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You can only own 5 pins in a collection. Which 5?

By jonesjb

5 years ago

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#801 4 months ago

Twilight zone: This one is never leaving after having it over a decade
Indiana Jones TPA: Im a big indy fan but I could part with this game for a JJP pirates
Medeval Madness: Probably the funniest pin it could have been Monty pythons creation
Theatre of Magic: Games with magnets, I love em
JJP Pirates: Played one at YEGPIN and regret not buying one from the dealer that brought it

Runner ups:
Addams Family: If the list was for 6 games it would be on it
STTNG: Then I'd have the 3 wide bodies
Houdini: Had one for abut a year and enjoyed it immensely. A restored IJ came up and it went

Games I thought id love until I played them that would never make this list:
Tron: I dunno, maybe it was poorly setup. I'd give it another shot
Mars attacks: Sorry guys I just don't get this one. Great audio but toy smash pins aren't my thing.
Terminator 2: I have it, and really its just for others to play
Virtually every music themed pin ever created (shots fired)

#802 4 months ago

Present mood:

Nine Ball
Attack from Mars
Iron Maiden

1 week later
#803 4 months ago

Ultimate 9 pin collection that captures the best in pinball. This will cost $100k to assemble, sticking with Stern premium’s and JJP LE’s. Can’t trim list further without causing a fatal error! Sell all other hobbies and buy these pins, now!

GZ 3 Elwin’s Stern

MET Other Stern’s

GNR 2 Meunier’s JJP’s


IJ 2 B/W’s

#804 4 months ago

Choosing from the 25 pins I currently own or have previously owned, I would go with:

JJP POTC - packed, loaded, and tons of fun. Now if they would just complete the code...
JP - the most played pin in my collection. So many ways to approach and just great fun.
Godzilla - two Elwins that are both just so good. AIQ actually bubbling under in my collection, but just not as good as this and JP
GNR - I don't even like the band that much, but the experience of the pin is phenomenal. Gets the adrenaline flowing more than any other pin I own or have owned.
MMr - such a classic and always fun to go back to this time and time again.

Bubbling under:

IJTPA - I wrestled with this versus MMr in the top 5, but while I adore this theme, MMr just shoots a little better and is just nearly perfect
Beatles - has to be the most underrated pin in the top 100. So much fun, such a great band, and an amazing game that feels old school without ramps but updated at the same time.
TH - a true journey. Such a different experience from the other pins I list. Theme integration is incredible.

#805 4 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Ultimate 9 pin collection that captures the best in pinball.
Can’t trim the list further without causing a fatal error!

Quoted from pinballmlb:

I would go with: JJP POTC + JP + Godzilla + GNR + MMr.

Since pinballmlb has dared to trim your 9 down to a final 5, I imagine his demise is imminent?

#806 4 months ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

Since pinballmlb has dared to trim your 9 down to a final 5, I imagine his demise is imminent?

absolutely. It has been nice getting to know him over his postings, but his days are numbered. Also rude of me not to have numbered list to 10 and allowed placeholder for buyer to add their dream theme. But 5 is barbaric!


#807 4 months ago

I'm sure I've posted in this before but I'm going to do it again without looking at my earlier entry(ies):

1. BM66 -- Have owned for three years now and still love it.
2. Godzilla -- love the theme and seems like the perfect Elwin game for me.
3. EHOH -- love lyman games and campy movies.
4. MM -- choose over AFM because I'm not very good and this seems to be the easier pin.
5. TWD -- Tough lyman game.

Too many honorable mentions.

#808 3 months ago

I'm attempting a couple artificial restrictions, 1. one machine from each of the last 5 decades, and 2. non-licensed themes.

70's: Meteor (SS, spinner shot, and it's attainable)
80's: High Speed (acab, ramps, Ritchie loop, also attainable)
90's: Whirlwind (Kansas childhood - pavlovian SCHOOL'S OUT response to tornado sirens)
00's: skip (seriously, was there even one unlicensed theme pin made in the aughts, aside from hombrews?)
10's: Dialed In, Total Nuclear Annihilation

#809 3 months ago
#810 3 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

I’m looking at your annual picks and ask: you stand by your final pick of Beatles over your previous winners of Met prem or DP pro or Wonka? Is theme the reason? Also, I can’t believe you wouldn’t have 1 JJP in the final list of 5. It gets difficult stuffing 8 pins into a sausage casing that can only stretch to allow 5 pins inside it. Yuck! But you get my point.

Beatles is partly theme and partly the layout. I like having at least one game in my top 5 that’s “old school.” I could easily flip flop that last spot between TNA and Beatles.

JJPs for me are too tough to explain from a rule standpoint. I like having a top 5 that I could explain to a guest in 10 seconds. If I added a JJP it would probably be Dialed In. Easy to understand and just fun.

1 month later
#811 67 days ago

The original Guns and Roses
Twilight Zone
The Walking Dead
Jack's Open
Indy 500

#812 64 days ago

Alice Cooper

#813 63 days ago

Today, it would be:

Black Hole - Mesmerizing total art package, two levels, I love 80s Gottlieb flippers the best
Scared Stiff - Elvira, because it's a total art package that integrated the theme thanks to her involvement
Seawitch - Digital background waves, plus one of the classic Sterns
Total Nuclear Annihilation - Fun, shaker motor, supporting smaller pin companies
Big Bang Bar - Again, total art package, fun modern non-licensed pin

Contenders: Fathom, Haunted House, IJTPA

#814 63 days ago
Quoted from SNES:

My list:
MM - I love the theme and callouts. Fun for beginner to decent players IMO and a classic game. I owned a remake in the past and am on the hunt for an original. Would love to have it in the lineup again in the future.
BKSOR - I love the speed and music on this one. I own a pro and don’t think it will ever go anywhere. It makes me hit start over and over.
The Shadow - I own this as well. I love the diverters and I think the Sanctum lock is one of the coolest in pinball. I love the Battlefield as well. Don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.
JJP PotC - I haven’t spent a ton of time on this one, but the time I did spend, I was blown away. The amount of things going on in the game was amazing and I loved the mini ship. I hope by some crazy miracle that they make more of these so I can get one.
Mando - I might look back at this and think “boy was I stupid for adding that” but the theme is perfect for my family and I and the shots and callouts are great. Really hoping to find one in the near future to purchase as it seems to be a perfect game for my family.
Thanks for reading!

Well, as much as I do like Mando, I have looked back on this and it is not a top 5 game for me. I would replace this with TNA. My family and I played this recently and loved the co-op to destroy reactors. Music was awesome! What a blast. On the lookout for 2.0 coming out!

#815 63 days ago

Star Gazer
Harlem Globetrotters

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 7.12.22 PM (resized).png
#816 63 days ago


#817 63 days ago

Godzilla Pre
Rick and Morty

3 weeks later
#818 40 days ago
Quoted from jonnyqtrek:

Stern Godzilla
Stern Star Trek
Stranger Things LE w/ UV kit
Elvira House of Horrors LE
Williams Fire!!!


Godzilla LE
Stranger Things Prem/LE
Rob Zombie

#819 40 days ago

My current target: (I like stop n go, ramps, and physical locks)

Simpsons Pinball Party
Twilight Zone
Medieval Madness Remake


#821 40 days ago

Star Trek Premium

#822 40 days ago

Dialed In
Twilight zone

#824 36 days ago

So a few of us discussed this last night on stream if you want something fun to listen to. The convo starts at 34:35. Enjoy!

#825 36 days ago

Attack From Mars original - My all time favorite

Godzilla Premium (just has to be on the list)

Rush LE (favorite band ever - awesome game)

8-Ball Deluxe (machine I played most as a kid)

Elvis - No idea why but I love the game to death

4 weeks later
#826 7 days ago

My updated list after playing some new amazing games:

SW premium
AIQ premium
Game of thrones

#827 7 days ago

AFM rules are simple, game comes at you making it easy for first timers to start playing and get into it, lots of action

Met (I have pro but modded with RedShift LEDs and other cosmetic enhancements including custom armor) fast paced game, love music theme. preface by saying have not played GNR so maybe that could replace it

TZ just love all those toys and a challenging game. Unique in so many ways

the other 2 I'm not certain I have found yet despite owning a number of games and making many trips to PHOF. Had a FH and sold it but love the creepy theme and classic for its time Might add that to my list but there must have been a reason I sold it. Need some time on it again

#828 7 days ago

Star Trek Pro
Deadpool Premium
Cactus Canyon Remake
Jurassic Park Home Pin
Rush Premium

#829 7 days ago

SW prem
Cactus Jacks
GB prem
Tag Team

#830 7 days ago

Here’s a few lists by generation.

#1 Youthful discretions, heavy on my college years where I spent hours playing at the Texas Tech Student Union.

Mata Hari - first pin I really knew all the shots and code. I never went infinite, but could usually crack a free game 1 out of 3 or 4 times.
Black Knight - mesmerizing. Magnasave was like the hand of God printing quarters
Mr. and Ms. Pac-man - the game I learned to beat. 1 quarter, and I could play as long as I wanted.
Spectrum - 9 out 10 players had no idea how this game worked. Super, super fun once you figured out the rules. Still one of the most unique games, ever
Eight Ball Deluxe - best shots and theme of this era

runners up. Haunted House. 3 levels! 8 flippers! Spooky music! Absolute classic. Black Hole


#2 Pinball collection and restoration v1.0 - the WPC glory days

MM - may STILL be the best game ever designed. Hilarious, approachable, mesmerizing
MB - Gomez masterpiece. Probably the best game for newbies ever done. Super-easy to approach, rewarding progression, and great sound package
CV - Incredible theme with fantastic art package. The DMD reflected in the field of play + the neon ramp + circus master and his magnetic personality. John Popadiuk master symphony.
ToM - Best “World under Glass” of this age. So thematically perfect. The theme itself was so understandable, the shots and modes were intuitive. Magic is still one of the all time best Pinball genres, and this is the best of the best.
LOTR - the only non WPC game of this era. The first Stern to rival Williams. Jaw dropping accuracy to the theme, with a 100% serious tone that does true justice to some of the greatest movies ever made. The only game I still own from this era I still own.

runnerup: IJtPA: so close to making this list. Might replace CV here. RFM: P2K, oh, what could have been! Utterly unique, and still one of the most hilarious games ever made, “here, take this dress!”


#3 Pinball renaissance (v2.0 for me at least, back into the hobby today)

JP - shows how far pinball has come from the WPC days. stunning depth, and crazy varied shots. Add the movie code, and you have the complete package. My currently most-played pin
JJP GnR - nothing, NOTHING, touches this for a pinball experience. Really feels like you’re part of the concert, wailing away. The songs modes are utterly unique and different, and the light shows are untouched by anything ever made. Really, the future of pinball light and sound. THIS pinball shows what you get with full access to “assets” and the enthusiastic support of the rights owners.
GZ - deserving of the #1 overall ranking. The complete package, with insane toys, ramps, mechs, etc. Super-campy retro assets that make this a total blast to play.
Rush - I can’t be objective here. I’ve been the proto-Rush-nerd since 2112 was released in 1976. My favorite band meets pinball, and they didn’t screw it up! Great song selection, deep rules, and the special Rush humor combine to make my life complete. Thank you Alex, Geddy, and Stern
LOTR - still holds up, 20 years later.

runners up: The Hobbit (most especially with LOTR in the collection), Maiden

#831 7 days ago

I'm thinking of starting several new threads . . .

You can only own 1 pin, what is it?
You can only own 2 pins, what are they?
You can only own 3 pins, what are they?
You can only own 4 pins, what are they?
You can only own 5 pins, what are they?
You can only own 6 pins, what are they?
You can only own 7 pins, what are they?
You can only own 8 pins, what are they?
You can only own 9 pins, what are they?
You can only own 10 pins, what are they?

#833 7 days ago


I love camp, bright colors, ramps and physical ball locks. White Waters world class ramp action balances out TNAs lack of ramps and that sweet chunky drop target lock is cool as hell.

#834 7 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

I'm thinking of starting several new threads . . .
You can only own 1 pin, what is it?
You can only own 2 pins, what are they?
You can only own 3 pins, what are they?
You can only own 4 pins, what are they?
You can only own 5 pins, what are they?
You can only own 6 pins, what are they?
You can only own 7 pins, what are they?
You can only own 8 pins, what are they?
You can only own 9 pins, what are they?
You can only own 10 pins, what are they?

Technically, the 5 pins question has already been done, but you would have a monopoly on the rest.

#835 5 days ago

indianapolis 500
road show
AIQ premium
gotg premium
scared stiff

#836 5 days ago
Quoted from DanMarino:

As of right now mine would be:
The Beatles
Total Nuclear Annihilation
Jurassic Park Premium
The Simpsons Pinball Party
Star Wars Premium

Stern Beatles
Williams High Speed
Stern Flight 2000
Gottlieb Card Whiz
Bally Fireball 1972

#837 5 days ago

Many of us can only own 5 pins, but then we all said fuck it, I’m getting more, problem solved.
Favorite 5:
JP premium
GZ premium
Stern Star Wars (my sons keeper)
NGG (our first pin and it’s still here 12 years later)

#838 5 days ago

As of yet....
Jurassic park


#839 5 days ago

It would be a tough choice but I think it would be these 5.

20220618_084833 (resized).jpg20220618_084851 (resized).jpg
#841 5 days ago

This is the 4th year I do this
As of today the 5 are:

-Godzilla LE
-OG Attack From Mars
-Twilight Zone
-Johnny Mnemonic
-Creature from the Black Lagoon

#842 5 days ago

1. Star Wars Premium
3. Stranger Things Premium
4. Rick and Morty
5. Big Lewbowski

5b. Godzilla, BK SoR, GoTG, Iron Maiden

#843 5 days ago

If I can only have five pins:


(I deemed lapel pin as non-essential, so it didn't make the cut.)

#844 4 days ago

For me after shuffling through around a 120 owned games this is it as of today. But so many others I love it is hard to pick! I honestly would find it easier to have a top 30....

Attack from Mars original - just tough enough for that one more game feel to try and rule the universe.

Theatre of Magic - the flow and running pinsound is beautiful. Great for visitors.

Creature from the Black lagoon- the two story concept, 50s feel and overall fun...pinsound and blinged.

Mad Max - Getaway flow but movie immersion

Jaws- Fishtales flow with full original movie immersion

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