Met Monsters
ACDC prem
AS LE - or - IM
ST Prem

#338 2 years ago

Scared Stiff
Medieval Madness
Attack From Mars
Ghost Busters

#339 2 years ago

This topic was meant to be a collection of 5, of an ideal collection, not just from pins you own. I've updated the title to prevent confusion

#340 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

This topic was meant to be an ideal collection of 5, not just from pins you own.

Maybe some people are like me and already own all of their favorite pins, so their ideal collection is picking their own five best?

#341 2 years ago

Dialed IN LE
TH Smaug
AC/DC or Met

#342 2 years ago


Need someone to donate the last two then the rest of my wishlist would be nice. I’ll make room.

#343 2 years ago

Wwf royal rumble
Batman 66
Theater of magic

#344 2 years ago

My choices have changed
Ask me again in another year

#345 2 years ago

Addams Family
Medieval Madness
Monster Bash
Bride of Pinbot 2.0
And probably one 80s pin like Black Knight, Earthshaker, 8 Ball Deluxe or Taxi

#347 2 years ago

Main list... mostly already have these!
TZ (my fave)
WCS (wife's fave)
MM (my other fave)
CFTBL (the one that got away)

Seconds list:
AFM (would make the main list but it's so close to MM)
Williams IJ
STTNG (another one that got away... mine was a lemon tho)
GNR (another one that got away)

Thirds list:
Stern ST (Prem or LE)
JM (yet another one that got away)
TRON LE ($$$)
BBB (why not? fun but $$$)
W?D (stupid game, but I kinda love it)

#349 2 years ago

In order of importance
• Creature from the black lagoon
• Indiana jones Adventure
Monster Bash
Terminator 2
Simpsons Pinball Party
Man I love pinball!

#350 2 years ago

1. Funhouse
2. Roadshow
3. Kiss LE
4. Getaway
5. Harlem Globetrotters

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