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X-Men Pro 1.04 update

By dav8515

11 years ago

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#1 11 years ago

Thoughts on the pro software, i am not liking it at all. Time to dump the machine for me

#2 11 years ago

Loading it on my game now. I turned the start mode to hard. Only played a couple of games so I am not sure about it yet.

I just got my game Tuesday so I really am not sure what I am doing on the game yet but I do like the game so far.

#3 11 years ago

What is it? Just easier and stackable nonsense? Anything on the bonus's

#4 11 years ago

x-men pro was my first NIB. i have owned 10 pins in the past (down to 5 now)...i know a good pin when i see it... (with my past game history, it seems i like ritchie games)

not a fan of x-men comics, but a fan of a good, fast, hard shot game.

the old code 1.02 was just fine with a few things i did not like (villains too hard).

after 3 games on 1.04...

the new code with "hard" as setting for x-men is just fine. i find myself getting more incomplete x-men now tho. (shot overload a little, and with everything flashing, it just makes you want to shoot the ball anywhere) other then that, it's the same thing that i can tell so far. also nice to be able to get x-men characters during villain mode.

with all that, i may go back to 1.02 just to have more of a flow to danger room, but i would miss doing x-men characters in villain mode.

#5 11 years ago

I just loaded this update on my PRO.

Prior to the update, I thought Villains were too hard and I never completed all of the XMEN. I also rarely got brotherhood or hellfire club. I also had double ball releases at magneto at least once a game.

After the update, I am thrilled to have xmen mode stacking and easily attainable hellfire/brotherhood. I changed the difficulty from medium to hard and find it very similar in difficulty to stock 1.02, but with the stacking edge helping. I also welcome the bonus multipliers. I had 3x and 6x in a couple of games.

They also changed the EXTRA BALL award at the scoop. Previously any 5 mutants (villains or heros) lit would light the extra ball at the scoop. Now its 4 villains and 1 hero to light the extra ball. I think I have that right, but its weird that they would change this.

I can also say in all of the games I played, I didn't get a double ball release yet. Now that is awesome as it was annoying.

I also didn't see nightcrawler yet, so maybe he is harder to get now on a random award.

A couple of nitpicks:
The awkward silence when starting weapon-x multiball is strange. It's sometimes very short, while other times lasts maybe 10 seconds. I thought for sure they would have fixed that.
I also don't like the replay animation. It's not attractive at all and for a replay it should be really cool or pronounced to really catch your attention.
The game set to medium is way too easy, though I would imagine this setting is for on location to give players an edge to at least start/complete all of the heroes. On medium I can get 7 heroes at least started, or completed on a single ball. If its a location change, I understand.

I like the update, but I think 1.02 was a power pack compared to 1.04
Hopefully there is more to come.

#6 11 years ago

Overall I like the update. I tried medium and hard hero mode start. I kinda like the medium setting, but I am not anywhere near as hardcore as many of you. Most of the time, I just like to drink beer and flail away. I may try a few more games on the hard setting before I make my mind up. I enjoy the craziness of stacking many of the heroes together. Yeah, it ends up being a hodgepodge mismash of sounds and lights with all the modes running, but they sure are purdy lights.

During my last game with all defaults, I got to danger room, completed 4 enemies and finished up with a 254,994,820. I can honestly say that I had honest to goodness FUN playing it for the first time.

My biggest complaint is that as hero modes are starting or finishing up when you hit the scoop for villains, you may not have enough time to choose before it times out because the mode animations take precedence over the villain select screen and the timer does not pause. The timer should at least pause during this time. Maybe I could just look at the playfield inserts to make my selection instead of waiting to see the DMD selection screen.

I would also like to have combos!

#7 11 years ago

I started a 3 ball Magneto multiball yesterday complete with a graphic of magneto with 3 flying balls. I don't recall 3 ball magneto MB only 4 ball magneto MB. Is this new?

#8 11 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I started a 3 ball Magneto multiball yesterday complete with a graphic of magneto with 3 flying balls. I don't recall 3 ball magneto MB only 4 ball magneto MB. Is this new?

no, if you hit the ball/balls you have locked enough you will start the multiball with the balls you have locked.

#9 11 years ago

I've actually started a 2 ball Magneto MB before. The DMD animation shows two balls orbiting his head, and then I proceed to not beat him

#10 11 years ago

Thank you, I thought I was seeing things.

So it appears there are 2 ball, 3 ball and 4 ball Magneto MB modes! Interesting!!

Quoted from crazyerk:

I've actually started a 2 ball Magneto MB before. The DMD animation shows two balls orbiting his head, and then I proceed to not beat him

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