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X men pro thoughts? Is it good

By musketd

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Have a chance to get one nib
Appreciate any opinions

#2 4 years ago

Guys, it's the bestest stern ever!!!!!!

#3 4 years ago

Go with the le its only a grand more its a great game ...

#4 4 years ago

That's what I said

#5 4 years ago

Mehh.......many others go ahead of this one IMO........?.............Joey

#6 4 years ago

I had the le before and was not a big fan of the le features on it

#7 4 years ago

Have a couple friends with pros and they love them

#8 4 years ago

I actually prefer the pro over the LE. Not a big fan of that moving ramp.

#9 4 years ago

Pro is great.

#10 4 years ago
Quoted from Ed209:

I actually prefer the pro over the LE. Not a big fan of that moving ramp.

Never understood this argument as the reason why one should own a pro over the LE. You're not forced to play with the moving ramp, it can be disabled in the adjustments.

The Ice ramp is the biggest headache on the LE, but the fact that you can disable it and make that headache moot balances that out for me. All the other LE features make the experience superior to the pro, in my opinion of course. The custom lighting is awesome for the villain modes and does a great job of ambiance, the spinner disc makes the Magneto MB opening an AWESOME experience, the NC pop ups are great to bash around (especially with the LED mod).

The biggest legit gripe with the game from day one has been the Wolvie placement and size, but now even THAT is a moot point with the Newton ball mod. It's an easy mod to install and completely changes the feel of the game. Best investment for this pin, regardless of version.

#11 4 years ago

It's great. Don't even worry about it.

#12 4 years ago

It's a pretty good game that doesn't get much love great layout and the pro is fast

#13 4 years ago

Great game!

#14 4 years ago

I think XM Pro is an awesome game absolutely love it. I actually prefer pro over the LE as well but both are flat out fun.

#15 4 years ago

Bought mine NIB when it came out, and its still a great challenge!
Fast and Furious....has not gotten old at all!

#16 4 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Have a chance to get one nib
Appreciate any opinions

The Pro and LE are both awesome.. We prefer the LE so we got a LE

Play it and see if you like it or not! We think both (pro and LE) are an awesome game and very underrated.

#17 4 years ago

It's an incredible game with a ton of shots, deep code, great artwork and a lot of toys / features. My XMEN LE Wolverine isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

#18 4 years ago

Unless its a super awesome price id go with a huo pro which you can get pretty cheap (under 4k) and it will have a bunch of upgrades more than likely. Or you can get a nice huo le for around 5k with mods. I like the le and its probably one of the better deals on the market imo .... great lights , dots, rules and features .

#19 4 years ago

Both are great fun. I also prefer the pro gameplay over the LE. Biggest drawback on xmen are the call outs and multiball rules (except for danger room, that mode rocks!)

#20 4 years ago

I got a pro, an totally love it, gets the most play out of all our pins at the moment, and its been like that for a while. Ive never played an LE but im sure it would be awesome with all the extras because I think the pro is excellent the way it stands an doubt it would ever leave my line up..

#21 4 years ago

I would own it again before ST

#22 4 years ago

It's a great playing deck, good fun ruleset and is paced really well but Storm's callouts killed it for me after owning mine for literally like 2 weeks. She got so annoying in a hurry I just didn't want to press Start anymore. Really a drag because it's a great Borg design and the music/art & dot animation package is stellar.


#23 4 years ago

The pro is great just not sure if id pay a premium to get it NIB

I assume a NIB is a bit more than a used Pro.

my buddy just got a pro a couple months ago for 3700 and is a great game at that price

#25 4 years ago


#26 4 years ago

Ya'll are crazy. X-Men pro sucks big time. Worst game out there by far.

Looks around the corner... Did that work? Will people believe me so that prices stay low? Seriously, X-men pro is super fun and is a game I want to pick up. I'm just hoping I get a chance to get one before people really figure this out and prices go up.

#27 4 years ago

Bought mine about a year ago. Gets lots of play from me, the kids, and their friends. I loved the x-men growing up, and the pro's art was one of the main reasons for choosing pro over LE.

#28 4 years ago

Bought ours NIB in 2012, still playing the snot out of it. Only made it to Danger Room twice, and never to Dark Phoenix. Still challenging after 3+ years of fun. Art is the best of the 3 versions. ColorDMD makes the animations just gorgeous. Fantastic game that will be last to leave our collection (if ever).


#29 4 years ago

Great game, poor call-outs, could use a code update to fix bugs and polish.

#30 4 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

I had the le before and was not a big fan of the le features on it

I haven't played the LE, but I don't see the pro being drastically different. What didn't you like about the LE?

#31 4 years ago

Great art package (maybe even better than LE) horrible call outs (but if you had an LE you know that). I found myself looking to the LE because I wanted the extras (mostly the Magneto spinner). The price would have to be great because once you open it, it's HUO and worth maybe $3700-$4000.

#32 4 years ago

I love the LE. Nothing wrong with the features, maybe the moving ramp is a tad big, but so what? It adds something interesting to the layout having the ramp feed different flippers. I love the NC figures and I love the spinning disc. I'm sure the pro is great, but I'd sure rather have the extra features on the LE.

#33 4 years ago
Quoted from redundor:

I haven't played the LE, but I don't see the pro being drastically different. What didn't you like about the LE?

It seems like some want an explanation so here is mine. I like art best on Pro, I like having the all plastic ramps that make for smoother faster play and makes the field look more open. The metal moving ramp looks bad and just doesn't really work in the end for me. I don't like the huge night crawler pop ups they are almost impossible to avoid hitting. I like the challenge of hitting ramps to collect night crawler on Pro. The position of stock wolverine on LE is terrible and tightens an already tight shot. Sure you can change it out now thankfully but Im just talking about each stock design. Spinner is cool and one feature I like on the LE lighting is pretty cool as well but for me I like the look and gameplay of the Pro better. Truly isn't a big deal it's just about understanding/accepting that we all have our own preferences. Both great games but they do play differently so it's not surprising that some disagree on which is better.

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