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White Rose Gameroom/York Show - 2017 Edition

By Otaku

3 years ago

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#12 3 years ago

There are a couple of improvements for this year's show. The show is in a larger building this year. (Memorial West) and there is going to be an indoor flea market area this year.
For those on the mailing list, the flyers will be in the mail very soon.

#19 3 years ago
Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

One question I have is will the flea still be free?

The outdoor flea market area will still be free admission. The indoor flea market area will only be accessible to those that paid admission. There really isn't a viable way to allow free admission for only part of the show hall.

#21 3 years ago
Quoted from too-many-pins:

I recent looked at your web site and didn't find any information about rental rates & space size for indoor flea market. I am going to contact you directly shortly but I am sure others will be wondering the same thing so I wanted to let you know to publish those so people can get that info without having to email you.

It is at http://www.theyorkshow.com/2017mailer.pdf


#31 3 years ago

I am sure that Rich can work something out. This year with the different hall the show has use of a couple of areas in the building that we can't really put vendors. He would need one person to be "in charge" of the area.

One warning about chairs, if you leave them unattended they will walk around the show. People grab them and move them around for various reasons. Every year we find some that we have to track down the owners.


Quoted from too-many-pins:

Rich should have plenty of space inside this year since show has been moved into a much bigger building at the Fairgrounds. Our local group rents space at both Allentown & York and sets up a couple tables for people in the group to sell stuff and also allows people to bring machines to the space. Sellers kick in some cash towards space rent.
I am sure if someone contacts Rich he will be more than happy to rent you a space and might even have something in an odd corner or whatever where you would have plenty of room for chairs, etc.

#41 3 years ago

At this point the flea market is going to be behind the building so it is unlikely that people will be able to see it from the main door. The hall that the show is in this year has a sort of lobby area so there really isn't much you can see outdoors from the entrance of the show.

Quoted from ibuypinballs:

Rich, being the show will be in the larger building this year how will the outside flea market be laid out? Will people entering the main door see the flea market. Thanks in advance Pete.

#54 3 years ago

I look forward to meeting people at these shows. I went to Pinfest for the first time this year and enjoyed it. I do enjoy The York show. I'll enjoy being indoors. In a week or so, I will start to inventory what I am bringing and create a list on my website that I will link to. This will help me organize and determine prices. (My goal is to fairly price the items so they sell.)
Look forward to meeting old friends and new,

A lot of people overlook that meeting the fellow collectors is as enjoyable as seeing and playing the games at these shows. I look forward to the shows and having a chance to see the friends that I only get to see and talk to a couple of times a year (at the shows).

#57 3 years ago

That is the link to the "for fun" tournaments that the show itself has had for many years.
IFPA tournament details are still being discussed.

1 week later
#68 3 years ago
Quoted from rkahr:

I was looking at the building description on the york expo's website... those 10,000 extra square feet are going to be nice! The building having a lobby will also be a big plus. Rich, thanks for taking the show to new levels this year! I booked my room at the show hotel this week - they still have rooms at the show's group rate.
-visit http://www.kahr.us to get my daughterboard that helps fix WPC pinball resets or for my Pinball 2000 H+V video sync combiner kit

You are welcome. The extra space is allowing us to have an indoor flea market. The weather the past few years has really hurt the outdoor flea market. I think we have had rain every year for the past five years. And yes, we are expecting the weather this year to be rain free and perfect.

#73 3 years ago
Quoted from VectorGamer:

I'm confused too. Last year was a head-to-head tournament so only two players were on a machine at a time.
I made the suggestion to designate an area devoted to machines to be played in the tournament and machines drawn at random. But I was told that it was not feasible.

The people that bring games to the show, do not want them used exclusively by the IFPA tournament.

#76 3 years ago

I think you are mistaken. Are you sure you are talking about the York show? My Addams Family was at the show and it was not dedicated for IFPA use nor was there a dedicated bank of games for IFPA use. The IFPA players would select a game from the free play area. All of those games in that area of the Addams Family were either my games or someone helping with the show. There are tons of pictures of the show floating around. Can you locate one that has the dedicated bank of IFPA games you saw?

Quoted from SkeebWilcox:

This was not last year. '14 and '15 were like that, but last year was a select bank of games back in the left hand corner (I remember an Addams Family being one). I went back to play and every machine that had been designated in "the bank" had more than one player on it. I left. Will not even bother this year, no matter what the format is...

#80 3 years ago
Quoted from SkeebWilcox:

No. I have have no idea what I am talking about. I am just an illiterate imbecile that thinks a pinball tournament could have been run better. I'm sorry. I know nothing. It was probably Texas. In February. And Pingolf...

Well you weren't saying the tournament could have been run better, you were describing a situation that didn't exist at the show. And apparently left in anger over some sort of misunderstanding over it. I am trying to get to the root of why you thought that.

#81 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballtec:

If anyone cares, and Rich is cool with it, I'll be bringing Demo Man, Champion Pub and Baby Pac Man again. If fate smiles upon me, maybe Hyperball. If not, maybe Hyperball.

Of course it is cool with me. Will you be bringing the fresh Venison again this year?

#87 3 years ago

No, I have been trying to buy that from him for years.

Quoted from djreddog:Baby Pac for sale?

#89 3 years ago

OK, now that makes sense, that did indeed happen. The person that runs the IFPA tournament had his help bail out and he was unable to leave to work to get to the show to run the tournament. Obviously not an ideal situation and it happened at the last minute so there was no chance to line up more help.

#92 3 years ago

I need a reliable person to be the person in charge of the area.

#94 3 years ago

We have a volunteer for Friday for the get together area, can anyone cover Saturday? It isn't a full time job, we just need someone to check the area from time to time.

1 week later
#133 3 years ago

Details on this year's IFPA tournament are still being discussed.

Quoted from chuckwurt:

I have noticed comments on the IFPA tournament using all the show games. Can anyone tell me what the format was, about how many players there were, and about how long it took last year?

1 week later
#152 3 years ago

Someone from RGP started a spreadsheet at

The show promoter is OK with it. He just hopes that the people using the spreadsheet support the show by coming inside and shopping the show vendors.

#171 3 years ago

That is correct, being a new hall I don't know the specifics of where the outlets are in the flea market area nor if they will be powered or not.
We try to limit the games moving around during show hours as we would rather not have anyone get hurt by getting run over by a moving game. While us collectors know to stay out of the way, the general public and children don't seem to know to stay out of the way.

Quoted from ibuypinballs:

I sent Rich a PM asking that question. His reply was not at this time. He did not know if that end of the building had any electric.

#174 3 years ago

The difference between the prices between the indoor flea market area and the vendor spots is due to the charges for electric.

Quoted from too-many-pins:

The thoughts of the "new" bigger hall are exciting but I can see where it could cause issues the first time around with "silly little things" like electric for testing in the indoor flea market area. I know York Fairgrounds is kind of crazy with what they charge to "drop electric" so I fully understand not wanting to pay the extra to have a line dropped to the flea market area but I also realize it is tough trying to sell a working machine without having electric to prove it is working. Hopefully something will work out so people can try games but I know you have bigger things to address when getting ready for the show.
I am trying very hard to get my sisters stuff out of my trailer. Hopefully I know one way or another in a week or two but I would love to set up this year if at all possible. Either way best of luck for 2017 - "the year without rain" because of the indoor flea market!

#178 3 years ago

The entrance price has been the same for at least 10 years. I think the only time it increased was when the show moved from the Fire hall to the Fairgrounds. You are right, it is tough balancing act as the expenses for the show increase every year.
Believe it or not, we do listen closely to what people are asking for and the responses to the surveys we do. This year's indoor flea market is an example of that.
This may sound stupid, but I don't think of the show as "my show", more along the lines as the collector's community show and I am just doing my part, as are the people that help with the show, bring games to the show, rent spaces or whatever else.

#184 3 years ago

We usually get around 200 games for the free play area. As far as the inside flea market, we have a few people getting spots that never had flea market spots before.

People tend to wait the last minute to register games and spots so it is really too early to tell one way or another. (Believe me, I understand everyone is busy and details like registering gets put off)

So for those reading this and planning on bringing a game or getting a vendor or flea market spot, please register as soon as you can. I need to turn the floor plan into the fair grounds in the next couple of days and once I do that, the number of indoor flea market and vendor spots and area designated for free play is locked in. Right now I have some flexibility with the layout and can shift some of the spaces around. But I will have to guess at the number of spots I need.

The larger hall with indoor flea market is an experiment this year. How well it is recieved will determine if it we will have an indoor flea market for next years show. (show planning for 2018 is underway) We need a number of indoor flea spots to cover the additional costs of the larger hall.

#191 3 years ago

I agree, I didn't see any issue with what they were doing. However the fairgrounds did. The first time they said that they didn't want open flame around their 200 year old wooden buildings. OK, that seems like a reasonable request. Then people start using electric grills and then we were told that they had liability issues with people handing out food. The line of thinking is that if someone gets sick from food they ate there, the fairgrounds could get sued. I guess that is plausible with as sue happy as people are nowadays.
It is one of those things that I truly have no control over. It is their property and they set the rules.

Quoted from jrpinball:

Some guys used to grill and tailgate out in the flea market area, but the fairgrounds put the kabosh on that. Boo.... hisss.....
That's a part of shows that many of us enjoy greatly, and another reason why indoor flea markets, while having obvious advantages, take a lot of the fun out the shows.

#192 3 years ago

The IFPA tournament will be on Saturday and the details are as follows:
9am Show Doors Open
10am Registration Desk Open
11am to 2pm - Three Hours of Match-Play - Four-Player Match-Play (7/5/3/1 scoring). We\'ll play as many rounds as we can get in during those three hours. People are allowed to join mid-tournament, but will start with zero points.
2pm to Finish - Finals

Finals Format:
A-Division: Top 8 play in PAPA-Style 3-Game Match-Play Finals on finals machines with same (7/5/3/1) scoring.
B-Division: Next 8 play in single game double elimination bracket with games on the floor.
C-Division: Next 8 play in single game double elimination bracket with games on the floor.

Entry Fee: $10

Many thanks to Jay for taking over running the IFPA tournament at the show.

#208 3 years ago

From the conversation I had with the fairgrounds, Trust wasn't the issue, insurance, liabilities and kitchen inspections were. I tend to agree with them about not wanting to deal with a lawsuit over it.

Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

That is their right but they got it backwards. I'd rather trust a brat from the Oswego or West Virginia guys than the indoor snack bar .

#244 3 years ago

I agree, I love seeing the oddball games at the show that I never saw on location and have only heard about. Or seeing the games that I have forgotten about. Every year I see at least one that I had forgotten about and seeing them always brings back memories of where I saw it and played it last.

The question I continually wrestle with is "what can we do to get people to bring their games to the show?" As with pretty much everything with the show, we are open to suggestions and comments.

Quoted from burningman:

Woodrails, em's, ss games are great. My point was that we can all bring our beater games, but that would kinda suck. I am bringing an ss game....but its certainly not a crappy game that I pulled out of the warehouse.
These shows, for me, is a place to play games that I had not experienced before, DMD and Woodrails included.
I only hope that the guys that bring games to get free entry don't bring their junk out of fear that something may happen. Pinball machines were made to be played...by everyone...clueless dad's and bratty kids included. I'm good as long as the glass stays on and no carving on the cabinet. Otherwise..have at it.

#295 3 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

if i don't have a taker for my diamond plate Diner before the end of the month, i may throw it in the show. it's not a very complicated procedure, is it?

It is easy, you can register it at http://www.theyorkshow.com/game-registration.html

#344 3 years ago
Quoted from drunkbaby:

Square peg, round hole. You're pleading to people on a website whose primary purpose and livelihood is built around hobbyists buying and selling pinball. Pinside is just a massive, digital (shit)show, afterall. The shows are awesome but in the end it's just something to do for the sake of doing it, and that I think is where you lose participation.
This is probably a dumb idea, but why not use the games for how they were meant? Charge people to put games on the floor, activate the coin mechs, and let the public come and go as they please. Vendors get more foot traffic, players get to spend as much time and money as they want, the show gets a fixed-ish budget to control costs, and collectors have a reason to put and keep games on the floor other than the sake of the pinball spirit. What am I missing?

Where will all the quarters come from? Who is going to deal with the "that game ate my quarter" and what about all the Tax implications? The City of York has a $65 per game tax for coin op games that are accepting money.

#354 3 years ago

I am glad at least one person thinks so. The decision on what happens for 2018 all depends on what happens this year.
We have had a good response so far on the indoor flea market but there is still space available. There is also vendor spots available and space for games in the free play area.
The metrics I am watching are "if we get more overall flea market vendors" and "did we get enough to cover the additional space charges"

I think Rich will be just fine this year even with the additional cost of the new bigger hall but only time will tell. Lets all do what we can to help him keep the show in the bigger hall with an indoor flea market area for 2018. That is all I am saying! No need to try and reinvent the wheel just don't abuse it and all will be OK.

#367 3 years ago

For those of you that don't know the "back story" on the move - it is my understanding the hall Rich typically uses for the show was already rented so he either needed to change weekends or move to the bigger hall. He took a HUGE risk and moved the show into a much bigger hall. I would love to see the pinball community step up and give him and his crew a big thank you by filling that bigger hall to ensure a bigger York Show in the future.

The reasons for having to rent the larger hall are more convoluted than that. The Fairgrounds scheduled is close to booked solid. Not every show happens on the weekend so it may appear that some halls are unused but they are booked. We had to swap the show to a different weekend due to a date conflict with another show. It happened due to a quirk in the calendar and how fairgrounds schedule vs how the rest of the world schedule. The best dates and hall available is what we went with. The only other choice would have been Halloween weekend. The hall we have been using (Old Main) isn't rented the weekend that we are having the show, however it is used for storage after the fair and isn't available for rental. The Fairgrounds did us a one time favor last year by making it ready last year.
And yes, we are aware that other things are going on that weekend such as the Carlisle Car show and the Jewish Holiday.

#370 3 years ago

Don't feel bad. This exact thing happens every year multiple times. A lot of people don't understand what we mean by free play. Anyone have any suggestions on a way to explain it better to the general public?

#387 3 years ago

I don't have a problem with it, people are going to do the side deals spreadsheet or no spreadsheet. I just hope that they come into the show, shop our vendors and enjoy the show. Rather than doing their side deal and taking off.

Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

It's like the old AAB vs replay argument , The civil war of EM pinball . Sellers & Buyers want the spread sheet. But promoters don't want it posted for fear it could impact available games for free play. Happens on here and RGP, it's a viscious circular argument that pops up all the time.

#389 3 years ago

At this point there is only about two vendor spots left and three indoor flea market spots left. Thank you to everyone that helped us fill the hall up this year. There is still space in the free play area, the new hall has room for around 250 games and I would love to see that filled up too.

Quoted from too-many-pins:

Thankfully I think the majority of those people do at least attend the show. Sadly way to many machines change hands before they ever hit freeplay but I doubt that will ever change so all we can do is live with it. I saw your post on RGP and it sounds like you are moving along with getting spaces rented. Keep up the great work and I'll be talking to you soon.

#432 3 years ago

I am assuming you mean the standard things like coils, flippers rubbers and so on. At this point we have Mayfair, Pinball Parts Plus and Cointaker registered that handle those sort of parts. There really aren't that many places that sell the generic parts. We do have at least ten flea market vendors bringing games and parts.

Quoted from jboner1058:

How many venders are coming selling parts?

#438 3 years ago

I spoke to Larry a few days back and he said is going to make every effort to be at the show.


Quoted from ckcsm:Do you know if Larry from Starship Fantasy will be there?
I emailed him several weeks back and he had an incident with his motor home and was unsure if he would be there.

#455 3 years ago

No published list, I only have what people registered and that list isn't complete and games get swapped out for various reasons before the arrive at the show. I've already changed a couple that I was going to bring. If you PM or email me with your list, I can try to give you what information I have.

#464 3 years ago

As Skip stated a few messages back, I do have some Indoor Flea market spots available. I'm not sure exactly how many as there are some people that are thinking about it and their registrations may arrive at any time. So, if you want an indoor flea market spot, you really want to get your registration in. I will do my best to accommodate everyone, but at this point it is at a "first come, first served" basis.

#477 3 years ago

Nope, We end up doing last minute adjustments to it right up till the show starts.

Quoted from Butch2099:

Is there a floor plan published anywhere?

#483 3 years ago

I spoke to the Fairgrounds today. They agreed to have beer and wine cooler like drinks available at the show. I don't have any details as to brands or what format they will be available in. I assume that it will be cans or bottles. It will be opened on Friday 1-5 and Saturday 1-4. As with a lot of things this year, it is a test to see how it works out and what the response will be.

I also spoke to the hotel late this afternoon. For those that still haven't made reservations and would like the show rate, contact me and I can put you in touch with someone that may be able to still get you the show rate even though our allocated block is full.

And finally, I am getting your game registrations and recording them but I am falling behind on the notification emails. So if you have registered online in the past few days and haven't got a reply, don't worry, you are registered. There may be a delay on the confirmation emails.

#530 3 years ago

We don't stop anyone from setting their games up at any time. Don't feel like there is a 10 AM Friday cut off that you have to make. We try our best not to turn any games away from the free play area.

On the cutoff subject, there is no cutoff for game registrations, so keep them coming. http://www.theyorkshow.com/game-registration.html and even if you don't register you game, you can still register when you get to the show.

Quoted from mbaumle:

Ah, I'm dumb... just looked at the website, and they have a slot from 8am to 10am to setup games on friday. Thanks for the info!

#532 3 years ago

Thanks, I updated the list. A lot of people end up bringing different game than what they registered. Itt is one of the reasons why we don't publish a list of registered games.

Quoted from djreddog:

Not sure how much it matters, but I pre-registered Sure Shot and that has now sold. Instead I will now be bringing Conquest 200.

#559 3 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Does anyone know if I can I leave my SUV and empty trailer overnight at the Fairgrounds?

I don't know the official fairgrounds policy but a lot of people do and we have never had a problem. I would highly recommend hitch and door locks for your trailer if you do so. There are acres of parking at the Fairgrounds so there is plenty of room.

#563 3 years ago

I don't know about anyone else, but I am always looking for arcade games.

Quoted from Ashwood486:

I know this is off topic but is there ever a need for project arcade games at this show in the flea market area

#567 3 years ago

8AM-10AM but we will accommodate you if you are running later than 10 AM

Quoted from tomh52722:

I am bringing my tommy for sale/trade, but can't make it to the show until Saturday. Does anyone know what time setup is on Saturday? Thanks.

#613 3 years ago

You are correct, that is Larry from Starship Fantasies that brings the ramps and CPR plastics, backglasses and playfields.

Quoted from Coyote:

Starship, I believe. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, though?

#669 3 years ago

Cointaker will be at the show and sells them. They are great people to deal with. They are like family to me.

Quoted from PoMC:

Will any vendors be selling LED strips like the ones I buy from Comet?

#693 3 years ago

The show is in the Old side of the building.

As far as which entrance to use, it really doesn't matter as there are roads inside the fairgrounds that you can use to get to the building. The Highland street entrance is the widest and easiest if you have a large vehicle or towing a trailer. The Carlisle Ave entrance is sort of narrow and can be risky to try to get a larger vehicle through due to how close the gate is to Carlisle Ave. The building is closest to the Market street entrance but to get to that entrance you have to drive around York. You are much better off to use one of the other entrances. There is at least one other entrance but unless your GPS really gave you bad directions, there is no reason to use it.

Quoted from too-many-pins:

Map is something I found online - use normal gate (as always used) Carlisle Ave then just go towards the back of the Fairground.
Sadly I am mistaken about "my favorite hall" the show will be in the new side - I love to old side of the building. Still a great building but there is just something about the other side I really like. Maybe because when I use to do the train shows I always made the most money in that hall?

#717 3 years ago

I noticed a couple of people selling them. The guy in the vendor spot next to the bathroom had several including an F-14.

Quoted from megadeth2600:

Is anyone bringing any wired playfields from pinball salvages ? Looking for anything solid state that I might not have in my pile . I don't mind if harnesses are cut or if a few parts are missing. LMK if you might have some you are looking to get rid of. I don't know if I'll be there 100% for sure, but if a deal is made, I will be there 100% for sure on Friday.

#833 3 years ago

THe LED's and levelers are only the start of what has been done to that game, there is a shaker motor, better flipper assemblies and far far more, done to it. It plays super fast. If you are at the show it is really worth playing a game or two on it. It plays as fast (if not faster than any modern games. The price is the owner's "crazy money" price. What happens when you put a game at show with a Not for Sale tag is you get tons of calls from people that think they can talk you into selling it and making offers. Yet, if you put a crazy price on it, you won't get a single phone call from the people that think they can talk you into selling. I don't know why that happens, but a lot of the show regulars have caught onto this way to deter people from trying to talk you into selling something that you don't want to sell.

And for those who weren't around in the 80's when Van Halen released their album 5150 and taught us children of the 80's what it means; 5150 is the CA police code for a crazy person.

See everyone at the show today

Quoted from mbaumle:

Did anyone else see that Flash for $5,150? The game had an LED strip activated by the spinner, and the rear levelers were cranked up. It played alright, but 5 grand?? Yikes. Maybe a typo?

#967 3 years ago

Thanks to everyone that came to the show, brought games, helped us out or was a vendor at the show. I am still waiting on some bills to arrive before making the decision on what dates and hall the show will be in for next year. There was enough games in the hall that had we been in the Old Main Hall, we would have had to turn away the unregistered games. The indoor flea market didn't quite get the response I was hoping for. (However that was probably a good thing as we found out during setup that we couldn't set the hall up the way I had planned.) What I was looking for to happen was an increase in flea market vendors and we did get a couple more than we usually do but still not quite what we needed.

Our survey is up and running. If you have a few minutes and would like to help us make decisions for the show, go to http://surveysilver.com/index.php/468536/lang-en


#993 3 years ago

The issue with extending Saturday is that it takes us 3- 4 hours (if all goes well) to pack up. If we are in the building past 12 we would end up paying for a Sunday rental.

The majority of vendors and people that bring games are facing a 2 + hour drive home. A later time would force them into another night at a motel.

We had exactly 3 admissions after 3 PM on Saturday, so the general public is definitely not interested in being there late either.

Quoted from Otaku:

One thing I will say about the York show is I wish it went a little later.
I find it difficult since I commute there to get there right on the dot at 9 AM or whatever it is, especially for somebody who likes to sleep in.
8 PM for closing seems a little premature, and the show is basically over at 4 PM on Saturday when people can finally take machines out. I saw mostly all the vendors closing up at 4 as well, when the official show ending time is 6.
If we keep talking about "making people stay" it'll just turn into the Pinfest debate and that's not what I'm after at all (because frankly it's impossible), so instead of Sunday we should focus more on Saturday when that is a non-issue besides like the 5 game owners who went through the effort to bring a game but aren't coming back a second day.
Anybody feel Saturday should be extended to 9 PM or so, an extra hour? The owners probably get tired but a 10+ hour night sleep is something I can definitely get by with myself.

#1014 3 years ago

There was an outdoor flea market offered but only one person signed up for it but then decided to get a vendor booth.

#1018 3 years ago

I don't have the exact #'s in front of me, but we were over 180 on Friday and over 170 on Saturday. The larger hall made it look that there were less games

#1021 3 years ago

The show used to give away a game every year. It is the one thing that I want no parts of ever again. It was OK when you could find decent project games for $500 or so but nowadays decent games are more like $1200 or $1500. And I have to get them shopped and working and transport them. Then inevitably the winner doesn't have a way to transport them so then I have to drag them home.
The money and time spent dealing with the giveaway game is far better spent on other things.

Quoted from freddy:

how about winning a free pin raffle! those who bring a game get raffle ticket for each game entered in freeplay and raffle for those who bring a free play game only.

#1072 3 years ago

No, we didn't advertise it as this was the first year we gave awards out and we wanted to see how it goes and work out any kinks before expanding and advertising about it.

Quoted from weaverj:

was that advertised before the show?

#1102 3 years ago

The show is a Gameroom show, so anything coin op is welcomed on the floor, it has been that way for 20 years and will continue to be that way. Broaden your horizons, try some of the other types of games you don't normally play. You may find out that things you have been ignoring are actually a lot of fun. Personally, I like seeing the games like Bingo's and oddball EM games as most of the DMD games are somewhat common and I have played them thousands of times over the past 20 years.

There were over 180 on free play on Friday and 170 on Saturday. That doesn't include the 50 or so of the newest games that the vendors like Cointaker and Pinball Star had on Free play. I don't know where this 120 number came from but I counted the games myself as did another person and we both got the same number. I assume people are just going by how it "looked". The larger hall was deceiving and made it appear emptier than it truly was. FYI we would not have been able to get all the games and vendors we had into the old hall. And No, I am not counting the flea market in that statement.

We needed a larger hall than what we were in previous years as the show keeps growing. The hall we had is bigger than what we need but we have to take what is available. The halls aren't like rope where they can cut them to whatever size you need.

There were 4 broken games on the floor that I was aware of. As anyone that owns a game knows, sometimes games break and tracking down oddball problems is difficult during an event or the problem. There was one that someone did mark sold and pull their information from and shut down. I am still working on tracking whose game that was.

As to the beer sign guy, he has been coming to the show since it started and I hope he continues to do so. Not only do I look forward to seeing and talking to him, I buy a lot of items from him and many other people also do.

What harm was there by allowing Bath Fitters and the others into the show? No vendors got turned down for spots and and they were among the first to register and pay. BTW, they also reported that they did well at the show and also bought several items at the show. (we infected more people with our hobby)

There are only so many vendors in the hobby and that are willing to come to shows. It is expensive for them to take the time off, load up a truck, build up the inventory, pay staff and set up a booth.

Constructive Criticism doesn't upset me in the least, we do listen to people's ideas and try to incorporate what we can. And as always, if you have a complaint or concern at the show, please come to me with it. I will do my best to address it.

Tentative dates for next year are Oct 12 & 13th in Memorial Hall East. (same building other hall) I don't have a formal contract yet, so for now the dates are tentative.

#1122 3 years ago

We had more indoor flea market vendors this year than what we have had for outdoor flea market vendors in the past five years. Anyone want to guess what the maximum number of outdoor flea market spots the show ever had is? Were were only a few behind it this year.

There technically was an outdoor flea market, we offered it ( take a look at the registration form for proof) and only one person (that decided to get a spot indoors instead even without knowing they were the only outdoor flea market spot).
The rain (every show for the previous 5 years) has been very effective in deterring the outdoor flea market. Every year it rained, the people with flea market spots asked for some sort of help and due to the hall being full, there was nothing I could do for them. Now they have a choice and the show has the indoor space to accommodate them. I attend a lot of other shows and it is clear at our show and others that the flea market vendors want indoor spaces. Since the fairgrounds sets the price and gets the money for the outdoor flea market spots we don't have much control over the price.
Anyone want to guess what the maximum number of outdoor flea market spots the show ever had is? Were were only a few behind it this year.

As far as glory, attendance was higher this year than it ever was before. Again the larger hall is deceiving if you are trying to guess games or attendance. Almost every new pinball machine in production and one not even in production was there for play. Pinball Star bent over backwards and got the designer of TNA at the show.

The closeness in dates to Expo forces some people to make a choice between Expo and York, obviously they go with Expo. I understand why as Expo offers a unique experience that no other show can match and it is the original pinball show.

Things are different nowadays, there are a lot more choices for shows in the old days there were only a handful of shows (Allentown, York, NJ, Pacific and Expo). Now there are shows every month. Obviously people and vendors are going to go the closest show and no longer need to drive 10+ hours to go to one. In the old days there wasn't things like Ebay or nearly as many people reproducing parts, so you had to go to a show to find that backglass or whatever. And the opposite was true, if you had a warehouse full of parts your only place to sell them off was at the shows or putting an ad into the Pingame Journal.

On a side note, I feel really old after thinking about that and typing that.

Quoted from EMPins:

The only thing I really missed this year was the outside flea market.
It was a growing fixture of the York show and there was definitely a reduction of vendors this year with the indoor market.
Not to compare shows but Allentown once upon a time had the biggest and best outside flea market. A major draw to the show. With vendors from all over. From the east coast to Ohio to guys from As far west as Missouri set up.
York stepped in with a nice outside flea market. Places to sit and socialize.
I’m not sure how but I sure would love to see York retrn the flea market to the glory it was for the east coast pinball shows.
Invite all the missing Allentown vendorsnto come set up that disapearded. Like Norm from Missouri, Pacak from Ohio. Phoebe from Ohio, the guys from Illinois again, get Lloyd from coin op warehouse to get a space again. Get tnt to bring a truck, guys from New York.

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