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Pintastic New England 2015! Thank You Everyone!!!

By Pinfidel

5 years ago

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    #14 5 years ago

    Everyone bring games...vendors bring parts....its going to be one big party.

    We have lots of really cool things in the works.

    #15 5 years ago

    What do you guys want to see at the show? Your suggestions are important yo us!

    #17 5 years ago

    We are limited to the space we have indoors. The flee market will mainly be held out side. The out door space will be cheaper and larger to accommodate a flee market environment. Indoor vendor space will be available to who ever wants to set up inside. Thanks

    #26 5 years ago
    Quoted from Arcadedl:

    Very happy to be reading this as a MA resident, I'll be there.

    Were happy to have you Dan.....bring you friends and family!

    #30 5 years ago
    Quoted from joeraptor2003:

    Great work and Idea. Count the guys from PinGraffix IN!

    That's great guys you will be a welcome addition!

    #31 5 years ago

    Just left our venue doing final planning for the show. Very exciting we have secured a great rate on the rooms.

    More details in a few hours.

    #37 5 years ago
    Quoted from dmarston:

    If you want to see how a public event is handled at this place, try...
    I attended the Shake-Up last year and was able to check out a lot of it without paying the admission.
    I'll be thinking about what I can do to help with the Pinball Event. I've helped the Pinball Expo since their first year,
    but there's more I could do for an event that's within a nearby drive.
    .................David Marston
    (Co-founder of New England PinFest, which ran 1991-1995)

    Thanks David...anything you can do to help will be much appreciated. Let's keep in touch.

    #42 5 years ago

    Is anyone willing to volunteer doing a u stream live feed from the show?

    #47 5 years ago
    Quoted from mulder2010:

    Hey, you're making progress. Besides a trip to Pelham, or Cambridge, any places to play in central, MA?

    Those are the two best places to play. We hope both Sara from the pinball wizard arcade and Mike from lanes and game have a solid presence at pintastic!

    #49 5 years ago

    What would you guys like to see at the show?

    #53 5 years ago
    Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

    I'm ready for the party! Besides the tournament let me know if you need anything else. Along with with suggestions for the guys for the show what about tournament format? We can do bracket style, knockout elimination, Match play, pingolf. Maybe even work out some kinks for some crazy other formats we've been brainstorming on.
    I will be in touch later this week Derek to talk out some stuff.

    Sounds great...we are working on getting some serious sponsor money for the tournament. Big prize money were hopping.

    #55 5 years ago
    Quoted from Pinphila:

    Gabe and Derrek,
    Count me in. Also, let me know if you guys need help. Would be glad to volunteer.

    One thing is I hope we can count on you bringing some game for the free play area! Your games are always in nice shape.

    #56 5 years ago
    Quoted from Patofnaud:

    Um Dan, I just noticed your town. I was there Fri/Sat at Zoar... Pretty sure that was Charlton. Small world.

    Zorbas great restaurant. Only 10 min.from the show location. Next time you are in town shoot me a pm and swing by play some pinball.

    #61 5 years ago
    Quoted from Pinfidel:

    Jim, as Gabe said, I am looking to try to make this a $5-$10K tourney. I am going to try real hard to get some non pinball sponsors to try and sponsor it. I think that would really make the tournament something the whole show will keep an eye on.
    That said, I know you and how you are. I think that I can totally turn it over to you my brothah. You can take full control and do what you guys think is the best and most fun for everyone.
    This will take a load of my shoulders and will free me up to get as much sponsorship prize money as possible. I want people to come from all over to compete and have fun at the tourney.
    I've said it multiple times to multiple people. Eric Bundy's T2 and your Taxi were the 2 best machines (IMHO) at the show. They were the stars! I'll really be looking forward to seeing what you bring to Pintastic! It won't be a Hurricane by chance will it??? LMAO!!!

    Jim I have a question....how many pins does it require to have a pro type of tournament?

    #64 5 years ago

    Guys the web site has been updated with some cool new information. Check it out!

    #68 5 years ago

    I'm really looking forward to the after party for vendors....show staff and people staying at the hotel Friday nite and special guests. The games will stay on 9pm to 12pm for this event. Also working out some type of food and drinks for this. Should be fun.

    #72 5 years ago
    Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

    Hotel code not live yet

    Not yet...it will be in a few days!

    #76 5 years ago
    Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

    Love the vendor after party idea.

    Vendors and show staff should be able to have some fun to!

    #78 5 years ago

    Not sure if I like that idea. Not sure if I want to know who everyone is lol.

    #82 5 years ago

    Eric don't encourage him please.

    #87 5 years ago

    Back on target guys. Who should we go after to speek at the event? We have a seperate 100 person confance room with in the venue.

    #89 5 years ago

    That's a tough one. Anyone know Steve personally and would ask him to come? You never know.

    #92 5 years ago
    Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

    Eric has it nailed, if you were to VIP Steve, it would be amazing! and would really draw people in. Autograph session, the KING? forget about, epic!
    And if Steve is a no go, maybe another designer? It is a key element missing from the great Allentown shows imho.

    We already have a few big name speakers coming to the show. Bringing in Steve may be an option as we get closer. We need to see how it plays out. I will try my best!

    #93 5 years ago

    The king is interested!!

    #95 5 years ago
    Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

    man, if the king goes, that is the icing on the cake for me.

    Were working on it!

    #96 5 years ago

    Website updated with more vendor info!


    #102 5 years ago

    Jersey Jack posted this yesterday to our Facebook page.....

    Pinball Sales
    Yesterday at 4:25pm
    Jersey Jack Pinball will be supporting this show, we will be attending this show and we will be sending lot of goodies to this show!

    This is great news for New England pin heads that have not played woz yet. Who knows what else or who else Jack will bring with him.

    #104 5 years ago

    I am very excited about our custom logo and t shirt being designed by Jake! One thing I always thought was lacking in show t shirt design. Hand drawn art! Jake is a amazing artist and we are lucky to have him working with us!

    #107 5 years ago
    Quoted from Pinfidel:

    That's great guys. I know that all the vendors are going to gobble up the rooms quick. So we're hoping that everyone that pretty much knows they are going to go will grab those discounted room rates first.
    My thoughts are that if we can get the discounted rooms they have allotted for us taken up by regular pinheads, it will be easier for me to ask for more rooms for the vendors and sponsors who are coming to the show. I'm going to try and push the hotel manager on the fact that these are the people (in essence) who are paying for the event. Support them because they are the ones supporting you.
    I promise that Friday's after party is going to be a blast! Hopefully we get the rooms we need taken so we can get the pool and hot tub area kept open to 12. We're also going to be having Pizza and drinks (including many different brands of beer) available as well. The vendors and staff will be able to just chillax and have a good time playing some pinball after working hard all day. They'll also be able to talk to one another when they couldn't during the craziness of the event. It's going to be a great time.

    We have a great set up at the event. One large room that will house 200 plus pinball machines which is were the after party will take place. The other huge room with 15' ceilings and double the size of the free play room will be the vendor area. This room will be closed for the after party. Just play pinball and relax for a few hr's. Than just stroll on up to your room. Next morning wake up go down to the buffet breakfast and back to work lol.

    #109 5 years ago
    Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

    I had an idea I wanted to pitch by,
    I know EaBundy has done some balls out restores, as well as Jim Swain, and was wondering what the general consensus was to have a restore contest, or best in show section? With awards, or cash prize, 1st 2nd and 3rd place, etc?
    I think it would give some needed credit that sometimes goes under the radar to some of these beauties, and make it just gravy for the few that go the extra mile with these pins. I would be tempted to try my hand at doing one, ( like an old bally) and would love to view some of the extra clean stunning works of art!

    This is a great idea!! We have some amazing restorers in New England. Our many sponsors have been and will be providing us with many prizes that we can use for things like this. I'm thinking maybe a before picture next to the actual final product that is at the show. First....second and third.

    #112 5 years ago
    Quoted from eabundy:

    I would be down for a best in show contest

    Is that a challage from Mr. Bundy lol.

    #117 5 years ago
    Quoted from Steve-in-CT:

    "And now for something completely different"
    I have a question about bringing a game for the free play area. I understand that there can be breakdowns with a game you bring, I'm fine with that. They can be repaired. My concern is what happens if a game is stolen, cosmetically damaged or a total loss in a fire? Does the facility or the promoters have insurance? I can't stay and babysit it during the whole show, I have other responsibilities at home. The game in question is my Williams Joust. I know that many collectors have never seen or played one and I'd like to share it with others.

    Steve I can say this....pinball people in general are a very great and caring bunch of people. They treat machines as they would want there own game treated. If you were to bring your game or anyone else for that matter. Me and Derick will be instructing out staff to watch out for people miss treating other peoples games. I don't like it and it will not be tolerated!

    #118 5 years ago
    Quoted from Pinfidel:

    Hey Steve. We already have an insurance policy in place that would cover an event like a fire or flood or other act of God. However, we cannot be responsible for damages caused to any machine, or if a machine were somehow stolen. Just as you can't baby sit it, I'm sorry to say, we can't either.
    I'll have to check with the director of the facility, but I'm sure there are many security guards and cameras in and around the entire property. If someone were to steal a machine, it would be far too easy to roll back the footage and catch the thieves.
    But I'll reiterate again that in no way will Pintastic or the hotel be held liable to any lost, stolen or (and especially) damaged property. I'm sure you understand that we cannot control other people's actions.
    Additionally, we have already retained a lawyer who is in the process of writing legal disclaimers that state that by bringing a machine to the show, you acknowledge and accept these facts and understand that problems and situations arise that are simply out of our hands and thus we cannot be held responsible.
    All that said, anyone who would be nervous, uncomfortable or afraid that something may happen to their machine is probably better off not bringing it.
    I hope that you will still take your Joust as many people (myself included) would love to see and play it.
    Does anyone have any horror stories of things like this happening at other events?

    Any game leaving the event will be check to make sure it is a legitimate transaction. Also after the show closes for the day both event rooms will be locked for the night.

    #122 5 years ago
    Quoted from DRDAVE:

    It's a great idea. Texas Pinball Festival has been doing it for years. Handing out ribbons and cash for best EM, Best Early Solid State, Best 90's DMD. And Peoples Choice Award..
    -Dave (Doc)

    We will be doing this! I'm not sure of the format yet but a lot of that depends on the response we get. How many entries and if we do different eras. I do think we need to have a before photo framed up next to the final product. People need to see what the restorer had to work with when they started. Restorers in New England are amazing for sure.

    #124 5 years ago
    Quoted from Pinfidel:

    But if we only have 2 or 3 machines entered, than it will be a winner take all contest.

    Come on Derek this is New England! Competition and bragging rights are very high around here! I have seen what you guys can do and its amazing for sure. Now all of New England will see it, let the games begin!

    #128 5 years ago
    Quoted from drgnlair:

    Pinball Code is not working now. Might need to call the hotel, bet ya the 50 rooms are gone

    The code works you just have to click on "Group rate" in the discount area. So lets make them give us more rooms. Lets fill the place with pin heads. Thanks everyone!

    #131 5 years ago
    Quoted from Chippewa-Pin:

    Looks like you guys are around 3 hours from NYC? I'm from Western PA, but my daughter lives in NYC, so I'll just make a side trip to come out for the day.
    Maybe I missed it, but will there be a repair person on premise to help out with repairs in the free-play area? That was a big help at Expo.

    We will have a few repair guys at the show. Also LTG said he would come to the show and do a seminar on pinball repair. We are working on getting a sponsor to cover his travel costs. How exciting would that be? We are working very hard to make this a great show!

    #133 5 years ago
    Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

    Would love to meet Loyld! Would gladly buy him a drink

    You can do that we will have many different selections of beer on hand at the concession stand.

    #136 5 years ago
    Quoted from DRDAVE:

    Any microbrew IPA at the concession stand? =)

    I'm sure they will have like a Sam Adams. What would you suggest?

    #140 5 years ago

    I'm in the processes of getting speakers for the show. Who does New England want to see do a seminar at the show? We have a very nice seminar room with stadium seating for 70 people. 100 people with standing room.

    #143 5 years ago
    Quoted from Richthofen:

    Bowen's local. Would love to see him do a seminar on 'trick shots', illegal saves, etc etc

    I have talked to Bowen and he does not think he can make it. Pintastic is the same weekend as California extreme. He runs the tournament for that show. We would love to have him. You never know.

    #144 5 years ago
    Quoted from jadziedzic:

    Any chance you guys can get the discount rate to apply to rooms with queen beds so us married folk can bring the better half?

    Let me look into that. I will post an update soon. We have about 30 rooms rented so far and the show is almost a year away. People are excited for sure!

    #153 5 years ago
    Quoted from Pinfidel:

    I can't BELIEVE you got a mini suite for the $99 dollar price!!! That may be a mistake there, but they will have to honor it. ANYONE who wants one of those suites better pounce on that before they change it and take it away. That's an awesome deal on a very nice room. If they ever did the common areas over, they'd be a 4-41/2 star hotel.
    Anyway, congrats on the room and I look forward to meeting you and your wife at the show.

    Wait I thought they were saving those sweets for us?

    #154 5 years ago

    Hey guys the vendor registration page and partnership (sponsor) pages are live on www.pintasticnewengland.com

    Check them out!

    #155 5 years ago

    Our official Pintastic New England logo is finished. A huge thank you to Jake Erskine for creating it for us. It took over 40 revisions but came out beautiful! Jake will also be creating our limited addition yearly show T-shirt, tournament T-shirt and staff t-shirts. His amazing hand drawn creations are well amazing!


    #159 5 years ago
    Quoted from Rascal_H:

    Exactly an hour from me. I'll be bringing games... Just have no idea what will be in my collection a year from now.
    Wish it was on Sunday too

    It will be great to see you again! I am still loving the wwfrr you sold to me. We have to start somewhere and making it a 3 or 4 day show is def. a possibility for the second year.

    #168 5 years ago
    Quoted from rcbrown316:

    any idea of what might be available for sale (flea market or inside the show)? i need to find a good source to buy machines (and parts) without paying through the ss for freight chargers on machines. i was told these pinball shows are the place to go. this was my first choice based on location but then someone told me allentown had the best flea market. I have since posted a thread and got responses that it wasnt that great last year.

    New England has never had a full scale pinball show. Think of all the stuff vendors and people have had stored away all these years. Now they will have a show to take it all to! Our flee market area is larger than allantowns out side area so there is plenty of room. Its out the back door just past the 31 game tournament area.

    2 weeks later
    #176 4 years ago

    Zap the show is still 10 months away lol. Lots of new details still to come! We will not slow down, full speed ahead!

    #180 4 years ago
    Quoted from e4mafia:

    Just wanted to pop in an give a huge thanks and virtual high five to Pinfidel and Dannunz for taking the initiative and creating this thing out of whole cloth and thin air. This is an amazing logistical challenge to take on, and you both have my gratitude. I can't wait to come and play with everyone next summer. My only problem is that I can only bring 1 pin...and maybe not even that, since I can't fit a pin AND kids in the minivan at the same time. Going to have to get creative. Maybe a south shore rideshare/Uhaul caravan? We pick up people and pins on the way there?

    You guys have no idea how huge of an under taking this actually is lol. But for me and Derek it is a labor of love. We are heading down to York next week to talk to all the vendors. Also we will be spreading the word and handing out a very cool 4 by 6 card with all our show info and sponsors.

    #182 4 years ago

    Big thank you to our graphic designer James for putting together this awesome card! We will be handing out 750 of there at York and David Marston will be distributing 1500 out at Pinball Expo!

    Pintastic_PC_4inx6in_front-01.jpg Pintastic_PC_4inx6in_back-01-546.jpg
    #190 4 years ago
    Quoted from pzy:

    Is it just me or does that info card not have a date on it?

    Good eye that was done on purpose so people would visit the web page. Good thing its early and we can make more.lol

    #191 4 years ago
    Quoted from smokey_789:

    Yeah, I've known Matt Light a long time. I just gave him a bottle of "The Patriots" wine and he signed the empty one I had. His Light Foundation is first class. My son attended his leadership camp. Top notch.

    Get matt to come to pintastic and Sighn autographs. We can raffel off stuff and donate the money to his charity.

    #193 4 years ago

    The Pintastic New England guys are at York. Grab us and say hi. We want to meet some pinsiders! Yesturday was a great show and great success with recruiting vendors. Everyone we spoke to was very excited about Pintastic. Some very big announcments to come!

    #196 4 years ago

    York was a blast! Everyone I spoke with about Pintastic New England was very excited for our show. All the vendors were excited! Finally a full scale pinball show in New England. Great to see all my friends and talk pinball. The best thing about these shows is meeting people that are as excited about the hobby as I am.

    The out pouring of support all around the country for Pintastic New England is nothing short of amazing! It blows me away every time I think about how awesome pinball people are.

    #199 4 years ago
    Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

    It was nice meeting up with you guys at the Sanctum. Lots of ideas and positive vibes, looks like a lot of good vendors coming out!
    The pintastic cards, can you make a bunch up in magnets? The cards are great, but limited. People love to stick things on their fridge or car too!

    Yes I like the direction we are going with the tournament. A 25 game tournament should be a huge draw for the show. I know you guys will make it awesome!

    That's a great idea about the magnets. We will get those done soon.

    #202 4 years ago
    Quoted from islandpinball:

    I think it is a great idea to film the show just like York does.
    its cool to look back on, and it also helps to know that the "the eye in the sky is watching us all"
    » YouTube video

    Sci-Fi Journal of RI will have video coverage of the whole event. Their camera crew will be set up to film all happenings PINTASTIC......including all the speakers and show coverage. They will be airing monthly segments about the show as well as uploading things to you tube.

    #204 4 years ago
    Quoted from eabundy:

    I hope Todd from TNT will make the trip and do some videos. I have a blast watching them and hearing his point of view.

    I have been talking with him. He has shown intrest in coming. We will see as we get closer.

    #208 4 years ago
    Quoted from eabundy:

    Amazing job getting so many vendors signed up.
    Here is a cool idea to show the vendors how much New England support we have..
    Have them give you / us a pintastic discount code for checkout. This way they will know how many people have heard about the show, and plan on attending

    Eric many more announcements to come! Very exciting!

    #211 4 years ago
    Quoted from eabundy:

    How about at the very least, we can just type PINTASTIC under the checkout message area, and maybe the vendors will send it out a bit quicker, or add some extra jelly beans

    How about just a high 5 when you see them at the show!

    #216 4 years ago
    Quoted from Pinfidel:

    Meant to comment on this earlier...Todd is awesome. I love his vids as well. Funny, informative and entertaining for sure. He's a real throwback and asset to the hobby. I'll talk to Todd face to face in Allentown and (hopefully) get him to commit to come with Frankie and video everything. Todd's great like that and I'm sure it won't take too much prodding.

    No way he can say no to you face to face brother! Plus we want him to do some sort of funny pinball seminar at the show. Do you think the hotel will let us toss a pinball machine off the roof?

    #222 4 years ago
    Quoted from eabundy:

    There is Zero chance of someone walking out of the show during regular hours with your BBB. There will be someone checking machines in and out. That machine being as popular and rare as it is won't move without someone taking notice. After show hours, the hall will be locked up and building is secure. The vendors there do not take there stuff home with them every night, or worry. I'm sure their inventory is worth more than BBB, and some of them bring Proto one off games that could not be reproduced or replaced.

    We will have 24 hr security guard for the event. After the show closed for the day all doors will be locked and there will be only one way in or out. That way is through the front door that goes by the front desk. We will also have volunteers that will be walking around the show with pintastic STAFF shirts. They will be watching to make sure that.....people are not anbusing games....game have credits on them....volume is not set to high or low.....games are not being removed early.....games are functioning properly.

    #230 4 years ago
    Quoted from Pinfidel:

    Come on!!! I was counting on you and that cattle prod! Now what do I do in lieu of muscle? I can't just rely solely on Gabe. LOL

    How much do you think it would cost to have MR. T walking around in a Pintastic shirt? I pity the fool who miss treats a pinball machine!

    #234 4 years ago

    That would be funny especially if I bring my wwrr and get those guys to play it lol. Ohhh yaaa!

    #235 4 years ago

    mayfair amusement.jpg

    Pintastic New England is proud to present Mayfair Amusement as our next PINTASTIC vendor! We are so happy that Steve has decided to come to Pintastic. He has a great assortment of back glasses and parts for everyone in New England to stock up on.

    Pintastic is still 9 months away! Me and Derek have been working non stop on the show to get you guys the best of everything PINBALL! We have lined up some very special things for the show and will be announcing them as we get closer.

    #237 4 years ago
    Quoted from mainelycoasters:

    Hoping for a Power play back glass or maybe a amazing spider spiderman.

    Check with Steve at Mayfair. He may have what you need and bring it.

    #239 4 years ago
    Quoted from mainelycoasters:

    I will a little closer to the show. Right now I have 11 pinballs. going to have 13 end of month. May bring a few down to sell or just show off. None are what I would call collectors pieces. All are working playable and enjoyable machines. I am thinking Austin Powers may make the trip with a for sale sign. Maybe Space Invaders as well.

    I have 10 machines now and quickly running out of room lol. I will also be bringing many of my games for people to enjoy!

    #240 4 years ago

    Volunteer for Pintastic....Check out our new page everyone!

    WE NEED YOU! Help us and get cool free stuff.



    #243 4 years ago
    Quoted from mainelycoasters:

    trying to book room and website giving me issues with that code? are all the bookings full?

    You need to click on group rate than put in the code.

    1 week later
    #247 4 years ago

    Hey guys check out my interview by the Sci-Fi Journal November.....Its from min 25 to min 32! There will also be monthly updates leading up to Pintastic New England! www.youtube.com/user/RISFC

    #252 4 years ago
    Quoted from Pinfidel:

    Vendor update:
    Allan Davidson is one of the greats when it comes to pin repair. Anyone who owns a pinball machine in and around MA. has probably had him come out and repair their machine for them. He moves like lightning across a machine and does great work. I'm bringing my Baby Pac-Man to him next week so he can fix that for me. I know I'll never have a problem with that machine again after he gets done with it.
    Allan does repairs on all machines from EM's right up to todays state of the art games. On top of being a great tech, Allan in a top notch board repairer and restorer and that is the expertise he will be bringing to Pintastic 2015. He is going to have a booth set up that will be dedicated to board repair. So, if you have a board that is damaged, broken, crazy, bugging out, hacked, needs a chip, transistor, on the fritz (who doesn't!?) or anything else that needs to be repaired or checked on it, bring them to him at the show. He'll go over it, diagnose it on his test fixtures, see what it needs and tell you if it can be repaired, or if you're better off replacing it. If it's repairable, he'll do it right there on the spot for you and at a great price too! Now that's what I call Super Service!
    Allan's company is called Aardvark Pinball Repair. If you need anything on your machine fixed or repaired, Allan's the guy! He can be contacted at ardsed@gmail.com or by phone at 508-369-1572.
    Thank you Allan for support! Make sure you continue to support him New England.

    Allan is a huge asset to have at the show. Thumbs way up!

    1 week later
    #255 4 years ago

    Happy Thanksgiving from Pintasic New England! We are thankful for all our great sponsors....vendors...and volunteers!

    1 week later
    #258 4 years ago

    Should be a good business slash fun time!

    #264 4 years ago
    Quoted from Pinfidel:

    Well, Saturday at the Christmas party gave us some time to meet and talk with Mike from Automated. As you all know, Automated is the largest pinball distributor in the country and they're located in good ole' CT. So it doesn't get more pinball New England, than Automated.
    We met Mike for the first time and talked with all about the show. What an awesome guy and pinball pioneer. Talking to him was probably the fastest couple hours of my life. The time just flew by and he really is the nicest and most generous person. He was not only excited, but has agreed to throw his full weight behind Pintastic.
    It gives me sincere pleasure to announce that Automated is in and will be one of the headliners at Pintastic New England 2015!!! This is really exciting because Automated will be an anchor for the show.
    Mike is so excited at the opportunity to support the New England show and give back to his home area by attending Pintastic. He really has a heart for pinball and seeing it grow by giving back to everyone who has supported his business since he opened way back in 1972. You can count on him bringing a full truckload full of all the latest and greatest machines for his vendor spots along with some beautiful playing blasts from the past for the free play area.
    So if you see Mike, please thank him for his generous support, because there simply is no show with out our sponsors and vendors. But for now, on behalf Of Gabe, myself, Team Pintastic and all us die hard pinheads out there who have been starved for our own show, we just all would like to say thank you Mike for EVERYTHING you are doing to make this show a reality. Pinheads from all of New England and beyond will come out in full force to show their real thanks.

    Were making life long friends here! Love it!

    #265 4 years ago

    Happy holidays to all our PINTASTIC friends and family! Seven months till show time.


    #267 4 years ago

    Pintastic New England is proud to have "Project Pinball" as one of our charity raffles at the show! Lets raise some big cash for these kids so they can experience the love for pinball that we all have every day!

    We are looking for cool donated items to raffle off for charity at Pintastic New England. Anything from gift cards to merchandise or even a pinball machine. I know how generous pinball people can be. Lets step up and make a difference!


    #271 4 years ago

    Today we have a feel good update! Pintastic is proud to partner with and raise money for the Worchester food bank. I often reflect on how lucky I am to have what I have. There are many less fortunate family's out their that have trouble putting food on the table. We at Pintastic want to give somthing back to the community. We will have more details on how we will be raising money and canned goods for the food bank. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to this epic show!

    WCFB CBridge_logo.jpg
    #272 4 years ago

    Have you rented your room for PINTASTIC NEW ENGLAND yet? There is only limited space at the on site Sturbridge Host Hotel. They are still running a special for $99 just enter the group code.....1507Pintas

    We all know what happens if you wait to long. We only have a set number of rooms available to us at this time. Book now don't wait. Its so nice to just walk up and down from your room to the show. Remember your hotel room key is your way into the Friday night after party!

    #273 4 years ago

    We are in the process of finalizing our customized 36" by 24" poster that we will be hanging up and distributing to a bunch of locations to promote Pintastic New England. At the bottom of the poster will be our awesome sponsors! If you would like to be on our poster and support Pintastic let us know soon. This show would not be possible with out our sponsors.

    #275 4 years ago
    Quoted from stevevt:

    Thanks for the hotel reminder. I finally booked my room this morning.
    Do you have a small flyer I can print and hang up at my local pinball venue? 36" x 24" is probably a bit large for the space where it'd be hanging.

    That would be great. Once the poster is done we will be printing it in a few different sizes. Thanks for booking the hotel!

    #277 4 years ago

    Here is our first ever Pintastic New England poster. I am very excited to get these up. Shoot me a message if you would like to help out Pintastic and hang one of these up to get the word out about the show.

    Also let me know if you would like to sponsor Pintastic New England and get your company name on our printed materials. Sponsorship levels start at only $500!


    #279 4 years ago

    Just booked my trip to Texas pinball festival! Looking forward to talking to all kinds of vendors and industry icons about Pintastic New England! Its time to put New England on the pinball show map! Full speed ahead. See you all in Texas.

    #281 4 years ago

    Check out my review of the awesome Wizard of Oz pinball machine! Starts at min.7:54 to 13:31

    #283 4 years ago

    Ok guys the posters are done and they look fantastic. PM me if you would like one to hang up in a high traffic area. Thanks for supporting Pintastic.

    #291 4 years ago
    Quoted from yfz450:

    Hotel booked. Looking forward to it.

    Thanks for booking your room! We hope a lot of people make the trip up from PA to check out Pintastic. I have been making the trip down to Allentown for 5 years now. It is not a bad ride as long as you either go around NY city or hit it at the right time as to avoid heavy traffic.

    #292 4 years ago
    Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

    You guys know we'd hang a poster at the sanctum

    Trust me Jim we will get out to see you guys very soon and plaster the sanctum with posters. We need to finalize the tournament details.

    Yes everyone, we have a kick ass tournament with 25 games in a dedicated area in the vendor hall. Tournament will be run buy the awesome guys from the sanctum! Big cash and prizes and custom lazeriffic trophies!

    #293 4 years ago
    Quoted from stevevt:

    Is is possible for you to have these posters available at the next New England Pinball League Finals at Pinball Wizard Arcade in NH? It'll be a way for you to advertise directly to ~125 players, but also a chance for people like me to pick up a couple without anyone needing to ship any.
    The finals will happen in mid-March, date TBD. Plenty of time at that point for people to make plans to attend Pintastic.

    Yes me (if its not the same weekend as TPF) or Derek will be there to hand out posters and cards. Maybe other goodies by then. We tried very early in the event stage to get Sara to be a major sponsor of the show. She was very excited about it and than backed off for some reason but I am certain that as we get closer she will get involved.

    #294 4 years ago
    Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

    This is very tempting. I've been promising to take my wife to Boston for the last few years and the map says it's about an hour away. Hummmm......

    Yes Boston is about 1hr away from the show. We chose this location because of how easy it is to get to from everywhere.

    The show is right at the end of rt 84 for people coming up from PA...NJ....NY

    It is also right off of the Mass pike very easy access from Boston....Springfield

    Also we are only 5 hr from the Canadian border.

    #297 4 years ago

    What kind of seminars do you guys want to see at the show? Also if there is anyone out there that thinks they can do a interesting seminar at the show, pitch it to us.

    #314 4 years ago
    Quoted from LTG:

    I'm sorry, I should have worded my response better.
    I don't need credit on the Pintastic website, just would like a poster to promote them in my business.
    LTG : )™

    Yes Lloyd we would love it if you put one up at your awesome arcade! PM sent.

    Anyone else interested please PM me and I will get them one A.S.A.P.

    #319 4 years ago


    All pinball machines on the Pintastic floor are going to be eligible for a "Best In Show" award. This contest is going to be very similar to what goes on at other shows like the Texas Pinball Festival.

    The Categories Are: Best Machine pre 1970.....Best 70's Machine.....Best 80's Machine.....Best 90's Machine.....Best Modern Machine (2000 - Present).....Best Modded or Re-Themed Machine.

    There will be a custom PINTASTIC award for the BEST in each category!

    The panel of judges will be made up of Pintastic staff, volunteers and vendors of the show. These judges will be pinball people and they'll know what they're looking for.

    We hope everyone brings out their BEST to help make Pintastic New England an amazing show.

    All winners will be announced at 5pm on Saturday July 11th. Any machine that was on the show room floor at some point during Pintastic New England is eligible.

    Lets show everyone that New England has the BEST pinball machines in the World!

    ***Restoration Throwdown Contest machines are excluded from this contest. ***

    #321 4 years ago

    Eric although I appreciate what you were trying to do with this I don't think it would work very well in this type of environment. To many people around, to many other things that need to be watched and followed. Pins break and balls get stuck that is the reality. Cant judge the restore on those types of things. But thank you for the idea keep them coming.

    1 week later
    #324 4 years ago

    Pintastic New England is happy to announce that MONSTER MOBILE ARCADE will be a fixture in the out door flee market!

    "Our brand new 40' state of the art trailer is climate controlled for year round operation. We are self-powered to offer this unique gaming experience just about anywhere you have a party planned. With over 200 games available there will be hours of fun to be had by young and young at heart alike."

    ALL GAMES WILL BE SET ON FREE PLAY......except the candy and prize machines of course lol.

    Check out there web page for more info www.monstermobilearcade.com

    #325 4 years ago
    Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

    You guys coming to sanctum next week? Eric will be there.

    We are planning on coming out on Wednesday. Hope we can discuss....tournament....trophies....exct.

    1 week later
    #332 4 years ago

    Our updated post cards are on the way to the printer. Let us know if you want some!

    Pintastic card#2 final front.pdf Pintastic card#2 final back.pdf
    1 week later
    #333 4 years ago

    Hey everyone were still here working hard to bring New England kick ass show. So far I have 6 well known pinball speakers lined up for Pintastic New England. We are sparing no exspence and flying in the people you want to hear and meet face to face.

    Our guest speakers will start to be announced about 3 months before show time. Book your rooms now while they last....only $99 even for sweets!

    #335 4 years ago
    Quoted from Richthofen:

    that logo would have been so cool if the flipper was coming off of Massachusetts where Cape Cod would be!

    Than were would the flipper be shooting? Into the water maybe? Trust me we tryed a bunch of things with the flipper and location of the spinner. We had over 40 different design changes. Jake did a fantastic job! We love the final result.

    #339 4 years ago
    Quoted from mainelycoasters:

    I may have missed it but is Stern planning to attend? Dutch Pinball? I see Jersey Jack is coming.

    I have a yes from all 3. Not sure who will be coming from sterns but working on a few top people. Sterns games will be represented well by automated. Automated has a large sterns area and large jjp area reserved in the vendor hall.

    #341 4 years ago

    Have you reserved your room for PINTASTIC NEW ENGLAND yet? There is only limited space at the on site Sturbridge Host Hotel. They are still running a special for $99 just enter the group code.....1507Pintas

    This rate is good for all rooms in the hotel even suites while they last! WE ONLY HAVE 105 ROOM NIGHT LEFT AT THIS PRICE POINT!

    We all know what happens if you wait to long. We only have a set number of rooms available to us at this time. Book now don't wait. Its so nice to just walk up and down from your room to the show. Remember your hotel room key is your way into the Friday night after party!

    #342 4 years ago

    We at Pintastic are going to expand the stereo typical pinball show of today. We have said it from the beginning we want Pintastic to be family event. Check out our FOR THE KIDS page below!


    #345 4 years ago
    Quoted from spfxted:

    ...and stop calling me sweets!

    Ted you sell yourself short. Only $99 lol

    #347 4 years ago

    Pintastic New England seminar room. This is were the pinball greats will speak and we will listen!

    #349 4 years ago
    Quoted from beelzeboob:

    I didn't realize I was speaking at Pintastic. I'll look forward to it!
    Bump for a great show!

    We could do a special event "THE ROASTING OF BEELZEBOB"

    What do you think?

    #351 4 years ago

    As you may have seen we do not want to be like everyone else. I searched for different types of trophies for all our contests. What would be cool and different? I didn't want some cheap looking plastic trophy. It had to be unique something you would be proud to win and display in your game room. So awesome that James Calcia AKA shacklersrevenge on pinside will be doing all of our trophies. This is a sample of one he has done in the past.sample tournament trophy.jpg

    #354 4 years ago
    Quoted from lllvjr:

    I like that room.. Not having to look over the heads in front of u.. Looking down with a clear view of the presenter. Cool room

    Not only is it stadium seating but also a nice table in front of you to put your stuff. Seats are comfortable as well.

    #356 4 years ago

    Pintastic is at Modern Pinball in NYC!

    modern4.jpg modern3.jpg modern2.jpg
    2 weeks later
    #359 4 years ago

    Hello everyone we are 4 months from show time. Lots of very cool things are happening and we will start making announcements very soon. We have been working on a ton of stuff. The show is really shaping up to be a huge event. I am so excited for everything and want to share it with everyone. Very soon I promise!

    #360 4 years ago

    We are very happy to be partnering with BOTTOMLESS PIT OF TREASURE to not only vend at the show but........Set up and run a RETRO VIDEO GAMING LOUNGE at Pintastic New England!
    This lounge area will have 6 different gaming console systems set up with comfortable seating to hang out and have fun!
    Also a SUPER SMASH BROS MELEE tournament will be run on both days for cash, prizes, and trophies!
    Check them out at www.bottomlesspitoftreasure.com/


    1 week later
    #366 4 years ago
    Quoted from Kineticross:

    So have you confirmed what tables are going to be in the Silver Ball Rumble? I'm considering entering.

    Details about the Pintastic Silver Ball Rumble will be announced some time next week! The list of game is still being figured out. A good portion of the games for the tournament will be supplied buy the Sanctum. We will be putting a few of our personal games in the tournament also.

    New games will be supplied by both Trent and automated. Jack will also be putting in a few games. Were hoping for a WOZ and Hobbit in the tournament. Time will tell.

    1 week later
    #381 4 years ago

    Very exciting times for New England. Things are starting to fall into place. All our hard work over the last 6 months will all be worth it!

    #383 4 years ago
    Quoted from Kineticross:

    So any news about the Silver Ball Rumble or Pingolf tables? I may be participating in the latter, may not be there Friday

    We are still over 3 months out. There will be a bunch of games that the sanctum guys will be bringing. Also newer titles supplied by me....Derek.....automated....Trent....jjp. It will be awesome. .

    #387 4 years ago


    #391 4 years ago
    Quoted from beelzeboob:

    Will Gabe and Lloyd be running a kissing booth? And will that cost extra?

    No but were thinking of having a dunk tank set up in the out door flee market for charity.

    You will be the first one up!

    #395 4 years ago

    Its not a great show till you have some kick ass tournaments and contests! We are privileged enough to have the great guys at the Sanctum www.tothesanctum.com/ running our tournaments at PINTASTIC! All the tournament info is now live on the web site with over $7,000 in cash, prizes, and custom trophies up for grabs!


    #401 4 years ago
    Quoted from jadziedzic:

    Due to a scheduling conflict I will not be able to attend the show (crap). Are the hotel rooms all booked up? I do have a two-night reservation (king bed) that I will be releasing; if someone would like to see if we can get the hotel to transfer that reservation please PM me.

    No Tony the hotel is not all booked yet. There is still room as of now. To bad you can not make it. I was looking forward to finally meeting you. Would have loved to see you enter the RTC contest as well.

    #403 4 years ago

    We are thinking of bringing in a awsome classic rock cover band for Saturday night just after the show ends. It would be free for show attendees. Paid for by our great sponsors. Any thought?

    #405 4 years ago

    Ken one of our crazy Pintastic volunteers is bringing his MAD MAX replica car to the show. It will be in the flee market area for pictures! Very cool thanks Ken!

    mad max.jpg
    #411 4 years ago

    I'm very happy to announce that Great Pinball limited will be vendor at the show! They do awesome Stern Seawitch and Stern Stargazer playfield restoration. They also specialize in Classic Stern direct-ink back-glass reproductions. Seawitch...Stargazer...nineball...catacomb...qbert. All are available and can be purchased at the show. Just go to there web site and check them out. http://www.greatpinball.com/index.html

    great pinball.png
    #418 4 years ago

    Did you know that everyone who registers a pin to bring to Pintastic New England freeplay area will be entered into a daily raffle awarding prizes valued between $25-$100? You'll get one ticket per day for each pin you bring. BUT THERE's MORE! Register your pin before June 1st and you'll get TWO tickets per day for each pin you bring. So what are you waiting for? Register your pin today at http://www.pintasticnewengland.com/game-registration.html

    #421 4 years ago

    Mauro it will be great to meet you as well. Please keep in mind the show is Friday July 10 and Saturday July 11th

    #423 4 years ago

    Pintastic New England has teamed up with Project Pinball and Jersey Jack Pinball to bring you the first ever JJP Sweepstakes! You have a 1 in 200 chance to win a brand new Hobbit Standard or WOZ Standard. It's your choice! Greatest thing about this is we can put as many WOZ into New England children's hospital as we can.
    Winners will be drawn live at Pintadtic New England on July 11th at 5pm! It took a lot of work but it was a labor of love for us. We would like to give a huge thank you to my good friend Jack Guarneiri!
    Click here to enter


    #428 4 years ago

    First sweepstakes is half sold out in 4 days! Let's bring some smiles to these kids!

    #433 4 years ago

    VPcabs is coming to Pintastic! We are very excited about this announcement. Much of New England has never seen a virtual pinball machine and I think they will be blown away. These guys are top notch and what they bring to the show is just an amazing product! So go to their web site and check them out. Im sure they will have some great show special pricing for New England.


    #437 4 years ago

    Ok guys after popular demand Pinball Project sweepstakes game # 2 is under way!


    #439 4 years ago

    Anyone have a need for glass at the show? I tried to get a glass guy to come, but no one was interested. Glass is usually a great add that always sells out so I want to have things there that everyone needs.

    So, I'm trying to get 125 Tempered sheets each of the standard 21" x 43" 3/16" & the 23 3/4" x 43" x 3/16" wide body glass for the show. Before I do, I want to see if there's a demand for it.

    Let me know and thanks.


    #442 4 years ago

    We are not stopping! We just booked a very cool Rock-blues band for Saturday around the end of the show. They will be set up in the free play room and will go from 7:30 till 11pm. Everyone that was at the show on Saturday can stay and enjoy the band for FREE! We will pull out some tables and the drinks will be flowing. Check them out below.

    #443 4 years ago

    Congratulations to Daniel! I am so proud to be part of this!


    #447 4 years ago

    Hello everyone Pintastic New England is creeping up on us.
    The show is July 10th and 11th. Show times are Thursday all day set up....Friday show opens at 10am to 9pm. After party for hotel guests....staff....vendors 9pm to 1:30am. Sponsorship will be providing the food. Pool and hot tub will be open till 12 midnight. Saturday show time is 9am to 8pm. At around 7:30 the classic rock band Phaticus will begin playing in the free play room. Anyone who was at the show on Saturday is welcome to stay and enjoy the music, relax and have a few drinks.
    Now, we have been working super hard to bring you guys a kick ass show with huge tournaments....after party....band....a bunch of big time pinball speakers, many still to be announced.
    One thing we can not provide is the games. We will be bringing about 10 games from our private collection. Vendors will be bringing the top games. But we desperately need the New England pinball community to bring games to the show. Even with all the other stuff the show will not be a success with out games. We are giving some incentives and here they are.
    Anyone who registers a game here at www.pintasticnewengland.com/game-registration.html before June 1st will get 2 raffle tickets into the free play raffle. Friday and Saturday we have 6 prizes each day ranging from $20 to $100 for the people who bring games. After June 1st you will get one ticket for each game registered. Also the fine people at COLOR DMD are offering a $50 discount to each color dmd that is purchased between 3-1-15 to 7-10-15 from them and displayed on there Pin that they put in the free play area. More details on this coming soon. These things are all on top of the free pass you will get for every game that is put in free play area. I don't know what else we can do guys lets make Pintastic a great show!
    Gabe reached at 774-278-3540 and customer service # is 774-278-3541

    #452 4 years ago

    ......Pintastic Vendor Announcement.......
    New England Jukebox and Collectibles will be vending 2 booths at the show. They have all kinds of great stuff for your Man Caves. Check them out at....www.nejukebox.com/

    #457 4 years ago

    WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE: Roger Sharpe will be coming to Pintastic New England! In 1976, Roger may have very well saved the entire industry of pinball with his "babe ruth" shot. Read more about it here.


    #462 4 years ago
    Quoted from beelzeboob:

    I'm also available for lectures on how to be an idiot. (My wife would be happy to sponsor it.)
    You know how to reach me.

    Beeleze your not fooling anyone! You are a very nice guy and a asset to the pinball community.

    #464 4 years ago

    A pinball show is not complete with out the crew from PINNOVATORS. These guys push the limit of sound and technology and were very happy to have them join in the fun! I'm sure they will not disappoint and will have a great line up of games in there booth equipped with their kick ass head phone kits! www.pinnovators.com/

    #477 4 years ago

    Actually the show opens Friday at 10am. Why are you surprised by the closing times? Free play room is open during the after party. So technically closing time for hotel guests is 1am on Friday.

    #480 4 years ago
    Quoted from Classic_Stern:

    Friday and Saturday night are the times when pinball shows are the best. Closing at 8pm on a Saturday seems early. Especially Saturday night both both show go'ers, guests and collector's....uhhmmm....
    This is the adult beverage time along with pinball playing..

    We have added a live rock cover band to start at 7PM and play till 10pm for people who were at the show on Saturday for FREE. This is the relax and hang out time cash bar will be available.. We still need to have all the games cleaned up by the end of the night. People will be tired and need to pack up and head out Sunday morning. The party has got to end some time.

    #481 4 years ago


    For the first time ever seen or played on the East coast P3 is coming to Pintastic!!

    Pintastic New England is proud to announce that Multimorphic, Inc will be attending our 2015 show with their incredible new machine. In addition to being able to get hands on with the P3, you will also have an opportunity to hear a seminar by CEO Gerry Stellenberg himself.
    Check out this awesome new video to hear what the P3 is all about! The show keeps getting better! https://www.youtube.com/watch…

    #486 4 years ago

    Hello everyone Pintastic New England is less than 2 months away woooohhhhoooo! I personally can not wait! Anyway people have really started to register games now but we are still have tons of room left. Remember if you register a game before June1st you will get 2 raffle tickets per game for our Free Play raffles going on throughout the show. You could win $100 cold hard cash!

    Share the fun and bring a game to Pintastic! If you can't transport it message me or call me we can arrange transport for 1 or 10 game lets put New England on the pinball show map!!!!!

    #487 4 years ago

    When it comes to designing a great pinball machine a few specific ones come to mind. Scared Stiff...Pirates of the Caribbean....Indianapolis 500.....White Water all AMAZING games!!
    When it comes to pinball art work there are to many to list but here are a few of my favorites. Wizard of Oz....Scared Stiff....Star Trek: The Next Generation all AMAZING games!!
    Of course they created Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons together!!
    PINTASTIC NEW ENGLAND is proud to present Dennis Nordman and Greg Freres are coming to PINTASTIC! So bring out your trans lights and even your whole pinball machines for these guys to sign! Oh ya this is going to be fun!

    wooo nelly.jpg

    #489 4 years ago

    Have you guys checked out the Pintastic General Store yet? Get your PINTASTIC VIP PACKAGES and your SILVER BALL RUMBLE TOURNAMENT SUPER PASSES. You get a great discount on both and get in 1 hr early no waiting.
    Plus this is the only way to get a Pintastic lanyard and badge customized for the show! Don't miss out on these packages they are only available till June 10th and that's it!

    #491 4 years ago
    Quoted from shlockdoc:

    All the rooms are sold out - do you have a block of rooms still available. I need three potentially.

    Call the hotel and book them it is not sold out. There is a issue with the on line booking.

    #504 4 years ago

    Seminar schedule has not been finished yet. We are working on it. Thanks guys.

    #506 4 years ago
    Quoted from Kineticross:

    Not to bother you guys but I'm also wondering if the machines have been decided for the Pingolf tourney on Saturday...

    A bunch of the games at the Sanctum in CT will be in the tournament. Along with a few other new titles and a few surprizes.

    #507 4 years ago

    Pintastic Free Play INVISIGLASS Special announcement!
    Jack Guarnieri is stepping up huge for us once again and offering a huge discount to people who bring a game for FREE play at Pintastic New England. Here is how it all works very simple.
    ....Put your pinball machine into the Pintastic free play area
    ....Buy and install a sheet of Invisiglass in that game
    ....Your Invisiglass you just bought will only cost you $200
    That is a $95 savings plus you did not have to pay shipping!
    A special THANK YOU to Jack and Jen for doing this! This is just another great perk for people who bring games to PINTASTIC!

    #509 4 years ago

    Don't miss out on your Silverball Rumble super passes and your VIP package in out General store. These packages will not be available after June 10th


    #511 4 years ago

    Cointaker will have a 50' by 10' area at the show with all there great LED and a ton of other stuff that they now carry including but not limited to. Super bands....shaker motors....bunch of different mods by some of your favorite guys....mirror blades and a bunch more.
    They will also have a dedicated spot for TBL. This game is awesome! Cointaker is AWESOME!

    big-lebowski-pinball-1.jpg tbl2.png
    #512 4 years ago

    Remember everyone this is the last week to get 2 tickets in our free play raffle. Each game that gets registered in the free play area will get 2 tickets up until June 1st.

    So don't delay register your games now please.

    #514 4 years ago

    Guys just wanted to update you on the color DMD deal for Pintastic. It's super easy. Buy a color Dmd for your game. Make sure you mention you want the pintastic New England free play deal. When you get your color Dmd Randy will also send you a card that you will display on your game at pintastic. Put your game into the free play area, take a picture of it in free play with the color Dmd sighn on it. Email the picture to Randy at color Dmd and he will credit you back $50.

    It's that easy. So with that plus the invisaglass and the free entry we are paying you $145 per game put into free play. Who else does that?

    On top of all that you get entered into the free play raffle were you could win $100 cash and or prizes! It's a win win for everyone!

    #518 4 years ago


    We are happy to have Hugh Spahr well known New England restorer doing a seminar. At his seminar, Hugh will discuss the creation of SharpeShooter III, the challenges encountered and what he learned during the process. Here are a few words from Hugh!
    "Of all the people speaking at Pintastic this year, Hugh Spahr is by far the least notable. If you can only see one seminar, pick one of the other ones. If you want to hear how to take a box of parts and make it into a working pinball machine, this might be the seminar for you.
    Hugh started out wanting to build a pinball machine from scratch. He quickly realized building a pinball was a Herculean task which was best taken in smaller steps. To make the task more achievable, he decided to first build a pinball machine using a worn out populated Sharp Shooter 2 playfield. SharpeShooter III was born as an ode to one of the pinball greats.
    While some enthusiasts are happy with simply changing the artwork on the cabinet and playfield, adding a sound trigger, and calling it a retheme, Hugh wanted to go to the next step. Hugh leads the open pinball project which includes electronics, embedded firmware, and pinball framework to make a pinball machine. SharpeShooter III uses the open pinball project hardware and software to run the machine.
    Many of the pinball machines submitted for the Restoration Throwdown Contest are more fun to play. Many of the machines have more bells and whistles such as multicolor LED lights, magnets, and spinning trunks. SharpeShooter III is about taking an early 80s game and trying to make it the best game possible."

    HUGH.jpg hugh2.jpg hugh3.jpg
    #519 4 years ago

    I remember the day when we decided to put on Pintastic New England. I was unsure about doing a show. All the hard work, all the long hours, and all the money we could stand to loose. I needed to be re assured that it was a good idea and was doable. So I called my good friend Jack Guarnieri to see what he thought.
    He said "Gabe its not going to be easy but its about time New England had a pinball show of its own. I will help you in any way I can!" Jack in my mind is our biggest sponsor. He not only gave us financial support but also helped us all along the way with the planning and promoting of the show. He will be bringing multiple games to Pintastic for all to enjoy.
    I am very proud to present Jersey Jack as the head line speaker for Friday evening at the show. As of now I am just announcing Jack but I am told he is working on a special guest.

    jack-hobbit.jpg photo-1.jpg
    #520 4 years ago


    Jack Guarnieri

    Lloyd Olson

    Roger Sharpe

    Greg Freres

    Dennis Nordman

    Gerry Stellenberg P3

    Hugh Spahr

    Dan Spolar, Project Pinball

    David Marston

    John Greatwich from Great Pinball limited

    #522 4 years ago

    I just ordered 3 color DMD's that are going in 3 games that I will be bringing to Pintastic. I just saved $150. Take advantage of this sweet deal guys!

    #523 4 years ago

    Today is the LAST day to receive 2 tickets per machine registered into the FREE play raffle. Why not increase you odds to win all kinds of cool stuff. One person each day will also win $100 cold hard cash!

    #527 4 years ago

    Hope you guys have not forgotten about the KICK ASS tournaments that are taking place at Pintastic New England! All the tournaments will be run by TEAM SANCTUM! All scores will be computer controlled and projected on a big screen TV.
    The Silver Ball Rumble with with $3500 in CASH up for grabs! Also custom James Calcia custom wood carved trophies!
    You will be pre-registered for the SBR Tournament. (NO lines, NO waiting with over
    $3,500 in cash & trophies on the line!)
    *Two day entry to the show ($34 Value)
    *Personalized Lanyard and Badge ($6 value)
    *One 5 game ticket to the Inaugural "SILVER BALL RUMBLE" Tournament ($20 Value)
    *One Official Pintastic Tournament T-shirt ($20 Value)
    *1 hour early access into the show on Friday & Saturday AND avoiding
    the lines...PRICELESS!
    *Head over to our "Tournament" link for more details.
    ($80 Value) Cost - $62

    #529 4 years ago

    As you all know we have added a great classic rock band on Saturday night. We have just been informed that the hotel only has 40 total rooms left for Saturday night. That's in the whole hotel so other party's will also be reserving those rooms. So if you want in for Saturday BOOK NOW!!!!

    #532 4 years ago

    Nice Job!!!!