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X-Men LE or Funhouse? Which one to get?

By WackyBrakke

2 years ago

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“X-Men LE or Funhouse?”

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#1 2 years ago

Ok, so I have a spot to fill in my line-up. I can get a X-Men LE or a Funhouse for basically the same price. Which game is the better choice? Why?

#2 2 years ago

Oh baby... Had X-Men LE. Just got a Funhouse recently.

I really like X-Men. It's packed with features. 2 voices are plain awful (Beast and Storm). Great combos. Made it to Dark Phoenix 3 times. Great wizard mode, albeit a little confusing. Very forgiving pin. Tough to beat wizard mode, but I thought it was kind of easy to get there.

Funhouse is obviously simpler, but iconic. To me, it put pinball "on the map". It's accessible to everyone. If the playfield particularly is in great shape, I'd take FH any day. Simpler code but still, the first game after I bought it, I got GC score and haven't sniffed it since.

X-Men is tougher to move. No one will walk in and say "wow you have an X-Men?" But code for X-Men is leaps and bounds deeper than FH code. I really like both games. Condition would be a factor for me, IF you plan on keeping them "forever" (that's in quotes on purpose, of course).

X-Men though doesn't have "deep code." It's more like "a bunch of stuff you have to do" code. Modes aren't deep. You're still trying to start something, and hit 3 shots max, except for the multi ball. You can try to stack a multi ball, but I don't think it's necessary. Wolverine is the toughest. Just a lot of work if you don't finish it the 1st 2 times or so.

I really enjoyed X-Men. You can stack and pair modes like LOTR or SM. Looking at your collection, I'd rather have SM Black than X-Men. They're kinda sorta similar. If you want code/modes/combos/features, it's X-Men.

#3 2 years ago

Lots of votes for X-men vs funhouse so far! 6-1.....but no one is saying why.

#4 2 years ago

Hmmmmmm X-men still in the lead......why? Thx guinnesstime for your thoughts, that is helpful.

#5 2 years ago

I wasn't around for the initial disappointing launch of X-Men. I currently have a Wolverine LE in my line-up and enjoy it quite a bit. The game is packed with shots. The hero modes can be simplistic some just requiring you to shoot the same shot a few times (wolverine and professor x are the exception). The villains seem like modern modes requiring various shots to complete.

2 magnets provide variety as does the spinning disk (on the LE). Multiple shots to be made from the 3rd flipper. Dots on the ColorDMD are great. As previously mentioned some of the voice acting is not great.

I thoroughly enjoy funhouse as well but prefer X-Men.

#6 2 years ago

X-Men is a great game. The only reasons it doesn't get more love is because the code started out in a horrible state and some people don't like a couple of the X-Men voices in the game. It has a great theme and it is a difficult game with a deep ruleset and varied shots...but it still has a little something for everyone. Anyone can start Weapon X multiball and have fun for instance. Plus the art package on the LE, Magneto especially is really good. Magneto might have the best backglass of any Stern game. X-Men is a challenge to me everytime I play it and that is what I look for in a game for home use. For what you get, especially in an LE package, an XMLE is a deal respectively. I thought X-Men was so good, I sold my Pro and bought an LE and it was the most money I have ever spent on a pin in over 25 games purchased now.

Fun Fact: The XMLE is the originator of the phrase "$10,000 by Christmas".

Funhouse is classic and a great playing game that was ahead of it's time. I have fond memories of playing Funhouse, but there is only so much there and it costs a premium price. It isn't deep and challenging enough to hold my interest in a home environment. If I had 14 games already and had money to burn, it might be a different story as it could do well in a larger collection where you aren't playing it all the time.

#7 2 years ago

Interesting comparison. Classic versus (IMHO) an under rated Stern. Funhouse has what a lot of people would say is a revolutionary toy (Rudy). Simple rules but there is a wizard mode. I find the game is left flipper dominated due to the geometry of the play field. Hitting the trap door shot is very satisfying. Rudy call outs are cool. My wife positively hated the game due to "Chucky". I have owned twice and most likely will not buy again.

X Men has a lot more shots, obviously it has the DMD dots ( Color DMD is a must as is Newton ball mod). The rules are actually pretty cool. In a family environment , X Men may be more desirable( it certainly will not get the possible "wife" factor ). If a great condition one at a real good price came up I would buy again. I do like the Stern "rules" games tho.

Agree on the "move" factor. X Men unless priced correctly will not move anywhere as quickly as FH.

I would make my selection based on price and condition.

#8 2 years ago

Another vote for XMen LE here. Of course, I’m a huge XMen fan generally so my judgement may be clouded but they did such a good job with theme integration, dots, music, shots, toys, etc... The voices do not bother me at all, I turn those modes (Beast and Storm) on when I want to and then I have bigger concerns then listening to them talk. Ha!

#9 2 years ago

I voted Xmen. Funhouse is a great game and I enjoy it. It just doesn't offer enough for the price it now commands. I think it's over priced. I don't think it's going to change as there is demand for the game. I get why it's priced at the high end. It's just not worth it to me. I'd much rather have an Xmen LE than a Funhouse.

#10 2 years ago

I vote x men it's a cool looking game with a good layout but the main reason i prefer it over fun house is because it has a much deeper rule set and more things to do.

#11 2 years ago

Another vote for XM. I have a Magneto and it has one of the best art packages put out by Stern. Granted, I'm a huge XM fanboy, so I'm biased. The Storm and Beast voices bothered me at first, but I've learned to live with it. As mentioned, the Newton ball mod is a must. The shots are fantastic with several shots from each of the 3 flippers. The theme integration, with sounds and lighting effects, as well as the character combos, are a great nod to the comic and 90s TV show. Again, other than Beast and Storm, Waison did a fantastic job coding it. I wouldn't call the rules "deep" per se, but they are good. There are some modes where you repeat the shots a few times to complete (most of the Hero modes), but ones like Xavier are clever. I quite enjoy the Villain modes a bit more as they are more creative in their approach. I haven't seen either of the wizard modes yet (on factory settings) but i'm tempted to change it to only having to qualify the modes, and not have to complete them, to see the wizard modes. Plus, you can't get anything nearly as packed for the $5K price point.

#12 2 years ago

Unless u love Xmen then Funhouse in my opinion. I had fun with my Magneto LE but man is the voice work terrible and I just couldn't get into it. Funhouse is a classic with good solid gameplay and what I consider the best toy ever put into a pinball machine. Rudy. Also going by ur current collection Funhouse offers a good change in gameplay/style, good luck.

#13 2 years ago

In my opinion, X-Men is the most underrated game in pinball. Funhouse is one of the most overrated games.

If it wasn't for the bad taste the original code left in people mouths, and the unfortunate early opinions/reviews that have stuck because of that, X-Men would probably be rated and priced much higher. The layout, rules, art, toys/gimmicks, dots, and (most of the) sounds are all fantastic. Beast and Storm voices are not as bad as they are made out to be (in my opinion). It has the perfect skill layering...lots to do and see for all skill levels. Multiple paths to take to different ends. It's just a fun, adrenaline pumping machine all around. In my opinion it is the best bang for the buck in its price range.

Funhouse is ok...but I find the layout claustrophobic and not all that satisfying to shoot. For Lawlor games of that era, both Whirlwind and Earthshaker are way more fun to me. It is a good looking game, with a great theme and art. Rudy gives the machine a ton of personality. But overall it just doesn't do much for me. My opinion might be different if it were a $2k game, but at the current prices I could never see owning one.

#14 2 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

If it wasn't for the bad taste the original code left in people mouths, and the unfortunate early opinions/reviews that have stuck because of that, X-Men would probably be rated and priced much higher.

I picked up an le when people were dumping them due to the code. Once the new version came the game was soooo much better. I really enjoyed it but my wife hated it. If i would have added the newton ball i think it would have been even better.

#15 2 years ago

The build up to the release of XMen was off the charts, especially with XMen fanatics. People had MASSIVE expectations, like the highest resale value ever expectations. When it came out the code was super rough and the Wolverine shot was simply not good. The diehard XMen fans hated some of the voice callouts because they didn't sound like what they were supposed to sound like. The complaints then went through the roof and people sold almost right away.

Then the code, after a long wait got better and better. The Wolverine shot got 100% better when the newton ball bracket was introduced. But the original haters still bashed the game they already sold creating a situation where it is really (as Jediturtle said) the most underrated modern game in history. I'm not an XMen fan but I really liked the gameplay when I could find one on location.

It is a fairly loaded game with excellent lights/music and just a fun layout, very similar layout to Tron.

#16 2 years ago

Can not get enough of Rudy. I have a nice selection but I play a lot of FH. I look at the lineup and majority of times I go to FH.

#17 2 years ago

IMHO X-men. It has a great mix of shots (some tight, some easy). The multi-balls are pretty decent. It has a great bash toy and a physical ball lock up the middle. Nice combo shot with the upper left ramp. It has decent flow and the randomness of magnet(s). Amazing artwork.

While I quite like 90's Bally/Williams games I never found any love for Ruddy. I much preferred Red-n-Ted in RoadShow. I find the gameplay in FunHouse to be very dated and not fun. I find it get's old fast.

I don't mind the voices in X-men. (Yes Beast & Phoenix are not very good but they just disappear into the game. But then again the hillbilly music in FT, the country music in RS and the red-neck voices in BBH don't bother me either.)

I know some people really love FunHouse but I am not one of them. However, I am one of the folks that thinks X-men is way under-rated (as a result of the awful early code and bad first impressions - such a shame). IMHO, X_Men has more staying power in a home use environment.

Good luck with your choice.

#18 2 years ago

Funhouse gets boring. XMEN is very challenging and has great shots. XMEN all the way!

#19 2 years ago

I vote x men too, although I have a much smaller collection and I would appreciate the depth more.

#20 2 years ago

Funhouse for the win! Its a game anyone at any age can and wants to play. Its my wifes favorite game in the collection. Stands up strong against the newer games.

#21 2 years ago

If Funhouse was still 2500 bucks I would say Funhouse. Now that both are around the same price its hard to justify not choosing Xmen, if you are looking for gameplay and staying power. I owned both and found Xmen a lot more interesting.

#22 2 years ago

I love my Funhouse and it will never leave, my favorite all time game and I still enjoy playing it. X-men LE is awesome as well, I have owned it twice and unfortunately just couldn't keep it around for space issues(although regret it all the time and imagine I'll pick up another one someday again). I say it's a win in either case but Funhouse has more staying power to me but I am biased as it is my grail pin. I would choose based on finding best deal on either although you are more likely to find a good deal on X-men especially if condition matters to you on Funhouse.

#23 2 years ago

Funhouse. My X-men LE magneto only stayed in my collection for a few weeks. It’s a good game but it just didn’t do anything for me. I still have funhouse

#24 2 years ago

You will be sick of FH in short order. I hated X-Men but that was before they changed the rules.

#25 2 years ago

Your lineup seems to be all modern Stern games, so why not shake it up a little and go for the funhouse?

#26 2 years ago

I like a lot of variety in my collection.

You could use a WPC pin. Funhouse house would be a perfect fit, especially if you’re debating between it and something newer.

Funhouse is a classic that doesn’t get old for me.

#27 2 years ago

I don't care for the superhero genre, so this was an easy choice for me. Rudy is great!

#28 2 years ago

I vote X-Men

I made a custom sound rom for fun, I think it's a little less shitty then the original music and voices.
+1 on the newton ball, it changes the game for the better.

LE Remix

pro remix

#29 2 years ago

very easy to choose... i admit funhouse is a positive nostalgia item, but the gameplay ... to resume very shortly : its a 3 shoots game
than if you're a collector, may be you'll go for FH

but if you're a player, without any doubt, X-MEN is the way to go, even more in LE version, the magnet-spindisc is a wonderfull gimmick
and with last code, this game is more than very good (no matter bad reputation it still gets nowadays)

#30 2 years ago

I own both and like both. This is not a real comparison as the games are very different -- Mid/Late Stern SAM vs very early WPC, different world of technology, themes, rules, and designers. Which one do I like more? Depends on the day. Some days it is WPC only, other days I feel like Stern only. You know what kind of game you like and it is pretty easy to find both to play so what do you like?

As far as cost goes -- XMLE is underrated (low for what you get) and FH is overrated (high for what you get). But, if you want a FH, you pay the price.

Of course, "Hey Bucko!" always makes me laugh as new players often think it said something else.

#31 2 years ago

Thx everyone! Still not sure which I would choose, but leaning towards funhouse. At any rate I’ve talked myself out of both for now. I have Munsters LE and Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle on order and already running out of space! Lol

#32 2 years ago

I'd choose X-Men (ideally the Magneto art package) over Funhouse, but would also like a Funhouse if someone offered me both! Funhouse is a true stylish classic.

#33 2 years ago

What are you paying for FH? I have a restored on that I will sell.

#34 2 years ago

FH was my first pin, many pins have come and gone since but Rudy has stayed and never gotten old, even when in a single pin setup. Has a great blend of rules, shots and humour.

X-Men I've only played once so don't have an opinion either way.

#35 2 years ago

Back in! Picking up funhouse tomorrow!

#36 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Back in! Picking up funhouse tomorrow!

Smart move.

#37 2 years ago

Would have done the same. Not uber popular sterns, are a pain in the *** to sell.

B/W's float all-day

#38 2 years ago

DIRTY HARRY was in the pool !?

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