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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

6 months ago

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#1433 73 days ago

LE #102 today!

3F776983-ECE4-4E67-BFC8-9DBF8EAB40B4 (resized).jpegBC2BFC48-FBA6-4446-9A0F-4BB288F544EF (resized).jpeg66C4D3D5-1014-4D8F-B0C1-6F0CC5EC6EDF (resized).jpeg9E893566-83D7-4CD7-8F6A-93A833984369 (resized).jpeg
#1447 73 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

If anyone has additional suggestions for this issue I am all ears.

On Twilight Zone, we use a mild magnet taped to the back side of the metal in which the ball bounces off of. This works 100% of the time on the steel balls, obviously does not work on the powerball

magnet (resized).JPG
#1449 73 days ago

Here's something to note:

There's a lot of discussion on the rear left corner being dark. Seems like that's the case for the SE models, but on my LE model it seems like the Wonkavator ball lock lights up that area pretty good, negating the need for pinstadium strips

Not sure if this was discussed of not (SE v.s. LE)

Wonkavator Ball Lock (resized).JPG
#1575 69 days ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Regarding the diverter issue. Could we use the trick from twilight zone? A mild magnet taped to the inside of the diverter flap that comes down?

I already mentioned this a bunch of postings ago in this thread- I own a TZ and use the magnet method. haven’t heard of anyone trying this

#1608 68 days ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Where do you suggest getting neoprene washers? I don’t notice any rippling on mine but would like to avoid the issue if possible.

I bought these at Lowe’s today. larger ones (3/4”) for star posts, and smaller ones (1/2”) for the small posts. 98 cents per bag of 2

E499CAE7-5E00-4E00-9C08-F07C5AE8BF03 (resized).jpeg084448FE-18B1-4648-9A55-9739E375DD99 (resized).jpeg9278BCF3-5926-4E07-9CCB-02935401248E (resized).jpeg26A03B94-53C0-4030-9503-7F8ACF69FEF0 (resized).jpeg1F080D26-63F4-4DCE-8B3D-31C36A778B36 (resized).jpeg
#1620 68 days ago
Quoted from wesman:

Did you take a photo with the 1/2" regular posts?
I need to grab some for Pirates.

the bag and washer, but not with the post. I had a star post laying out in my shop, so its in the photo, but not a small one.

small one for small posts is 3/16" hole, 1/2" OD and 1/16" thick

large one for star posts is 5/16" hole, 3/4" OD and 1/16" thick

this is what I've used, hope this helps

#1669 67 days ago
Quoted from SaintJonus:

You are correct sir, I forgot to mention I did also have to shave quite a bit off the inlane ring. Not the most cosmetic solution but it has worked great. The outlane drains are pretty much equal now.
[quoted image]

I just installed the post, and moved the rubber from the inlane divider post over to it. works great. reminds me of TZ right inlane and outlane being divided by a wire instead of a post
87865811-5C2B-4968-A037-FC2335267FBF (resized).jpeg

#1677 67 days ago
Quoted from adamross:

I tried this, but when the ball dropped from the habitrail it kept bouncing over to the right inlane when it's supposed to be going to the left.

Something to note is I used the lower of the 2 screw holes for the outlane post, and kept the black cap on the upper one. Did you do this, or try to use the upper of the 2 holes?

#1682 67 days ago

Is there a link to the 1.09 ruleset anywhere? I noticed that the game didn't come with an owners manual, will one be delivered to us in the future, or available at JJP for download?

#1824 61 days ago

My LE #102 that I’ve had for almost 2 weeks diverts about 90% of the time. I’ve noticed that the diverter design is extremely similar to Twilight Zones bridge diverter to the mini playfield, and, sorry to say it but I really do not think that WW’s diverter will ever divert 100% of the balls. even after the magnet fix on TZ, some balls still get screwed up. In my opinion, with code improvements (mine was delivered with 1.09) it will get 95% maybe, but never 100%.

Anyone try a small weak magnet on the back of the diverter arm yet?

#1827 61 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

The TZ divertor is completely different.

Well, since both diverters create "bounce-backs" they're not completely different. they time actuation based off of optos triggering on the lead-up ramp.

#1903 59 days ago

Wow, just downloaded and installed 1.10 update. Talk about fast and seamless! I really like my first new in box purchase!

#1936 58 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Yeah the pop area needs alittle something to make it mo fair

Obviously no Twilight Zone owners here.... LOL!

#1953 57 days ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

Pat Lawlor and suicide bumpers are like peas and carrots.

The story behind these two plugged holes on Twilight Zone's Pop Bumper area is hilarious......

The following is quoted from Ted Estes write-up on TZ design process:

***Jet Bumper Posts – Some games have two posts with rubber rings installed in the jet bumpers. The history of these posts is a story of frustration for the design team. In designing Twilight Zone, Pat Lawlor wanted to try something a bit radical, and placed the jet bumpers very close to the bottom of the playfield. After experimenting with the jet bumper placement on the whitewoods, Pat decided that they weren’t too bad down there. Something changed (slight positioning differences of posts and jet bumpers, perhaps?) between the whitewoods and prototypes, however. The ball kept flying down the left drain any time it went into the bumpers. After a few weeks of listening to complaints, Pat came into work one morning, grabbed a drill, some T-nuts, posts, and rubbers, and installed the posts. The complaints died down until several thousand games into the production run. Now, people were complaining that the ball would fly out of the bumpers and straight between the flippers! Something else had changed (slight warp of the playfield, perhaps?). Pat decided to take out the posts, but leave the holes, and put the posts in the coin box for the operator to decide to use. Which setup should you use? Which ever makes your game play the best.***

I know this isn't a TZ thread, but understanding the history of Lawlor, and his approach to pop bumpers is a good thing!!!

added rubbers (resized).jpgthese_2_holes (resized).JPG
#2020 54 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

The pops are evil!

I will agree with you, but have you ever played a Twilight zone with super-sensitive leaf switches in the pop bumpers? The most ruthless of all games with pops IMHO!!!

#2087 51 days ago
Quoted from RhinoPins:and right behind it is 1.13

Wow. I didn't even have time to upgrade to 1.12 yet. Were there errors in 1.12 as well as the said change?

#2151 48 days ago

I’ve made it to Wonka’s office twice, but have not yet gotten more than 2 tickets.

#2163 48 days ago

Maybe...... (just maybe......) The kid magnet over-heating has ALWAYS been a problem, and since the beginning, the diverter was programmed in such a way to intentionally miss on occasion, thus bypassing the magnet to let it cool..... giving us the "diverter only working half the time" thing..


#2172 47 days ago
Quoted from jlatko:

Can kid multi even be started when it fails? Not sure.

Yes, Kid multiball CAN be started when the magnet is in cooldown mode. Just hit the target with a right flipper tip shot. the ball will then just roll down to the flippers, and you can play while the animation is running. If you happen to then hit it to the wonkavision saucer, the saucer will then hold the ball until the animation is done, eject ball and kid multi is under way. I did this twice last night.

#2205 44 days ago
Quoted from Russell:Does it still say “I don’t know what’s going to happen?”

I get wonkavator multiball at least once every game I play, and I’ve had the game since 1.09, and it’s identical. is your game messed up or something?

#2296 38 days ago

I picked p a nice Slot topper last week... it color changes with RGB LEDs....

Wonka Topper (resized).jpg
#2305 38 days ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I got one of those from Vegas and hung it from the ceiling grid above the pin and approximately over the apron so that there wouldn't be any glare.

Care to share a photo of this? Would like to see it. I plan on possibly using it as a pin topper, but may change based on how yours looks

#2314 37 days ago

Ebay is where I got mine

#2367 33 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Installed the update today and the game crashed a few times.. anyone else seeing this?

To Me, 1.13 works so well that I'm holding off on 1.14.

#2382 32 days ago
Quoted from jlatko:

I tried pushing it out from under playfield a couple weeks ago, and couldn't budge it, so I gave up.

It's probably been swallowed by the gelatinous clearcoat, and is glued to the surface...

#2482 26 days ago
Quoted from mtp78:

Are all you guys paying delivery on top of the 9500 for the game ?

No, just taxes. arranged pick-up. Abel Electronics in Sterling Heights, MI

#2536 23 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Hmmm.. after 500 games , seriously thinking of changing the left outlane setup..

I added extra post to left outlane, LOWER position (the one not capped) and MOVED small rubber ring from inlane post over to it.
THis works amazing, ZERO ball hang-ups on inlane and outlane, even when kick-back fires

EDIT: ppl are afraid of the metal inlane post, but its really no different than games that have inlanes separated by wires like TZ's right outlane (see image)
TZ Right Outlane (resized).JPG

#2629 18 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

and p.s. to JJP: you people are evil for the way you designed the factory ramp shot - it's damn near impossible for me to hit it with the left flipper reliably. That shot is SO tough!!

Yeah, that's a TIGHT shot- reminds me of Dirty Harry's right ramp shot

Quoted from zaphX:

make a small mistake, hit the "death target" next to it, and it's over.

VERY well said.

#2630 18 days ago

Quick question- It's been a while since the latest 1.14 code came out, and I've held off on installing it.
For those who've been using it- Is it working reliably now?


1 week later
#2727 6 days ago

Looks like JJP listened and Golden Tickets 3,4 and 5 difficulty will be adjustable? If so, that's GREAT news for ppl who aren't pinball wizards

#2780 3 days ago
Quoted from dluth:

This is madness in my opinion. Did you try playing around with the level of the machine first? I probably get 1 out 50 genuine SDTMs from the pops, and that’s without nudging. Yes, the ball is put in danger, but that’s what pops are designed to do! I’ve played 2 other machines and also didn’t get chronic SDTMs.

Me as well. About 1 in 50. I wonder what the game designer(s) intended?!?? I own a Twilight Zone, and the pop bumper situation on that game is FAR worse. I don't see people blocking the power playfield exit into the pops and creating a new exit on the side....

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