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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

2 years ago

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#6143 1 year ago

So tomorrow my WWLE arrives...how excited should I be?

FWIW....I chose this over AFMr.

#6154 1 year ago
Quoted from IronMan8Bit:

Mine comes tomorrow too! Lol

Congrats!!! Nice to see two new members to the group!

#6155 1 year ago
Quoted from Lrrr:

Very excited! Be patient with the rules. They don't make sense at first, and the lights don't really tell you what to do. The call outs are a little cryptic too, but are very consistent. Certain quotes from the movie guide you, but it is not obvious at first what they are telling you to do. Oh, and the shots to complete Augustus make no sense: Right ramp, left loop. Oh and... i could go on and on. Great pin, have fun!

Thanks for the intel! I’ve been watching tutorial videos the past several weeks so I have a general grasp of the rules. Only played the game at expo last year.

It does appear that the insert lights (showing what shots to hit next) are somewhat hard to see...at least in the youtube videos. I’m hoping that in person they are a bit more apparent.

I’m very excited to get this game and can’t wait to get to Wonka’s office and beyond!

#6162 1 year ago

Got my new WWLE today! So far I’m having a blast with it.

But what’s with this ball trap just left of the gob stopper shot? I’ve had the ball get stuck here several times and had to remove the glass to get to it.

Looks like a post should be there, and there’s even a VERY small hole for a post, but no post in the goody bag. Probably been covered in this thread but any thoughts?
D38DA18A-CAD3-4667-9422-A5211DFB616C (resized).jpegE1AE6E4F-1A0A-4AFD-8DE5-57D276A3CDF3 (resized).jpeg

#6165 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Missing a lane guide.
LTG : )
[quoted image]

Thanks (as usual) Lloyd!!!

Nothing rattling around in the machine, so looks like I’ll be calling JJP on Monday. Somebody on the line skipped a step it appears!

#6167 1 year ago

“Trough error..unexpected ball arrangement” On a fresh outta the box WWLE!

Pulled the trough optos and cleaned them...no dice
Had a high sling switch always active and fixed that

Can anyone look at my matrix guide and tell me what else could be the issue?

Have family coming over in a few hours and sadly the game I just unpacked yesterday is a pretty boat anchor. Played several games no prob last night and this morning she just decides to quick working...ugh.

Gotta love this hobby!

67FE9F9C-BE77-47DE-BA85-F0F878D159C1 (resized).jpegCE462D39-7B30-46D3-B9AE-5977BE574154 (resized).jpeg
#6168 1 year ago
Quoted from SBrothers:

“Trough error..unexpected ball arrangement” On a fresh outta the box WWLE!
Pulled the trough optos and cleaned them...no dice
Had a high sling switch always active and fixed that
Can anyone look at my matrix guide and tell me what else could be the issue?
Have family coming over in a few hours and sadly the game I just unpacked yesterday is a pretty boat anchor. Played several games no prob last night and this morning she just decides to quick working...ugh.
Gotta love this hobby!
[quoted image][quoted image]

May have found the offending component.

When I disconnect the saucer opto The game finds all the balls and fires up just fine. Sadly the saucer is a required feature, so looks like this game is outta commission for the family party.

Anyone with experience have suggestions on a workaround for a bad single reflective opto board? 15-100012-00

063011B0-D4D8-4D3A-AD16-3B26E0FC28C1 (resized).jpeg
#6173 1 year ago
Quoted from Lrrr:

You can reflow the solder on that opto board. Worked for me durably on the trough opto board.

They are pretty small solder points but I may give it a shot.

Interestingly after I left the machine off for a while I came back to it turn it on and it’s playing fine now… How the heck does that happen? I don’t expect it to stay running for a long though. There’s got to be a flaky solder point or switch somewhere in the matrix.

#6175 1 year ago

So the flippers on my WWLE seem just a touch underpowered....

Who here has increased their flipper strength in the settings?

If so, did you adjust all of them equally?...and by how much?

#6181 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Settings - Coils - flippers are there.

I would start with equally. Up to you. Try different settings. See what makes your game play great for you.
They don't have to be equal if you don't want them to be. A game like White Water has four flippers, and four different coils. So you can make certain shots, and not break stuff.
LTG : )

Thanks lloyd! I’m tweeting with them in even increments. Bumped em each up 2points and that seems to be just fine!

#6182 1 year ago
Quoted from Lrrr:

I am at 20, 20, 14, 16

Thanks for sharing your settings!

#6183 1 year ago
Quoted from SBrothers:

Thanks lloyd! I’m tweeting with them in even increments. Bumped em each up 2points and that seems to be just fine!

Exactly what I just did! Feels perfect now!

#6184 1 year ago

So where do all the high score selfie pictures go?

Shouldn’t they show alongside the scores on the high score table?

I looked through settings and see nothing that enables pictures being shown during attract mode.

Seems kinda pointless to have them taken if they just vanish into the ether.

#6192 1 year ago
Quoted from judremy:

Press the left flipper button twice to see the pictures.

There ya go! Thanks!

#6193 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

They show in attract mode...cycle through the screens with the flipper buttons.

Thanks...I tried cycling through the screens with flipper buttons and saw no pics. Judremy was right you have to hit the left flipper button twice and then the pics show as you cycle through the screens.

Wish there was a way to have them always show...without the flipper button presses

#6204 1 year ago

What do the four dashed leds indicate by the center ramp (the one you hit with the upper right flipper)?

See pic...the four dashed leds southeast of the wonka bar insert leading towards the ramp.

They seem to illuminate in different patterns throughout the game. Anyone know what they indicate?

42F6477B-94EB-4424-8907-51B4507F91AC (resized).jpeg
#6210 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Was playing this last night and had an absolute blast. For any new SE owners, the shaker is a MUST HAVE for this game. The wonkavator and wonkatania modes are fantastic with it.

Can you adjust the shaker intensity anywhere in the utilities?

I have an le and love the shaker...just wondering if it can be adjusted

#6228 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I find the wonkavator to be the most elusive...

Considering pinstadiums on my wonka LE ..yea or nea?

Don’t want to lose the great light show, but MAN this playfield is dark!

#6249 1 year ago
Quoted from MightyRipples:

I highly recommend pinstadiums on this game, it’s beautiful and doesn’t really take away from the light show (in my opinion)

Glad to hear that! Just ordered a set while he’s running the expo2020 promo. Good through oct 17.

My concern is the tolerance between the play field and the magnets when you raise the play field.

I fear there is VERY little room and the play field will scrape the magnet strips off when I raise it.

Hoping for the best!

#6317 1 year ago

Is it me or is it not super hard to see your balls in Oompa Loompa odyssey?

I have pinstadiums hooked up to GI And during this mode the GI goes dead (intentionally) and the inserts light green and red and pretty dimly I might add.

Is that “just the way it is and always will be” or can you adjust things so GI is on during the mode?

#6320 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I like how it goes dim... Ive never had the problem that others have where they have problems seeing the balls under dim or colored lighting.

Yeah I like the state change too and I can see the balls, but it’s certainly “work” to track them.

I keep my rec room ambient lighting low so I really rely on whoever programmed the pinball lighting for each game.

Last night I had a helluva time keeping track in Oompa Loompa odyssey!

#6342 1 year ago

Holy crap!

I JUST discovered that ANY shot to the “kid multiball” magnet lights the super spinner for wonka bars!

Before this I thought it was the ramps for 1,2, or 3 wonka bars (depending on the ramp) or 2X wonka bar insert or super spinner insert to collect bars.

Did NOT know that you can rape the “kid multiball” to super spinner shot over and over (regardless of having kids lined up).

NOW I feel 200+ wonka bars is doable!

...gonna be a Wonkalicious weekend baby!

#6344 1 year ago
Quoted from rrosenhouse:

What software version are you running? I thought they fixed that exploit? After the 1st time, the ball needs to trigger the inlane before being shot to the kid multiball target to light the super spinner. At least that's the way I'm remembering it right now.

I’m running latest version...1.33 I believe?

..and YES it’s after an in-lane trigger not just a random ball up into the kid multiball target. But having the option on an in-lane to the right flipper throughout the game is HUGE!

#6355 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

How do you combo from the left flipper to the spinner? Isnt that impossible?

Quoted from Rager170:

How do you combo from the left flipper to the spinner? Isnt that impossible?

Read his reply again...

Right inlane to right flipper
Right flipper to “kid multiball” target/magnet
As ball is released from magnet hit it with the upper left flipper to the super spinner.

#6375 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Thx. Might actually be handy if the kickback light was lit during the 15s ball save. Would be really helpful In that split second before the ball is about to go down the outlane and you make the decision whether to sacrifice a tilt to save it.

+1 this!

I thought the same thing. Hope this is addressed in any future code update!

#6397 1 year ago
Quoted from SBrothers:

What do the four dashed leds indicate by the center ramp (the one you hit with the upper right flipper)?
See pic...the four dashed leds southeast of the wonka bar insert leading towards the ramp.
They seem to illuminate in different patterns throughout the game. Anyone know what they indicate?
[quoted image]

Following up on this...

Anyone have any idea as to what the various light patterns mean for the dashed inserts in front of the camera ramp?

#6435 1 year ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Will do! Excited about getting this Pin and seeing the light show on this game in person. The virtual “check” hopefully will clear tomorrow morning and then they can get shipment going.

It’s a fantastic pin...you’re gonna love it!!,

#6438 1 year ago
Quoted from frobozz:

They're often blinking to tell you that you should shoot the ramp now for whatever mode you're in. But when they're just sitting there red, it's an indication of how close you are to the next time a ramp shot will take your picture. And as someone else mentioned, there are adjustments for that in Game settings, under Wonkavision Camera.

I think there’s a bit more to it as sometimes these inserts are different colors and often there are blank inserts between lit ones. Wish Joe Katz could chime in here.

1 week later
#6542 1 year ago

Wow, amazing score. What are you focusing on? With so many things going on in this game it’s hard to concentrate on one thing. At the moment I’m trying to complete as many kids as possible for a good kid multiball stack. But that’s not really paying off in points.
No idea how to get tickets or what they do - need to read up on that. But I’ve only seen one.</blockquote

Align that kid multiball with a 4x or 5x playfield multiplier!

#6559 1 year ago

Willy just dropped to 31 in the rankings over the weekend...

There is no accounting for taste in this fickle community.

But then again I love my munsters premium and I know I’m not supposed to.

#6563 1 year ago
Quoted from JellyNeck:

I cared about the pinside top 100 ratings when I first got into the hobby. I cant imagine caring about them now.

Yeah I agree...kinda like music.

According to the music charts, rap and country are what we all listen to.

...me, not so much

I will always like what I like regardless of the polls, although sometimes it’s nice when they align.

#6594 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Done for now. Not necessarily for good, no. We have CEs but no more of the other models. GnR needed to hit the line.

SOOOO glad I pulled the trigger on wonka on the very day GNR released!

Absolutely having a blast with this game!

#6610 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Ok I see. Definitely a challenge to get that golden ticket.
And I dont know about the rest of you guys, but I have the hardest time trying to hit that "Kid" target.

Yeah that’s a tricky shot for me too. Big drain hazard if your aim is off!

Lately I’ve been targeting it almost every time my right flipper is fed. Just trying to practice hitting it to improve my make percentage. I’m getting better each day, but still not where I need to be just yet.

This game is magic!

#6662 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Moved a set of Pinstadiums from Aerosmith to Wonka. Promptly set my GC score to date of 8 million.[quoted image]

Grats! Pin stadiums are a MUST for Wonka!

Even with pinstadiums Oompa Loompa odyssey is too dark. The mode cycles red and green and brief/dim GI bursts that make it VERY hard to track the two balls if your game room lights are dimmed (as I like mine). Even with my game room lights full on it is difficult.

Hey what is that diverter mod on your machine? I’ve not seen that one before.

#6711 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Anyone have this happen? Its not the first time for me either haha.
[quoted image]

Yep, the dreaded double stack ball lock feature.

I’ve had wonka about two months and have had this happen two or three times.

Use it to your advantage on a three (or more) ball multiball!

#6721 1 year ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

are there any "official" art blades for Wonka? If not, which ones tend to look best?

I’d like this info as well...considering art blades myself, but now thinks about mirror blades after jetmechannic’s post. They look pretty cool!

My concern is the ridiculous tight gap between the playfield and the interior sides of the cabinet. Barely enough room for a couple sheets of paper.

#6741 1 year ago
Quoted from Good-Times:

Wondering if you owners can comment on the music for Wonka - I'm contemplating adding it to my collection but worried the soundtrack will grind on me after a while. It's specifically why I wouldn't seek a WOZ, "I'm off to see the Wizard" at the start of every game would just drive me up the walls lol.

Lots of “hate” for Wonka music. Most common statement I find is “it sounds like a slot machine”.

I am SOOOO happy I didn’t let the negativity sway my decision!

I watched lots of YouTube videos and really feel the music is perfect! Like someone else stated it is background music that is wonkaesque and not a grinding ear worm!

More importantly, It does not get in the way of the call outs.

Speaking of call outs, they tend to get a bad rap as well on wonka. This is utter crap as I feel the call outs are very well done. There is, I feel, the right amount and they don’t get in the way of each other. I’m also glad that they don’t play many voice clips with the videos as those would compete with the call outs. I’m playing a pinball machine not watching a movie and the call outs are what guide me to my next shot not the actors chattering on screen.

I’ve had the game about two months but it’s trending to be my favorite game of all time...it’s that good!

#6751 1 year ago
Quoted from Good-Times:

Thanks for the music comments. I guess I'm nervous because I didn't think music bothered me until I got Munsters. The gameplay on this I really like, but I usually end up playing with the sound off and whack some music on in the background. There's only so many times I can hear theme song music like that! OTOH, my GoT I love because the music is so cinematic, it really draws me in and adds to the appeal. I often crank that right up. Hard to know until you've owned it a while, but I do find myself gravitating to pins with good sound (TNA is another I love, probably because of this).

What’s interesting is that I own munsters and the music is in the plus column for me. Love the guitar based ventures/dick dale sound track on it. One of the reasons I bought it.

Goes to show you that music is subjective as we all know.

That said, I do feel as though Wonka’s soundtrack (for me at least) fades into the background as I play. It’s adds atmosphere without being front and center.

#6756 1 year ago
Quoted from marioparty34:

A couple of random questions:
- I installed some NEOs and wanted to check how everyone's flasher connection to the shaker motor is working. Is something suppose to happen when my shaker motor goes off? My lights don't flash at all when the shaker motor is going. Is it suppose to? I assume it should, but I am a newbie relative to pinstadiums. And where are you guys plugging in the GI and Flashers? Any different locations than what the instructions recommended?
- Is the Oompa Loompa mode suppose to be that dark? I like to play with no lights on and can barely see the balls in that mode and my NEOs are off in that mode.
- Again with the dark room, the picture taken at the end is also very dark because the game turn off all the pf lights when you are entering your initials. On my DI, even with all the room lights off, the glow of the playfield provides enough light to take a decent pic. Any suggestions other than to turn on some dang lights?
I have been putting a lot games on WW, and it's even better than I thought!

I agree 100% that Oompa Loompa odyssey is too dark. I dim my game room lights so that the lights in the machine are the primary light source. It’s darn near impossible to see the balls during Oompa Loompa odyssey under this lighting condition. The playfield lights cycle red and green and the G.I. lighting flashes only briefly during the mode. I’ve resorted to placing a spotlight above my wonka that I turn on Whenever I get Oompa Loompa odyssey going. It definitely helps.

Wish the JJP team would consider reprogramming the G.I. to remain on during this mode on a future code update.

As far as your neos go I have them on mine as well and have the secondary light source connected to my shaker motor. Bear in mind your secondary light source is the UV light. So the UV light is what is flashing with the shaker motor not the main leds. It’s a subtle but I think an effective effect.

#6761 1 year ago
Quoted from cleanandlevel:

how is owning this pin? does it get a lot of play in larger collections?
I used to think DI was meh until I got it in my home and now it's my favorite machine. is Wonka the same?

As others have said... absolutely!

#6772 12 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

In the beta code, Joe changed it so that you can't exploit getting Wonka bars as easy. You have to hit the switch in the lane next to the right sling in order to light the shot for hitting the target above the upper left flipper for the spinner Wonka bar hurry up. No more cradling on the right flipper to make that shot. It makes it a little tougher. That should be in the next release. Joe had mentioned and explained that coming change in a Buffalo Pinball stream a few months back too.

I hope he adds more GI lighting during Oompa Loompa Odyssey on the next code update.

Even with my pinstadiums it’s way too dark to track the balls unless you are playing under NFL stadium lights.

I emailed JJP this request and will cross my fingers.

#6777 12 months ago
Quoted from indybru:

Interesting, I read Chris of Kingpins games post in the Chicago Traders and Sellers that Wonka's other than CE's are sold out with many distributors in the midwest. I had no idea. Got mine in june, glad I did.


I had a gut feeling that production might cease on them so I pulled the trigger.

Got mine in October and SOOO glad I did!

#6804 12 months ago
Quoted from marioparty34:

How much magnet action is everyone getting? There are 7 in the game. Feeding the left upper flipper is the obvious one, and I sometimes get action on the left mid side, but I don't recall ever sensing magnet action anywhere else.

It’s subtle most times, but there are some times where the effects are pretty aggressive.

The little candy magnets have greatest effect on slow arcing balls that pass through the field when active. Just something you have to be ready for.

On more than one occasion the magnets have saved me some straight down the middle balls!

#6821 11 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

Do you think this could be due to the pinstadiums? I don't have pinstadiums and it is plenty bright to see the ball. I'm wondering if your eyes are used to the super bright lighting and they don't adjust for that mode since it's so different with the lights off?

I think that’s a pretty good thought! So I played several games last night and today and even w the stadiums off, the playfield is darker than I feel it should be during the mode.

#6828 11 months ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Anyone know where you can get a decent version of the game rules map that is in the manual to print larger?

I too would love a copy of this!

1 week later
#6914 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

oh and Wonka needs the wifi enabler update so it will get that for sure

what’s the “WiFi enabler”? Will wonka have the ability to connect to the interwebs for updates and other things?

Also...PLEASE do something with the GI code to brighten up Oompa Loompa oddessy. It’s way to dark to track balls in this mode in a dark basement arcade. I wish the gi would stay on steady or simply dim (if that’s possible) in this mode.

Thanks to you and all the JJP team for building such an awesome pin!!!

#6921 11 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Wonka's office is the same thing....I personally like the modes, but I see your point

Doesn’t bother me on Wonka’s office as half the playfield is lit.

Maybe it’s just my machine but Oompa Loompa odyssey borderline unplayable.

For those of you who “like” the lighting, how dark is your game room? I dim my room lighting by 50% and have stadiums on my machine. Stadiums on wonka are at about 45%.

#6929 11 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

One of this games strengths is the lighting they programmed for modes like Wonkatania and Oompa Loompa

Love wonkatainia lighting!!!

Regarding Oompa Loompa odyssey....Maybe it’s just me, and a few select others

#6964 11 months ago

So anyone notice some of the high score pictures are cut in half vertically as the scroll by?

Is this a glitch or is it supposed to represent pictures you might find in Wonka’s office?

The Wonka’s office explanation seems a bit of a stretch, but I guess feasible.

Bonus points for anyone that can offer a flipper code that takes you right to the high score pictures while in attract mode. Only way I know is immediately after the match sequence you can hit the left flipper three times to get there. Gotta be a way to get there without playing thru a game I’d think.

1 week later
#7024 11 months ago
Quoted from marioparty34:

Has anyone had to adjust their camera? My Dialed In camera is great, the pics are nice and sharp. My Wonka camera takes grainy pics. Is this normal? If not, what's the fix? In settings, I found the 1-5 setting, but I didn't think that was the correct adjustment. Thanks for any help.

“Following” this topic as I also feel the camera image quality on my Wonka is grainy and lacks focus.

No setting to improve focus or sharpen image that I’ve found. Only face tracking settings in the menu.

Tried cleaning lens but no improvement.

I fear that “it is what it is”

#7038 10 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Willy Wonka Pinball Machine Review (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2019)
Warning: Strong Adult Language

My feelings exactly boys!
Glad I snapped mine up from Zach before they stopped production on it.

I have yet to post my pinside ratings/review of wonka because I truly feel it is my favorite pinball of all time.

Need to give it several months before I make that bold statement.

Honeymoon and all...

#7078 10 months ago
Quoted from I_See_Pin_People:

Star Wars is so good, I agree. That one is was a must have for me, but now I want a theme all of us can enjoy. The more I see JJP Wonka the more I think it's the one to get. A game that's fun to play (and to look at) and also has a lot to work towards. Seems like something to keep in a collection for a long time.

I’ve owned Wonka for several months now and believe it could be my favorite machine of all time. The flow, shot variety and non-linear rule set put this solidly in the “Classic Lay’s” world of....just one more!

Before buying I watched this video over and over to try and understand the rules and see if the game “spoke to me”...and it did/does.

Derrick gives the most succinct overview I could find so if you haven’t already, give it a watch or ten.

Disclaimer...the original Willy Wonka is among my top ten favorite movies of all time so theme plays a factor.
That being said, there’s a reason Zach and Greg gush about this game on their recent SDTM YouTube review and Greg isn’t a fan of the film.

I don’t think you can go wrong with this title for your family!

#7085 10 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Hey thanks a lot! I'm glad it helped. The game rules have a learning curve but once you understand them, the game is super addictive and has extreme longevity.
I've been thinking of doing a followup deep-dive into Kid Multiball, as managing this is the key to the whole game. When you're in a kid multiball it is important to collect each kid's jackpot at least once, and whenever super is lit collect it. Super blocks collecting other kids when lit.
The more kids you have qualified when you get in, the bigger risk you're taking...you will need to get all 5 kids, AND the super, AND the double (camera ramp) to get the ticket. If you miss a kid you will need to re-qualify them. If that kid is Charlie or Veruca (both of which require blue factory modes to qualify) it could be quite a while before you get another shot.

Hey Derek!

PLEASE do a deep dive on your strategy for Kid multiball!!!

In all honesty I try and start kid mb with only two kids so I can focus on collecting their jackpots. Anymore kids at one time is a flailfest.

Your “primer” wonka video provided a palatable overview that sold me on the rule set. A deep dive would be greatly welcomed!

I’m getting one to two golden tickets each game and my high is three. Wonkavator and kid golden tix elude me.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

1 week later
#7200 10 months ago

Any way to change the timer on “instant info”?

I often cradle a ball to look at the backglass UI to see who I have qualified, what modes are staged for my saucer shot and other stuff.

Seems like “instant info” comes up in about 5 seconds, then I have to cycle through it with my other flipper. Not end of the world but would be nice to change the timer to closer to 10-15 secs for instant info.

#7207 10 months ago
Quoted from Skipnatty:

To be honest, you want to cycle thru the menu anyway...it's one of the many things you can do as qualifiers for the Gumball golden ticket.

Yeah I know you get a coin for cycling through the info, but I usually gain the gumball golden ticket via all the other random coin awards.

I wish the instant info could be set to come up after one flipper is seen cradling a ball and the alternate flipper is activated two or three times.

2 weeks later
#7423 9 months ago

So how do you get into the adjustment settings for the main lcd and the wonka vision lcd?

I’ve gone in thru the service menu on the coin door buttons but that does not give access to contrast brightness and other monitor settings.

Are there hard buttons on each of the monitors?

1 week later
#7529 9 months ago

Fair number of “Wanted” requests for Wonka LE in marketplace.

Not to rub salt in anyone’s (whose looking for one) wounds, but I’m so glad I pulled the trigger and snapped one of the last few NIB up back in October.

I had no idea they were going to discontinue it when I bought it.

I’ll call it “divine intervention” as it’s honestly become my favorite pin of all time!

...best of luck to all those in search of this great machine!!!

#7605 9 months ago

Go checkout the “top 100”...Apparently Wonka is now the #1 pin on the list!

How did that happen? System glitch?

Don’t get me wrong, I feel as though it deserves this position, but damn if that wasn’t an unusual overnight turnaround

#7615 9 months ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

or watch mine. I made it to pure imagination. Which is all 5 golden tickets. I came to a point where i was struggling to complete one of the challenges and a viewer in chat told me what shot to make. The game is awesome and deep. Lots of fun. I like getting super spinner and 5x playfield. I ripped 1 million point spinner shots several times in the game.
BTW, I watched zaphx many times to learn to where i got. So thanks Derek!

So with 5x playfield and super spinner lit how many points is each spin worth?

Also..5x playfield and super spinner doesn’t mean you get 5x wonka bars per spin correct? Just 5x the points per spin I believe.

1million per spin sounds like something I need to try and line up on my game!

#7623 9 months ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

I am not exactly sure on how the wonka bars multiplier worked. However during that 30 second mode, I went from 166 Wonka bars to 315.

Looks like the candy jar number impacts spinner scoring and you have 119 in yours when you rip the spinner in 5x. That probably accounts for getting 1million points on a spinner hit.

But it looks like your wonka bars go up at a dramatically increased rate as well.

Has me wondering if wonka bars in super spinner mode collect at the multiplier rate. In your case 5 bars per spin.

You absolutely crushed that game my friend! I’ll be watching this video a lot to better my understanding of this game. Thanks!

I’ll also be watching for your product to hit the market as I’m in for a set!

#7662 9 months ago
Quoted from naf_llabnip:

I will use full restraint to keep this from turning into an Indy Racing League forum, but everybody: Robby was a danged beast on the track, the race in Texas in 2000 was an A-mazing, those last laps had the crowd on their feet yelling and screaming watching that battle to the end that was just epic (my brother and dad were at the race, was my dad's last sports event he attended before passing away but he loved it, still have a great family memory from that largely due to the show Robby and Scott Sharp put on those last laps). Anyway, sounds like an incredible and blessed life from racing at the highest levels to family with triplets and a Wonka machine, very cool the diverse folks that this hobby brings

Huge IRL and CART fan here!

How very cool to know I share a pinball passion with a driver in my favorite sport!

Short of the Indy500, Texas is without a doubt the most “edge of my seat” race of the season! I can only imagine the “pucker factor” when behind the wheel as a driver! You have my utmost respect Robby!!!

I searched YouTube for the video of the 2000 Texas race and it looks like equipment issues resulted in Robby’s DNF. They mentioned an Indy lights race where Scott sharp edged Robby by fractions of a second in June of that year. Is that the race you’re talking about? I’d like to watch it if available.

Sorry for perpetuating the Indy car lovefest, but it’s also a passion of mine.

#7681 9 months ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

Gets exciting at about 2:03
It was an IRL race, first (of many) really close finishes on super speedway.
Thanks guys, humbled by your comments. As they used to say in racing, keep the shiny side up!

Wow...fantastic finish!!!

Thanks for sharing that.

Such a wonderful sport

#7781 8 months ago

Any gameplay changes in this code update?

#7846 8 months ago
Quoted from chillme:

Upgraded our CE to 1.34. I'm glad I listened to ltg advice and made a backup of settings before hand. Installed wiped the settings and scores. It would have been a rough weekend if my wife's grand champion score had gotten wiped out. Restore worked perfect.

How does settings backup work?

I’ve downloaded the new update to a thumb drive and want to back up my high scores before I install the update.

When I go into “settings backup” do I need a fresh thumb drive in the usb slot to backup setting to or does it use internal memory?

#7909 8 months ago
Quoted from dergroover:

Update done without problems. Now you can increase the brightness for Oompa Loompa Multiball; much much better now That alone is worth the update.
I mean a super-Spinner-shot-combo has been implemented (right in lane then kid Multiball lane and after that the super-spinner is activated for one shot).
Beside of that no big changes during Gameplay noticed.
I do not use the bt/WLAN option...for me no additional value; but maybe I am too old for that kind of things already

Yep! The brightness setting on Oompa Loompa multiball is a VERY welcome addition. I can finally track the ball and actually enjoy the mode! Thanks Joe and company!

#8041 8 months ago

I completed the update to 1.34 with no issues but...

As someone else reported, the camera during Oompa Loompa odyssey is tracking my abdomen and not my face.

Every other camera shot during the game tracks my face just fine..

This was NOT the case in the previous code.

Anyone else experiencing this?

#8123 8 months ago

So I successfully installed 1.34 a week ago and my game is connected to my WiFi.

An hour ago I downloaded 1.35 via WiFi and wonka told me that the download was successful.

Selected “install update” and pressed start button twice (as prompted).

My screen has been stuck as shown with no movement of the task bar for an hour.

Dare I shut the game off and try again?

A1D8EC40-FD0B-4C77-B9FE-D446F6712FC5 (resized).jpeg
#8127 8 months ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

1.35 worked for me using usb. Had to power cycle after successfully installing. I used the delta.

Quoted from Goyomex:

This is why I generally wait a couple of week before upgrading....on my pins and my iphone! Sometimes it pays to let the dust settle!!

Yeah I just tried the 1.34 to 1.35 delta upgrade using three different usb drives. They all failed. I unzipped the folders so they were in the drive’s root directory as illustrated on the JJP site, but no love.

Figure I need to do a full install now.

My 1.34 is working fine, so I may just wait a week or so to “let the dust settle” as it were.

#8151 8 months ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

Did you format the usb stick first? Might try that.
Also instructions when you unzip you just choose the root which sounds like you did.
Folder should just me wonka_update
Did the file fully download? What is the size ?

Formatted the usb drive and tried again...success!!!

1.35 installed and running!

Thanks guys

#8164 8 months ago
Quoted from RhinoPins:

I tossed in a ASUS USB-BT400 BT adapter and it only recognizes my Fitbit. I haven't had luck with my headphones. Odd. Anyone else have success with this adapter?

I have the same BT adapter and it finds random (unidentifiable) Bluetooth sources. Strange character string names that I don’t recognize.

Doesn’t see my AirPods Pro (maybe it won’t), cheap Amazon Bluetooth headphones or my klipsch sixes Bluetooth speakers that sit right next to WW.

I put the devices in pairing mode when I have WW do a BT search.

Wonder if others have success w BT

#8250 8 months ago
Quoted from jsa:

Quick Scorbit app update: v1.0.24 Release
[quoted image]
In addition to many bug fixes, two important feature changes:
1. Any leaderboard created with ScorbitVision will now appear in the Waiting to Start game session screens (and leaderboard viewing screens) if they are associated with the machine you're viewing, public, and created/owned by the person who owns the machine. For example, you could create a leaderboard for a machine specific to your local pinball league for a machine, make it public, and now anyone playing will see that leaderboard in the carousel while waiting to play.
2. If you open the app or return to the home screen from within a venue and have location set up properly, the app will launch with the machine list for that venue. This is particularly useful for home users which are always in the same venue (their house) and want to skip the venue list. There will be more controls over the venues and venue listing in the next release.
v1.0.24 Release Notes:
-Various performance improvements and bug fixes
-Corrects Android WiFi pairing bug for some OS/hardware combinations
-App will now launch inside a venue if you're standing in it by default.
-Tapping machine title leaderboard icons now takes you to larger leaderboard view.
-Added public custom leaderboards from ScorbitVision to game screens (useful for pinball leagues!)
-Fixed a pairing bug that caused install to get stuck
-Fixed searching for venues with apostrophes

So how does one update the scorbit app?

Latest version (1.0.24) doesn’t show on the App Store and I can’t find an “update software” selection in the app on my iPhone.

1 month later
#8446 7 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

From the lower left flipper aim for the right side of the captive ball so that it grazes it. If you hit it just right, it might make it to your upper right flipper.

And sometimes it even grazes the captive ball and hits the wonkavision saucer. Always puts a smile on my face!

1 week later
#8577 6 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Does the “collect/finish” shot rotate? That might explain my confusion.

I thought the collect shot was always the camera ramp shot from upper right flipper

1 week later
#8653 6 months ago
Quoted from jimbodeanny:

Decided to try to make a better quality video, highlighting some of the animations that are noticeably choppy. I used a direct HDMI capture so the clips in the video are taken straight from the game and unaltered. Hopefully, it illustrates what I'm seeing and people are able to notice it a little more. Then again, maybe it's just normal and something only my OCD is noticing.
I'm hoping others can confirm whether or not the dropped frames in these animations are normal or not. I never noticed it when I had v1.33 installed, but then again maybe it was there and I never noticed.
Best to watch fullscreen at 1080p.

Off topic, but

Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

Flippers +2 is definitely better. Tried it out tonight.

Hey guys are you +2 on ALL FOUR flippers or just the lowers?

I had my lowers set higher than my uppers and I’m planning to dial them back to +2. I have my lowers at +4 which I’m finding a bit strong during single ball play since the update.

3 weeks later
#8822 5 months ago

My hesitation to download the beta is pushing my GC score up astronomically high; they throttle the scoring back down on the alpha and now my GC is unattainable.

#8830 5 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

first world problem.

Ha! Very true

#8831 5 months ago
Quoted from Plungerboy:

Backup your scores before you update. Not a problem-

Backing up my high scores would merely carry the beta GC score over to the alpha update. So the problem would persist.

#8834 5 months ago
Quoted from Plungerboy:

Not if you backup before the beta install and do a restore later. That’s the point of a backup.

Ahhh there ya go. That makes sense. Thanks

#8836 5 months ago
Quoted from Skipnatty:

Scores are relative. You can reset them with any code update to mitigate your concern.

Very true! I may still wait for the alpha I think.

#8842 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Software guy here. The “alpha” already happened.
Alpha is a first cut (usually barely working) version of a software product.
Beta is when it transitions from “ok I think it works, let’s get it out to real people and see what I missed.”
The next step is general release once the beta period is deemed successful.

Well there’s my “learn one new thing” for today!

Thanks Derek!

#8843 5 months ago
Quoted from Vitty:

I'd be shocked if the GA release(post-beta) reverts scoring back to how it was. You are safe to upgrade my friend

After your feedback and Derek’s clarification on alpha code, I think I just might upgrade to beta!

Thanks guys!

#8850 5 months ago
Quoted from birdman665:

I'm pretty sure you don't need to be on 1.38 to switch over to beta. I had the same issue with the error message after download, probably tried it at least 6-8 times before it worked (which was painful given how long my download was taking).
Keep trying and eventually it will work, it's worth it!

I tried twice last night to download the beta code and it failed each time. So I’m glad to hear that it took you several attempts.

It takes about an hour each attempt so you really need to block out some time.

I’m updating using the WiFi dongle, which has reliably worked for the past few code updates so I know my hardware is good.

Will try again later today

#8860 5 months ago
Quoted from SBrothers:

I tried twice last night to download the beta code and it failed each time. So I’m glad to hear that it took you several attempts.
It takes about an hour each attempt so you really need to block out some time.
I’m updating using the WiFi dongle, which has reliably worked for the past few code updates so I know my hardware is good.
Will try again later today

Third time was a charm!

FWIW…The download and update took in total about one hour.

Only played one game but will play plenty more tonite!

I think they added movie clips back in for the wonkavator ball lock.

#8874 5 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Just a quick plug to suggest joining our telegram group so you can provide feedback directly to the people working on it! Thanks!

What’s the telegram group and where do we find it?

#8881 5 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Mail your telegram userid to [email protected] and we'll add you. It was clearly listed in the T&C you agreed to when you enabled the beta channel. You read that, right? Right?

Well that’s it I’m firing my attorney! He mentioned nothing of this after having reviewed and approved all said terms and conditions. What the hell am I paying him for? Sheesh

1 week later
#8919 5 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Completely off topic, but the picture that you had taken looks good. Mine ALWAYS shows me looking far down...
Does anyone know if you can adjust the camera angle? Im not super tall, 6'1"..

My camera works fine EXCEPT during Oompa Loompa odyssey during which it focuses on my chest and not my head. I’ve looked for adjustments in the menu but no luck. I can get it to track my face in settings no problem. Until you’re in a game and hit Oompa Loompa odyssey then it just loves to focus on my shirt. So weird.

#8932 5 months ago
Quoted from frobozz:

Some newer version of Wonka code tries to suss out how tall you are when going into this mode. Make sure you're on the latest version and see if this is still having that issue.

I’m running the beta code now and it does it. Prior to the beta I was on the latest code and it still videos my chest during Oompa Loompa odyssey. The code version before that worked fine.

I’m thinking it’s a code deal.

It recognizes my face just fine when in settings mode. It only started this with the. Last two code changes.

#8935 5 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Paul Madison was in and lit up Willy Wonka on his birthday.
LTG : )
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

wow! Was that beta code?

#8942 5 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Yes. Bear in mind Paul is a world class tournament player.
LTG : )

Ahhh…that explains his world class score then!

I recently loaded the beta and have only hit 15M so far. I know I will do better.

Good to know that 81M is at least humanly possible. Perhaps not this human, but a human nonetheless!

3 weeks later
#9046 4 months ago
Quoted from paulbaptise:

Spoke with him a bit on Facebook. He is taking a break from the negativity. Hope he makes his way back to us as well.


His wonka walkthroughs are a “must view” and honestly helped me pull the trigger on mine.

Not sure what negativity chased him away, but I do hope he returns as he is an asset to this community!

#9054 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Hey folks.
I don't want to get too deep into this, as Pinside is about the games NOT about me, but I appreciate the many kind words that were sent to me via YouTube, Facebook, etc.
I am fine. I do have thick skin and the dickheads on Pinside who tried to run me off have no effect on me.
I just got beaten down by how depressingly negative the vibe got in here. It was all about playfields playfields playfields playfields for a while.
Nobody gave a shit about the amazing games/rules/shots/sounds/mechs put out into the world, they only cared about the tiny chips in the art.
It was bringing me down and making me negative on pinball so I took some time out. I may continue to do so.
Just wanted to drop in and alleviate any concerns about my well being as I am fine. I got a new car and I'm spending more time on that hobby than pins for a while, and it's frankly been nice.

Take time out for yourself and indulge in some of the other joys in life.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about pinball!

We’ll be here when you drop back in

3 weeks later
#9263 3 months ago

Anyone else notice how the screen now oscillates from positive to negative in Wonkatania mania on version 2.00?

Didn’t do this in beta (to my recollection).

Very cool!!!

Now if only they could enable the random chicken head clip
0D67582B-FC94-49E6-AF44-DE3FFD7176F0 (resized).jpeg295CC917-90E0-45E0-8CB0-3060B2D7AA28 (resized).jpeg6823BF75-093F-4C3B-BBDF-29EC5889E625 (resized).jpeg

#9282 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Honestly the strategies remain mostly the same. Some of the penalties (like losing your collected kids if you drain, kid super blocking other kid jackpots etc) have been adjusted out.
Even so, I've been thinking about redoing the tutorial for 2.0...also correct the audio glitches, try and watch my cursing so it's kid-friendly, etc.

I’ll second the previous “yes please”!

#9325 3 months ago

So in 2.0 how do you rack up wonka bars?
Besides the standard three…
Hitting ramps
The first spinner shot after starting kid multiball
Super spinner

3 weeks later
#9439 79 days ago

Is there a setting to increase the timer for “instant info”? I don’t want to turn it off, just want to be able to cradle the ball longer before the display shows me my overall progress.

Sometimes I just want to pause and see what modes and computer awards I have queued up. Without going right to the info screen.

I know I can cradle the ball and then rapidly flip the other flipper button to cycle thru the “instant info” screen. Just wondered if there was a way to delay it popping up.

2 months later
#10030 11 days ago
Quoted from Kenswift:

Love the game but I’m having another issue. When I plunge if it is landing just past the wonka vision, it’s somehow diverting into the wonkavator. Did it always do this? Not sure why I’m not thinking it did. Here’s a video. Any suggestions?

Mine does not do this

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