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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

1 year ago

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Post #149 Deep Dive on features and all that is wonka Posted by pin2d (1 year ago)

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Post #1130 Latest code changelog Posted by LTG (1 year ago)

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#1093 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

It is an interesting complement to POTC. Very different game, and much more difficult requiring lots of response just to stay alive.
If POTC is a 10, and it is, I’d give this an 8 or 9.

But potc isn’t a 10... just sayin.

#1095 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Don’t make me downvote a friend!

You know I’ve owned it. I can have my opinion. We all do. Some love it, some don’t. It’s a good game. But it isn’t a 10. For instance I know you loved playing Alien at my house over Potc, don’t even lie. Lol

#1166 1 year ago

Went to Flippers Arcade in Grandy NC today. Only the second opportunity to play the game but it was a good series of games. Loving it and can not wait to receive my LE. Beat out all the current scores!

847F822D-85D0-4E87-B6C9-056A215DFA26 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#1489 1 year ago

Getting my Wonka LE tomorrow and TBL in the coming weeks and JP pro soon thereafter. Best month in pinball!

How many people have LE’s with working vs non working wonkavators?

#1491 1 year ago

How many balls does wonka use?

#1515 1 year ago

Do all the LE’s require virtual wonkavator lock? Is this a code issue?

#1542 1 year ago

Hey guys! New Wonka owner here. Arrived today. Game plays fine with 1 exception. Whenever the ball goes into the gobstopper hole it forces a ball search and then the ball is released and goes to the upkicker. Before the ball search it isn’t released. What should I do to fix this? What is the issue that’s happening.

4BFF8594-523C-43A5-8287-99D912D7C691 (resized).jpeg
#1546 1 year ago

I have 3 issues. 1. Gobstopper vuk doesn’t kick the ball to the upkicker. Has to ball search every time. I turned it off in the settings and so now I qualify by just hitting the gobstopper. Makes it easier but it’s a fix for now. 2. Diverter works 80% of the time but sometimes it does bounce back and then it comes back down the habittrail and doesn’t divert. 3. The wonkavator. Ball goes up there, counts and then it lets it go. The issue is the plastic rod that keeps the balls up there. When it goes to release it, it opens, the ball starts to roll down, and then closes but it closes on the ball and holds it up there indefinitely until I’m back to one ball and then ballsearch lets it go. 4. PF clear bubbles around the posts.... anybody help with #2 or 3? :/ sucks

#1547 1 year ago

Update: gobstopper vuk issue fix-increase release and vuk power by 2 each. Fires and released every time.

Wonkavator release. Increase milliseconds by 2-4. Works now.

Only remaining issue is diverter bounceback 20% of the time.

Pf issue

#1551 1 year ago

For the diverter, can they add a setting for diverter release time to keep the diverter down for a longer period and make it adjustable? That would solve the issue as when I look at it, it hits the diverter and bounced back, then the diverter goes back up and the ball comes down the wireform. If we could have the option to lengthen the diverter time by say 1/4 second increments, it would completely solve this issue.... anyone from JJP coding on here?

#1555 1 year ago

Y’all got some catching up to do. Only night 1, scores are looking good

Finishing installing all mods and pinstadiums. Got the game entirely working minus diverter.

Pics are scores, and pinstadiums on and off in my game room with no lights on.

77A5335D-2B15-4CB7-A324-EFB6BC3CEB16 (resized).jpeg7ABCBDB4-00FD-4EE8-9DEB-378B20A4315A (resized).jpeg60391C10-E219-4E89-AD27-1D03D203394D (resized).jpeg
#1557 1 year ago

Regarding the diverter issue. Could we use the trick from twilight zone? A mild magnet taped to the inside of the diverter flap that comes down?

#1559 1 year ago

Blew. IT. UP!!! Got 2 golden tickets and got to the office mini wizard mode, which is a freaking cool mode. Then I lost and got the coolest video/callout in the game! You lose, you get nothing, GOOD DAY SIR!!

Love this game!

B0641EBF-4521-44DC-A881-A642A0C32E9B (resized).jpeg
#1563 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinchild:

I sometimes feel pinstadium takes away from flashers and over all light show.
What are your thought with them on Wonka?
Thanks for any input

Hmm, I don’t have the opinion so hard for me to comment. They are integrated with the game so not sure how that could be. Either way, I love it with them on. For instance the office mode effect they were going for is much more dramatic since even more with it.

#1565 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinchild:

I'm assuming it the regual $279 pinstadium correct?
Hope so as I just ordered it.
Had them on Musters and looked great trouble was Musters was boring as all hell.
That's why I sold it

Yup regular one. I recommend, dark blue and pure white 75% on the white and 100 on the dark blue if you Play in the dark. Also I don’t use the flasher option. Keeps the game more original to the feel as you were saying.

#1569 1 year ago

Just a tip for all your pinball bro’s. If you wanna hit the spinner/special lock shot every time. Flip at almost the very top of the flipper right after the magnet releases. Been working on dialing it in and now I am at 80-90 percent success.

#1571 1 year ago

Damn you pinball gods.... this photo was at the end of ball 1.... I ended at 2.4

A0BA42CD-5F4E-49A5-97DF-EE4144C4B29E (resized).jpeg
#1587 1 year ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Damn man nicely done! I blew it up last night and GCed at 2.8 but damn I couldn’t get that second ticket.

I’ve cracked 4 million, I’ve been averaging between 1.5 and 2.5 and I have only got 2 tickets 1 time. That shit is harder than getting a good score lol. I feel like there should be 2 tickets for the modes. One for getting through half and the other for all of em.

#1596 1 year ago

My wonka LE totally modded out

3E3E97B1-73E1-4998-B5A0-FBFE8E6B9FFE (resized).jpeg5C09CA5B-0992-4C98-8955-5E162886A312 (resized).jpeg68282115-D820-4BD5-BF73-32FADACB7390 (resized).jpeg867ACC5E-972B-4688-88E8-3D1513B43ECA (resized).jpeg8F9BD270-4DD7-4F1F-8697-924E6D2682A0 (resized).jpeg
#1678 1 year ago
Quoted from SaintJonus:

You are correct sir, I forgot to mention I did also have to shave quite a bit off the inlane ring. Not the most cosmetic solution but it has worked great. The outlane drains are pretty much equal now.
[quoted image]

What did you use to shave the rubber down? Looking to do the same thing.

#1681 1 year ago

I’m happy with my LE purchase. Wouldn’t have gotten a CE. Instead I bought Jp Pro with that money.

I blew it up last night. 2 golden tickets, finished office and look at that bonus!

I believe the golden ticket requirements are too high. I am a pretty good player and after a game of 40 min this is all I had. I even hit a double gobstopper super jackpot (2 balls in the hole before it closes.). All together I had 3 gobstopper multiballs, 3 kid mb, 1 wonkavator and I finished the whole tour.

1F94A2C3-333C-4AD2-B166-EBC4A700E40A (resized).png9591BF67-DDE6-46B3-B805-A28112164317 (resized).jpeg
#1695 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

No issues with darkness at the back of my game, nor is my game dark at all. Trough and backboard lights have worked for me. I think the mirrors help too.[quoted image]

You play with lights on. Many of us don’t. Without lights on it is terribly dark. Mine has since been corrected and is much improved.

E290C574-AD6A-457C-9EEC-240BB0C1628A (resized).jpeg
#1699 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

My picture was taken in dim light, no flash. I dim the lights down low when I play. You will notice, however, that many of the inserts are lit when I took the pic whereas in your pic most inserts are off.
I'll see if I can get a pic of my game with the inserts off to compare

My photo is just when you hit the start button if that helps. Normal play.

#1709 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Ok, here's mine in a dimly lit room, start button pushed. A little dark in the middle, but not too bad.
I also posted a picture of the rubber on my left inlane. I trimmed it slightly to keep the ball from getting stuck.[quoted image][quoted image]

Did you use a razor blade or something else?

#1722 1 year ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Good grief I'm only 3 weeks of play into my SE and my right lower flipper rubber is nearly split open already. Anyone have any recommendations on what to use?

Blue Titan rubbers.

#1800 1 year ago

Everyone, please call Jenn or post on the support forum/claim about your issues with the diverter. Right now they do not believe us and say only 1 person has had issues.

#1810 1 year ago

I’d bet that many of you Are experiencing it but don’t realize it. That diverter diverts more often than you think. There are 2 issues right now that happen frequently, 1. The ball goes up the ramp fast and goes past the diverter before it even goes down and so you don’t even realize it should be diverted. And 2. The ball bounces against the diverter and then comes back down but the diverter has since gone back up.

This has happened on every wonka in my area including my own. I average 3-4 million a game. I know the rules very well and know exactly when it should be diverting and when it misses.

#1821 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

vivid - I hope one day one of your NIB games works well! I feel like if it's not wonka, it's alien or something else!

Yup, pretty much every game lol. Hopefully my TBL will work flawlessly

#1822 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

It should also divert when you light the spinner candy bars I believe.

Any many other times. For instance when you light super lock and when you complete gum targets to name a few of many.

#1850 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Here is what the connections look like.[quoted image][quoted image]

Is the cable pushed all the way in on the wonkavision? Unplug it and re insert

#1895 1 year ago

Adding a diverter test does nothing. Our diverter works. There is a functional issue with bounce back and another issue where it doesn’t come down quick enough. What we need is two adjustments made available in the code. Start time adjustment in ms. And length of time diverter stays active in 1/4 second increments.

#1899 1 year ago
Quoted from psexton:

I installed 1.10 and ran the diverter test. You can see it here in this video, it fails many times. Like the ball is pushing right through it.

Great! So we proved we have a problem we already knew we had.... :facepalm: when will they add settings to adjust like we actually need

#1923 1 year ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

You can't fix something without first having a reliable way of consistently testing it... You could take a sensible glass half-full attitude and assume this means that they are actively working on a fix for it.

I would have that if they didn’t pretend like a issue didnt exist when you call them.

#1931 1 year ago
Quoted from Weedlum:

The biggest thing I noticed was that the autolauncher kicks on much faster now. It's almost impossible to short plunge on a ball save, so I'm getting the ball in the pops much more often.

This is very much a negative. Having the ability to short plunge off the reload is great especially on a game when if a ball is autoplunged it has a 50/50 chance to go sdtm out the pops

#1995 1 year ago

Hey guys! After a week of ownership and no issues I got the dreaded ball trough spitting out balls at random. All the switches are recognizing the balls so I don’t have a solution. I’ve called Frank but no response yet. This sucks!

I just started a new stream on twitch. I’d love you all to come by and hang out! I will have wonka LE with direct audio and video, as well as this weekend I will be receiving JP pro and The Big Lebowski! So stop by, watch some pins, get drunk together and shoot me a follow if you enjoy it. Logo and overlays coming in the near future too!

The channel is DeathSaveArcade. Also can follow on Twitter @DeathSaveArcade or hit the notifications button on twitch to see when streams go live. I look forward to hopefully meeting lots of ya in there.

Now I am gonna call JJP again....

#1998 1 year ago
Quoted from Capn12:

Is your Twitch channel the same name as your Pinside username?

Hey bud, that twitch is me, yes. But the new stream will be under “DeathSaveArcade” there are 4 tests videos up from last night and today. I wouldn’t watch 1 or 2. But 3 is a good one on wonka. Fair warning, it’s a test so audio levels and things got tweaked after so it’s a little high. On test 4 we had the ball trough issues. Test 5 is tftc!

I will be getting logos and overlays etc, but I need to find someone to help me create those. The wonkavision will also be direct video as well in the future. My he splitter came faulty and couldn’t be used so it was only direct video and audio on the main screen. I have the same setup as Deadflip from his stream guide so the quality of video and audio is high. I will have direct audio and video whenever possible.

Look forward to seeing more of ya and hanging out together!

#2000 1 year ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

is your ball jam opto active too? if the machine thinks that this opto (ball jam) is being activated, then it will try to clear the jam by sending out another ball. it is switch 6 i believe.

Nope, that one is yellow. Not green.

#2010 1 year ago
Quoted from adamross:

Happy to report I've had very little issues out of the box.

Took over a 2 weeks for my trough boards to start not working properly. :/

#2051 1 year ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Anyone try getting the other ones? How do you get the "Kid Multiball" one?
How about the "Wonkavator Multiball" one? The rule sheet just says "complete wonkavator multiball." How do you do that?
And the Gumball machine ticket seems to be the easiest, if that's the "lost ticket" they're talking about.
Starting all the factory modes seems tough, but doable.
Gobstopper jackpots also seems tough, but doable.

The two I get the most are the random one and completing the factory tour. The man requirements are steep

#2089 1 year ago

Hey Pinheads and fellow Wonka mates.

Death Save Arcade will be streaming the new code for Willy Wonka pinball tonight at 10PM eastern. Stream will be in 1080p with direct audio and video. Come hang out with us!

Also follow us on Twitter @DeathSaveArcade for the latest updates on future streams, events and announcements.

This Saturday and Sunday we will be streaming Stern’s newest pin Jurassic Park Pro.

I hope you all come and hang out with me while we try to best my 4.8 million GC

#2091 1 year ago
Quoted from Weedlum:

I did it! I got a third golden ticket! It was a fantastic award too that really boosted my final score. Final score was 8.3 million. I’ve put a few hours in with the latest code and the diverter hasn’t missed once. I love when things like that can be fixed with software. I’m really loving this game!

When you say fantastic reward, can you clarify? Is there another mini wizard?

#2189 1 year ago
Quoted from JediPimp:

Also, what are people's feeling towards Willy Wonka vs Dialed in? I'm actually a bit conflicted on which LE I should get???? Would like to hear from owners!

I’ve owned both, I feel both are similar in ways, but the overall package is more
Together on wonka imo. I’ve own all jjps. I’d never trade a wonka le for a dialed in. I’ll leave it at that.

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