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X-Men Pinball Browser sound mappings

By brannonrad

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

For X-Men LE ROM 1.30, here are the sound description mappings.

I didn't get all the music references, but the quotes should be right, including who says it and what they say. I did this because I wanted to understand what was being said during the game, as sometimes it is difficult to understand. I learned some German (thanks to Nightcrawler), found some Emma Frost quotes, and some possible Deadpool quotes (as mentioned by others previously). I hope you find this useful! If you find any errors, let me know and I will update this post to keep it current.

Just load the data below into the "[SoundNames]" section of your ROM file's companion ".dat" file, a file created by "Pinball Browser" in the same directory that you save your modified ROM image. Then re-load the ROM image and the mapping should appear when "Sound System" is selected.

Thanks oga83!

0x9=<sound effect>
0xA=<sound effect>
0xB=<sound effect>
0xD=<menu save>
0xE=<sound effect>
0xF=<coin door open>
0x10=<coin door open>
0x11=<sound effect>
0x12=<sound effect>
0x13=<sound effect>
0x14=<sound effect>
0x15=<sound effect>
0x16=<sound effect>
0x17=<sound effect>
0x18=<sound effect>
0x19=<sound effect>
0x1A=<weapon x glass break>
0x1B=<weapon x door>
0x1C=<weapon x water>
0x26=brief music
0x2E=Sentinels: No More Mutants!
0x30=<sound effect>
0x31=<sound effect>
0x32=<sound effect>
0x38=<weapon x uhhh 1>
0x39=<weapon x uhhh 2>
0x3B=<groan 1>
0x3C=<groan 2>
0x3D=<Blob oooh>
0x3E=<Blob groan>
0x3F=<Blob oof 1>
0x40=<Blob oof 2>
0x41=<sound effect ahhhh>
0x42=<sound effect ah>
0x46=Omega Red: NYET!
0x47=Toad: Bugger!
0x48=<groan 4>
0x49=<hah 1>
0x4B=<hah 2>
0x4C=Toad: Crikey!
0x53=<groan 3>
0x54=<painful hit 2>
0x56=<painful hit 1>
0x5A=<sound effect - nightcrawler>
0x5C=<sound effect>
0x60=<sound effect>
0x63=<sound effect>
0x64=<sound effect>
0x6A=<sound effect>
0x6B=<sound effect>
0x6D=<submarine sound effect>
0x6E=<sound effect>
0x6F=<sound effect>
0x70=<sound effect>
0x71=<sound effect>
0x72=<sound effect>
0x73=<sound effect>
0x77=<sound effect>
0x7A=<sound effect>
0x7B=Nooooo 3!
0x7C=Nooooo 2!
0x7E=<Shadow King evil laugh 1>
0x7F=<Shadow King evil laugh 2>
0x80=<sound effect>
0x81=<sound effect>
0x82=<sound effect>
0x83=<sound effect>
0x84=<sound effect>
0x85=<sound effect>
0x86=<sound effect>
0x87=<sound effect>
0x8A=<sound effect>
0x8B=<sound effect>
0x8C=<sound effect>
0x8D=<sound effect>
0x8E=<sound effect>
0x8F=<sound effect>
0x90=<black bird startup>
0x91=<sound effect>
0x92=<sound effect>
0x93=<blackbird launch>
0x94=<sound effect - extra ball>
0x95=<sound effect>
0x96=<Blackbird take off>
0x97=<Blackbird flying>
0x98=<Blackbird flying>
0x99=<sound effect>
0x9A=<Wolverine's claws out>
0x9B=<sound effect>
0x9C=<sound effect>
0x9D=<sound effect>
0x9E=<sound effect>
0x9F=<sound effect>
0xA0=<sound effect>
0xA1=<sound effect>
0xA2=<sound effect>
0xA4=<sound effect>
0xA5=<sound effect>
0xA6=<sound effect>
0xA7=<sound effect>
0xA8=<sound effect>
0xA9=<sound effect>
0xAA=<sound effect>
0xAB=<sound effect>
0xAC=<sound effect>
0xAD=<sound effect>
0xAE=<sound effect>
0xAF=<sound effect>
0xB0=<sound effect>
0xB1=<sound effect>
0xB2=<sound effect>
0xB3=<sound effect>
0xB4=<sound effect>
0xB5=<sound effect>
0xB6=<sound effect>
0xB7=<sound effect>
0xB8=<sound effect>
0xB9=<sound effect>
0xBA=<sound effect>
0xBB=<sound effect>
0xBC=<sound effect>
0xBD=<sound effect>
0xBE=<sound effect>
0xBF=<sound effect>
0xC0=<sound effect>
0xC1=<sound effect>
0xC2=<sound effect>
0xC3=<sound effect>
0xC4=<sound effect>
0xC5=<sound effect>
0xC6=<sound effect>
0xC7=<sound effect>
0xC8=<sound effect>
0xC9=<sound effect>
0xCA=<sound effect>
0xCB=<sound effect>
0xCC=<sound effect>
0xCD=<sound effect>
0xCE=<sound effect>
0xCF=<sound effect>
0xD0=<sound effect>
0xD1=<sound effect>
0xD2=<sound effect>
0xD3=<sound effect>
0xD4=<sound effect>
0xD5=<sound effect>
0xD6=<sound effect>
0xD7=<laser 2>
0xD8=<laser 3>
0xD9=<laser 4>
0xDA=<laser 5>
0xDB=<laser 1>
0xDC=<sound effect>
0xDD=<sound effect>
0xDE=<sound effect>
0xDF=<sound effect>
0xE0=<sound effect>
0xE1=<sound effect>
0xE2=<sound effect>
0xE3=<weapon x claw 1>
0xE4=<weapon x claw 2>
0xE5=<weapon x claw 3>
0xE6=<sound effect>
0xE7=<sound effect>
0xE8=<sound effect>
0xE9=<sound effect>
0xEA=<sound effect>
0xEB=<sound effect>
0xEC=<sound effect>
0xED=<sound effect>
0xEE=<sound effect>
0xEF=<sound effect>
0xF0=<sound effect>
0xF1=?: Gather your X-Men team to battle Magneto
0xF5=Storm: X-Men! Magneto is taking warheads from that nuclear sub!
0xF6=Storm: You dare to triffle with one who controls the elements?
0xF7=Storm: X-Men! Magneto is attacking the UN Summit!
0xF8=Storm: X-Men! Magneto is destroying that MRD facility!
0xFB=Storm: Winds... rise... and sweep the thorns from our path!
0xFC=Storm: Wind in my hand!
0xFD=Storm: We must stop him!
0xFE=Storm: Whirl mighty winds and carry us!
0xFF=Storm: The elements martial their infinite might at my beckoning!
0x101=Storm: Some storms cannot be predicted!
0x103=Storm: Power seethes in the roiling clouds! Now, at my command -- STRIKE!
0x104=Storm: Shadow King..! No, not again!
0x105=Storm: No place on Earth can hide you from my wrath! NO power nor entity can protect you!
0x106=Storm: Power? I will show you the meaning of the word!
0x108=Storm: Now you know my TRUE power!
0x109=Storm: Now you know that my powers are not to be trifled with!
0x10A=Storm: Lightning - strike at my foes!
0x10C=Storm: I summon fierce winds!
0x10D=Storm: Learn now that Storm controls the winds AND the rains!
0x10E=Storm: I, Storm, am known as a queen and a goddess!
0x10F=Storm: I suggest you renounce your evil ways! If you do not, I shall be very angry!
0x110=Storm: I call on the power of the wind!
0x112=Storm: I am the queen of Wakanda, but you can call me Storm!
0x113=Storm: I call on the power of lightning!
0x114=Storm: I am Storm!
0x115=Storm: I am Storm! And for me, there are no such things as limits!
0x117=Storm: I am a goddess and a queen - tremble in my presence!
0x118=Storm: Hail storm!
0x119=Storm: Ice... winds... storms!
0x11C=Storm: Face the full power and fury of nature!
0x11E=Storm: Am I not beautiful AND terrible? Do you not fear me?
0x120=Storm: Begone, those who would cross a goddess!
0x121=Storm: All of Earth's elements are at my beck and call!
0x122=Juggernaut: Ahhhhhhh!
0x123=Juggernaut: Coming through!
0x124=Juggernaut: Didn't my worthless brother tell you it's no use?
0x125=Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am - I'M THE JUGGERNAUT!
0x126=Juggernaut: Juggernaut... PUNCH!
0x127=Juggernaut: Nooooooo!
0x128=Juggernaut: Nothing can stop the Juggernaut!
0x129=Juggernaut: NO ONE GETS IN MY WAY!
0x12A=Juggernaut: You CAN'T stop the JUGGERNAUT!
0x12B=Juggernaut: You X-Clowns just don't get it, do you?
0x12C=Shaw: Ah - I miss the days when I could openly hire decent bodyguards
0x12D=Shaw: All your efforts will only serve to strengthen me.
0x12E=Shaw: For the inner circle!
0x12F=Shaw: If we manage to acquire - or eliminate - the X-Men, so much the better!
0x130=Shaw: I can absorb ALL of the X-Men's powers!
0x131=Shaw: I need no help to dispose of the X-Men!
0x132=Shaw: Leland, you unmitigated fool!
0x133=Shaw: Let me introduce the inner circle
0x134=Shaw: Low-lives! Pretenders! I'll show you!
0x135=Shaw: No one can defeat Sebastian Shaw!
0x136=Shaw: The more you fight, the more powerful I become!
0x137=Shaw: We will get our revenge!
0x139=Shadow King: And have I use Xaver's own accursed X-Men to do it?
0x13A=Shadow King: Curse you, Charles Xavier!
0x13B=Shadow King: Fight as hard as you wish, by all means, I'll savor every entertaining moment. But in the end, come what may and for all eternity, you will be mine.
0x13C=Shadow King: Have I finally seen my hour of triumph...?
0x13D=Shadow King: He who brings shadow to the realm of the mind... brings darkness to the world!
0x13E=Shadow King: It's too late to resist me now
0x13F=Shadow King: Missed me, Charles? I am you!
0x140=Shadow King: My rules... here, the house ALWAYS wins!
0x141=Shadow King: Noooo, not again! Curse you, Charles Xavier!
0x142=Shadow King: Now I will split you open - expose your secrets - the Shadow King will feast on your terror!
0x143=Shadow King: Ororo, would you not like to serve me again?
0x144=Shadow King: Storm, little Ororo, how I've missed you!
0x145=Shadow King: The Shadow King is, and ever shall be, master of the mind
0x146=Shadow King: This is my game, MY parlour!
0x147=Shadow King: Where is that wretched Ororo? I've not finished with her yet!
0x148=Shadow King: Your dream is dead, and so are you
0x14A=Nightcrawler: Best... eh... two out of three?
0x14B=Nightcrawler: Charles Xavier gave me a chance at life, and for this, I shall eternally remain in his debt.
0x14C=Nightcrawler: Come and play with the fuzzy one!
0x14D=Nightcrawler: Gott in Himmel! You hit me!
0x14E=Nightcrawler: Guten tag!
0x14F=Nightcrawler: How about a friendly game of eh... hide and seek... yah?
0x150=Nightcrawler: I am grateful to Professor Xavier, for giving me a place to stay, where I feel accepted
0x151=Nightcrawler: I am Kurt Wagner; but, I am also known as the incredible Nightcrawler
0x152=Nightcrawler: I must always know what I am teleporting to... or else the results could be... uh heh... uncomfortable.
0x153=Nightcrawler: Looking for me?
0x154=Nightcrawler: Meine gute!
0x155=Nightcrawler: Nein!
0x156=Nightcrawler: Now you see me, now you don't!
0x157=Nightcrawler: Please, do not be frightened by my appearance, I assure you I am harmless... and also fuzzy!
0x158=Nightcrawler: There are often such wonders, such miracles to be found!
0x159=Nightcrawler: Oh! I've got to work on my re-entries!
0x15A=Nightcrawler: Unglãublich!
0x15B=Nightcrawler: We have not been introduced, my name is Nightcrawler
0x15C=Nightcrawler: Wunderbar!
0x15D=Nightcrawler: You are so slow, ha hah!
0x15E=Nightcrawler: You cannot catch the amazing Nightcrawler!
0x15F=Nightcrawler: You have to be faster than that if you want to catch me, meine frau!
0x160=Nightcrawler: You must be quicker than that, my friend!
0x161=Nightcrawler: You pulled my tail, man!
0x162=Toad: Move over, X-Men! The Brotherhood is takin' over!
0x163=Toad: Oy! You and I are in for it, mates! I'm with the Brotherhood you see, and it's gonna get ugly!
0x164=Toad: Relax, man! Soon we'll all be free! The Brotherhood is coming!
0x165=Gambit: After all this time, I still manage to impress myself!
0x166=Gambit: All work and no play makes Gambit a dull boy
0x167=Gambit: Don't like that hand, hah... here, I'll deal you another.
0x168=Gambit: Everyone can relax! Gambit has returned.
0x169=Gambit: Forbidden romance!
0x16A=Gambit: I'd fold this hand if I were you
0x16B=Gambit: I'm an X-Man
0x16C=Gambit: I'm not a thief, I'm not an assassin, heh
0x16D=Gambit: I am Remy LeBeau!
0x16E=Gambit: ... I have a literal ace up my sleeve!
0x16F=Gambit: I like high stakes!
0x170=Gambit: I throw the cards, the cards go boom. End of the bad guy, end of the story.
0x171=Gambit: Losing's uh... not my style.
0x172=Gambit: Pick a card, any card
0x173=Gambit: Relax Cyclops!
0x174=Gambit: Take a card
0x175=Gambit: That's how Gambit plays the game!
0x176=Gambit: The gentleman assumes the pot is his to win...
0x177=Gambit: ...to my enemies, it's Gambit
0x178=Gambit: To my friends, the name's Remy LeBeau...
0x179=Gambit: uh uh
0x17A=Gambit: You fellas wanna see a trick card?
0x17B=Gambit: You wanna play with Gambit...? Here!
0x17C=Sabertooth: And I'm the snuffer
0x17D=Sabertooth: And your hotsy-totsy healing factor won't save you!
0x17E=Sabertooth: Brings back memories, doesn't it?
0x17F=Sabertooth: Chump
0x180=Sabertooth: C'mon boy, come get you some payback!
0x182=Sabertooth: You're the snuffee
0x183=Sabertooth: Fancy claws can't cut what they can't hit
0x184=Sabertooth: You're on the wrong end of the contract, short-round!
0x185=Sabertooth: You've gone soft, Wolverine! Xaver's got you kissin' up to these scum!
0x186=Sabertooth: You idiots think you got what it takes to stop me?
0x187=Sabertooth: You think you and your pitiful X-Men can stop me?
0x188=Sabertooth: You wanted a war
0x189=Sabertooth: You were NEVER a match for ME, Wolverine!
0x18A=Sabertooth: Here lies Wolverine
0x18B=Sabertooth: You think you can beat me?
0x18C=Sabertooth: Is that all you got?
0x18D=Sabertooth: I've been ready to die since before you were born
0x18E=Sabertooth: I ain't done messin' with you X-Men yet!
0x18F=Sabertooth: Sabertooth just gave you a war!
0x190=Sabertooth: So... it looks like the only way you're gonna STOP me... is to KILL me!
0x191=Sabertooth: This is the last battleground for one of us
0x192=Sabertooth: Weapon X
0x193=Sabertooth: We got unfinished business, runt!
0x194=Sabertooth: When I rip out your heart!
0x195=Sabertooth: You dweebs are in denial!
0x196=Danger Room: Circuitry disrupted, reroute
0x197=Danger Room: Danger room program ready
0x198=Danger Room: For you... AND your Professor Xavier
0x199=Danger Room: Free me from this prison
0x19A=Danger Room: Functions rerouting
0x19B=Danger Room: Generating enemy combatant
0x19D=Danger Room: Initiating program
0x19E=Danger Room: In me, you will perish
0x19F=Danger Room: I am designed to be
0x1A0=Danger Room: I have battled you thousands of times. You cannot win.
0x1A1=Danger Room: I have plans for you
0x1A2=Danger Room: I know all of your weaknesses
0x1A3=Danger Room: I want to be understood
0x1A4=Danger Room: I was programmed to kill
0x1A5=Danger Room: I will be free
0x1A6=Danger Room: Let the battle begin
0x1A7=Danger Room: Loading next combatant
0x1A8=Danger Room: Next training level initiated
0x1A9=Danger Room: Not you
0x1AA=Danger Room: Program complete
0x1AC=Danger Room: Program sequence activated
0x1AD=Danger Room: Simulation ready
0x1AE=Danger Room: Simulation terminated
0x1AF=Danger Room: Systems loaded
0x1B0=Danger Room: Training exercise complete
0x1B2=Danger Room: Where am I?
0x1B3=Danger Room: You are solid... singular... seperate
0x1B4=Magneto: Allow me to show you REAL pain and anger!
0x1B5=Magneto: ... and are sacrificed if necessary
0x1B6=Magneto: And we must face it prepared
0x1B7=Magneto: Attacking me with metal objects? How futile!
0x1B8=Magneto: Away with you!
0x1B9=Magneto: A man with metal bones should have more sense than to challenge me!
0x1BA=Magneto: The storm is coming for mutant kind, Charles
0x1BB=Magneto: But I choose not to
0x1BC=Magneto: Charles, you are so naive!
0x1BD=Magneto: Do you now see they will never embrace our kind?
0x1BE=Magneto: Feel my wrath!
0x1BF=Magneto: The age of humanity ends now
0x1C0=Magneto: Greetings X-Men!
0x1C1=Magneto: Homo superior will inevitably replace humanity
0x1C2=Magneto: How could I be defeated?
0x1C3=Magneto: Humans call me... Magneto
0x1C4=Magneto: If my dream must die...
0x1C5=Magneto: If necessary, sometimes, salvation must be force fed
0x1C6=Magneto: If the children of the atom are willing to accept the truth: that the dream is dead, that the dreamer a fool, then perhaps their kin will awaken
0x1C7=Magneto: If the loss of a few mutants will assure my rightful place in this world...
0x1C8=Magneto: In chess, pawns go first
0x1C9=Magneto: Is that all you can muster, Windrider?
0x1CA=Magneto: It's a dark future that rushes towards us
0x1CB=Magneto: I've captured another ball!
0x1CC=Magneto: I am Magneto
0x1CD=Magneto: I am power
0x1CE=Magneto: I bid you welcome... to the site... of your FINAL battleground!
0x1CF=Magneto: I defy you to do your worst!
0x1D0=Magneto: I must see it through to the end
0x1D1=Magneto: I will use your own weapons against you!
0x1D2=Magneto: Look on me X-Men, for I am your oldest, deadliest foe!
0x1D3=Magneto: Magneto
0x1D5=Magneto: Mine is the power to destroy!
0x1D6=Magneto: Mutants are the future, we will soon replace mankind
0x1D7=Magneto: Mutant pitted against mutant... one shall lose, one shall win
0x1D8=Magneto: Neither your powers nor all your skills can save you from my wrath
0x1D9=Magneto: Noooo!
0x1DA=Magneto: Now I will have my vengeance!
0x1DB=Magneto: No one can stop my vision of the future now!
0x1DC=Magneto: Oh, please Charles! Your X-Men will have to do better than that
0x1DF=Magneto: Only those who are worthy shall take their place with me on Asteroid M
0x1E0=Magneto: Our resolve must be iron-clad
0x1E1=Magneto: Profit from my example
0x1E2=Magneto: Sacrifices must be made if my dreams are to reach fruition!
0x1E3=Magneto: Some mutants refuse to fight alongside their brothers and sisters
0x1E4=Magneto: Soon to be lord of all the world
0x1E5=Magneto: So begins the dawn of homo superior
0x1E6=Magneto: Such a feeble attempt
0x1E7=Magneto: We are the future, Charles
0x1E8=Magneto: You are an idealist Charles, I am a realist!
0x1E9=Magneto: Your X-Men face trial by fire!
0x1EB=Magneto: You dare attack the master of magnetism?
0x1EC=Magneto: You will perish!
0x1ED=Magneto: Suppose we'd been on the same side?
0x1F0=Magneto: ...then yes, I will make that sacrifice
0x1F1=Magneto: There can never be peace with the humans!
0x1F2=Magneto: There is something wrong in this world when the powerful must take refuge from the weak!
0x1F3=Magneto: They just need motivation to choose the right side
0x1F4=Magneto: The brave are always the first to die!
0x1F5=Magneto: The future will belong to our kind
0x1F7=Magneto: The X-Men... The Avengers... and soon, THE WORLD... all within my grasp!
0x1F8=Magneto: This attack cannot be ignored
0x1F9=Magneto: This is why you must join me... because I am power!
0x1FA=Magneto: This time, the final victory will belong to...
0x1FB=Phoenix: A great, immesurable power is growing within me
0x1FC=Phoenix: A presence, one I've never felt before
0x1FD=Phoenix: Each time I use my powers, I become stronger
0x1FE=Phoenix: Human or mutant, we must learn to care for one another
0x1FF=Phoenix: In my hands lie the fate of a billion star systems, of lives beyond measure
0x200=Phoenix: It's like colors on fire, burning in every direction
0x201=Phoenix: It chose me for a reason, I have to try.
0x202=Dark Phoenix: I've been set free from the constraints of sympathy and morality that bind other beings
0x203=Phoenix: I am always Jean, and I am always Phoenix
0x204=Phoenix: I am Phoenix
0x205=Phoenix: I can feel the power building in me
0x206=Phoenix: I had to die to come back
0x207=Phoenix: I must hold on
0x208=Phoenix: Lover's triangle
0x209=Phoenix: Once upon a time, I died. And like my namesake, I got better.
0x20A=Phoenix: Phoenix, now we are one!
0x20B=Phoenix: Scott
0x20C=Phoenix: The Phoenix talks to me, and if I get too close, it replaces me
0x20D=Phoenix: This power is amazing... it's almost intoxicating
0x20E=Phoenix: Unrequited love
0x20F=Phoenix: You will learn the power of the Phoenix
0x210=Dark Phoenix: Your destiny is at an end, X-Men!
0x211=Dark Phoenix: Fools! You dare to trifle with the Phoenix?
0x212=Dark Phoenix: For this new sensation, the rapture of destruction. For the pleasure of the Phoenix, the unbound joy of evil
0x214=Dark Phoenix: The fire of the Phoenix burns through lives
0x215=Dark Phoenix: The more you annoy me, the more I can't help thinking about deconstructing you - molecule by molecule, memory by memory - until there is nothing left but screaming, traumatized atoms
0x216=Dark Phoenix: You had me do evil to gain you power... and now I thirst for more!
0x217=Dark Phoenix: You think your puny powers mean anything to me?
0x218=Mystique: Fall back, the X-Men can have this day
0x219=Mystique: I hope you suffer. I hope it broke something inside you that can never be fixed.
0x21A=Mystique: I will not have my Brotherhood destroyed by your foolish vision
0x21B=Mystique: Raven Darkholme is not a woman to be trifled with!
0x21C=Mystique: Their time will come - I shall have my revenge.
0x21D=Mystique: This battle may be over, but your time to savor it will be short.
0x21E=Mystique: Welcome to the Brotherhood
0x21F=Mystique: We are here to end them
0x220=Mystique: You're as blind as always, Xavier!
0x221=Mystique: Your idealistic notions will not save you from the future
0x222=Mystique: You fools will be destroyed by those you seek to protect
0x223=Mystique: You not let them escape
0x224=Mystique: Enjoy this victory, X-Men. It will be your last.
0x225=Emma: Being an X-Man means a lot to me, but it doesn't always agree with me.
0x226=Emma: Superpowers, a scintilating wit, and the best body money can buy, and I still rate below a corpse!
0x227=Emma: Without his helmet, he's mine.
0x228=Rogue: Ain't that just peachy!
0x229=Rogue: Beauty and the Beast
0x22A=Rogue: Hi, sugar!
0x22B=Rogue: I'm an X-Man, and I'll stay one til the end!
0x22C=Rogue: Let's go to work, we have a world to save!
0x22E=Rogue: Let's try all their powers!
0x22F=Rogue: Sugar, once you've had three or four personalities at a time runnin' in your skull, altered states of reality become second nature!
0x230=Rogue: Huh, that's all I need - thoughts of you runnin' through my head 24-hours a day!
0x231=Rogue: What's happenin' to me?
0x232=Rogue: Ya'll surprised?
0x233=Rogue: You're deader than a snowman in July!
0x234=Rogue: Yo X-Men, hit the bricks, ya'll come a runnin! We got a job to do... and some heads to bust!
0x236=Iceman: Am I cool or what?
0x237=Iceman: And now, let's switch sides!
0x238=Iceman: Angry yeti!
0x239=Iceman: Brain freeze!
0x23A=Iceman: Check it out, we're going to the other side!
0x23B=Iceman: Check out my ice beam!
0x23C=Iceman: Finally, a plan!
0x23D=Iceman: Fire and ice!
0x23E=Iceman: Forget swinging and flying...!
0x23F=Iceman: Freeze!
0x241=Iceman: I can change our direction now!
0x242=Iceman: Juggernaut, as in the UNSTOPPABLE Juggernaut? The totally invulnerable Juggernaut?!
0x243=Iceman: Let's go, this way!
0x244=Iceman: Let me take you for a ride in style!
0x245=Iceman: Look, I made a snowman of me!
0x247=Iceman: My code name is Iceman!
0x248=Iceman: Piece a cake!
0x249=Iceman: Please wait for the ice slide to come to a complete stop before exiting!
0x24A=Iceman: Riding an ice board is a BLAST!
0x24B=Iceman: Stop and make nice, or Iceman will make ice! heheh!
0x24C=Iceman: Teacher's pet
0x24D=Iceman: The hard part is stopping!
0x24E=Iceman: The hard part... heheh... stopping!
0x24F=Iceman: The name's Bobby, nice to meet you!
0x250=Iceman: The X-Men are MY amazing friends!
0x251=Iceman: This is how you travel... with style!
0x252=Iceman: Too bad we don't have a catchy assembly call, you know like Champions Convene or... something, I don't know
0x253=Iceman: Was that a little too cold for ya?
0x254=Iceman: Watch me move this path for ya!
0x256=Iceman: We're gonna break on through to the other side!
0x257=Iceman: Whatta you think of THIS?
0x258=Iceman: Woah - it's getting too hot for me!
0x259=Iceman: Who's got two thumbs and can make it snow in July? This guy!
0x25A=Iceman: Yahoo!
0x25B=Iceman: Ya! Woo ohooh!
0x25C=Iceman: Yeehah!
0x25D=Iceman: You're skating on thin ice!
0x25E=Charles: And I have need of mutants
0x25F=Charles: ...because it will be forever tainted by the blood of those you've sacrificed along the way
0x260=Charles: I'm sensing new mutant activity
0x261=Charles: I'm sorry, Cain.
0x262=Charles: Lock is lit
0x263=Charles: Look out, he's switching bodies again!
0x265=Charles: Mankind is not evil... just... uninformed
0x266=Charles: Now we must face the master of magnetism
0x267=Charles: Omega Red is attacking the X-Men
0x268=Charles: Original X-Men
0x269=Charles: Prepare to face Magneto!
0x26A=Charles: See if they'll consider joining the team
0x26B=Charles: Shadow king? But I banished you to the astral plane!
0x26C=Charles: Sometimes success is measured just one life at a time
0x26D=Charles: Today's training will take place in the danger room
0x26E=Charles: We're not as alone as you think
0x26F=Charles: We're safe from Omega Red for now
0x270=Charles: We cannot let him possess the X-Men
0x271=Charles: We can use cerebro to find him
0x272=Charles: We think you're ready to join the X-Men
0x273=Charles: X-Men, get to the Blackbird! We are needed
0x274=Charles: X-Men leaders
0x275=Charles: Your dream, Magneto, cannot endure...
0x276=Charles: You my friend are a mutant
0x277=Charles: Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for
0x279=Charles: Cain - you leave me with no choice!
0x27C=Charles: Cerebro has detected a new mutant
0x27D=Charles: Contratulations!
0x280=Charles: Hear me, X-Men!
0x281=Charles: If we can't learn to live together, we shall surely die apart
0x282=Charles: If you can't take responsibility for yourself, Magneto, then I will
0x283=Charles: I'm detecting another mutant
0x284=Charles: I'm sending you the coordinates for the location now
0x286=Charles: I already know your name. My name is Professor Charles Xavier.
0x287=Charles: I cannot allow you to continue, Cain!
0x288=Charles: I defeated you before, Shadow King. I CAN do it again.
0x289=Charles: I must get to Cerebro
0x28A=Charles: I never thought it would come to this
0x28B=Charles: Keep your mind clear
0x28C=Charles: Mutant's shouldn't be divided, but we didn't draw the line - Magneto did.
0x28D=Charles: Order your thoughts
0x28E=Charles: Prep the Blackbird
0x28F=Charles: What happens to those who won't come willingly?
0x290=Charles: With enough psychic blasts, I can disable him. But he's immune so long as he has his helmet on.
0x291=Charles: Your invitation begs the question: What happens to those who won't come willingly?
0x292=Charles: You must remove his helmet for me to disable him
0x293=Cyclops: Aiming...
0x294=Cyclops: Alright, team. Get to the Blackbird, we're going
0x295=Cyclops: Alright X-Men, let's suit up!
0x296=Cyclops: ...and prepared to make the hard decisions
0x297=Cyclops: A true X-Man doesn't give up
0x298=Cyclops: Beast
0x299=Cyclops: Blackbird ready for takeoff
0x29A=Cyclops: Iceman
0x29B=Cyclops: I'm packing a bazooka behind each eye
0x29C=Cyclops: I'm prepared to take the fall...
0x29D=Cyclops: ...is the day we become the enemy
0x29E=Cyclops: It's now... or never!
0x2A0=Cyclops: It's time for some target practice!
0x2A1=Cyclops: I don't lead the X-Men for nothing
0x2A2=Cyclops: I train CONSTANTLY to keep my edge
0x2A3=Cyclops: Jean
0x2A4=Cyclops: Let's move, team!
0x2A5=Cyclops: Lock is lit
0x2A6=Cyclops: Logan
0x2A7=Cyclops: Nightcrawler
0x2A8=Cyclops: Nooo! I missed it!
0x2A9=Cyclops: Optic blast!
0x2AA=Cyclops: Power drain
0x2AB=Cyclops: Professor X
0x2AC=Cyclops: Professor Xavier
0x2AD=Cyclops: Quickly, everyone get to the Blackbird
0x2AE=Cyclops: Ready...
0x2AF=Cyclops: Remove his helmet!
0x2B0=Cyclops: Remove his helmet!
0x2B1=Cyclops: Rogue
0x2B2=Cyclops: Shoot the lit shots
0x2B3=Cyclops: Stop panicking, and save the world!
0x2B4=Cyclops: Storm
0x2B5=Cyclops: Take him!
0x2B6=Cyclops: Take off his helmet!
0x2B7=Cyclops: The day we stop showing compassion for the enemy...
0x2B8=Cyclops: X-Men are all counting on you!
0x2B9=Cyclops: This is TOO easy!
0x2BA=Cyclops: Time for some target practice
0x2BB=Cyclops: Time... for some target practice!
0x2BC=Cyclops: Trick shot!
0x2BD=Cyclops: Well that one was close!
0x2BE=Cyclops: We have to do more than that, Logan - we have to astonish them.
0x2BF=Cyclops: When you're an X-Man, you're never alone
0x2C0=Cyclops: Wolverine
0x2C1=Cyclops: Wolverine!
0x2C2=Cyclops: X-Men
0x2C3=Cyclops: X-Men, regroup!
0x2C4=Cyclops: You can't have too much training
0x2C5=Cyclops: You did good today, people
0x2C6=Cyclops: Bobby
0x2C7=Cyclops: Bullseye!
0x2C8=Cyclops: Cerebro
0x2C9=Cyclops: Don't just stand there people: MOVE IT!
0x2CA=Cyclops: Don't let those tentacles get near you
0x2CB=Cyclops: Extra ball
0x2CC=Cyclops: Extra ball is lit
0x2CD=Cyclops: Fire!
0x2CE=Cyclops: Gather X-Men to battle Magneto!
0x2CF=Cyclops: Get inside the Blackbird. Move it, people!
0x2D0=Cyclops: Gold and blue leaders
0x2D1=Cyclops: Hank
0x2D2=Cyclops: Here's a full dose of my optic blast!
0x2D3=Cyclops: I can hit that, no problem!
0x2D4=Wolverine: What are you waitin' fer? Get yer butts inside the Blackbird!
0x2D5=Wolverine: I'm fast, and I'm mean, and when I get mad, people get hurt.
0x2D6=Wolverine: Look out! Omega Red has got the X-Men!
0x2D7=Wolverine: You're starting to get on my nerves
0x2D8=Wolverine: You think you're hot stuff, don't ya?
0x2D9=Wolverine: You stinkin' octopus - LET 'EM GO!
0x2DA=Wolverine: You have to go through me, first!
0x2DB=Wolverine: You gotta do better than that against me, bub!
0x2DC=Wolverine: You got the special!
0x2DD=Wolverine: You caged the wrong animal, bub!
0x2E0=Wolverine: You and me Jeannie!
0x2E1=Wolverine: Xavier
0x2E2=Wolverine: Wolverine
0x2E3=Wolverine: Who wants some?
0x2E4=Wolverine: Where do these guys do their shopping?
0x2E5=Wolverine: When are you gonna ditch the boyscout and be with a REAL man?
0x2E6=Wolverine: What do you mean, the Danger Room is alive?!
0x2E8=Wolverine: What are you waitin' fer - blast his helmet off!
0x2E9=Wolverine: 'roroh
0x2EB=Wolverine: Extra ball is lit!
0x2EC=Wolverine: Extra ball!
0x2ED=Wolverine: Every now and then Summers, I remember why you're still in charge
0x2EE=Wolverine: Enter your initials
0x2F0=Wolverine: Cyc'
0x2F1=Wolverine: Creed
0x2F2=Wolverine: Chuck
0x2F3=Wolverine: Charles
0x2F5=Wolverine: Bump n' win!
0x2F6=Wolverine: Bring the Blackbird
0x2F7=Wolverine: Bobby
0x2F8=Wolverine: Blob
0x2F9=Wolverine: Blackbird hangar lights on, prepare to launch
0x2FA=Wolverine: Beast
0x2FB=Wolverine: Back off, bub - NOW!
0x2FC=Wolverine: Avalanche
0x2FD=Wolverine: At least I won't have to listen to your flappin' mouth anymore!
0x2FE=Wolverine: Aim for the flippin' arrows
0x2FF=Wolverine: You don't want me for an enemy
0x300=Wolverine: Are you done yappin' yet?
0x301=Wolverine: Watch it!
0x302=Wolverine: Oh oh, here comes red-white and ugly!
0x303=Wolverine: Ticket!
0x304=Wolverine: The hot-shot inner circle high-tailed it out of here
0x305=Wolverine: Is that the best you've got?
0x307=Wolverine: Take off his helmet!
0x308=Wolverine: Storm
0x309=Wolverine: Special is lit!
0x30A=Wolverine: Sorry, bub - I'm here to stay!
0x30C=Wolverine: Shoot again
0x30D=Wolverine: Savage animals
0x30E=Wolverine: Sabertooth!
0x30F=Wolverine: Sabertooth!
0x310=Wolverine: Run program, difficulty level 10
0x311=Wolverine: Rogue
0x312=Wolverine: Rivals
0x313=Wolverine: Remove his helmet!
0x314=Wolverine: Remove his helmet!
0x315=Wolverine: Red
0x316=Wolverine: Question is...
0x318=Wolverine: Push me
0x31B=Wolverine: ... or a quick, clean death
0x31C=Wolverine: Omega Red
0x31D=Wolverine: OK suckers, you've taken your best shot - now it's my turn!
0x31E=Wolverine: OK, bub
0x31F=Wolverine: Now you're startin' to tick me off
0x320=Wolverine: Nightcrawler
0x321=Wolverine: Next time Mystique, shape-shift into something that can win
0x322=Wolverine: My healing factor can handle your best shot!
0x323=Wolverine: My future is with you
0x324=Wolverine: Looks like we got big Red running away with his tentacles between his legs!
0x325=Wolverine: Lock is lit
0x326=Wolverine: Let's get the Blackbird in the air
0x327=Wolverine: Let's dance!
0x328=Wolverine: Let's try that again!
0x329=Wolverine: Let them go!
0x32A=Wolverine: Jean
0x32B=Wolverine: Jean!
0x32C=Wolverine: It's open season
0x32D=Wolverine: It's gonna take more than your death factor to defeat the X-Men!
0x32E=Wolverine: ...isn't very nice
0x32F=Wolverine: Into the Blackbird
0x330=Wolverine: I'm your worst nightmare
0x331=Wolverine: I'm Wolverine
0x332=Wolverine: I'm tryin' not to turn you bozos into hamburger, now BACK OFF!
0x333=Wolverine: I'm the best there is at what I do; but what I do...
0x334=Wolverine: I'll jam that ball down your throat!
0x335=Wolverine: I'll gut you and stuff that metal tentacle up somewhere nice and cozy
0x336=Wolverine: You're smart
0x337=Wolverine: You wanna tangle with someone, why not try your luck against Wolverine?
0x338=Wolverine: Iceman
0x33B=Wolverine: I go... where I wanna go!
0x33C=Wolverine: I can still handle punks like you
0x33D=Wolverine: Hey! Is this a private evil organization, or can anyone join?
0x340=Wolverine: He's draining their life force!
0x341=Wolverine: Hank
0x343=Wolverine: Go for that flippin' extra ball!
0x344=Wolverine: Go ahead, hit me! But after you do, bub, then you're mine.
0x345=Wolverine: Go ahead, bub!
0x346=Wolverine: Get the extra ball!
0x347=Wolverine: Feels good to send those jerks packin'
0x348=Wolverine: Can't say I won't enjoy smackin' that boy scout around!
0x349=Omega Red: Your friends can't help you now
0x34A=Omega Red: Your friends... can't help you now
0x34B=Omega Red: Your friends... heh... can't help you now
0x34C=Omega Red: You won't stop me this time, X-Men!
0x34D=Omega Red: You would be nothing, Wolverine, without your X-Men to help you!
0x34E=Omega Red: You won't get away
0x34F=Omega Red: You WON'T get away
0x350=Omega Red: You cannot pierce my carbonadium armor!
0x351=Omega Red: You won't get away
0x352=Omega Red: Let me re-introduce you to... my coils!
0x353=Omega Red: X-Men surrender, or this one - heh - is finished!
0x354=Omega Red: I'm going to squeeze the life right out of you
0x355=Omega Red: I will drain your life force, X-Man!
0x356=Omega Red: I will destroy Weapon X!
0x357=Omega Red: I will destroy you!
0x358=Omega Red: Come here
0x359=Omega Red: Come here
0x35A=Omega Red: Come here
0x35B=Deadpool: Look at all those twinkling lights!
0x35C=Deadpool: It doesn't matter, you'll never beat my score of one cagillion points, hoo ho hoo!
0x35D=Blob: we're gonna flatten you, X-Men
0x35E=Blob: Huh, you can't hurt me! I'm the Blob!
0x35F=Blob: We'll wipe the floor with the X-Men!
0x360=Blob: I'm gonna flatten these X-Clowns by settin' on 'em!
0x361=Blob: Nothing moves the Blob!
0x362=Sentinels: Units activated
0x363=Sentinels: Unit damaged... unable to continue mission
0x364=Sentinels: Unit damaged
0x365=Sentinels: Unit damage severe
0x366=Sentinels: Unit damaged
0x368=Sentinels: Terminating mutant threat
0x369=Sentinels: Targeting
0x36A=Sentinels: Surrender, mutant!
0x36B=Sentinels: Mutants identified
0x36C=Sentinels: Mutants detected
0x36D=Sentinels: Mutant target identified
0x36E=Sentinels: Initiating capture protocols
0x36F=Sentinels: Halt, mutant!
0x370=Sentinels: Halt, mutant!
0x371=Sentinels: Halt, mutant!
0x372=Sentinels: Destroy... destroy
0x374=Sentinels: Closing on assigned target
0x375=Sentinels: Assistance required
0x376=<weapon x don't move>
0x377=<weapon x freeze>
0x378=<weapon x hold it>
0x379=<weapon x stop right there>
0x37A=<shut up!>
0x37B=Magneto: My brothers and sisters, we must prepare!
0x37C=Magneto: We must prepare to take what evolution has promised us!
0x38C=Beast: Alas, it sometimes occurs to me that superheroing is not the most tranquil of avocations!
0x38D=Beast: Anyone who looks like I do has to find his fun when he can
0x38E=Beast: Beakers, metric scales, torches and chemicals: these are a few of my favorite things
0x38F=Beast: Except my libido, of course!
0x390=Beast: Fascinating
0x391=Beast: Fuzzballs
0x392=Beast: Hello my fellow sapiens, my name is Hank McCoy, but my friends call me Beast
0x393=Beast: Gonna need a bigger brush
0x394=Beast: Is this the second stage of my mutation?
0x395=Beast: It's... hard to be a Beast
0x396=Beast: It would appear that I forgot to... um... carry the one?
0x397=Beast: It would be quite disconcerting if this were to detonate
0x398=Beast: I don't know what I am anymore
0x399=Beast: I have everything under control
0x39A=Beast: I hope that lady luck is among the pulsating patrons of today's experiment
0x39B=Beast: I think I shall retire to my lab for some recreational science
0x39C=Beast: Looks like it's back to the drawing board
0x39D=Beast: Meteorology
0x39E=Beast: My mind is sharp, but my emotions and instincts are out of control
0x39F=Beast: My prodigious pedal extremities have things well in hand... or foot
0x3A0=Beast: Oh... I seem to be devolving
0x3A1=Beast: Oh! I seem to be regressing!
0x3A2=Beast: Oh my stars and garters!
0x3A3=Beast: One must exercise the mind as well as the body
0x3A4=Beast: One part gymnasium, one part survival course, affectionately referred to as the Danger Room
0x3A5=Beast: Please wait for the danger room to come to a complete stop!
0x3A6=Beast: Sharp minds!
0x3A7=Beast: ...sometimes
0x3A8=Beast: The progress of medical science, much like that of a great cathedral, is the work of many hands
0x3A9=Beast: To be more accurate
0x3AA=Beast: Welcome to my lab
0x3AB=Beast: Well that was unexpected
0x3AC=Beast: We spend our midday sweat, our midnight oil;
0x3AD=Beast: We tire the night in thought, the day in toil
0x3AF=Shaw: What is mine is mine, and what is theirs, is mine!
0x3D6=Weapon X theme
0x3D8=Omega Red theme
0x3D9=end of ball
0x3DA=end of game match
0x3DB=Cyclops theme
0x3DC=not sure
0x3DD=not sure
0x3DE=Phoenix theme
0x3DF=Gambit hurryup theme
0x3E0=Magneto theme
0x3E1=Sabertooth theme
0x3E2=not sure
0x3E3=Iceman theme
0x3E4=not sure
0x3E5=Beast theme
0x3E6=not sure
0x3E7=<sound effect>
0x3E8=<sound effect>
0x3E9=not sure
0x3EA=Game over music
0x3ED=main theme 2
0x3EE=after match
0x3F0=Hellfire Club theme
0x3F1=Juggernaut theme
0x3F3=not sure
0x3F5=main theme 1

#2 6 years ago

Wow, very cool and this will help many people.

On a side note, i don't think anyone found the 16th unique combo, but since Charles says it at 0x268 we can assume that he is the starter of the unique combo, so perhaps someone can figure out the missing combo with xavier.

#3 6 years ago

Dam that's a lot Clips! Saved to favorites for when my son goes to college and I have time to dabble with the pinball browser

Kidding aside, thanks for this!

7 months later
#4 6 years ago

They moved these all around in V1.50 and seem to have added some.

#5 6 years ago

Request 271 - 286 seem to be Deadpool with a some menu sounds thrown in unused areas.

3 years later
#6 2 years ago

Anyone have a sound pack that they have made to share?

#7 2 years ago
Quoted from Ninja2bceen:

Anyone have a sound pack that they have made to share?

Following also interested

#8 2 years ago

If there is a tutorial how to do all this, I feel like this is a project I'll be working on

#9 2 years ago

You can try the guys in this thread. They at least had all of the sound files ripped at one point.


#10 2 years ago


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