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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

1 year ago

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#1788 1 year ago

Well, if I had followed the advice here on pinside I would have never bought our LE, which was delivered here last week.

Its been the biggest hit with everyone for years, including myself, but its early days so who knows if it will last.

Sound etc was my biggest concern. First game I thought Hmm, sounds awfull first few games , then I plugged in my noise cancelling headphones.

Wow, Different game, what an amazing package of sounds . I think something must be wrong, as there’s no pop bumper oompa loompa sounds without, Call outs are missing too , very strange.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I will check in with JJP service anyhow to see if anything needs adjusting.

For now though, very happy with wonka!

#1978 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Anybody had this issue yet?[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Zave sum room fur lator Augustus!...

Looks like he exceeded the load of what your spinner could take

1 week later
#2126 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Amazing how this is now becoming just a “standard issue.” It’s unacceptable IMO. And I did not follow through on my WW reservation because of it.

I dont think it is regarded as standard issue..

Like myself , If you bought one you have to deal with it any bunching of clear for now, getting wound up about it every day wont make life easier. ( no I dont like it and it isnt right.)

If you havent bought one yet , you still have the choice to wait it out and all the info needed to make that choice.

But... The game itself though is fun as, ) Ive never seen my friends and family so excited to play pinball in years , and Ive had almost every new game out over the last few years

#2152 1 year ago
Quoted from jlatko:

So, my diverter magnet stopped working all of a sudden during a game. Anybody else experience this? I ran the test and it said the magnet was cooling. Hmmm... I'll try it tomorrow to see if it comes back. Bummer.

Yes, mine did it yesterday , marathon game.. made wonkavator locks and kid jackpots nigh on impossible. Will check today whats up as I parked the game at my sisters house for her family to enjoy over the school holidays

#2153 1 year ago

Kid magnet is up and running today , no adjustments, must’ve been overloaded due to my phenomenal gameplay...uhhhr

#2157 1 year ago
Quoted from KingBW:

In one of the recent updates, it lists adding some magnet cooling time code. Maybe that's why you didn't see that before. I was in a Wonka release party tournament over the weekend and the magnet stopped working. That bugged me because "I could have made that shot if it was working". Anyway ... looks like they might have to look into that further, code wise ... or ... maybe I'll have to look at modding a fan to cool the magnet in my pin if the cooling just needs to happen for that long.

Man.. I had 2 mil on my first ball, earned 2 extra’s, wonkavator lock 3 lit, 5 kids ready to go, and that shot was impossible to make without the magnet.. a “little bugged” was not how my friends saw me yesterday )

#2158 1 year ago
Quoted from jlatko:

So seems pretty common then. Can kid multi even be started when it fails? Not sure. That would break things if true.

Dont think so , I knocked it in repeatedly hard enough to hit the target but it would not activate

#2160 1 year ago

My youngest daughter is making a dollar an hour , she fits in the cab and fans it with her hands

#2161 1 year ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Maybe the CE will have liquid cooled magnets. (Just joking.) Joe will hopefully find a good solution through code that will keep the magnet cool and happy, and yet not overheat the player.

Im sure he will, done a great job so far!

#2173 1 year ago
Quoted from Seatmandan:

Yes, Kid multiball CAN be started when the magnet is in cooldown mode. Just hit the target with a right flipper tip shot. the ball will then just roll down to the flippers, and you can play while the animation is running. If you happen to then hit it to the wonkavision saucer, the saucer will then hold the ball until the animation is done, eject ball and kid multi is under way. I did this twice last night.

Cool, thanks for confirming this

#2192 1 year ago

I hope everyone is still playing the hell out of this game, with some occasional ironing and maintainance work..

The more I play the more fun it gets, digging into all the deeper rules and so on

#2194 1 year ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

I had to change my auto-plunger coil strength back up to 20, it was really clogging things up during multi-balls. Bummer. Now I'm back in the pops again.

Yep, thats a downside.. if you get 2 balls, or even 3, sometimes you can tap the plunger hard enough to get them just over the edge into the pf.
The art of manual multiball plunging is getting a little lost art. All auto these days

#2222 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

You know what this is the highest score I've ever seen on ANY JJP game. Dom got about 6 million on Pirates, he's beat Hobbit, he beat Dialed In and I've never seen a score this high on a JJP game. They jacked up the scoring a bit for Wonka.
He waxed this game! So essentially he beat the game. The game is NOT easy at all.

Talent sucks sometimes..

Great to read this though, wish I was good enough , this game is so much fun for all ages/skill sets

1 week later
#2416 1 year ago

Guys, Can we keep this one cool?..

Enough threads on whats going wrong, this is the happy club , gameplay , tricks and tips and all !

There’s a fun game to be found underneath all the negativity being thrown around

#2442 1 year ago

Yeah during gobstopper the super/double supers are earned by locking in at least 2 balls in the secret machine , correct? .. its tough, those magnets really screw me over a lot during multiball.

#2448 1 year ago
Quoted from Bowlingpin:

Yes, gobstopper is not a physical ball lock. Wonkavator is..
I guess -Steiger- is having an issue/same I’ve seen with them on location. Almost seems like a lock because they get stuck with that unneeded coil mech to feed VUK to shooterlane.

Nah Im not good enough to actually register what is going on..)

I know there’s a multiball where you need to lock at least 2 balls in before you drain to collect . Probably wonkavator , my bad .

#2456 1 year ago

I notice you have a plastic guard over your right wireform, is that a mod or a factory item/add on?

Im getting so many airballs out of it this last week I shot off an oompa leg and the camera lens itself .. think I can glue them but need to get in touch with my distributor for that plastic

#2460 1 year ago
Quoted from JediPimp:

I think they started the plastic guard with the LE shipments.

Thats what I have here..

#2463 1 year ago

Main or a secondary fuse “fizzled” out maybe?

#2464 1 year ago

Possibly F1or F2 on the right side of the I/o board

20CEA5A9-CE43-48AD-BFB6-EB2869294BB5 (resized).jpegADD4E439-F2F7-49EE-ACDC-60B657D6C0B5 (resized).jpegB2424275-10BF-4144-BCC2-F8EEBCB239E5 (resized).jpeg
#2466 1 year ago
Quoted from arcadem:

Is that a printed WONKA manual? Where did you get it? I thought that JJP was not going to produce a printed version

Its my pirates CE one, but the layout of the power boards/pc is pretty much the same

#2476 1 year ago

And a bit more environmentally friendly too..

I’d have been happy with a pdf too, but a printed one is handy at times also

#2513 1 year ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

But you shouldn't be frustrated, because other people aren't having this issue. Their machine is working just fine! /s

... Sad man..

#2535 1 year ago

Hmmm.. after 500 games , seriously thinking of changing the left outlane setup..

Whats the consensus on this from owners? I know its my game and set up however, but I usually like to stick to factory. High scores are all 3 mil up so dont want to screw it so the games are too long, but sometimes its just brutal( unneccesary unfair at times too)

Whats the most fair option?
Remove only the rubber from the middle post, add a bare post in the low position, high, with or without ring?

Audits on my game give 3600 left outlane v 399 on the right, seems a little too biased

And Yep.. play better I know

#2539 12 months ago

Thank you, good input.

#2540 12 months ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

I did the same, and I love it. The game is still plenty hard, but it no longer feels cheap. You have to remember, that outlane was designed for location play, ie: draining your money. In a home use situation, they already got all the money up front so feel free to install the post and get more out of each session.

Thats a good selling point actually.. seems like Willy Wanker is on a mission to screw me over anyway today from every other angle or pop- exit..
10 sub 50k games in a row ..now that is sad

#2546 12 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Where is the kickback supposed to normally shoot the ball?

On mine it shoots straight onto the post under wonkavision, great combo when it goes down the middle instantly and get served a “ failed kickback” ball.

I love the Feed into the inlane too from the magnet.. bounce out to the out, so might aswell risk the shot into the pops .. lots to consider in this game. Love it still

#2551 12 months ago

even if different men, it would help to moderate his/their online behaviour here ..

#2573 12 months ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

Since i had my interest in pinball rewaken(english?) a year or so ago.
Modifications is what is puzzling me the most.
Almost without exception, most of it seems like McDonald happy meal stuff.
I"ve seen some cool stuff, (like the chest-opening in pirates), but most are non-interacting plastic.
Just for this "factory", why not put an opto inside and have it Actually Do something, When a ball passes thru?
I'm sorry to say it is lacklusyer, but i really think it is for the most.
Another thing that I've been thinking about...
Is there some unwritten rule, that you can't mod/decorate the pinball legs?
Why are there no dinosaur legs for jurasic park? Chocolate bar legs for wonka etc?

Im working on some orange/oompa style 12inch legs for my LE, just for fun !

#2592 12 months ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

It just says "Wonka Club", nothing about owners only.

Exactly, bags of dirt are usually left outside in the trash can to stink away on their own , not thrown all over our games.. control yourself man!

Gameplay & fun things here please, take your dirt to the complain threads, a lot of people here acknowledge some things need fixing , sure, not ignoring or gushing , but can look past it instead of dwelling on them over and over and enjoy the game itself. Enjoy, in case you missed it, enjoy

You sir and other keyboard warriors alike are pushing away all manner of pinball wealth from true experts in their field about tech up to paint away from pinside..its getting more barren by the day , we thank you for that!

Have a good sunday , let it sink in

#2603 12 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Come on ... this is a club thread can you all take it to pm please.

Apologies, its hard sometimes not lashing out at d-bags..

Anyone with insight how the kid multiball collect works . I’ve been focusing on gobstopper and wonkavating for gold tickets , I left the kid one usually.. when I go for captive ball it always ends bad.
Lets say I qualify 2, collect 2, and drain . The left lane light wont be on afterwards, and the captive ball kid light for those 2isn’t flashing either.
How do I re-collect them, or are they still active but not shown on the left lane insert untill I requalify ?

#2613 12 months ago

Wow, nice score

I love playing this thing , so close every time tot that 5th gob stopper .. still no office!

#2622 11 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Question for everyone - does your auto-launcher fire a ball each and every time a ball is saved? I'm noticing at times that when I drain and the ball is saved, the game kicks the ball into the shooter lane, but does not auto-launch it.
This may or may not coincide with the fact that the "ball saved" animation does not play whenever that happens too.
I'm fairly certain that the ball "should" have been saved when it does this, because I've either been in first-launch saver mode, or I'm in a 15-second ball saver award. But it seems like every now and then it saves the ball without the on-screen animation or voice call, and just drops the ball in the lane without auto-launching it.
Anyone see this?
and p.s. to JJP: you people are evil for the way you designed the factory ramp shot - it's damn near impossible for me to hit it with the left flipper reliably. That shot is SO tough!!

No that hasnt happened on on mine as far as I can tell. Using 1.13 code still.

Evil.. Yes thats sometimes what its best described as.. that ramp is hard indeed, but what about the pop return.
playing above average, you mis one shot or land the pops and you get sunk before you can blink..

Willy can be such a Wanka!

#2625 11 months ago

Its just that you cant start the factory tours if you leave the factory ramp alone.

Oh another thing, collect the first ticket, oompa loompa ready but you can start a tour unwanted and overide the wizard.. is that the way it is?, I always feel a little cheated when trying to shoot and starting a mode at the saucer to the right

#2634 11 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

No diverter or magnet issues for me now with the new code. I'm really glad that they looked into this and adjusted the code for it.

.14 is great, no more diverter magnet issues so far.

I do however find that when multiballs start, the flippers are weaker than in regular play, this has been the case a few updates before this from when we unboxed it.
It was okay, but I find myself missing gobstopper ramps and shot due to this difference in power. Anyone else have this too?

#2645 11 months ago

Is the right loop shot supposed to get hung up in the pops as standard?

I try to avoid any pop action on Willy as its like my old walking dead, unneccesarilly cruel, drove me nuts, but you need to get that loop For me its become the deciding factor between a quick sub minute frustration or a millions game, not much inbetween.

My kids have given up after an amazing start, they never played as much as when Willy arrived but they now get better play out of black knight and iron man so they are used to getting their butts kicked ..

Anyway, maybe I need to adjust. Ive got it at 7, is the factory angle for pf 6,5?

#2653 11 months ago
Quoted from jlatko:

Forget Gobstopper for now. Finish the factory tour by starting all 12 factory insert modes. Easiest way to a 2nd ticket and Wonka's Office. Hit the captive ball to qualify modes, hit the orbits to qualify modes, and hit the factory ramp or factory stand-up during hurry up to qualify modes. Start your modes at the TV scoop.

Well i just want to get the 5th.. so close yesterday , 4th collected but seemed endless ramps to get a 5th ready ..
I’m close to 700 games in now , my leaderboard is full of 4 million scores and now trying to see what I am doing wrong , homing in on specific things to understand them.

I measured my pf angle, that was at 7,5, so now to 6,7. The bubble was way of . This has made it easier to keep the ball in the saucer.

What Im hoping for as info from other owners

Left wonkavision shot ends in pops, always.

Spinner loop ends in pops always,

full plunge ends in pops , always.

Left loop makes it occasionally ,( aim better

Is this the way its supposed to be, or are they meant to swing back round to the flippers?

I can’t avoid making these shots to progress, and the pops returns are so stdm evil

Hoping someone can fill me in , Thanks.

#2656 11 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

My SE and an LE I played in the field are exactly the same.
I have to assume it is evil genius designed to drain.
One thing we do is shake a bit as it comes out of the pops to mitigate.

Happy and dissapointed to hear that. I ran a little test this afternoon , about a 100 balls into the pops , and 54 out of those went down the middle. And there is no saving these , just pray you get lucky..I like to at least feel a little in control of the ball, progressively get better the longer you own a game .

Now if this was genius design, I’m hard pressed to see it. How are succesfull shots to be rewarded with inconsistent delivery’s
I’m all for getting my ass kicked for missing shots by the way .

I love super spinner mode , but there’s not a chance in hell on my particular game to succesfully pull off 2/3 consecutive rips ..its starting to become annoying. I would understand if the rules were easier, but there’s too much to achieve here for pure imagination that relying on getting (un)lucky is hurting the enjoyment.

Kids have said they dont care if it goes .. ouch ;(

#2659 11 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I will also say...the difficulty (and sometimes frustration) is high but for some reason we keep coming back for more.
It is our most heavily played game right now, and the trapping/catching/nudging skills we were forced to adopt to survive have made us better players on all the rest of our pins.
Pure Imagination seems like an unreachable goal, but then we see people in here achieve it so it's gotta be possible! This moves us to keep trying.
Also watch twitch.tv/l33tsandman who is a strong player too, might get tips there.
My wife will not let me do anything to make it easier - no outlane posts, no difficulty/goal adjustments in software.

Same here, I refuse to adjust anything , it would void all previous scores..

We put up as many games on wonka in 7 weeks as we did in 10 months of potc. Thats quite something. And Yes I keep hitting start over and over..

I just had a game where I got shafted by the pop exit , ending up with 12k. Grr.. new game, I score my new GC of 4,45mil, one more.. 54k.. the pops kill me again.

Im happy with my new GC, but it feels so weird next to such terrible pro and after games . Like I luck it or something. I would just like to achieve more constant scores .

#2662 11 months ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

I lowered the pops setting by -2 and testing it out to see if it helps with the STDM. It helps but you still get some not as much

Yeah I read your post about that earlier so adjusted that. It didnt seem to make much change for me. I have slightly raised the gobstopper plate back up so its level again with the pf. I noticed slow balls follow the curve and nicely place the ball stdm ..

I just dont get the comments on “how smooth loops to ramps to loop to ramps “ are.

I can ramp-ramp-ramp, sometimes loop ramp ramp but never consecutive looping

#2663 11 months ago

Wonka’s Office reached! Three shots in.. aaand.. over

#2666 11 months ago
Quoted from spandol:

My game is at 7 degrees and it's very seldom I get a STDM from the pops. Almost never. Not sure what is different, but I mention it because not all games do this. I haven't adjusted anything in terms of strength of pops in the settings. But, the game does kick my butt. It is designed to be very difficult.

I had a twd that drove me stdm. nuts out of the pops , adjusted it but no help. Sold it.

My second one was a joy, no problems with that at all do I guess every wonka is different too. Lets see if I can tweak it so its more consistent.

Dont mind a hard game, as long as its fair

#2676 11 months ago

I used to order a big plastic box of allsorts suzo happ every once in a while , its got pretty much every size in there and enough to do a few games and spare.

That should keep you going for now

#2687 11 months ago

Wonka in a nutshel in 3 takes .

warm up game , GC game and a complete house one courtesy of the pop exit..

A1A1F340-5AC7-4DC9-87AD-34F2F398D289 (resized).jpeg
#2689 11 months ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

Doesn't Most Secret Machine light after 4? (I've never made it to Wonka's Office even after owning the game for 3 months) I agree that something after the 3rd ticket would be nice. I also wouldn't mind seeing High Score listings for some of the modes that don't have them like Wonkatania Mania.

Yeah that would be good, and an average score in audits would be nice too .

#2691 11 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

That's the evil genius. It gives you just enough success and hope to keep you playing, then punches you in the face repeatedly.
It drives me crazy but I love it and can't stop playing it.

Yeah, I stood up after that nut-punch and pressed start again. Wanted to teach it a lesson ..

#2711 11 months ago
Quoted from Flipper_McGavin:

Maybe there isnt a screw hole between my flippers. But there is definitely one for the left outlane. The balls drops through there a lot without the post installed, but i feel like im handicapping myself too much if i put it on, so I'm not sure what to do as how it was designed and intended

I asked the same question, most agreed a post in the lower hole makes sense for home use.

Mine still is tough as nails to play but left v right is now more balanced, and I don’t get the bounce out anymore when I decide not to use the top left Flipper and let it roll down

#2713 11 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I've still never gotten a second one. Please watch my videos (twitch.tv/nspinball) and give me tips!

Its going to happen Derek!

Its all do-able , thats the trick in this game, just never seems to happen in that one game you always hope for.. Ive only once had 2

I had 4 gobstoppers yesterday , into level 3 wonkavator, 11 of the 12 inserts lit, Oompa Loompa ready to go with 2 balls left.. so 2 maybe 3 seemed to be possible

You can guess what happened next..

Drained those 2 so fast couldn’t even start oompa it was over before I knew it

..hits start

#2734 11 months ago

I should have reached pure imagination by Tommorow , Looks like a walk in the park now...

That super lock at game start is a bit of a gimme though .. But for casual route play I get it .

#2752 11 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Just updated the code to 1.25 and played a few games. I believe I noticed a few new scenes with speech, including at the factory gates and entering the factory. I do hate the ball going sdtm from the pops, very cheap drain. I’ll have to see if I can fix that, maybe a thicker rubber on the post above the gob stopper to deflect it.

I’ve been pondering about this too. Too cheap.. I’ve had multiballs end before I could even get a flipper to them because of this

Thicker rubber, on that post , or even thinking of mounting an extra post upside down onto the black metal secret machine bracket . I’ll slowmo film some exits to see exactly where the issue lies. Happy to tighten up that orbit a little to fix it

#2759 11 months ago

Alrighty then.. the cheap pop exit drains

Took the gobstopper assembly out , and am using the black base plate ( its painted stainless steel) as a holder for an upside down mounted mini post

Required drilling a hole, in my case a slotted one to test different post positions . Closest to the secret machine didnt change much, the current position is a real game changer , for me at least... post has some spacing/mount rubbers to soften direct blows .

Seems that the most right pop directly behind the gobstopper hole , can fire the ball at the orbit entry plate on the left, causing it to bounce stdm all so often. Mounting the post has stopped this, surprisingly having tightened the shot, I am not finding the left orbit harder to shoot through. Its behind the gobstopper target plate also, so no benefits there either.

Its maybe not as intended but its a fair trade off in my opinion to the cheap drains.

Easy fix for anyone willing to do some work

15C686A2-F3F6-43C8-A045-704B6E55F419 (resized).jpeg7E92476D-5EFA-4EB7-8C43-E748A85BF509 (resized).jpeg
#2765 11 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I couldn't possibly get the wife to agree to that one, but I applaud your fearless ingenuity

It still manages to give stdm and a whopping 16k score after 3 balls.. But its much better this way, for me

#2766 11 months ago
Quoted from frobozz:

One of the coolest random surprises in the game is the sneak-in shot to a closing gobstopper...especially if it gets you a double super jackpot during Gobstopper Multiball.
This mod is going to prevent a lot of those...

I thought so too, but its happened a few times this afternoon. I also love that feature

#2779 11 months ago
Quoted from dluth:

This is madness in my opinion. Did you try playing around with the level of the machine first? I probably get 1 out 50 genuine SDTMs from the pops, and that’s without nudging. Yes, the ball is put in danger, but that’s what pops are designed to do! I’ve played 2 other machines and also didn’t get chronic SDTMs.

It is. I tested mine a few weeks ago , to see if I should just accept it or stop getting aggravated by it. I think 1 out of three is my ratio. I had a game a few days back where I scored only the pop points, 3 plunges to the pops , 3 auto launch , didn’t bat a ball once.

This is a fix for my particular game, my choice .. I am fully aware , that all games are different. Been through pop-issues with twd, and that ended in selling and re-buying another
Which played great .

I like randomness, don’t get me wrong just not cheap and as often it was

#2782 11 months ago
Quoted from Seatmandan:

Me as well. About 1 in 50. I wonder what the game designer(s) intended?!?? I own a Twilight Zone, and the pop bumper situation on that game is FAR worse. I don't see people blocking the power playfield exit into the pops and creating a new exit on the side....

If it was 1 in 50 like yours I would say the same, and leave all alone. I’m only putting my fix on here in case anyone else has an excessive stdm game too.

Its not blocking the shot either, it’s actually made it harder to hit the left orbit . All It does is stop cheap bounce out into the middle but it still can and does lets say 1 in 50 See It more as an adjustable outlane (pop)post But I get what you’re saying

Its become instantly more enjoyable, and no more timing out orbit involved modes or completely avoiding spinner rips.

And will ask again. Is it designed so that every right side loop shot ends in the pops. Or does it fly by on a clean hit? Never had that happen yet . Might change things if that’s the case

#2783 11 months ago

Same, started on 1.25 and continues on into 1.26 n

#2785 11 months ago
Quoted from dluth:

Yes, it’s designed like that. Like Aerosmith and Kiss.

Had both of those..not happening in Willy, maybe I need to check in the back under the ramps to see what’s happening

#2789 11 months ago

The “ whole day wasted “ makes me smile every time

#2804 11 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

I know to hit ramps to rack up Wonka bars.Also at times hitting the spinner racks up
multible Wonka bars,but Im not sure how to qualify spinner to do this

You can shoot up the left kid lane, this activates a single spinner shot for wonka bars ,
Or start the super spinner factory mode , via the orange outlined playfield shots/captive Ball

#2861 11 months ago

Close to a 1000 games played , its great in many ways , still unsure wether I want to kick it out or keep it..

Have had almost all recent sterns, and I find myself progressing to a better level of play over time, nailing shots, getting deeper into the offerin, not here, again .

Had all JJP except DI , and for me they all stagnate at some point, luck and flailing will sometimes get you a new gc , but I never felt like owning a game , at least have control. Power difference in slings, flippers scoop kick outs , makes such a difference if you really want to get to pure imagination , ever..
Sloppy flippers during multiball , even between balls, or games, I notice this on all of them. On p-roc /pc games too like lebowski. even my own built Kill Bill
Maybe it’s just me, probably, but somehow the pcb games seem to give more of a steady feel overall.

Oh well, time to whip the black knight’s ass tonight instead of getting mine done by willy again

#2865 11 months ago

Excellent work . They match the game so well !

#2918 11 months ago

Is there an adjustment for the multiball save timers, or just one for all?

I find the oompa timer to be too long, Slugworth just fine and the kid/gobstopper ones much too short. Timer counts down to zero a lot while the balls are hung up in the pops before even getting a shot in , not just multiball

#2940 11 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

So yea.. this happened..had to pull glass to fix lol.[quoted image][quoted image]

That’s the “stuck” Augustus mode..

Cant you see!

#3005 10 months ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

What parts of the code are the most enjoyable?

Entering a GC score..)

#3031 10 months ago

And still no 2nd ticket ..

6828887D-0CA1-46D1-8569-EA42B4B8B058 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#3134 10 months ago
Quoted from SDpinballer:

Just did really well, scored over 3 million. After one ball that went really really well, did lots of things - I got a call out “CRAZY!” But it didn’t sound like it was from the movie. Anybody know where the “CRAZY” call out comes from? Is it from DI? (I’ve never played)

Means you got 200 wonka bars, and starts the ransom mode as far as I know, phone starts ringing etc

1 week later
#3266 10 months ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

My game is also missing the t-nuts in the backbox to mount the LE plate.

Don’t bother .. Even if they were included, there is no room after installing to slide the translite back in.

That’s the reason it wasn’t installed but just included in an envelope in the coinbox

#3345 10 months ago
Quoted from indybru:

Interesting, I've heard this as a common complaint .I played various models at Expo and either it was set up so it didn't or I didn't notice it.

The one we have is the same, set up fine, leveled correctly. Obnoxious

In the end I added an upside down post to the bracket next to the gobstopper hole. Its one out of 10 now, but always when you’re just ready setting the mode/multiplier for a kill..
ridiculed by most, but we don’t care it’s still tough as nails but at least you can play past 3 plunges stdm

4 months later
#4884 5 months ago
Quoted from slippifishi:

I had a very loud transformer when my LE was delivered; I spoke with my distributor and swapped a few videos and emails with JJP and they both agreed it wasn't right. They sent a replacement, and after swapping it out, exactly the same hum persists with the new transformer.
That was approx 3 months ago, I don't even hear it now.

I had this on my potc,added some rubber dampers under the transformer , and it was gone. Had it again on my wonka, did the same , also solved.

Make sure to add a damper ring on each side of the connection lips, so it “ floats”in the rubber and doesn’t make direct contact with the cab even through the bolts.

Good luck

1 month later
#5228 4 months ago

Mine was and is bad from the get go for sound, while installing together with my distributor I asked if something was wrong, so tinny. Would be updated on code but thats 9 months ago now .

With headphones its awesome

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