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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

2 years ago

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#6388 1 year ago

I still need to read this entire thread (on page 50 so far), so this may have been said. I love the game, and I dig the rules, but they could use some tweaking.

For example, wouldn’t the game be so much better if you were awarded a Golden Ticket for scoring an Oompah Loompah Odyssey Super Jackpot? So as a reward you basically can get to Wonka’s Office? That’s a hard SJP. That’s 11 jackpots! Not only worthy of an award but something special. That puts Wonka’s Office within reach in every game, but still highly unlikely to get to. I’ve played hundreds of games and qualified WO twice, played it once. And I’m a decent player! That’s not enough. Either that or make the first GT award selectable by making a playfield shot before collecting, (WO or OLO) or make one or the other mode random. But I prefer earning it via OLO. It’s an easy choice. It makes sense.

By making this change, you open up the game just a sliver to achieve Golden Tickets. You give the player a better chance to get deeper into the game, and the game a little more breadth. Always a good thing.

Here’s another: if you successfully complete all the Captive Ball Award combo modes, you get a Golden Ticket. These modes are kinda afterthoughts, usually coming when a bunch of other shit is happening. They are low scoring/reward and very low priority. Also low probability. But a Golden Ticket payoff would make them an adrenaline rush.

Getting deep in the game should be more accessible. Not necessarily easier, but more accessible. I think the achievements for Wizard Mode are just too hard, particularly so with the factory set up. The game needs a jolt. The PLAYERS need a break.

Throw us a bone JJP!

This game is obviously terribly misunderstood, because I think it’s one of the most amazing pinball creations I’ve ever seen. With some rule tweaks it could be a true masterpiece.

#6391 1 year ago
Quoted from brandsilence:

I don't think this would make the game better for me. as you said, that's a hard SJP. i have seen WO many many times but only got that SJP once. I'd have more motivation to nail it with the WO reward, but it would also create a roadblock of sorts that would require the player to play more than one odyssey to advance (assuming the SJP is not achieved at first play). I think that would make the odyssey mode more annoying than anything, getting "stuck" there would be a frustration.
I do think there are ways to improve the code, but this wouldn't be one that i'd choose.

I’m not saying OLO SJP would be the only way to earn the second golden ticket and get to Wonkas Office. I’m saying it would be in addition to all the other ways to earn Golden Tickets. No getting stuck at all.

#6451 1 year ago

Ok, still in the honeymoon phase, but WOW! What a game. A million ways to approach, so satisfying. And today - twice - I looked up and the audio was synced to the video. When grandpa burps during “Fizzy” and Willy Dubs during Wonkavator. So suck it Kaneda!

It’s my first JJP, and I’m sorry, but the overall experience of this game is an order of magnitude more impressive than what Stern delivers. And I like Stern games. Stern makes great games and provides a fantastic pinball experience.

But JJP is in a different league.

Hey, does anyone know if CE’s or LE’s have different code? I’ve seen streams where there’s a woman’s voice making callouts?

#6474 1 year ago

Anybody notice the screen brown out sometimes - just for an instant - when ripping the spinner for serious Wonka bars?

Also notice the screen sometimes goes whitish for a brief moment , as in a blurry camera freeze frame for no apparent reason. Often when a lot is going on.

Suggestion: when lots of things are going on - especially modes - don’t stop everything just to show the “ball x locked” for Gobstopper ball locks. I’d rather see the end of my mode - and my score - than the same graphic I’ve seen a million times.

#6526 1 year ago

Holy cow what a game! This game is stunning in its design and integration. Unlike anything I’ve ever played.

Got 11,700,000 last night, almost doubling my former high score. Finally got a third ticket. Only got a second ticket for the third time. I’m still finishing Wonka’s Office way too soon (by hitting the TV, not by draining).

The sheer amount of ways to play this game is mind boggling. I was getting so many adrenaline rushes last night chasing different objectives and this was before my huge score game.

And you need to bring your A game to Wonka. I had a couple sub 100k games last night too! Challenging!

***Hey, is there a trick to connecting an external sub? I went with the cheap 60W Monoprice powered sub and it’s not working using the typical alligator flip on the cab speaker technique. What might I be missing? Thanks in advance.

#6538 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

That's a very good score! And I couldn't agree more. This game took a beating from the Pinside brigades over BS issues, but those of us who didn't listen to them found a really great game.

I dismissed Wonka early due to the bad pub. Didn’t want to spend big money for a disappointing game with poor theme integration. Boy. What a crock! This game is amazeballs, and a totally unique pinball experience. I love it.

#6551 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Wow, amazing score. What are you focusing on? With so many things going on in this game it’s hard to concentrate on one thing. At the moment I’m trying to complete as many kids as possible for a good kid multiball stack. But that’s not really paying off in points.
No idea how to get tickets or what they do - need to read up on that. But I’ve only seen one.

Wonka is challenging because it’s so hard to focus on just one thing. I’m a little ADD too, which makes it worse. But IMO, to get a good score you should try to execute a strategy you plan in advance. Even if it’s as simple as don’t collect at the TV unless you have all three majors lit. OR, maybe the opposite, collect whenever you have any major kit.

But I’ve been focusing on Kid multiballs, and best if I can get a multiplayer on the mode. I’m also trying to load up on Wonka Bars early (unlit left lane to super spinner). And I’m also now conscious NOT to collect good computer awards early. The upper target by the right flipper will change the award, so I don’t collect “hold bonus” or “15 second ball saver” early. Those two seem to be in the first 3-5 awards, and they’re kinda useless on the first ball.

Of course if you happen to start a MB, go for it! Especially if you can play one while lucrative computer awards are running (like Dots or Candy Man or Wonka Bar Craze).

The game is like Sybil. So many personalities. I imagine highly disciplined tournament players can blow this game sky high, but I’ll bet the rest of us are going to get distracted by whatever cool thing happens next. Which is constant in Wonka.

The more you understand the rules the easier it is to plan a strategy. Executing that strategy is another thing entirely!

#6552 1 year ago

Any insights as to why my external sub isn’t working?

#6590 1 year ago

Does the multiplier impact super spinner Wonka bar collection?

#6612 1 year ago
Quoted from mikepmcs:

Short answer is no. This was Joe Katz' reply when someone else asked the exact question you are asking as I understand it.
Question: @PinballKatz if you combine Super Spinner with Super X (let’s say SuperX 3x), will it collect 3 Wonka Bars per spin during the time when these two things run concurrently?
Joe's answer: Super x will only effect scoring for super spinner right now not bars collected. edit recalling a conversation we had at one time regarding this exact situation and we deemed it to powerful.
That was July 2019 and I'm not aware of any update increasing or changing this.
Some stuff on Wonka Bars:
-Shooting the left ramp will award 1 Wonka Bar, shooting the right ramp will collect 2 Wonka Bars, while shooting the center ramp will collect 3 Wonka Bars. Along with the aforementioned features, Wonka Bars also determine scoring during the Computer Ticket mode “Wonka Bar Craze”. Along with being shown on the display, the numbers in front of the left lane correspond to the number of Wonka Bars that you’ve collected.
-If Super Spinner is qualified, each spin will collect a Wonka Bar.
-Super Spinner: For 30 seconds, every spinner hit will collect 1 Wonka Bar.
-I think the only time it registers over 1 bar a spin is in one of the awards: 2x Wonka Bar.
2x Wonka Bars: For 30 seconds, all Wonka Bar collects will be worth 2x their normal amount (ie. left ramp is 2, right ramp is 4 and center ramp is 6 Wonka Bars). This also means that the left lane - "inner loop combo will score 2 Wonka Bars a spin!"

Thx. Good info.

In “Wonka Bar Craze”, I take it you need to hit the ramps that are flashing. But what do you get, exactly? What is the scoring/bar collection?

#6613 1 year ago
Quoted from MightyRipples:So you have to get 1 jackpot of every kid, then a super jackpot (which is lit after collecting 5 kid jackpots in a single kid multi ball), and a double jackpot (the upper middle ramp shot at least 1x) a total of 7 shots, but it can be very difficult cause you must get them while staying in multiball. As long as you hit the kids specific jackpot 1x while they are in your kid multiball, you have collected their jackpot.
Hope this helps!

Ive earned the Kid GT once. I’m pretty sure that any combination of Kid jackpots contributes to the Super Jackpot lighting. When playing a MB with 2 Kids or more.

I’ve seen it lit fairly often.

Game is a goddamn delight.

#6614 1 year ago
Quoted from frobozz:

Have you tried Game Settings -> Golden Tickets -> Random Golden Ticket Modes ?

This would be really terrific.

#6624 1 year ago

Damn, last night Wonka kicked my ass with extreme prejudice. I’ve had the game a couple months now (I think? Has it been that long?) and last night every other ball seemed to drain out if the pops.

It’s been worse lately, which makes me think I’ve moved the game a little and have upset the balance I had that made those pops drains less frequent.

But I went to bed with my tail between my legs last night.

This is the first game I’ve ever owned where I literally keep pushing start because it’s kicking my ass so bad and I hate the idea of finishing on a bad game. Lol.

#6634 1 year ago

For some reason I flail miserably on MBs on this game. Can’t control anything!

#6638 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Welcome to my world lately. I played a bunch over the weekend, probably 20 games and didnt get close to being over 500,000. This machine is the king of drains! Its a love-hate relationship haha.

I had a friend over this weekend. He’s a very good player and often puts his initials up on my games. He absolutely got worked by Wonka! I found it amusing to say the least. And he couldn’t stop hitting start. While I watched football, he played for about 2.5 hours straight! Another new fan who now sees how underrated this game is.

#6659 1 year ago

Sorry to see the chipping. This isn’t very helpful (I know) but I’m sure there’s a way to minimize the visual blemishes of in a way that won’t be noticeable unless you’re up close looking at it.

In general, I think that if you have pooling I think you’re taking a chance removing the star posts. You’re risking the art coming up. We’ve seen it before and JJP warned against it.

Mine has some pooling. But I came to a conclusion. I’m not going to worry about it. Can’t see it when I’m playing and I can t see it when I’m sitting on my couch admiring how beautiful this machine is. Plus, not one person that has played it has ever said “what’s up with that teeny tiny circle around that post there?”. They can’t see it and they don’t care. Seriously.

If my playfield starts chipping I’ll reevaluate my feelings. But at that point, what? Rage at the world? I’m not saying these playfield issues are Ok, because they’re not. But I’m not going to let this get the better of me. For me, Wonka is sooooooooo good, I’d be missing out if I didn’t own the game, especially for something this minor.

For example, I have a buddy with an IJ. It’s in decent shape, overall better than “players quality. But there some paint missing - from wear - right down the middle, a couple inches above the flipper gap. Guess what? No one even notices it until you start looking for flaws in purpose. And even then it doesn’t jump out at you. Naturally it doesn’t impact game play one bit.

Frankly, these games often have much bigger issues - that do impact gameplay - so I’m not going to worry about the pooling. YMMV.

#6666 1 year ago

Do you have to glue the clear “pipes” material to the grooves in the red pieces? Mine have come loose and I need to fix? Seems like gluing is the only way. ?

#6731 1 year ago

I just wrote a glowing paean to Wonka’s LCD screen in another thread, and started wondering if the screen shows progress on Kid and Wonkavator MBs? Who’s jackpots you’ve hit, how many SJs, etc? Like the Gobstoppers indicated how many supers you e achieved?

I know “instant info” will tell you these things, but the LCD probably could too. Does it?

Oh, and the music doesn’t get old for me at all. In fact I like it for the fact it’s pretty low key and pleasant. Not an ear worm.

The whole game it s just a delight. Totally different vibe than any other game, including WOZ. Outside of the “magical theme” essence of both games - and the lighting - they are totally different games in my opinion.

1 week later
#6863 11 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Not even close. Tires are an expected wear item, that are supposed to be changed at frequent intervals. A play field is not.

Umm, then why do companies exist that make replacement playfields?

#6869 11 months ago

The pooling I noticed on mine - including the “post ironing pooling” - still hasn’t resulted in chipped art and still doesn’t negatively affect game play. So I’m still not worrying about it.

There’s no way I’m removing a star post at this point. That’s asking for trouble.

#6879 11 months ago

I’m seeing a lot of Gobstoppers with little chips in the paint - including mine. Totally unnoticeable until you look right at it - and for it - but still annoying.

if anyone knows suitable touch up paints - in the right colors - can you please post?

#6913 11 months ago

Can you please:

Make the point values bigger for:

oompah loompah hurry up jackpot
Storeroom combo mini modes (like dairy cream. Etc)
WonkaTania Mania
World record gum chewing
Inventing Room
Scrumdiliumpscious combos

As is, they really aren’t worth the trouble.

#6935 11 months ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

I support this. There are so many potentially great modes that just fall flat because they are too much risk for almost no reward. Wonkatania Mania is incredible, especially with a shaker motor, yet it barely registers more points than a half decent spinner hit and no bonus for making it to the end (which should be huge, given the difficulty).
These modes need their own high score portraits too. Dots Dots Dots has a h.s. but Wonkatania Mania doesn't? Blasphemy.
I really hope the game gets a major code update/ rework soon. It deserves it.

Totally. The WonkaTania mode could be a legit risk/reward. Each ramp shot could double (1k, 2k, 4K, 8k, 16k, etc.) and instead of awarding points the points accumulate to a super jackpot that is cashable somewhere (gob or TV maybe). The more ramps you hit the higher it goes, but you lose everything if you don’t cash it out before “stop the boat”. You can cash in supers as many times as you want, but the ramp values will always drop back to the minimum, making it far less valuable to collect multiple Supers instead of a big one at the end.

And if you cash it in with a full left orbit through the pops, it’s a double Super, but if you miss, it resets.

Damn, I like it.

#6940 11 months ago

All the hard boyz getting all worked up over LZ, Alien and GnR...when the best game around has a picture of Gene Wilder on it!

#6953 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Open a service ticket on our website and we can send you one.

There a plastic over the captive ball? Mine doesn’t have one.

#6968 11 months ago
Quoted from paulbaptise:

Any recommendations for adding light to the playfield?
I have a few spotlights from Comet I'd like to add. Assuming I can just tie into the coin door? Any suggestion regarding placement or wiring?

Lermods Check the marketplace. He’ll fix you up.

#6977 11 months ago
Quoted from Elvishasleft:

Interested in picking up a Wonka standard if priced reasonably.
No real rush so just putting it here in case anyone decides to sell in the near future.

yeah you are! Best game ever!

1 week later
#7009 11 months ago

My son bought me the Wonka smokestack top as a gift and it’s a must have mod. Game should have come with it!

So simple, and such a nice touch.

#7012 11 months ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Which manufacture did you get?? Think there is at least two. Was thinking about the modcouples version. I’m thinking about modding mine. So far only added mirror blades but since this game is a keeper, wife plays it daily, might as well add a few mods here and there.

Pretty sure it’s mod couple. It’s the one I pointed him to on Pinside. It’s the only one I know of.

#7013 11 months ago
Quoted from erikgilby:

zaphx would you recommend putting the mylar and washers on a new machine as a preventative measure, even if no pooling is evident? If so, would you please share the links to buying those? I have a NIB Wonka coming in about a week, and I'm still trying to piece together from the thread the best way to protect it. All other thoughts and comments are welcome. Thanks!

Has everyone that’s done this confirmed the pooling hasn’t returned? Some did on mine. I wouldn’t touch a post unless something chips.

#7028 11 months ago

I find my camera also leaves something to be desired. Curious if they’re using an inferior model than before?

#7030 11 months ago
Quoted from mikepmcs:

I feel you should be ending all your posts with "know what I'm sayin" and then giggle Scottie P style.
I read everyone of your posts in his voice.

that character was hysterical. That movie was a very pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed it. Funny as hell!

Nom Sayin”?

#7035 10 months ago
Quoted from mikepmcs:

I found this. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/jjp-hobbit-hd-screen-vs-jjp-hd-wonka-screen
I haven't noticed any issues or lack of color with my lcd to be honest. That doesn't help you but mine must be adjusted differently than yours. Hopefully you can adjust it to your liking.
Page b-4 in manual states it is under the tests tableau. Full Menu >Tests>Displays.
b-16 in manual explains it in a little more detail. Looks to be some adjustments available.
Hope you get it sorted.

I feel like both my screens aren’t at optimal contrast. Is there a way to tweak the Wonkavidion?

I’m 6’ and my viewing angle of the large LCD while standing and playing isn’t at the optimum level. The LCD looks better if I lower myself so as my eyes are directly in front of it. But I’d need to sit for that, and then I can’t see the upper skill shot or flipper.

1 week later
#7150 10 months ago

Well, it happened to me. A little chip - about 25% of a fingernail - on my Playfield. Oddly, next to a post that wasn’t pooling. The non star post - under the small plastic- by the Factory target. Sigh.

Not in the players view, thank goodness, but I’d like to repair.

What’s the drill? I think the chip will fit back in the spot it chipped from. Advice on what to do? Does JJP provide any chip kits?

#7152 10 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Don't bother with JJP. They'll just tell you to keep playing your game and silently laugh at you.

I love the game so much, maybe they’d do me a good trade in for an LE?

#7174 10 months ago
Quoted from leaffan67:

I always thought I would figure it out, but i give up. What is the pink pipe telling me? 3500 points for what? It starts at nothing but I have seen it as high as 5000.
Love the game. Love it.
[quoted image]

Would love to know this too!

#7183 10 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

If I remember correctly it is the value for jackpots in Oompa Loompa Odyssey.

that can’t be right. OLO usually cashes out at over 200k if you don’t collect the super. 9 jackpots X 3,500 is barely 35,000 points.

#7184 10 months ago
Quoted from pinaholic:

What's the going rate on a pinball sale for someone selling Willie Wonka?

Whatever it is, it’s going up by the day!

#7185 10 months ago

There quite a few things that could be polished up on this game, If they’re planning a code update.

One thing that would help the game IMO is lighting extra ball for every Golden ticket obtained, starting with #2. If you don’t cash that ball, it’s gone.

How else are we gonna finish the damn game?

#7199 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Gotcha thanks! So just that post under (ish) the mushroom. Will give that a try tonight thanks!

Please report back on results. More date better!

#7210 10 months ago
Quoted from SBrothers:

Yeah I know you get a coin for cycling through the info, but I usually gain the gumball golden ticket via all the other random coin awards.
I wish the instant info could be set to come up after one flipper is seen cradling a ball and the alternate flipper is activated two or three times.

Agreed. The instant info menu needs work. I don’t think you can switch the “hold” to go back (left) either. And each screen times out! Wtf? So if you miss what you want you need to start over.

#7237 10 months ago

For the captive ball, what do the numbered inserts with the candy canes score? I thought they’d give you “x” pieces of candy, per the number. But that doesn’t seem to be it. An answer to this will also answer my second question: what does the “increase captive ball value” computer award do?

I’d really like to see an update to a lot of the scoring and have there be a way to extend the main timers the multipliers.

#7241 10 months ago
Quoted from Skipnatty:

It is just the score value of the captive ball in both instances. Also you can extend mode timers by hitting the wonka factory tower standup if that's what you mean.

I know computer award modes can be extended (by collecting the next computer award). But can a multiplier countdown be extended? Ive never seen this.

#7267 10 months ago

Rubber makes a difference.

Play versus aesthetics? I put on some of the candy flipper toppers and paired them with new white titan flipper rubber and the bottom flippers now look gorgeous. But they play lousy.

The game had “perfect play” rubber when I bought it, which I know play a lot different - usually softer and easier to control - than regular rubber. Id put some on MM in place of the factory black rubber and they made the game a lot easier. I generally don’t like the feel of them - barely any bounce! - so I put the original red rubber back on Wonka and wow, what a difference. So much more lively - they even make JJP flippers seem more powerful - and the right ramp was so much easier to hit. I have to imagine that this is exactly how Lawler designed the game. So if you’re using different rubber you might be making the game harder than he intended.

Back to the white titans. I can barely make the right ramp shot now! The shot has to be perfectly timed to make it now, making the game that much harder. It’s so obvious to me. Do other people experience this massive difference in play between some after market “rubbers” and the real deal?

I think I’m going back to the red. Boring. Less sexy. Truly OG. But better performance.

#7272 10 months ago

Nah. Just like the clip of the Wonkavator busting through the glass factory roof. That’s about as realistic as you can get. No improving that one!

1 week later
#7346 10 months ago

Hell yes recommended. Awesome integration!

#7349 10 months ago

Someone in the DeepRoot thread actually posted something along the lines of “with RAZA xtra at $8k, I’m not really seeing $500 of extra value over Wonka SE”.


I actually feel bad for people that are missing out on WW because they think it’s a bad them integration or a game for grandmas or whatever. In my top 5 all time and probably higher when it’s all said and done. Chipping playfield and all.

#7359 10 months ago

I think the only way anyone is breaking 10M is by cashing the third ticket, which raises your bonus potential (200 Wonka Bars awarded) by an order of magnitude. I’ve done it once, and score around 12M.

#7425 9 months ago

Anyone have an opinion on the best Gobstopper shooter mod? There are three that I know of. Thx.

#7439 9 months ago
Quoted from Kidkoffee:

I have the Hallmark Oompa Loompa installed in the shooter lane. Helps hide the wires on the factory ramp and my kids think it looks like he’s holding up the glass lol. Found mine on eBay for under $10 I believe...[quoted image]

That oompah loompa is great and if I can find one around that price I’ll buy one for sure. Good get!

#7489 9 months ago
Quoted from naf_llabnip:

Now that I have the left "cheater post" installed in the upper position, the outlane drains feel pretty balanced. But I noticed that the right lane has an upper post that looks adjustable, and from the factory comes in the most "difficult" setting. Anyone played with that right lane post adjustment (lowering should make it "easier")?

I’m curious about this too. I’ve left mine as I bought it, which has the charter post in the low position in the outer left lane and the right side lanes at factory.

1 week later
#7568 9 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

The jjp ones aren't out yet. These streamers have the final pre release units.
Should be in the pinmonk store on pinside and on pinmonk.com in about 10 days. Spike and spooky kits are already out.

How much play time does it take until the flippers start to fade?

#7630 9 months ago

It will be very interesting to see if Wonka gets a code update and what they change. There are lots of little improvements that might be made plus some spit and polish here and there.

Hopefully, just like I keep learning new things about how to play the game even after 4 months, the code guys have learned stuff too. And are willing to make some updates.

#7635 9 months ago
Quoted from NickyRicky:

Finally played an SE onsite tonight... Holy dark play field! Not sure I could get used to that. Back field felt like I was shooting into the abyss.

Very easy to remedy. Many modded light packages available, and described in this thread. Lermods makes a kit that lights up the game tastefully.

#7685 9 months ago

25M? Dayyumm! Nice score!

I may start a thread on all of Wonka’s special pinball “moments”. Here’s what I can think of:

WonkaTania Mania
Oompah Loompah Odyssey
Start of Wonkavator MB
Wonka’s office light and LCD show

Plus an honorable mention for when you get into those candy colored computer modes when the candy is falling from the LCD screen and the game just lights up.

What else is there? And please, no spoilers. Please don’t describe too much on modes found later in the game. Just acknowledge existence, without too much description.

#7687 9 months ago


This game had a chance to be EPIC! I had all kinds of shit going on in tandem with Wonkavator MB, and I was jamming. I was pretty sure id nailed a ball into the Gob, but the MB was mayhem. And then a couple balls drained and all of a sudden I had no balls, but the game was clearly still going. I frantically searched the playfield. Was one stuck somewhere? All my timers went to zero. All my momentum gone.

I had, in fact, jammed two balls into the Gob, and they were both stuck at the Vuk. I opened the coin door and manually kicked the first ball up to shooter lane, and resumed play, but at that point I kind of forgot where I was. Drained soon after.

Still had a couple balls left, and played OK. It was confusing, because I was playing through multiple factory tour modes for the second time but hadn’t yet fished everything once. After playing about 17 factory modes (im including the multipliers here) I finally managed to to complete the factory tour for second gold ticket. I was in the middle of my second 5 way kid MB, and Wonka’s office was waiting for me.

I drained 4 balls simultaneously and ended the game about 5 seconds after lighting the second ticket.


Got 1.2M in bonus on last ball. Sweet.

Wonka is a pretty decent game. I can never fully enjoy it because JJP changed the name of “brat MB” to “kid MB” which is an unforgivable sin. That and making the entire game revolve around collecting Wonka Bars. I mean, really? Wonka Bars??
7DCCA618-B058-41B5-B570-5D77EAA2D7A9 (resized).jpeg

#7707 9 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

It's really about collecting Kid jackpots. Wonka bars are a side quest but it's all about getting the kid jackpots while also working the gobstopper, factory and wonkavator goals.

Im referencing when the game was first released and a primary criticism - which was ignorant and incorrect - was that the main goal of the game was collecting Wonka Bars.

Wonka Bars are a small fraction of the game. They are your bonus, and nothing more. Elegant in a way, and a throw back to when you knew exactly how your bonus was collected and it counted down at the end of your ball.

Compare that to most games nowadays, where there’s no explanation of where bonus comes from? It a freaking mystery most of the time. You can’t play for bonus, because you don’t know where it comes from, which takes away bonus strategy and makes it kind of meaningless.

#7709 9 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

For oompa loompa odyssey super jackpot you have to collect all of the regular jackpots first. To do this, start with tackling the difficult shots while you have ball saver on and just focus on one ball. Then when ball saver is off, hold one ball while picking off the rest of the jackpots.

Isn’t the SJP shot the inner loop to the left of the Wonka Vision? And that lights the red shots foe more points?

#7714 9 months ago

My last game I had 600k bonus with bonus held. $1.2M!

#7717 9 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Not to get into a pissing contest but what would my bonus be when I had 406 Wonka bars and 8 times bonus?
I was just guessing the 1mil because I usually focus more on how deep I get into game.

1.6M I believe. 500 per bar (x406) x 8

Had you had “held bonus” you would have had 3.2M!

When you have a bonus like this, that’s when you REALLY want to cash that “Collect Bonus” insert!

#7737 9 months ago
Quoted from mikepmcs:

Post up some photos if you're stuck or even if you just want to share and get a second set of eyes as you go along. Post as much as you want and myself or someone else will definitely answer every time.
If you're lifting the playfield I suggest you have some side protection because the tolerance from playfield to cabinet is very tight.
You need a set of these and also some glass corner protectors just to have in general when doing any maintenance involving removing glass and lifting the playfield.


I don’t get it, you have to lift the playfield to put those on, right? So they only help when returning the playfield? But then how do you remove them? I’m confused!

#7752 9 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I remember a while back someone went with the felt tape and then found out how messy that can become. Heads up with that....

Yes, I tried felt a ways back and it wouldn’t stay stuck. So not a long term fix, at least for me.

I’m not very worried about this though. I’ve never used art blades, so maybe they’re more sensitive to damage. And with mirror blades, I don’t really care if they get a little scratched. Is what it is.

#7796 8 months ago

I’m not sure what to make of the “random ticket” change. Does this mean you could light Wonkas Office instead of OOO after the first ticket?

Some welcome changes here, but an underwhelming update in my opinion. The game could benefit from a lot of polish, and it doesn’t look like we got much.

#7892 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I have another approach that works too, slightly more technical. Open up terminal:
1. diskutil list (note which disk is your USB stick)
2. diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk4 (replace disk4 with your disk)
3. hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o wonka.img Wonka-v01.34.iso (this converts the image format)
4. mv wonka.img.dmg wonka.img (this removes an unwanted extension)
5. sudo dd if=wonka.img of=/dev/rdisk4 bs=1m (replace disk4 with your disk, keep the r)
5. diskutil eject /dev/disk4 (replace disk4 with your disk)


#7894 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Which word didn't you understand?

All of ‘em! Lol! You computer dudes are on a different level.

#7901 8 months ago

Yup. I’m pretty happy with the game that it’s worth seeing if anything is wrong with the update. I have zero interest in Scorebit, and the wireless offers me no value at this point.

#7913 8 months ago

With new code, I was hoping the game might detect a drain out of the pops and save your ball.

#7920 8 months ago

I’m a broken record, but I can’t get over how many approaches there are to this game, and how fun and challenging they are. The game is unique and joyful.

#8044 8 months ago
Quoted from paulbaptise:

I saw a mode I hadn't seen before and hoping someone can elaborate on it
- I believe I had just qualified Violet and then I entered a gum chewing or bubble contest? Does this make sense? Only noticed at the end.
Curious how I get back there again

It’s one of a dozen “captive ball mystery awards”. You score points hitting the gum targets, in 30 seconds. Like 3k per hit or something. I honestly don’t know what incentive there is to bother with it. If someone at JJP can chime in with why I want to risk my ball chasing down the paltry points in (most of) these mystery awards I’d appreciate it.

#8045 8 months ago
Quoted from janus:

Camera on mine during oomph loompa is way better now. Hopefully it's your settings.
On another note, does anybody understand the graphics on the monitor in regards to the progression of the gum targets and Mike tv?
Also it seems to me the color of the magnet clusters seems to advance as you play, any idea if this is the case or what causes it?

Magnet cluster lights lead to extra ball. They complete by hitting the tiny targets. And maybe Gum Targets. Gum targets don’t impact Mike TV to my knowledge. What graphics?

#8048 8 months ago

The JJP site doesn’t have the download files currently. What’s the deal? Is there an issue with the download?

Has anyone uploaded the new code found on the quoted link? Just want to see if it’s tried and true.


#8060 8 months ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

No clue. I loaded it up on my machine and I haven't had any issues so far. It could be that too many people were downloading these large ISO images from their site and causing slowness problems. Regardless, I'll leave it there for others to grab if they want.

I grabbed it, and I thank you for making it available! I’m going to install this weekend.

#8070 8 months ago
Quoted from pbjksb:

Thank you. I am leaning toward to keeping it.

If it was a show game - but still in “like new” condition - than you should get 5% (10?) rebate, or something like that. If it’s a nice game, you may as well keep it, but that’s up to you.

#8094 8 months ago
Quoted from pbjksb:

I decided to return for full refund. Mike Fox reassured me that it was brand new and I talked to Mike at GAP also but I was more comfortable sending this pinball back for full refund. Initially I wanted to keep it but decided to return, it was my comfort zone more than anything else. Both Mike's were very friendly and helpful. Mike at GAP was very helpful with setting up a quick return. I am not having much luck with JJP lately, as I am returning GNR NIB due to bubbling issues on side cabinets.

The game was confirmed new by the manufacturer and distributor. What more do you want?

#8110 8 months ago

Maybe they posted the wrong code...the small one from a few months ago...that they decided to make better?

#8158 8 months ago

Got 9.5M today on 1 golden ticket. 1.


I suck.

#8162 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Same, we want it to be special.

Special is one thing...unobtanium is another! I’m in no hurry to change settings, but after hundreds of games of barely getting to Wonka’s office (twice. Qualified 4 times) I’m not gonna torture myself much longer.

I might narrow the outlanes instead of switch the settings. But if I switch settings I’ll probably keep them open.

1 week later
#8275 8 months ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

What's the most Scrumdiddlyumptious shots people have hit??? I maxed at 7 so far....

I actually spelled the entire word in one combo marathon. But that was all I was trying for. There are so few points involved it doesn’t really make sense. Maybe if you had 5x playfield running, but even then, I just don’t see it.

Is there a way to max out points on this?

#8276 8 months ago

Question about the big LCD. I see people posting pictures with rich blue backgrounds, or purple, etc. usually my background colors are brownish. With some purple here and there, mostly for the main high scores.

Is there a setting for this?

#8286 8 months ago
Quoted from Skipnatty:

The more you collect combos at the gobstopper, the higher the value gets when you do it again.

Good to know! I will play some mini games tonight focusing on this again. Thanks!

#8305 8 months ago

I have the Lermod’s Wonkavator. It’s great, and looks like it came from the factory too, but I don’t pay much attention to it. That corner, however, would look real empty without it.

It lights up when the Wonkavator ball lock is lit. So it’s interactive that way, but I still use the playfield insert as my guide on that. The top spins, which is pretty cool.

2 weeks later
#8339 7 months ago

I learned something the other day that I’d never known. In “The Candy Man” computer award mode, the candy jar on the LCD counts your hits down, and once you hit enough you hit the inner loop for a jackpot! Who knew?

I wonder how many other little rule nuances I don’t understand? Why the heck doesn’t the manufacturer explain this stuff to us?

#8341 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I never knew that either, good find!!

I think a jackpot is also collected for “Dots” after hitting the captive ball. Is that true? And if so, where is the jackpot collected?

#8352 7 months ago

I’m gonna post one of my main disappointments with the game:

Why is the Gobstoppper toy only primary colors? The real gobstopper has pink, white and orange colors as well. Anyone else slightly disappointed in this? I’d like to buy one of the Gobstopper shooter rod mods, but the more colorful options won’t match the one in the game, and I hate the idea of buying one that’s also only primary colored.

Also, again, does the code update address any of the scoring? And if not, why do I care about world record gum chewing? Or the Oompah Loompah hurry up? Why is 4,000 considered “Big Points”? And why do medium and small points even exist? Pat really needs to retire this concept. It’s so tired.

I have very few quibbles with the game, but small things like this keep Wonka from sheer masterpiece status.

#8354 7 months ago
Quoted from HarryReimer:

Never noticed. The great news is, this is why there is a large modding community. Change it to what you want. For me, modding is half the fun. Doing it tastefully is the challenge. Gouviea mods are the high water mark... Powerbladez from Pingraffix are amazing...

Yeah, but has anyone removed the Gobstopper toy? Or replaced it for that matter? If so, please post and describe the process.

Seems like something you might not want to mess with. Or spend a lot of money to replace when it should have been rendered accurately in the first place.

#8356 7 months ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Finally joining the club, excited to play this one a lot more!

It’s a slight step up from CSI!

#8375 7 months ago
Quoted from janus:

Are you two talking about the same CSI that is currently in my basement?

If it’s the CSI I sold Bemmett, it might be!

So, strategy break: what’s your optimal combination with the multipliers? For most points?

#8376 7 months ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

Ok so I had to try them with the metallic red also -- they look scrumdiddlyumptious, almost like the color of snozzberries! I also took the opportunity to tweak my print code to help better fill the surface of the chocolate bar.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
Contact me through my website, https://rocketcitypinball.com, or visit my shop here on Pinside:

Hey Rager170 , I could do this with my Game of Thrones (where I took the pictures you see), but it might look funny. I'll gladly do so if you want, but it might look better if we wait for pictures from the first person who bought a set -- they're on the way to him already. Let me know.

These are awesome, but you list so many color combo options I can’t decide!

#8383 7 months ago

I’m updating to 1.37 tomorrow. Feel a little guilty, that I couldn’t get beyond 3 tickets on 1.33, but I guess if your not playing 1.37 you’re not playing the game as intended.

Looking forward to The Most Secret Machine!

#8385 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Hey 3 tickets is nothing to scoff at!

Only got there once. The game takes me to the woodshed. But I love it.

#8396 7 months ago

If the download doesn’t work, is the game borked (or still playable?) until it gets figured out?

#8402 7 months ago

Ok, lemme see if I got this install thing right. I don’t just download the new software update from JJP (on a usb stick) and stick that in my machine (Stern style). I need to download a second thing (Unebootin, or whatever the fuck it is) and then jimmy Jack around on my laptop with the two things until everything is just so...and THEN I stick the usb in my game and follow the instructions in the menu to update it?

Do I have that right?

#8409 7 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

No. Follow instructions on website. Two different versions two different ways to do them.
Jimmy Jack sounds like you want a full install. Download unetbootin - download Full Install update - open unetbootin and use it to install download onto the USB stick. Go to the game with it turned off. Install USB stick into cable by cashbox. Turn game on. Screen will tell you when it's done. Remove USB stick, turn game off. Wait a tiny bit. Turn game back on.
Non Jimmy Jack Delta Install - download Delta Update. I put it on desktop. Left click icon once, right click, extract to USB stick. Go to game with the game turned on. Install USB stick into USB cable by cashbox. Go into Utilities - USB Update - do what screen says. When done unplug USB stick from USB cable. Turn game off. Wait a few seconds, turn game on.
USB stick. 8GB to 16GB. Formatted Fat32, nothing else on it.
LTG : )

Thx Lloyd. If I’m going 1.33 to 1.37 is this full or delta install?

#8474 7 months ago

Holy shit! The Most Secret Machine mode is sooooooooooooo grooooooooovyyyy! It is trippy man! Like 60’s electric Kool Aid acid test trippy. Like walking through Spencer’s in the late 70’s trippy. Like hanging out in the Psychedelic Shack baby! Faaaaarrrr Ouuuutttt!!

Lit the game up like Chinese New Year this morning and scored 11M and change. Was sooooo close to 3 tickets. Another couple of Wonkavator jackpots and I’d had it!

That game was like a Technicolor day dream. And when it finally ended I was a little disoriented, finding myself in a dark quiet room after all that rich, vivid stimulation.

#8484 7 months ago
Quoted from JohnTTwo:

I’m still learning the game and have never done drugs, but when you look up and see 1/2 a sink 1/2 a clock you’re mind races then you get screamed at “you get nothing “. So funny.

That’s Wonka’s Office, and the same exact thing happened to me last night as Wonka furiously scolded me! I just burst out laughing, loud and hard at that. I don’t think any pinball machine offers such a direct, visceral moment with game. How many pinball machines even give you an experience that even approximates that? It’s awesome.

#8485 7 months ago
Quoted from Plungerboy:Hobbit and WW are both bolted to the floor at my house. Wonka is just silly flow shooting around, hobbit is serious strategy and quest for points. Love them both but Hobbit gets way more attention from me, it’s truly a quest every time and you have to change your strategy as your game develops.

Quest for points? I thought Hobbit was mode based and more of a journey? That’s an important distinction for me, because I feel Wonka covers the points quest nicely and I’d like a deep counter to that.

Quoted from 27dnast:

Just in case any wonka LE owners in the Dc-ish area might be interested in exploring a trade

Machine - For Trade

FT/FS: Guns N' Roses (LE) $9.3K Spot Placed 10/10/20


NIB - New in box (personal) “Up for trade/sale is my GNR LE spot placed with PinballStar on 10/10/2020. $9,300 + Shipping due when the game is ready. The ready date hasn't been signaled yet, but seeing as th...”

10 hours ago

Gaithersburg, MD



What are you proposing exactly? That some body give you their Wonka in exchange for waiting for a GnR to be made, and then coughing up $9,300 on top of all that? Oh boy...

#8487 7 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

That’s ridiculous. It’s a trade. Cash + my GNR spot for a game.

I’m slow today I guess, because I’m still not getting it. But I will wish you luck getting a Wonka, because it’s an amazing pinball experience. Hands down an all time, elite game.

#8533 7 months ago
Quoted from JohnTTwo:

No scared of the process, just don't want my perfect game to change on me, I love it the way it if the misses love it.

I hesitated for a few weeks, thinking the same as you. Then I updated, and the game is better now.

#8536 7 months ago

They still need to blink the auto save after extended time in the Pops, IMO. It can be a really cheap drain, particularly when you’re close to earning a golden ticket.

#8546 7 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I ended up removing all of that and blue relaxing it either. With this mod, the ball shouldn't get trapped and I like the cleaner look. I'm testing it now but so far so good
[quoted image]

Huh? Are you saying you removed that clear plastic “tubing”? Or have you found a way to keep it that looks clean?

#8563 6 months ago

One story Re: my first time updating a JJP.

I updated 1.33 to 1.37. Used a reformatted 8gb usb stick. Plugged it into the machine, looked like something started happening, maybe 10 seconds pass, and then the machine just booted up normally. I figured it couldn’t have actually booted up, but played a few games anyway, just to see if anything was different. Nope.

I thought “uh-oh”, am I going to have issues here? But then I reseated the USB stick and tried again, and voila, it worked.

So make sure the stick is seated well.

#8567 6 months ago

I keep on cashing out Wonka’s Office too soon! Can someone please outline the objectives?

#8576 6 months ago
Quoted from Bowlingpin:

Making enough jackpot shots (values displayed on screen) will light the collect and the risk shot. Certain shots are worth more depending on difficulty.
Be aware of
1. The collect/finish(usually much brighter than the rest)
2. The continue/risk shot (always the gobstopper) by continuing all points carry over.
Each time you choose to risk it, more shots are needed to either collect/finish or risk again.

Does the “collect/finish” shot rotate? That might explain my confusion.

#8586 6 months ago

Guess I’ll have to remove the glass. I’ll clean the game while I’m at it.

#8598 6 months ago

Thank you! Exactly what I needed! Did JJP create videos like this for every mode?

#8620 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Yeah search for "big points sticker." Personally I think it's kinda dumb because that insert doesn't always mean "big points" but ya know, mod life

That big points decal does nothing for me. “Big Points” as a concept is tired, and it’s not even true on WW. Plus, the biggest points in the game, as far as I can tell, don’t even occur at the Gobstopper.

#8625 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

My left outlane post shipped in the lower position and the right one in the middle. I haven't moved either one.

Really? I’m pretty sure both right posts are all the way up on mine. But I bought mine second hand.

1 week later
#8706 6 months ago
Quoted from jimbodeanny:

Another thing you can do is throw on some Super Band flipper rubbers. I just changed mine out (with the red translucent ones) due to some annual maintenance, and to my surprise the strength of my lower flippers drastically increased - to the point that I had to turn the flipper strength setting DOWN from where I had it.

Red rubber baby. Makes those flippers come alive. Plus, that’s what Lawler intended.

#8726 6 months ago

Just gonna leave this here: I’m on 1.37 and have no idea what this “choppy video.” is. My Wonka plays perfectly. And I love it.

#8734 6 months ago

The only glitching I’ve seen is during Wonka Bar accumulation, at the various gates. This has been on every version of code IIRC.

2 weeks later
#8823 5 months ago
Quoted from SBrothers:

My hesitation to download the beta is pushing my GC score up astronomically high; they throttle the scoring back down on the alpha and now my GC is unattainable.

first world problem.

#8878 5 months ago
Quoted from Skipnatty:

Intentional. Wonka bars were overpowered so they've been nerfed. That said, it's a setting you can change in the game settings if you wish.

IMO Wonka bar bonus isn’t overpowered at all in 1.37, etc. if you can work this shot for maximum bars, more power to you, but the shot puts the ball in the pops and we all know what that means. Risk/Reward!

Big bonus and Bonus X can impact how/when to stack Factory Tour modes, and I for one love the strategy tied into that.

And seriously, with all the added scoring in the beta, reducing bonus doesn’t even make sense! Please change it back JJP!

#8879 5 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Just a quick plug to suggest joining our telegram group so you can provide feedback directly to the people working on it! Thanks!

See above post.

#8895 5 months ago
Quoted from MightyRipples:

My game has been stuck on this screen for over an hour, I’ve pressed every button and I can’t get out of the screen and I don’t feel like I should restart it. Any advice?
[quoted image]

Yeah, wait for it to finish.

#8936 5 months ago
Quoted from SBrothers:

wow! Was that beta code?

I sure as hell hope so! I’m on 1.37. Can I upgrade to betas from it?

#8939 5 months ago
Quoted from chillme:

Yes, you need to have a wifi adapter to enroll into rhe beta and upgrade.

I bought the three WiFi/USB items Lloyd recommended. Just need to find the post on how to use them to do updates.

#8943 5 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Plug the WiFi dongle into the USB cable by the cashbox. Or plug the Wifi and Bluetooth dongles into the hub and then plug the hub into the USB cable by the cashbox.
Do a full install of the latest software, 1.38. Then go into Utilities - Network Settings - then do all the stuff the screen says. Terms and conditions. Pick the WiFi channel you'll use. Enter your password. Connect to WiFi.
LTG : )

Thx Lloyd. To be clear, I can update to 1.38 (from 1.37) over wi-if? This actually requires a “full update”?

#8961 5 months ago
Quoted from psexton:

Anyone else feel the same … ?


#8974 5 months ago
Quoted from psexton:

I am just saying it feels "light" not that it actually is light. Hard to explain but it is feels like the walls are thin or something when compared to Dialed On, Hobbit, WOZ. Like it is thin walled and "cheaply made" when compared to those three. Was hoping there was a fix like weighing it down with weights or changing out the flipper buttons, something to make to "feel" more premium "in the hands".

#8979 5 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Stupid question, are the Pinstadiums tough to install? Or is it pretty easy?

Alligator clips are pretty easy. And low budget. How much are these things again?

1 month later
#9089 4 months ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

The LED spotlights were too low, shining on the Oompa's junk. I raised them with a 1" hex spacer and bent the Wonkavator LED bracket up a little more and now they nicely hit the Wonkavator graphic and the Oompa's face.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Clearly you haven’t reached the secret mini Wizard mode “Oompah Junk Mulit-Ball”. That spotlight was there for a reason.

Note: quoted text altered - words removed - for brevity

3 weeks later
#9308 3 months ago

Can you still work the spinner for Wonka bars, after hitting the upper left filler shot?

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