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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

7 months ago

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#78 7 months ago

In for an SE. Can't wait to see it. Wife might even be more excited than I am, which is great to see!

#103 7 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

I’m in the same boat for a SE and my wife wants it more then I do. She already said I need to start selling off games to get it. I just don’t like spending that kind of money on a game. Never paid more then $5000 for a game before.

I have about 10K budget for the whole collection, so this is a huge bulk of that. Recently got lucky on a few buy/sell deals, and tax season was nice to me, so we sold our Deadpool and are spending our refund on it. It isn't easy to find the $ for it, but its good to know, that, currently, right now in the hobby, the games hold their value well.

#237 7 months ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

Hoping someone comes up with an aftermarket gobstopper plunger. Love the look of the one on the CE.

Already asked if JJP would install one in my SE. no dice it sounds like.

#241 7 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Will be super easy and cheap to make ..

Quoted from MikeS:

You'll have you're choice of about 5 aftermarket ones that look and play identical.

Looking forward to seeing the mods for this one.

#244 7 months ago

I am working with Buffalo Pinball to help them cut out some highlights from their live stream, including Pat Lawlor's first livetreamed play of any game, a GC game by Keith Johnson, and an in close camera highlight walkthrough with Joe Katz. Links coming...

1 week later
#390 6 months ago

I'm only quiet because I am both excited and trying to temper that excitement. I've watched the livestreams a few times, looked over the TWIP article and heard just about every podcast discuss the topic. I've learned a few things:

Since I was not in the hobby during the dark days of Stern/Sega clip art or photos thrown on a playfield, I am not bothered by that as much as some. I also worked in the comic book industry for a time and dealt with licensing issues both as a licensee and someone protecting an IP. it can be very tiresome. I can appreciate the need to simplify the art to not ruffle any of the IP owner's feathers, especially if multiple owners need to approve it.

SO, with all that said, it sounds like a lot of folks that haven't been in front of the machine don't love the art, especially on the SE due to it being the logo. I don't want to share my opinion on the game until I see it in person and I will in 1 week. I got in for the SE on the announcemnt day, and hope to get it in the first batch. WIfe is super pumped and it looks like it will be a family favorite, as long as it shoots well.

1 week later
#452 6 months ago

See those @themodcouple mods?

1 week later
#457 6 months ago

Amazing stream by Karl on his IEPINBALL twitch page: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/425409636

During the stream, he blows it up for 1.4mil.

2 weeks later
#475 5 months ago

spoke to my distributor and they said JJP is aware of the posts issue on PotC and have rectified it for products going forward so it won't be a Wonka issue. Also, i'm going to buy that factory mod. beautiful.

#487 5 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I was just asked by my distributor to pay the remainder now, with games shipping in 2-4 weeks (but not guaranteed). This is a new policy by JJP to guarantee distributors don't cancel game orders.

That's an awesome sign! I am hoping to receive a similar email from PbS

#492 5 months ago

I have killed quite a few fish

1 week later
#502 4 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Anyone received an SE yet? Wonka code updated yet?

Nothing has shipped officially, but I believe JJP may post an update on production in the next few days.

#509 4 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I did the exact same, except I picked/picking up a Deadpool LE and ACNC instead.

I sold my Deadpool PRo to fund Wonka. Excellent game and would be a keeper if I had infinite room/funds. Daughter found DP scary (she's 4 so it's reasonable). Candy is more friendly. Can't wait for my standard Wonka.

#521 4 months ago

Picking mine up this week! IT'S Happening!

giphy (resized).png
#529 4 months ago

ill post tomorrow

#531 4 months ago

On the road to Wonka in about an hour!

E9060B28-3F97-4573-8F88-4643A8ED6051 (resized).jpeg
#532 4 months ago

Let’s go! #wonka

D462E914-52AB-46D1-9D09-7EAF24241696 (resized).jpeg
#536 4 months ago

Got it! Heading home. Jack and Jen couldn’t be nicer. I didn’t even know i’d Get to chat with Jack which was a pleasure.

73EDA95C-F2EA-4301-91F4-774503440456 (resized).jpeg879FB231-AC89-4B99-A11C-8E6D5D095FCF (resized).jpegAFA7AD3E-74BA-4B01-A524-91684B00C792 (resized).jpeg48006E42-EE7A-4B93-B7D5-DFA1F979E0B8 (resized).jpegC5869932-0C08-4BCA-8751-1B1BA494BE0A (resized).jpeg
#539 4 months ago

And it’s in!

3E1E489D-6BA9-441C-8001-59A998FF9798 (resized).jpeg4886C7A5-F31F-4AE4-8DA3-2485FDF4F8D2 (resized).jpegDE4F8C26-01A7-42E5-B40E-8A78D62FEF03 (resized).jpegFEC9AC0E-1552-4933-86F5-F59D1AF934B3 (resized).jpeg
#545 4 months ago

Come watch day 1 with Wonka on www.twitch.tv/Habermania !

#549 4 months ago
Quoted from thecashier76:

I really enjoyed your stream, Thanks!

No prob! Thanks for popping in!

#554 4 months ago

Here's the archive of the standard running 1.07 code on a production model. Sorry for the light glare over the wonkavision. it was light escaping the backglass.

Thoughts -
Willy Wonka Standard - Day 1 running 1.07 code.

Flow for shots to the ramps is silky smooth, while upper playfield flippers will take some getting used to, but lead to some of the most rewarding shots on games. Most notably is the left upper flipper shot into the upper right spinner.

Light show, callouts and modes/shots are very diverse and numerous. I heard 6 to 8 different callouts when starting a ball, a bunch of of and parents lines that led to some chuckles and smiles.

The best thing about the game is the way it shoots, then the way it presents itself during play, and I would at its weakness might only be it’s narrative. You sometimes are not aware of a multiplier or hurry up that is active cuz there is so much going on.

All and all happy and struggled to stop playing. I generally don’t play anything for more than an hour or so, and put 4+ hours on the game yesterday.

10/10 from me and everything I was hoping for in the game + more.

My favorite mode right now is Oompa Loompa Mania. Amazing light show and is the Oompa Loompa song playing. Lights are all red and green. So neat!

#561 4 months ago

Anyone getting the mods, if so, I’d love to see the wonkavator installed on a Standard.

#593 4 months ago

Wife and I are enjoying the game. I am amazed how much of the modes/kid shots/multiballs stack. I haven't got a good sense of it yet, but you can get a lot going at once.

it seems the info is almost always on the backglass. To come up with good strategies for points or progress, I might recommend 1 player at a time, with other players reading info as it appears on the screen.

It will become easier over time, but there is a lot in this one!

#595 4 months ago

Livestream tonight - Ken, Bill, and Steve are streaming Willy Wonka Pinball (latest code 1.07) tonight at 7pm CST. Jack Guarnieri will be LIVE on the call-in line

- twitch.tv/flipnoutpinball

Just FYI

1 week later
#924 4 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Air ball snapped camera at the base and Oompa lost a hand.
Temp hack job fix is completed . Keep playing!
[quoted image][quoted image]

MINE BROKE THE EXACT SAME WAY! What a coincidence!

1 month later
#2255 71 days ago

it seems my Wonka is turning every multiball into a 6 ball multiball. it is not every time, but it is quite often. It is losing track of how many ball sare in play as well, ending multiball while there are two ball in play (during these constant feed mutliballs.) what could be causing this?

#2273 70 days ago

Thanks for the response. All 6 trough lights are lit with balls in them, and not when balls are not in them. On code 1.13. trough jam does not light. No "ghost" trough lights when I tap on the playfield.

Quoted from KingPinGames:

go into your test menu and then tests>switch tests. check to see if you trough optos are working correctly. are all 6 lit? is the jam opto lit? remove the balls from the game and then use the palm of your hand to tap on the playfield. you are looking to see if the optos register when there are none in there. if you have a trough opto issue, then contact your distributor to get a replacement.

1 week later
#2373 62 days ago

Had an update for my crazy multiballs post: seems the trough boards are wacky. JJP is sending me new ones. Didn't mind 6 ball multiball on every multiball, but it was really a cheap way to blow up my scores. Also, I am hoping they have replacement camera toys soon. I cracked mine with an airball the first week i had the game and had to remove the Oompa/camera toy cuz it was sagging onto the upper ramp.
Had excellent support thus far for my issues though and my SE is getting a lot of play.

1 month later
#2843 28 days ago

Is there a list fo the rubbers used on Wonka that i can reference? Looking to buy replacement sets and build a set on titan.

#2945 22 days ago

anyone know the rubber sizes used on Wonka? Gotta replace a few soon.

1 week later
#3043 14 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

LTG : )[quoted image]

really hoping Standard owners can get this. I blew up the camera because of air balls

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